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Top 100+ Peoplesoft Hrms Interview Questions And Answers


Top 100+ Peoplesoft Hrms Interview Questions And Answers

Question 1. What Is Regulatory Region? Usage?

Answer :

A regulatory region is a vicinity which has laws and rules which can be used by capability in PeopleSoft HRMS. A lot of transactions are driven through regulatory necessities. These requirements include regions like ethnicity, incapacity, and fitness and safety. When driven by using Regulatory Region, the regulatory codes, People Code edits, and set processing within the system can vary by using united states of america and for every transaction.

Question 2. How To Create Field As Mandatory?

Answer :

Using information buffer classes in humans tender we've got display required field que.The use of that we can conver it to obligatory.

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Question 3. How Is Last Hire Date Different Than The Hire Date?

Answer :

Last lease date is the date someone is employed or rehired within the business enterprise. Hire date is the date associated with a hire action job row. For example if a person is employed on 1st May 2010 first time inside the enterprise after which terminated on 1st May 2011. Hire date and ultimate rent date each may be 1st May 2010. Let’s say now the individual is rehired on fifth May 2011 then the lease date will nevertheless remain as 1st May 2010 but the ultimate hire date will now be 5th May 2011.

Question 4. Explain What Is The Most Important Record In Ps Hrms?

Answer :

it depends on the model:

8.Three HRMS :

eight.9 HCM :

Question 5. What Are Checklists? Give An Example From The Delivered Checklists. How Will You Create A Checklist Of Your Own? Explain By Giving An Example?

Answer :

Checklist is a handout sort of a utility for the person that may be referenced to ensure that all the responsibilities the user has to perform are performed and stated. Say, a recruiter or HR admin wants to a rent a brand new joinee in HRMS machine, there's a recruitment checklist the person can use. When the consumer is done with all the data entry, he can seek advice from this tick list within the machine. Checklist has a gaggle of obligations like passport and files established, bank documents sent, offer % issued, identification take a look at etc. User can put the repute towards each assignment like initiated, completed and so on. This is a manner of monitoring that each one formalities associated with rent are finished. Admin can create new checklists also from Setup HRMS -> Common Definitions -> Checklists -> Checklist. If wished new tick list gadgets also can be produced from Setup HRMS -> Common Definitions -> Checklists -> Checklist gadgets.

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Question 6. How To Retrieve The Data From 3rd Scroll, Using Traversing?

Answer :




The above solution is for to retrieve the 3rd scroll recoed stage records best.

If u want the sector level data use under syntax:




Question 7. When A User Logs Into Ps By Virtue Of Which Security Attribute Does The System Default Users Country, Name Format And Company Etc?

Answer :

When a user logs in PS the system scans via the person profile to peer the associated primary permission list. There is a setup referred to as org defaults by permission listing. Setup HRMS -> Foundation tables -> Organization -> Org Defaults with the aid of Permission listing.

For every permission listing following field defaults are set right here: Business unit, Setid, Company, Country, Regulatory area, Currency and name format.

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Question 8. What Is The Difference Between Transaction Table And Setup Tables?

Answer :

Table Data which goes to exchange on daily is transaction desk , Table data (Organisation Address , Phone No , Locations) whcih is going to trade as part of the company approval is called setup tables.

Question nine. What Are The Different Kinds Of Organizational Relationships In Hrms? Explain Each With Relevant Examples?

Answer :

Different employer relationships someone could have are: Employee, Contingent worker or Person of Interest as in line with the man or woman version. Employee is a everlasting group of workers member of the firm who is paid by way of business enterprise payroll and has a lease row in activity with all related information like corporation, branch, place and paygroup and so on. Example is a everlasting role for a primary government or income supervisor within the company.

Contingent employee is a contractor within the company mostly on an mission. Personal records and process statistics is stored for a contractor inside the gadget but character is not on the business enterprise payroll. Example can be someone from a 3rd celebration company that is performing as a seller for the firm to behavior a project for the company wishes. This man or woman is a part of the undertaking and running in the firm till the end of the undertaking.

Person of interest has many flavors. There are various kinds of POI:– Pension payee, external trainee, external trainer or board member. They are individuals who're connected to the firm due to a few business motive. There are  sorts of POIs- who have a row in process data and others who do not have. POIs who do not have task records have a separate mechanism in PS to maintain their records protection.

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Question 10. How To Run The Sqr In Command Prompt. What Are The Parameters That Are Used For Running The Sqr From Command Prompt?

Answer :

Let's say your PeopleTools is set up in D:PT848


D:pt848SQRinfup_file_name.Sq. -iD:pt848SQR


-fD:pt848output_file_name.Pdf -oD:pt848log_file_name.Log



-i => Input file Directory

-f => Output File Name

-o => Log document Name

-ZIF => SQR Initialization File Name

Question 11. How Is Geographic Location Code Different From Locations?

Answer :

Location is the core desk that's used to outline all the office places of the business enterprise. All places are tied to a corporation and setid. Location is likewise tied to a department. Geographic area is a US federal concept. This is precise to a State –City code. Locality pay location and regulation enforcement officer unique pay region calculations are mentioned on this setup. Based at the geographic place code setup the locality pay chances are calculated and utilized in US payroll method.

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Question 12. What Are The Setup Tables?

