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Top 100+ Performance Testing Interview Questions And Answers


Top 100+ Performance Testing Interview Questions And Answers

Question 1. What Is Performance Testing?

Answer :

Performance Testing is executed to decide response time of the some components of the gadget perform underneath a particular workload. It is normally measured in phrases of response time for the user interest. It is designed to test the general overall performance of the gadget at high load and strain circumstance It identifies the drawback of the architectural design which facilitates to song the application.

It consists of the following:

Increasing quantity of users interacting with the system.
Determine the Response time.
Repeating the load always.
Monitoring the device additives underneath controlled load.
Providing sturdy evaluation and reporting engines.
Question 2. What Is Concurrent User Hits In Load Testing?

Answer :

When the more than one users, without any time distinction, hits on a same event of the software beneath the burden take a look at is called a concurrent person hit. The concurrency point is introduced in order that multiple Virtual User can work on a single event of the utility. By adding concurrency factor, the virtual customers will watch for the opposite Virtual users which might be running the scripts, if they attain early. When all of the users reached to the concurrency factor, best then they start hitting the requests.

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Question three. What Is The Life-cycle Of Testing?

Answer :

Planning the Test
Developing the Test
Execution of the Test
Analysis of Results
Question 4. List Out Some Common Performance Bottlenecks?

Answer :

Some common performance bottlenecks consist of:

CPU Utilization
Memory Utilization
Networking Utilization
S issue
Disk Usage
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Question 5. What Drawbacks Do Manual Load Tests Have?

Answer :

The guide load testing drawbacks are:

It is very highly-priced to do Manual Testing, as real customers charge by means of the hour.
With manual load checking out, load trying out for longer durations like for 7 days received’t be feasible, as users virtually work a maximum of eight hours day by day.
You will no longer get accuracy for consequences correlation as there are delays among movements of customers.
It is tough to do effects collection as the results seize every different.
It is tough to do.
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Question 6. What Is The Difference Between Baseline And Benchmark Testing?

Answer :

The variations among baseline and benchmark checking out are:

Baseline checking out is the manner of going for walks a fixed of exams to seize overall performance information. This facts may be used as a factor of reference when in future adjustments are made to the utility in which as Benchmarking is the manner of comparing your device overall performance in opposition to an enterprise widespread that is given by way of a few other employer.

Example: We can run baseline check of an application, gather and analyze consequences, and then regulate several indexes on a SQL Server database and run the same take a look at again, the use of the preceding outcomes to decide whether or not or now not the new outcomes had been higher, worse, or approximately the same.

Question 7. What Is The Difference Between Performance Testing And Performance Engineering?

Answer :

Performance checking out:

In Performance trying out, testing cycle consists of requirement amassing, scripting, execution, end result sharing and report era. 

Performance engineering:

Performance Engineering is a step in advance of Performance testing where after execution; results are analyzed with the aim to locate the overall performance bottlenecks and the answer is furnished to resolve the diagnosed troubles.

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Question eight. What Are The Automated Performance Testing Phases?

Answer :

The phases concerned in automatic performance trying out are:

Planning/Design: This is the primary phase in which crew might be gathering the requirements of the overall performance testing. Requirements can be Business, Technical, System and Team requirements.

Build: This section consists of automating the necessities gathered at some stage in the design phase.

Execution: it is performed in a couple of phases. It consists of numerous sorts of testing like baseline, benchmarking trying out.

Analyzing and tuning: During the overall performance testing we are able to be shooting all the information associated with the gadget like Response time and System Resources for figuring out the foremost bottlenecks of the device. After the bottlenecks are recognized we need to music the machine to enhance the general performance.

Question 9. What Is Distributed Load Testing?

Answer :

Distributed load testing: on this we take a look at the application for a number of customers gaining access to the software at a identical time. In dispensed load checking out test instances are execute to determine the utility conduct. Now application behavior is monitored, recorded and analyzed whilst multiple users concurrently use the machine. Distributed load checking out is the manner the usage of which a couple of systems may be used for simulating load of large quantity of customers. The cause for doing the disbursed load checking out is that to triumph over the trouble unmarried machine to generate large wide variety of threads.

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Question 10. What Is Profiling?

Answer :

Profiling is a system of pinpointing a bottleneck overall performance at minute levels. This is performed with the aid of performance teams for engineering which includes developers or overall performance testers. You can profile in any software layer getting examined. If you want to do application profiling you would possibly want to use gear for performance profiling of application servers. When profiling an software server, you identify issues at the extent of code which includes reminiscence in depth API’s If the database is what you're profiling the use of the equipment for database profiling, you could identify quite a number of things consisting of a complete desk experiment question, high price queries and the range of done SQLs.

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Question 11. List Down Any Challenge You Faced In Your Performance Career And How Did You Overcome It?

Answer :

Yes, I confronted many challenges like defining the scope of application, wreck factors which I over got here by means of analyzing the ancient statistics of software and based on them I determined the values, putting in the overall performance environment along with proxy bypassing, connecting to Server underneath take a look at.

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Question 12. What Is Ip Spoofing And Why Is It Used?

Answer :

IP spoofing is used to spoof the device so that every host device can use many exclusive IPs to create hypothetical surroundings in which gadget believes that request are coming from extraordinary places.

