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Top 100+ P Visa Interview Questions And Answers


Top 100+ P Visa Interview Questions And Answers

Question 1. What Is The P Visa?

Answer :

P visa is for certain athletes, artists and entertainers who wish to stay and work briefly in the United States. To start the application system, the destiny corporation have to document a Form I-129 (Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker) within the United States with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) of the Department of Homeland Security. If authorized, the USCIS will mail the petitioner a Form I-797 (Notice of Action). The beneficiary might also then observe for a P visa on the United States Embassy or Consulate. The P visa consists of 4 classifications: P-1, P-2, P-3 and P-four. The P visa classification covers extraterrestrial beings which are across the world recognized athletes, artists or entertainers. 

The partner and unmarried youngsters of the P visa holder can also accompany the P visa holder to the United States at some point of his or her period of live. The P-1 visa can be issued to an individual or to a crew or institution. The P visa permits for people which can be a part of a team or leisure organization to return to the USA and carry out quickly. Other classifications beneath the P visa cover folks who carry out, teach or coach in culturally precise programs. 

The P-1S, P-2S and P-3S visas are distinct for support team of workers intending to live within the U.S. Temporarily as an vital part of a competition or overall performance, athletic or arts and enjoyment-related.

Question 2. What Is A P1 Entertainment Visa?

Answer :

The P-1 amusement visa is a nonimmigrant visa which allows foreign nationals who're athletes, artists and entertainers to go into into the U.S. For a selected event, competition or overall performance.

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Question 3. Who Is Eligible For P-1 Visa?

Answer :

An internationally identified artist, entertainer, or athlete may additionally input into the U.S. To participate in a performance for a U.S. Company or an international organisation running thru a U.S. Agent. The performance need to require a performer of global first-class.

Question four. What Are The P Visa's Classifications?

Answer :

A P visa is a sort of temporary employment visa of the USA, granted to alien athletes, artists, and entertainers, and their spouses and kids.

The P visa classifications are as follows:

P-1 visa (Internationally Recognized Athletes/Entertainers): An the world over identified athlete traveling to the USA to compete and his or her vital assist employees require P-1 visas. An internationally recognized entertainer journeying to america to perform calls for a P-1 visa. P-1 applies to individual or group athletes, or participants of an amusement organization (P-1B) that are the world over diagnosed. A maximum of 25,000 P visas are issued annually.
P-2 visa (Reciprocal Exchange Program): P-2 visa applies to artists or entertainers who will carry out underneath a reciprocal exchange program.
P-three visa (Culturally Unique Programs): P-three applies to artists or entertainers who carry out below a software this is culturally specific. An artist or entertainer who's travelling to america to perform, teach, or coach below a culturally unique application requires a P-three visa. 
P-4 visa (Spouse and Children of a P Visa Holder): P-4 is for the partner, or baby under the age of 21, of a P-1, P-2, or P-3 alien and who is accompanying, or following to join, the alien. Spouses and kids under the age of 21 can obtain P-four visas to tour with or comply with-to-be part of the important alien inside the United States.
Question 5. For Whom Is A P-1 Visa Appropriate?

Answer :

P-1 visa is suitable for internationally identified athletes or athletic groups coming into the U.S. To take part in an event of worldwide status, and entertainers and leisure businesses diagnosed across the world as superb to tour the U.S. Or take part in activities prominent circus artists who wish to paintings within the US.

P-1 visas are to be had for global artists, athletes and entertainers who want to carry out within the United States. For instance, there are approvals for several international Kung Fu athletes below the P-1 visa category. The athletes had been individuals of national teams and effectively participated in global competitions everywhere in the global. As a end result, those Kung Fu athletes were able to enter the US to participate in numerous competitions, as well as work and coach at Kung Fu schools.

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Question 6. As A Performer, How To Apply For A P2 Visa At An American Consulate To Join A Performance Event In U.S?

