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Top 100+ Microsoft Outlook Interview Questions And Answers


Top 100+ Microsoft Outlook Interview Questions And Answers

Question 1. What Is Outlook?

Answer :

Microsoft Outlook is the name of a software software that mixes your e-mail, calendar, conferences/appointments, contacts, address ebook and responsibilities. The calendaring characteristic in Outlook will replace Meeting Maker this summer. At wisdomjobs, Outlook/Exchange is called the wisdomjobs Connect Service. Exchange is the server and Outlook is the consumer installed on each users computing device.

Question 2. How To Empty The Trash And Remove Deleted Items?

Answer :

Tools > Options > “Other” Tab > Check “Empty the Deleted Items folder upon existing”

When your mail is deleted it goes into the Deleted Items folder that's just like your trash in Eudora. The fundamental difference is, once you empty your deleted items it will likely be recoverable for 14 days. Anything that’s been deleted for 14 days can not be recovered.

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Question three. How To Create An Address Book?

Answer :

If you spotlight any electronic mail cope with and right click it, you'll get a context menu. On that menu pick Add e mail address to contact list.

When inside the Contact window, you would possibly have several contacts. There is one deal with e-book on your Personal Folder and there's one for principal Mailbox, which additionally will be to be had to you within the Web patron. So your address ebook can follow you.

Question four. How To Customize The View Of My Mailboxes?

Answer :

Edit columns Add / Remove Field: View > Current View > Customize Current View > Fields > Add / Remove Fields.

Find items length of a folder:

Select the folder, quantity of items show on the left backside corner.

Find Folder length:

Right click the folder to select Properties, click on “Folder length” at General Tab.

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Question 5. What Is Timeframe For Conversion?

Answer :

The Library can be converted this Spring. One weekend early this summer, email and calendaring can be unavailable while information from Meeting Maker is added over into Exchange. The Meeting Maker device will then be shutdown and that Monday you may start using calendaring in Outlook. Until then, all conferences must originate in Meeting Maker. To make certain a clean transition, everybody need to be on Exchange previous to June 1.

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Question 6. How To Change The Font?

Answer :

The default Message Font is eleven-factor Caliber. To alternate the default font for new messages:
Tools > Options > Mail Format > Stationery and Fonts > Personal Stationery > New mail message > Font

To change Mail List Font:
View > Current View > Customize Current View > Other Settings > Column Font

Question 7. Where Is Mailboxes In Outlook?

Answer :

You could have a primary mailbox and a fixed of private folders. The primary mailbox contains gadgets that are stored at the server. The personal folders stay at the nearby machine.

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Question eight. Tell Me Is There A Space Limitation On The Exchange Server?

Answer :

Yes. The quota is 1GB. You will obtain a caution when the overall space of your mailboxes reaches 750MB. At 1GB you can't ship e-mail and at 1.25GB you can not ship or receive electronic mail. You can hold as a great deal electronic mail as you need on your regionally stored e-mail folders.

Question 9. How Much Mail Can Be Stored In Each Mailbox?

Answer :

The advice is 5000 messages in step with folder.

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Question 10. How To Determine How Much Space I’ve Used On The Exchange Server?

Answer :

Right click the Mailbox icon inside the folder list, click Properties, then click the Folder Size button inside the Properties dialog form. Clicking on the Server Data tab will show you the way plenty space your electronic mail is presently using.

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Question eleven. How To Delete Mail?

Answer :

You can delete one message or many messages. Select the message(s) you need to delete and click on the Delete Mail icon or press the Delete key on your keyboard.

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Question 12. How To Setup A Group List?

Answer :

Click the New Button > Distribution List > Select New Member > Search in Contact

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Question thirteen. How To Create Stationery?

Answer :

Create a New Template:

File > New > Mail Message (Ctrl+Shift+M) > Enter Content > Click MS Button > Save As > Save As Type (Outlook Template) > File Name > Save.

By default, the Template saves in c:Documents and SettingnetidApplication dataMicrosoft templates.

To use the template:
Tools > Forms > Choose Form > Look in > User Templates in the System > Browse to the template which you stored and Open it.

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Question 14. How To Create A Signature?

Answer :

Options > Mail Format > Signature or Click the signature icon when composing the message.

Type the signature name
Type within the signature content material
Select the Default Signature for New messages and for Reply/Forwards.
Question 15. How To Enable Automatic Spell Checking?

Answer :

Tools: > Options > Spelling Tab > test “Always test spelling before sending”

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Question sixteen. How To Configure The Google Directory So I Can Find Email Addresses?

Answer :

Click the Tools menu > Account Settings > Address Books > New > Internet Directory Services (LDAP) > Next > Server Name : listing.Google.Com; > More settings > Connection Tab: Display Name : google LDAP; : PORT: 339 > Search Tab: Search Time out: 60; Search max: one hundred; Search Base: Customer: o=google.Com; uncheck Enable Browsing > OK > Next > Finish

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Question 17. Can To Set Up Filters Like I Did In Eudora?

Answer :

Yes. In Outlook they're called Rules. To start creating a rule, go to Tools > Rules and Alerts. The conversation box that opens displays a listing of guidelines. Click New to start a new rule and use the wizard to specify standards and movements. You can create a rule that moves your mail right into a folder. This will preserve your inbox from growing too massive and help organize your mail.

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Question 18. How To Create Folders To Organize My Mail?

Answer :

To do that right-click on either your main mailbox or non-public folder listing. Select New Folder. Name the Folder and click OK.

To flow mail into the folder definitely click on and drag it into the folder. Ctrl + Click lets you choose a couple of messages that aren’t necessarily next to each other and Shift + Click lets you pick out a chain of messages.Then you can drag and drop those messages into the new folder.

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Question 19. Is It Possible To Print Selections Of Text Rather Than Entire Messages?

