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Top 100+ Pptp Interview Questions And Answers


Top 100+ Pptp Interview Questions And Answers

Question 1. What Is Pptp?

Answer :

PPTP is the abbreviation for Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol. It is a protocol or a fixed of communication regulations used for implementing on-demand Virtual Public Networks (VPNs) over the Internet or any other public TCP/IP primarily based network.

PPTP operates at Layer 2 of the OSI model, additionally referred to as the data-hyperlink layer.

Question 2. What’s The Relationship Between Ppp And Pptp?

Answer :

PPTP is an extension of PPP and uses its negotiation, authentication, and encryption strategies.

PPTP encapsulates IP, IPX, or NETBEUI packets into the PPP body to create a tunnel for at ease communique. This tunnel, additionally referred to as a consultation, is used for sending private information throughout WAN or LAN networks, so this statistics is at ease and now not seen to unauthorized customers.

It can be especially beneficial to ship facts over unsecure networks.

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Question 3. When Pptp Was First Introduced To The World?

Answer :

PPTP become first delivered to the sector in 1995 via a consortium led with the aid of Microsoft, 3Com, and others.

It changed into the first VPN protocol that changed into supported by using the Windows dial-up, and every Microsoft working support released after 1995 supports it. Other running structures including Linux and OS X supported this protocol via local applications.

Today, nearly each cellular and computer platform helps PPTP.

Question 4. Why Is Pptp So Popular?

Answer :

PPTP is popular because of the following motives:

It’s been round for more than twenty years.
Configuring PPTP is easier than some other protocol.
It has many one-of-a-kind tiers of encryption to fit your unique needs.
It delivers high overall performance, particularly even as streaming geo-restricted content material.
Since it encapsulates statistics, information despatched over public networks has a tendency to be safe.
It requires most effective a user name, password, and a server cope with to create a dependable connection with the server.
It supports up to 128-bit consultation key encryption that became also developed through Microsoft.
It makes use of TCP and GRE.
It is supported by using all current variations of Microsoft, Linux, iOS, Android, Mac OS, Tomato, and other working systems.
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Question five. What Is Pptp Tunneling?

Answer :

Tunneling is the procedure of sending packets through a personal community by using routing them over a exceptional community including the Internet. This guarantees that other network routers can’t get admission to the computers which can be linked to the personal community.

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Question 6. What Are The Components Involved In A Pptp Deployment?

Answer :

Three computers are used in any PPTP deployment, and they may be a PPTP patron, a PPTP server, and a network get admission to server. In a few implementations, a PPTP Network Server (PNS) and a PPTP Access Concentrator (PAC) also are used.

Question 7. What Is A Pptp Client?

Answer :

A PPTP patron is a laptop that encapsulates PPP packets into IP datagrams to transmit them over the Internet to the PPTP server.

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Question 8. What Is A Pptp Server?

Answer :

A PPTP server is an middleman laptop that’s connected to both the routing network and private network.
The role of a PPTP server is to get PPP packets from the routing server, process this packet to get the destination computer’s name or address, and ship it through the private community.
A PPTP server receives the IP datagrams despatched by using a PPTP customer and breaks it down into PPP packets. It decrypts these PPP packets using the private network’s protocol, and routes them hence.
This PPTP server is configured to examine multiprotocol packets virtually due to the fact PPP supports more than one protocols.
Question 9. What Is A Network Access Server?

Answer :

A community access server is a server that gives Internet get entry to to related computer systems. It is designed to address large numbers of dial-in customers, so it is able to help more than one computers to connect with the Internet.

In PPTP, network get admission to servers provide PPP service to assist PPTP-enabled customers.

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Question 10. How Does Pptp Work?

Answer :

A PPTP purchaser and a PPTP server use tunneling to route packets through a non-public community. However, both these computer systems make certain that they use handiest the ones routers that know the cope with of the non-public community’s middleman server, to make sure the packets are at ease.

A PPTP patron sends a packet through the mounted tunnel to the PPTP server. In turn, this server receives the destination deal with and sends it throughout a private network to the destination pc.

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Question 11. Do I Need A Network Access Server To Create A Pptp Tunnel?

Answer :

You don’t need a community get admission to server while you’re the use of a PPTP purchaser that’s already related to the LAN, provided the PPTP server is also linked to the equal LAN.

Otherwise, you need a network get entry to server to create a PPTP tunnel.

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Question 12. How Can Pptp Clients Establish A Connection To A Pptp Server?