Answer :

A performer must prove that he or she performs an integral part in the overall performance of the occasion. The defination is that P2 visa performer must carry out "an fundamental part of the performance which cannot be readily finished through a U.S. Employee and which can be critical to the a hit overall performance of the services."

Question 7. As An Internationally Recognized Athlete In Martial Arts, Do I Qualify For The P-1 Visa For An Athlete?

Answer :

To qualify as a P-1 visa for an athlete, the alien athlete or sport crew must have an across the world diagnosed popularity in the game. The alien applicant should reveal the the world over diagnosed recognition to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), via showing a settlement with a main U.S. Sports league, crew, or international sporting occasion, with as a minimum  of the following evidence:

proof of the applicant's or team’s preceding large participation with a major U.S. Sports league;
proof of participation in an global opposition with a national team;
proof of previous massive participation with a U.S. University in intercollegiate competition;
proof that the person or crew is the world over ranked;
evidence that the person or crew has received a vast honor or award in the game;
a written statement from an legit of a chief U.S. Sports activities league or the governing body of the sport, explaining exactly how the character or team is across the world recognized;
a written assertion from the sports media or a identified expert concerning the individual's or group's global recognition.
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Question eight. What Are The P-1 Visa Requirements?

Answer :

The P-1 visa is for:

Internationally recognized athletes.
Members of an across the world recognized athletic crew.
Members of an across the world identified leisure institution. 
The P-1 category is available simplest to contributors of overseas-based amusement agencies, now not individual entertainers. In addition, the P-1 alien ought to be coming to perform and/or compete. The P-1 petition is filed along with the I-129 shape and submitted to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). 
In guide of P-1 petitions, the P-1 alien ought to post copies of their worldwide awards, certificates of feat, and pictures documenting their sports and accomplishments. In addition, a consultation discussing the alien's capacity from a U.S. Hard work company is likewise required. For leisure agencies, the petition should encompass documentation that the group is across the world recognized as splendid in the discipline for a sustained and tremendous period of time. 
In addition, for leisure corporations, the USCIS also accepts proof which includes opinions, newspaper articles, mag articles, advertisements, etc. P-1 petitions can be authorized for up to five years for an man or woman athlete, or the time frame decided with the aid of the USCIS director to be essential to finish the occasion or hobby.
Question 9. What Is P-2 Visa? And What Are The P-2 Visa Requirements?

Answer :

The P-2 visa is for an alien coming to the United States to perform as an artist or entertainer individually or as part of a set or to perform as an critical a part of the overall performance of such organization, and who seeks to carry out beneath a reciprocal alternate application. 

Normally, there are 3 P-2 reciprocal agreements:

one among the American Federation of Musicians (U.S.) and the American Federation of Musicians (Canada);
one between the Actor's Equity Association (U.S.) and the Canadian Actor's Equity Association; and 3) one among the Actor's Equity Association and the British Actors' Equity Association. 
P-2 group performers may be protected on a unmarried petition, but the critical guide extraterrestrial beings must be on a separate petition from the performers. Some of the desired P-2 documentation includes a copy of the formal reciprocal change settlement between the U.S. Agency sponsoring the alien and the employer out of the country and a declaration from the sponsoring business enterprise describing the reciprocal change of U.S. Artists or entertainers as it pertains to the precise petition for which type is sought. P-2 visas are accepted with a validity length simplest necessary to complete the occasion or pastime, and not to exceed three hundred and sixty five days.

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Question 10. Who Is Eligible For An P-2 Visa?

Answer :

P-2 visa is designed for artists, individual and institution entertainers who enter america thru a reciprocal alternate software. Unlike the O-1 visa, the P-2 does not require that the artist or entertainer reveal prominence or revel in in the discipline. The P-2 visa is for foreign nationals who're entertainers — either people or people who are a part of a set. However, the P-2 visa applies simplest to reciprocal exchange programs between an corporation inside the US and any other united states of america.

