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Top 100+ Powershell Interview Questions And Answers


Top 100+ Powershell Interview Questions And Answers

Question 1. What Powershell Scripting Is?

Answer :

PowerShell report incorporates a chain of PowerShell commands with each command performing on a separate line. To use a text file as a PowerShell script, its filename ought to have.PS1 extension. To run a script you need

Type the instructions in a textual content editor
Save the document with .Ps1 extension
Execute the document in PowerShell
Question 2. What Is The Function Of $enter Variable?

Answer :

The $enter variable allows a feature to get entry to facts coming from the pipeline

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Question three. How You Can Rename A Variable?

Answer :

To rename a variable,

Rename-Item- Path Env: MyVariable –NewName MyRenamedVar

Question 4. How You Can Convert The Object Into Html?

Answer :

To convert the item into HTML

Get-Process l Sort-item – belongings CPU –descending l convert to – HTML l Out-file “system.Html”

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Question five. What Is The Difference, In Powershell, Between A Function And An “superior Function” ?

Answer :

This could be a trick query for an average candidate, however generally, desirable applicants ought to understand that the only factor that makes a function superior and unlocks the exquisite tooling which comes with it's far : [CmdletBinding()].

A notable candidate could be pretty obsessed with all of the effective tools enabled via superior functions. Any PowerShell scripter who strives to build expert-grade gear need to be pleased about all the work PowerShell is doing for us.

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Question 6. You Have A Script Which Uses Read-host To Prompt The User For An Ip Address. You Need To Make Sure The User Inputs A Valid Ip Address. How Would You Do That ?

Answer :

A true candidate might likely use one in all 2 approaches :

Splitting the deal with in four elements and try to cast them to a [byte]
A ordinary expression
A extremely good candidate might use the lots simpler and more sturdy technique : allow the .NET Framework do the hard work and simply attempt to forged the enter string to the [System.Net.IPAddress] class.

By the manner, the candidate need to recognize that what we get from Read-Host is a [string].

Question 7. How Would You Set A Registry Value With Powershell?

Answer :

Yeah, we begin clean, however it isn't always that intuitive. This requires to recognise that there may be no registry-precise cmdlets, so we have to use the registry issuer and Set-ItemProperty.

The registry has been an necessary a part of Windows for ever, so that is hardly ever region-unique expertise. It is very probable that any PowerShell scripter has already carried out this task as a minimum once, maybe even on a nearly-daily foundation.

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Question eight. What Argument Can Be Used To Convert An Object Into A String Or Convert The Property Of An Object Into The String?

Answer :

amplify is the argument that have to be used with the assets call to transform an object belongings surely right into a string.

E.G Get-ADcomputer –clear out * pick-Object –amplify name

Question 9. What Are Two Ways Of Extending Powershell?

Answer :

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Question 10. What Are The four Types Of Format Commands That Can Be Used To Format Data?

Answer :

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Question 11. How Will You Check What Commands Have Been Added After Adding The New Snapin To Powershell ?

Answer :

Get-Command -pssnapin <snapin name> –> Lists all instructions that got introduced when the snapin changed into added to the shell

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Question 12. How Will You Check The Default Path For Powershell Modules ?

Answer :

Get-Content env:psmodulepath

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Question thirteen. What Is The Difference Between Convertto-csv And Export-csv Commands?

Answer :

ConvertTo-CSV is a one step process that best converts statistics into csv format and let it remain in the shell Export-CSV is a 2 step procedure that no longer most effective converts statistics into CSV and also writes the output to a CSV layout record.

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Question 14. How Would You Ping A Remote Computer With 5 Packets Using Powershell ?

Answer :

Again, this is simple stuff. I wouldn’t get caught up in ideology, the good antique ping.Exeis perfectly valid, as long as the candidate knows the choice to specify five packets.

If you really need the greater PowerShelly Test-Connection, then ask : I just need the command to return $True if the ping is successful and $False if it isn't.

Question 15. What Are Cmdlet’s?

Answer :

Windows PowerShell introduces the concept of a cmdlet that are simple construct in instructions, written in a .Internet language like C# or VB.

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Question sixteen. Where Is Powershell Located In Sharepoint ?

Answer :

On the Start menu, click on All Programs -> Click Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Products -> Click SharePoint 2010 Management Shell.

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Question 17. What Is Windows Powershell ?

Answer :

Windows PowerShell is a brand new Windows command-line shell designed specifically for system administrators. In the SharePoint management context, Windows PowerShell is every other management tool that supersedes the prevailing Stsadm.Exe.

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Question 18. How Do You Comment Out Code In Powershell?

Answer :

Like different languages powershell also supports single/Inline comments line and multi line feedback.

Starting with PowerShell V1 there’s most effective # to make the text after it a remark.

In PowerShell V2 “<# #>” can be used for block remarks (multi-line) and greater especially for SYNOPSIS, DESCRIPTION, NOTES, LINK help feedback.

Example: Sinlgle/Inline remarks

 # This is a unmarried or inline comment starts with hash in Powershell

Example: Block remarks (multi-line)

    <# this is a first line of comment

       this is a second line of comment

       this is a third line of comment




       This is a last line of comment


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