Answer :

A PPTP patron can hook up with the PPTP server in  ways:

Through the ISP’s network get admission to server, supplied it supports PPP connections.
Through a TCP/IP LAN that connects to a PPTP server.
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Question 13. What Tunneling Types Does Pptp Support?

Answer :

PPTP supports  varieties of tunneling:

Voluntary tunneling.
Compulsory tunneling.
Voluntary tunneling doesn’t require any aid from ISPs or other community devices along with bridges because it's far initiated by means of the client.

Compulsory tunneling, then again, have to be supported via routers or community get admission to servers due to the fact it is initiated by using a PPTP server.

Question 14. How To Configure Pptp Clients That Use An Isp’s Network Access Server?

Answer :

You want a modem and a VPN device to configure PPTP clients with a community get right of entry to server, as you’ll must make  separate connections.
The first connection is a dial-up one that makes use of a modem to hook up with an ISP. This connection makes use of the PPP protocol.
The 2d is a VPN connection that goes over the modem and the ISP, and this uses PPTP. The 2d connection cannot be hooked up without the first one because you need a PPP connection to the Internet to create a tunnel among  VPN devices.
Question 15. Do I Always Have To Make Two Connections To Create A Vpn Tunnel?

Answer :

In maximum cases, sure. The handiest exception is when you use PPTP to create a VPN connection among computer systems which might be bodily linked to the equal LAN. In any such case, the PPTP is already related to the network, so it desires handiest a dial-up to hook up with the PPTP server at the identical LAN.

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Question sixteen. What Are The Types Of Pptp Encapsulated Packets?

Answer :

There are  styles of PPTP encapsulated packets — one which handles manipulate statistics and the alternative that handles facts.

Packets that delivery manipulate information use TCP connection. On the alternative hand, facts is transported as a payload in a PPP packet the use of a changed model of GRE protocol. Also, the payload can be within the form of IP, IPX datagram, AppleTalk, or a NETBEUI frame.

Question 17. How Are Pptp Packets Stored?

Answer :

PPTP packets are stored primarily based on the area of the PPTP purchaser.
A PPTP packet from a remote PPTP consumer is moved to the physical media of a telecom device whereas a packet from a LAN PPTP consumer is stored at the community adapter’s bodily media.

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Question 18. What Is The Most Common Use Of Pptp?

Answer :

PPTP is often used for permitting VPN far flung get entry to over the Internet. To create VPN tunnels the usage of PPTP, launch a PPTP patron that connects in your Internet Service provider. In turn, PPTP will create a TCP connection between the VPN client and server to establish the tunnel connection.

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Question 19. What Are The Primary Control Messages Used By Pptp?

Answer :

The following messages are used to create and maintain a tunnel:

PPTP_START_SESSION_REQUEST — starts the consultation.
PPTP_START_SESSION_REPLY — sends a respond to the start classes request.
PPTP_ECHO_REQUEST — continues the session.
PPTP_ECHO_REPLY — sends a respond to the echo request.
PPTP_WAN_ERROR_NOTIFY — informs while an blunders takes place on the PPP connection.
PPTP_SET_LINK_INFO — configures the connection among PPTP customer and server.
PPTP_STOP_SESSION_REQUEST — Stops the consultation.
PPTP_STOP_SESSION_REPLY — sends a respond to the stop periods request.
Question 20. What Data Encryption Does Pptp Use?

Answer :

PPTP uses the “shared-secret” encryption system of RAS. Both ends of the relationship use the identical encryption key, which in this case, is the user password. This password is hashed and saved on each the PPTP purchaser and server. RSA RC4 standard is used to create this 40-bit consultation key that’s based at the password.

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Question 21. Do All Operating Systems Support Pptp?

Answer :

PPTP VPN clients are constructed into Windows working structures, so all versions can get entry to it. PPTP is also available on Mac OS, Linux, and other working structures through PPTP clients.

Question 22. Can Pptp Support Vpn Connectivity Over A Local Network?

Answer :

Yes, PPTP helps VPN connectivity over the nearby network, too. Once you create the tunnel and establish a VPN connection, PPTP allows records packets and manage messages to go with the flow thru it.

Question 23. Does Microsoft’s Ras Support Pptp?

Answer :

Yes. Microsoft’s Remote Access Server (RAS) supports PPTP via dial-up and dedicated connections.

To installation Windows NT as a PPTP server,

Navigate to Networks via Control Panel.
Open the TCP/IP homes and click on on superior button.
Choose Enable PPTP Filtering.
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Question 24. How Can I Set Up A Pptp Vpn Connection On Windows?