The P-2 visa is issued to artists or entertainers, individually or as a set, in addition to their vital support personnel, who can be acting under a reciprocal change program which is between an corporation or companies inside the United States, which can also encompass a control organization, and an business enterprise or businesses in a single or extra overseas states and which provides for the temporary change of artists and entertainers, or businesses of artists and entertainers.

Question eleven. Who Is Eligible For An P-four Visa?

Answer :

Spouses and kids of the P-1 visa holder might also attain a P-4 visa to enter and continue to be in the US. The P-4 visa holder may additionally attend college however if he or she wishes to paintings, he or she must exchange his or her popularity to attain a work visa. 

The P-four class is issued to immediate relatives of P-1, P-2, and P-three Visa holders who are accompanying or following to sign up for the foremost alien, however they may be no longer afforded any proper to be employed whilst in the United States whilst retaining such visa status.

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Question 12. What Is P-3 Visa? And What Are The P-3 Visa Requirements?

Answer :

P-3 Visas are for extraterrestrial beings coming to the U.S. Completely to perform, teach, or coach underneath a application this is culturally specific. The required documentation for this visa consists of: affidavits or testimonials regarding the beneficiaries; capabilities and the cultural forte of the entertainment, the session, and evidence that each one performances inside the engagement are cultural in nature. P-three visas are authorised with a validity period simplest essential to complete the occasion or interest, and now not to exceed one year. 

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Question 13. What Are The P Visa Application Procedures?

Answer :

P visa utility processes consist of:

Before an alien employee can reap a P visa to enter the US, the enterprise should obtain an advisory opinion from the best consulting entity (the advisory opinion should be from a hard work company) or display that the appropriate peer group, hard work enterprise, or control organization does no longer exist;
the employer need to attain approval from the USCIS of P petition; and
A U.S. Consulate should trouble an alien a P visa based on the authorized petition.
Question 14. What Kind Of Documents Are Required For P-2 Visa Application?

Answer :

P-2 visas ought to be filed both via the sponsoring company or U.S. Business enterprise. Required objects consist of a written session from the labor organization in query, facts regarding the reciprocal change program and a assertion from the sponsoring enterprise with info concerning the reciprocal agreement.

Question 15. What Privileges Do I Enjoy On P-1 Visa?

Answer :

An the world over identified artist, entertainer, or athlete might also enter into the U.S. To take part in a overall performance for a U.S. Corporation or an international agency working via a U.S. Agent. The performance need to require a performer of worldwide high-quality.

On P-1 visa, you can: 

Enter the U.S. And carry out for price or prize cash;
Engage in component time have a look at;
Apply for visas for accompanying critical guide employees;
Apply for P-4 visas in your dependents 
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Question sixteen. How To Apply For A P-1 Visa?

Answer :

Individuals making use of for a P-1A visa ought to encompass a duplicate of his or her contract (for instance, with a sports activities group) and a written session with the applicable hard work business enterprise for their area of labor.

Additionally, certain evidence attesting to the character's or a crew's importance must be handed in, such as proof of full-size earlier participation in a main US sports activities league or US intercollegiate competition, or evidence that the man or woman or group places in worldwide ratings if these exist for the sport.

A P-1B applicant have to also encompass a written session with the enormous labor agency and proof that the foreign country wide or organization is the world over diagnosed. To prove this, evidence can be submitted concerning the receipt of international awards or prizes. Proof of a certain stage of essential achievement, acclaim and/or international popularity is likewise needed.

Question 17. How To Establish "international Recognition" For Entertainers To File P-1 Visa Petition?

Answer :

To establish "international popularity," a petitioner might also rely both on documentation of a chief, one-time achievement by way of the institution, which include the nomination for, or receipt of, a considerable worldwide award or prize, or at least three of the following:

Has and could carry out as main/starring organization in productions/activities with prominent reputations; 
International popularity/acclaim for amazing achievements; 
Has and could carry out as main/starring institution for corporations with distinguished reputations; 
Record of foremost business/seriously acclaimed fulfillment; 
Significant recognition from groups, critics, governments, other diagnosed experts; 
Commanded/will command excessive income/other extensive remuneration relative to others in addition situated.
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Question 18. What Kind Of Documents Are Required For Support Personnel Visas?