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Question 13. How Do You Identify Which Protocol To Use For Any Application?

Answer :

Previously Performance tester had to depend tons on the development team to understand about the protocol that software is using to have interaction with the server. Sometimes, it also used to be speculative.

However, LoadRunner gives a great help in form of Protocol Advisor from model nine.Five onwards. Protocol advisor detects the protocols that utility uses and recommend us the possible protocols wherein script may be created to simulate the real person.

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Question 14. How Do You Do The Analysis Of The System For Identifying Issues?

Answer :

We can study the diverse graphs generated by using the tool including Response time, throughput graph, jogging Vusers graph and many others. And also we will see the server logs to pick out the issues in device.

Question 15. What Is Performance Engineering, How Its Different Form Performance Testing?

Answer :

Performance checking out is the method where we perceive the troubles within the system.
Performance engineering is the system wherein we cope with the problems and rectify them.
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Question 16. How You Can Calculate Pacing For Your Application?

Answer :

We can calculate pacing through the system as

No. Of customers = (Response Time in seconds + Pacing in seconds) * TPS

TPS is transaction in step with Second.

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Question 17. How Do You Find Out The Performance Bottlenecks?

Answer :

Performance Bottlenecks may be identified by using the usage of exceptional counters which includes response time, throughput, hits/sec, network delay graph. We can examine them and inform wherein the suspected performance bottleneck is.

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Question 18. What Is Think Time?

Answer :

Think time can be defined as the real time wait between 2 consecutive transactions. For Example a actual time person waits to assess the records he acquired before acting the next step, that wait time he's taking can be said as think time.

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Question 19. Can You Tell A Scenario Where Throughput Is Increasing With Response Time Means When They Are Directly Proportional?

Answer :

Yes it may be possible when you have masses of CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) for your application which takes numerous time to show. We can assume this sort of situation where throughput might be increasing in addition to the reaction time.

Question 20. What Is The Reason Behind Performing Automated Load Testing?

Answer :

Difficult to degree the overall performance of the software correctly.
Difficult to do synchronization among the users.
Number of actual time customers are required to involve in Performance Testing.
Difficult to investigate and pick out the effects & bottlenecks.
Increases the infrastructure fee.
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Question 21. What Is Performance Tuning?

Answer :

To enhance the device performance we comply with a mechanism, referred to as Performance tuning.

To enhance the systems performance there are two styles of tuning performed:

Hardware tuning: Optimizing, adding or replacing the hardware components of the gadget and modifications inside the infrastructure stage to improve the systems performance is known as hardware tuning.
Software tuning: Identifying the software stage bottlenecks with the aid of profiling the code, database and so on. Fine tuning or enhancing the software program to restoration the bottlenecks is called software tuning.
Question 22. What Is A Protocol And How Many You Have Worked On?

Answer :

A protocol is a fixed of rules for statistics communication among 2 or greater structures. There are many protocols together with Http/Https, FTP, Web Services, Citrix.Mostly used protocols are Http/Https and Web Services.

Question 23. What Is Difference Between Simultaneous User And Concurrent User?

Answer :

Simultaneous users await other person to finish then it begins its pastime whereas in concurrent users, it is able to be like 2 customers log into the device and carry out special sports on the equal time.

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Question 24. What Is Performance Tuning? How Many Types Are There?

Answer :

Performance tuning is done for improving the machine performance:

Hardware Tuning: Optimizing, adding or changing hardware additives of the device and changes completed inside the infrastructure degree to improve gadget overall performance is referred to as hardware tuning.

Software Tuning: Identifying the software program stage bottlenecks with the aid of profiling the code, database and so forth. Fine tuning or modifying the software to restoration the bottlenecks is called software program tuning.

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Question 25. What Activities Are Performed During Performance Testing Of Any Application?

Answer :

Following activities are executed all through checking out of application:

Create person situations
User Distribution
Dry run of the utility
Running load test and reading the result
Question 26. Explain The Sub-genres Of Performance Testing?

Answer :

Following are the sub-genres of Performance Testing:

Load Testing: it's far carried out to examine the overall performance of utility for a specific expected load. Load can be elevated via growing the variety of user performing a specific challenge on the application in a specific time period.
Stress Testing: is performed to assess a device performance through increasing the range of consumer more than the bounds of its unique necessities. It is executed to recognize at which stage software crash.
Volume Testing: test an application as a way to decide how tons quantity of records it is able to cope with correctly and efficaciously.
Spike Testing: what modifications occurs on the software whilst suddenly large wide variety of user accelerated or decreased.
Soak Testing: is finished to apprehend the utility conduct while we observe load for a protracted period of time what occurs on the stableness and reaction time of utility.
Question 27. Mention What Is The Difference Between Performance Testing And Functional Testing?

Answer :

Functional Testing

To confirm the accuracy of the software program with exact inputs in opposition to predicted output, fuctional trying out is achieved
This checking out can be finished manually or automatic
One user plays all the operations
Customer, Tester and Development involvement is needed
Production sized take a look at surroundings isn't always vital, and H/W necessities are minimal.
Performance Testing

To validate the conduct of the system at various load situations performance trying out is finished.
It gives the best end result if automatic
Several person performs preferred operations
Customer, Tester, Developer, DBA and N/W management crew
Requires near production check surroundings and numerous H/W facilities to populate the load.
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