Answer :

To create a brand new VPN connection the usage of PPTP:

In Control Panel, open Networking and Sharing Center in your Windows running system.
Click on a hyperlink known as “Setup a brand new connection”.
A window will pop up. In this window, select the “Connect to a place of job” choice and click at the Next button.
Then, pick out the “use my Internet Connection (VPN)” choice.
Input the information of VPN server and deliver it a nearby call. You can get this statistics out of your server admin. Using a neighborhood call will make it smooth to reconnect at a later time.
Check if you want every other optionally available settings and subsequently click on the “Create” button.
This have to create a brand new VPN connection for you.

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Question 25. Will Pptp Work On Home Routers?

Answer :

PPTP ought to paintings on maximum contemporary routers. Older routers do not allow protocol site visitors to pass through VPN connections, in order that they’re now not well suited with PPTP.

If you’re unsure, check your router’s documentation. It ought to have the PPTP port 1723 open and should also assist the forwarding of GRE Protocol type 47.

Question 26. Can I Use Pptp With Firewalls?

Answer :

You can use PPTP with most firewalls. All that you need to do is route the site visitors meant for port 1723 to the firewall.

In reality, firewalls decorate the general security with the aid of regulating the statistics that comes from the Internet to the non-public network.

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Question 27. Can Two Computers Establish A Tunnel Over The Internet?

Answer :

Yes, two computers can set up a tunnel over the Internet, furnished they're strolling the equal community protocol.

This is an critical requirement, due to the fact PPTP supports many protocols along with IP, IPX and NETBEUI.

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Question 28. How Can I Identify Problems In Pptp Over A Tcp/ip Connection?

Answer :

To troubleshoot PPTP over a TCP/IP connection, test the following:

Ping your PPTP server to test if you’re connected to it.
Make positive you have trusted credentials in your PPTP server domain to keep away from any security pitfalls.
You shouldn’t have an lively Winsock Proxy client as this can redirect PPTP packets to a proxy server in place of your VPN.
Question 29. What Are The Alternatives To Pptp?

Answer :

For the ones concerned approximately PPTP protection, there are options to PPTP.

They are:

Out of this list, L2TP/IPSec is the nearest opportunity for PPTP, observed with the aid of OpenVPN.

However, none of these protocols is as smooth as PPTP to setup. Also, none of those come preinstalled in any working gadget.

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Question 30. What Is The Difference Between Pptp And L2tp/ipsec Protocols?

Answer :

There are 3 key differences among PPTP and L2TP/IPSec. First, encryption manner in PPTP starts offevolved after the PPP manner is finished. This approach the PPP authentication is used for this protocol. In L2TP/IPSec, encryption starts earlier than the PPP manner starts.

Second, PPTP uses a circulate cipher referred to as Microsoft Point to Point Encryption (MPPE) that makes use of 40, 56, or 128-bit encryption keys. This circulation cipher encrypts facts as a bit flow. L2TP/IPSec, however, uses Data Encryption Standard (DES), a block cipher that encrypts records in discrete blocks.

Lastly, PPTP requires handiest user-level authentication while L2TP/IPSec calls for both person-stage and device-stage authentication.

Question 31. Is L2tp/ipsec Better Than Pptp?

Answer :

In wellknown, L2TP/IPSec is considered to be more cozy than PPTP, and this is why a few agencies have started the usage of this protocol to implement far off connectivity. In L2TP/IPSec, each packet is checked for records integrity, facts authentication, statistics confidentiality, and replay safety. Effectively, what this means is that every packet is checked to ensure that information turned into sent by using a certified consumer, it become no longer changed in transit, none of the packets are captured with out encryption, and a movement of captured packets is not re-despatched.

PPTP, on the hand, offers best records confidentiality.

Also, the fact that L2TP/IPSec uses  levels of authentication makes it greater at ease than PPTP.

Question 32. When Is Pptp Better Than L2tp/ipsec?

Answer :

There are  situations while PPTP scores over L2TP/IPSec:

Firstly, PPTP does no longer require any sort of certificate infrastructure for authenticating computers whereas L2TP/IPSec desires an intensive certificate infrastructure for offering computer certificates to the authenticating server and to all other VPN customer computer systems.
Secondly, PPTP does no longer require high-priced leased lines for verbal exchange as it may send encrypted records over the Internet or public telephone strains. This manner, it reduces the value of deploying an agency-wide remote get admission to answer without compromising on safety and encryption.
Lastly, PPTP is supported with the aid of all Windows structures, including Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT four.Zero, or even older ones like Windows ninety five, and Windows 98. L2TP/IPSec, alternatively, is supported best by way of Windows XP and Windows 2000 VPN customers.