Answer :

Support personnel visas must be filed alongside one of the other varieties of P visas. They need to also include a written consultation from the perfect labor agency, a written assertion as to the overseas country wide's critical competencies and earlier experience, in addition to a copy of any employment contracts.

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Question 19. What Is The Definition Of International Recognition?

Answer :

International popularity is defined as a excessive degree of success in a discipline evidenced with the aid of a degree of talent and popularity notably above that in general encountered to the volume that the man or woman is famend, leading or well-known in multiple usa.

Question 20. What Is The Major Difference Between O Visa And P Visa?

Answer :

P visas benefit proficient individuals in the arts, sports and entertainments who are planning on a temporary stay inside the United States to be able to pursue, perform or teach their craft. It is a temporary worker visa with a variety of classes for foreign nationals with diverse talent units. Although it is able to sound a lot like the O visa, the P visa differs in that candidates don't ought to meet the O visa's "incredible ability" requirement.

The P-1 visa is a non-resident visa distinctive for entertainers, circus artists, and athletes who are coming to america temporarily to perform at a particular opposition or event. An athlete who wishes to remain within the US for a longer time period should practice for an O1 visa.

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Question 21. What Is The Uscis' Premium Processing Service For P-1 Visa Application?

Answer :

USCIS had delivered a premium processing carrier that lets in P Visa petitioners and beneficiaries to pay extra than $1,000 top class-processing rate (further to everyday filing charges) for expedited processing in their P Visa petitions. 

In return for the top rate processing fee, the USCIS will assure processing of petitions within 15 calendar days of receipt of the petition. Applications filed simultaneously by dependents of a beneficiary choosing to apply the Premium Processing Service will also be processed within 15 days with out an extra premium processing rate. 

If the USCIS does not issue an approval observe, notice of purpose to deny, request for evidence, or notice of investigation for fraud or misrepresentation inside 15 days of bodily receipt of a petition, the Service will refund the premium processing fee however will still expeditiously system the case. 

Question 22. What Are The Requirements For A Sports Team To File P-1 Visa Petition For Its Foreign Athletes?

Answer :

A sports activities crew can document petition for its foreign athlete and for a P-1 visa to be granted to the team it should have performed "international reputation" in the game. An athlete who will come to the US to compete in person activities in place of as a team need to show that she or he is across the world identified. United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has defined "international reputation" as a "having a high degree of achievement in a subject evidenced through a diploma of skill and reputation appreciably above that normally encountered, to the extent that such achievement is famend, main, or famous in more than one u . S .." 

The occasion the athlete is coming to the USA to participate in have to have a outstanding reputation and need to require the participation of athletes and groups of global reputation. The definition is just like that of O-1B "super capability," but relatively more stringent. The popularity of the group, now not the man or woman achievements of its contributors nor the acclaim of a selected manufacturing, is paramount.

Question 23. Which Visa Should I Apply For A P-1, "o-1", P-2 Or P-three?

Answer :

An "O-1" visa is for an man or woman artist of International Renown; this is, widely recognized out of doors his or her domestic us of a. A P-1 is for a group that meets the equal fashionable.

P-2 visas are issued for Canadian artists/musicians entering the U.S. For a reciprocal change software. P-three visas are for agencies that are Culturally Unique - as an example, musicians who carry out folk tune of their home u . S . A ..

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Question 24. What Information Do I Need To Provide In Order To Receive A Consultation Letter From American Federation Of Musicians?