Answer :

The information which isn't always going to alternate often such form of records is stored in setup tables.

Exp: Company Address,Phone No,Company Locations,Company Name,Business Units,Departments,Positions

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Question thirteen. Briefly Explain The Concept Of Effective Date And Its Advantages.

Answer :

Effective date idea is utilized in multiple core tables in PS HRMS. For instance in task this is a number one key. Purpose of this field is to distinguish multiple transaction rows for same employee that has took place on two unique dates. Effective date is likewise used in a whole lot of setup tables as an instance region. A place is say energetic as of today but five days later if I want to make it inactive how does the machine apprehend the contemporary fame of location 5 days in destiny. It can be finished by way of the usage of the simplest dated row for that region.

Question 14. What Is Job Family? How Is It Different From Job Codes In Ps?

Answer :

To become aware of a particular job in PS HRMS we use process code.

Example: You will have a activity code representing Administrative assistant. This jobcode can have a defaulted salary grade and popular hours. A series of a couple of such jobs grouped collectively which use this activity code will make a process own family.

Question 15. When You Access An Hcm Component, Say, Job Data, Certain Values Like Business Unit, Company Etc Are Defaulted. What Governs This Concept?

Answer :

Values like commercial enterprise unit, organization, country get defaulted by way of distinctive feature of the consumer’s number one permission list. These default values are related to SetIDs on the Business Unit Options Default web page.

Using the tableset controls and business unit default alternatives, the device determines the default values to enter in select fields on the issue. So, while a consumer accesses a element that makes use of commercial enterprise unit defaults and selects a business unit, the gadget determines the setID which drives the defaults for the enterprise unit on the Tableset Control –Record organization page.

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Question 16. How Is Standard Hour And Fte Auto Calculated When Entering Job Details For A New Hire?

Answer :

Standard hour is defined in more than one ways in the machine. Under Setup HRMS - Installation desk in HRMS alternatives, there may be a widespread hour rule setup. This is at the machine level. Here the admin will outline the minimum and most hours for the HR gadget and additionally the default hours. The 2nd area in which the setup may be finished is in the jobcode desk setup. Under Setup HRMS -> Foundation tables -> Job Attributes -> Job code desk. When a consumer units up a activity code then the standard hours value may be set precise to that job code. When worker process info are being populated based totally on the jobcode, the same old hours and FTE gets refreshed. Also values like regular/ temporary will get populated.

Question 17. When Do We Use The Concept Of Effective Sequence?

Answer :

Effective sequence idea is utilized in a few key tables like Job. Job table has high volume of employee transaction statistics. There are a couple of sorts of transactions and they may be all motion pushed. It may be very probably in a business scenario that employee has same sort of transaction extra than once inside the equal day. For example: Employee may have a statistics alternate motion happening at the same day greater than once. In this kind of state of affairs, for the equal employment instance, we have multiple row with the equal effective date. In order to uniquely shop this second transaction, we want some other number one key that is where effective collection comes into play. Hence Job desk has a number one key structure: Employee identity, worker report quantity, powerful date and powerful collection.

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Question 18. What Is The Purpose Of Employees Table In Ps? How Is This Table Populated?

Answer :

EMPLOYEES table is a modern-day worker data table. This is frequently used in interfacing with 1/3 celebration structures or in business reporting as properly at the side of EMPLOYMENT that's now a view. EMPLOYEES table is populated via jogging a delivered method called Employee refres, the job call is PERS099. This procedure will populate EMPLOYEES desk by using first truncating the whole desk after which re putting the records. This table will simplest store data for energetic employees inside the gadget and it will have best one row corresponding to every employee’s most latest non-public and process info.

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Question 19. In Which Situation Will An Employee Need To Have More Than One Employee Instances With An Organization? Explain With An Example?

Answer :

If there's someone who's a everlasting worker with an company, i.E. Organizational dating is worker and he has to absorb a consulting position for a new product release in another department of the identical enterprise for say, 6 months, then he might be a contingent employee. In this example, he will have  organizational relationships – complete time employee and contingent employee for the brand new product launch.

Question 20. What Are The Possible Hr Business Transactions That Can Follow Post Termination Action Row For An Employee In Job Data?

Answer :

A termination motion may be observed by means of a statistics change action row or a rehire row. DTA motion row would be added if a few correction wishes to take place to the facts of the worker who is terminated and also you don’t need to update the contemporary row then you may add a new DTA row. Rehire motion is the most logical one to observe a TER motion row this may take place when an employee post termination once more needs to enroll in the organization and the agency desires to don't forget this as a rehire with same employee identity and different info.

Question 21. If An Organization Does Not Fit To Be Position Driven Then What Are The Other Options In People Soft To Setup The Hierarchy?

Answer :

If the organisation isn't always healthy to be position driven, then the opposite options to be had are:

By Person: In this method, process codes are used to categorise activity records into businesses. Job codes have one to many relationships with personnel, i.E. A couple of personnel could have the same task code. Jobs to be accomplished are identified in the employer. Job codes may be shared across departments, places or organizations.

Partial Position: There might be a state of affairs in which the machine must be driven by using each the procedures – via man or woman and by using role. In this case, partial role management may be implemented. Driving via function would possibly paintings for certain departments or govt stages whereas others can be man or woman pushed.