Answer :

The following statistics is needed with a purpose to difficulty a letter of consultation:

A cover letter explaining who the aliens are, in which they are from, and what qualifies them as Culturally Unique or Internationally Renowned.
A reproduction of the USCIS shape I-129.
Copies of any written contracts among the petitioner and the alien beneficiary, which include what wages could be earned; or, if there's no written agreement, a precis of the phrases of the oral settlement below which the alien(s) might be hired. 
A replica of the itinerary, which includes the names and addresses of the venues.
A roster with the musicians' instrumentation. 
Support substances which include opinions, CD covers, packages, and many others. Which establishes the organization or instrumental artist. Support substances have to feature the instrumentalists - data on singers/actors/dancers simplest is NOT enough.
Your fax and cellphone variety. 
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Question 25. What Is The P Visa Duration Of Stay And Extension?

Answer :

For character P-1 athletes and guide employees, an preliminary duration of live may be approved for five years. An extension of live can be granted for a further period of five years for a total duration of stay no longer to exceed 10 years. 

For all different P nonimmigrants, the initial duration of live can be permitted for the time essential for the precise competition, event, or overall performance, as much as a length of 12 months. If necessary, P extension may be granted in one-yr increments on the way to allow the P alien to complete the occasion indexed inside the initial petition.

Question 26. What Is The Period Of Stay And The Extension Of Stay For Athlete?

Answer :

The duration of live and the extension of stay for athlete are:

1) Individual Athlete - Time needed to finish the occasion, opposition or overall performance, now not to exceed 5 years Individual Athlete –Increments of as much as 5 years for you to continue or complete the event, opposition or overall performance.

2) Athletic Group - Time needed to complete the occasion, opposition or performance, no longer to exceed 1 year, increments of up to at least one year to be able to preserve or complete the occasion, competition or performance.

Three) Essential Support Personnel - Time to finish the event, pastime, or overall performance, won't exceed 1 yr Increments of up to five years with a purpose to keep or complete the event, competition or overall performance.

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Question 27. Can An P Visa Holder Change To U.S. Permanent Resident?

Answer :

Although a P alien is needed to keep his overseas residency while he is in P fame, he can lawfully are seeking for to turn out to be a U.S. Everlasting resident. Therefore, the approval of a everlasting exertions certification or the submitting of an immigrant petition isn't always a basis for denying a P petition, an extension request, or a change of reputation software.

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Question 28. What Are The Requirements For Entertainers To File P-1 Visa Petition?

Answer :

Entertainers ought to be a part of an enjoyment organization to achieve a P-1 visa. Individual artists can not typically obtain a P-1 visa, except whilst joining the rest in their overseas entertainment institution already in the United States. Like athletes, entertainers need to be "the world over diagnosed" as tremendous of their region to be granted P visas, and feature a sustained period of achievement no much less than three hundred and sixty five days. 

Additionally, a minimal for 75 percent of the group's character contributors have to have a giant dating to the organization, usually happy through at least three hundred and sixty five days of club.

Question 29. What Is A Consultation Letter, And Why Do I Need One?

Answer :

The USCIS asks which you encompass a letter from the ideal peer institution or union to establish that the artist or organization who's visiting to this usa meets the same old of being Internationally Renowned (in the case of O-1 and P-1 Visas) or Culturally Unique (in the case of P-3 Visas). P-2 Visas are issued for artists and entertainers performing underneath a reciprocal trade software - for instance, Canadian musicians coming to carry out within the U.S.

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Question 30. How To Act As Actual "organisation" For An Agent?

Answer :

Where an agent files as petitioner and consequently company, the man or woman have to set up that he or she is also appearing on behalf of a couple of employers of the beneficiary. To accomplish that, the agent should encompass proof that she or he is "within the commercial enterprise as an agent."

USCIS adjudicators will remember evidence confirming that it's far more likely than no longer that the petitioner is within the enterprise as an agent for the series of occasions, offerings or engagements that is the problem of the petition. The evaluation should be on whether or not the petitioner (agent) can establish that it's far authorized to act as an agent for the alternative employers best for functions of filing the petition.

Question 31. Can A P Petitions Be Filed By A U.S. Sponsoring Organization?

Answer :

Certain companies can petition for P nonimmigrants even though they may not hire or at once pay the beneficiary. Rather, a sponsoring organisation can also petition for any beneficiary underneath the P category as long as the petitioner confirms that it'll expect obligation for the terms of the petition. 

The sponsoring corporation have to consist of a written settlement placing forth the phrases of the overall performance with the beneficiary, and an affirmation that the company will perform all of its obligations underneath the petition. The sponsoring employer want not without delay employ the P nonimmigrant.

Question 32. Can P-four Visa Holder Work In U.S.?

Answer :

A established family member of musicians and appearing artists typically is ineligible to paintings within the United States except the person qualifies for an unbiased nonimmigrant popularity which authorizes employment. The partner and children can also attend public faculty furnished the main has been admitted on a piece authorized visa, which include P visa.

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Question 33. We Would Like To Invite An Entertainment Group Of A Foreign Country To Come To United Stats With P-3 Visa, With The Help Of Your Excellent P Visa Do-it-your self Package. We Understand That The "culturally Unique” Is Required For P-3 Visa Classification. How Could We Describe It In Our P-three Visa Application? And Do We Have To Provide Expert Written Testimony For The "culturally Unique”?

Answer :

The “culturally precise” requirement has a vast position inside the adjudication of P-three visa packages for appearing artists and entertainers. In many cases, musical corporations and entertainers from overseas international locations have been denied a P-3 visa for failing to establish that their overall performance was “culturally particular” as required for the P-three visa classification. 

Generally, a “culturally precise” fashion of artwork or enjoyment is not confined to standard artwork bureaucracy, but may additionally include artistic expression this is deemed to be a hybrid, or fusion of a couple of culture or area. Due to the complicated and novel problem in P-3 visa programs, the P visa regulatory definition of “culturally precise” calls for USCIS adjudicators to make a case-by way of-case genuine dedication, and USCIS adjudicators will assessment the entire document of the musical agencies or entertainers, which included professional written testimony, and corroborating evidence on behalf of the musical group or entertainers.

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Question 34. Can P Visa Holder Apply For In U.S. Permanent Resident (green Card)?

Answer :

Individuals who keep P status in the United States might also want to apply for permanent resident fame. There are a couple of employment-based everlasting residence alternatives which may be to be had, as follows:

EB-1 character of superb capability consists of men and women with an exceptional capacity inside the sciences, arts, schooling, business and athletics. It is critical to check the statute and guidelines carefully.10 Note that a sponsoring corporation is not wanted for this class; but, the beneficiary need to intend to preserve in the location of his or her know-how.
EB-2 Aliens of Exceptional Ability in the sciences, arts or enterprise is some other category which can be to be had to musicians and performing artists, furnished they have a suggestion of permanent employment. The definition of tremendous potential is a lesser fashionable than an EB-1 man or woman of awesome potential.
Labor Certification. Labor certification will simplest be to be had wherein the P visa holder is offered full-time everlasting employment.
The Diversity Visa Lottery can be available to certain musicians and performing artists who are citizens of eligible countries.
For the P visa holder, the approval of a hard work certification or filing of a desire petition shall now not be a basis to deny a P petition or extension. Note this does not practice to critical help employees.

Question 35. What Are The Application Documentation Requirements For Petitions Involving Multiple Employers?

Answer :

According to the USCIS, petitions involving more than one employers (that means more than one "events" or venues) may additionally now be filed via an agent that has authority to behave both on behalf of the beneficiary and on behalf of more than one employers. The following is a listing of advocated documentation to support the petition:

A entire itinerary of all occasions or services; the itinerary ought to unique dates of every service or engagement; the names and addresses of the real employers, and the names and addresses of the establishments, venues or locations wherein the services might be performed;
The contracts between the employers and the beneficiary; and
An clarification from the agent, placing forth the terms and situations of the employment and providing helping documentation.