Answer :

You will need to duplicate and paste the text into a new message or any other software.

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Question 20. How To Search For Text Within A Message?

Answer :

Open the message. (This can't be done whilst in the preview pane). Press F4 to convey up the quest conversation field or Click Find (the binoculars icon). Enter your seek criteria.

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Question 21. How To Set An Out Of Office Message?

Answer :

Outlook permits you configure Out of Office messages with start and give up dates. So you don’t ought to take into account to shut off your auto reply while you go back. It may be configured from the Outlook purchaser or from the net. It replaces the Email Account Management Tools.

On the Tools menu, click on Send out of Office Auto-Replies.
Click Only send throughout this time range.
Choose your date variety and type your message and click adequate.
In the Auto-respond most effective once to each sender with the following text box, kind the message which you want to ship at the same time as you're out of the workplace.
Question 22. How To Print Selected Text?

Answer :

If the email message is in the HTML format, print the message from Internet Explorer.

1) Open the e-mail message.
2) On the Ribbon, click Other Actions, and then click on View in Browser.


If the Microsoft Office Outlook dialog container appears, click on Yes.

The message is displayed in Internet Explorer.

1) Select the textual content that you need to print.
2) On the File menu, click on Print.
Three) In the Print conversation box, click Selection in the Page Range phase, and then click Print.

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Question 23. What Is Http Protocol?

Answer :

The HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) is not a protocol committed for email communications, but it may be used for having access to your mailbox. Also called internet based totally email, this protocol may be used to compose or retrieve emails from an your account. Hotmail is a superb instance of using HTTP as an e mail protocol.

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Question 24. What Is Smtp Protocol?

Answer :

The SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) protocol is used by the Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) to deliver your Email to the recipient’s mail server. The SMTP protocol can only be used to ship emails, no longer to obtain them. Depending to your network / ISP settings, you may only be able to use the SMTP protocol under positive situations (see incoming and outgoing mail servers) see also SMTP RFC

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Question 25. What Is Pop3 Protocol?

Answer :

The POP (Post Office Protocol three) protocol gives a easy, standardized way for customers to access mailboxes and down load messages to their computer systems. When using the POP protocol all your email messages will be downloaded from the mail server in your neighborhood laptop. You can choose to leave copies of your emails at the server as properly. The advantage is that once your messages are downloaded you could reduce the net connection and study your e mail at your leisure with out incurring similarly conversation expenses. On the opposite hand you might have transferred a whole lot of message (inclusive of unsolicited mail or viruses) in which you are not in any respect fascinated at this factor. See also POP3 Description (RFC).

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Question 26. What Is Imap Protocol?

Answer :

IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol): Is a widespread protocol for having access to e mail from your local server. IMAP is a purchaser/server protocol in which electronic mail is received and held for you through your Internet server. As this calls for simplest a small statistics transfer this works properly even over a sluggish connection inclusive of a modem.

Only in case you request to read a particular email message will or not it's downloaded from the server. You can also create and control folders or mailboxes on the server; delete messages and many others. See also IMAP.Org

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Question 27. Explain Email Protocol?

Answer :

Basically, a protocol is set a wellknown technique used at every quit of a conversation channel, so as to correctly transmit data. In order to address your email you should use a mail purchaser to get admission to a mail server. The mail patron and mail server can exchange facts with every different the use of a variety of protocols.

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Question 28. Explain Email Ports?

Answer :

For networks, a port approach an endpoint to a logical connection. The port wide variety identifies what form of port it is. Here are the default electronic mail ports for: –

POP3 – port a hundred and ten
IMAP – port 143
SMTP – port 25
HTTP – port 80
Secure SMTP (SSMTP) – port 465
Secure IMAP (IMAP4-SSL) – port 585
IMAP4 over SSL (IMAPS) – port 993
Secure POP3 (SSL-POP) – port 995
Question 29. What Is Outgoing Mail Server (smtp)?

Answer :

This is the server used best to send emails (to transport them out of your electronic mail consumer software to the receiver). Most outgoing mail servers are using the SMTP protocol (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) for sending emails.

Depending on your community settings, the outgoing mail server can belong for your ISP or to the server in which you setup your electronic mail account. As an alternative, you can use a subscription primarily based SMTP server (like smtp.Com), with the intention to can help you send emails from any electronic mail account you already own. Due to anti-spam motives, most of outgoing mail servers will no longer allow you to send emails in case you aren't logged on their community.

An open-relay server will assist you to use it for sending emails, regardless of if you belong to its network organization or no longer, thus it's far a heaven for spammers.

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Question 30. What Is Incoming Mail Server?

Answer :

The incoming mail server is the server associated with you e mail deal with account. There can't be extra then one incoming mail server for an e-mail account. In order to get admission to your incoming messages, you need an e-mail purchaser. A application that could retrieve electronic mail from an email account, permitting a user to examine, forward, delete, and reply to e-mail messages. Depending on your mail server, you may use a dedicated e mail customer (like Outlook Express) or a web browser (like Internet Explorer, For accessing net primarily based e mail accounts, like Hotmail).

The mail is held in garage on the incoming mail server until you down load it. Once you have downloaded your mail from the mail server it can not be downloaded once more. In order to down load your Email, you need to have the right settings configured on your Email consumer application. Most incoming mail servers are using one of the following protocols: IMAP, POP3, and HTTP.

Question 31. How To Clear The Search History?

Answer :

The Contact Quick Find function shops every search. If an object is already inside the list, you could select it fast for a repeat search. But the list can swiftly grow too massive to be useful. Outlook shops search objects in the Registry. To clean the list, delete the following Registry key:


Note: Editing the Registry is risky, so make certain you have got a demonstrated backup earlier than saving any changes.

Question 32. Explain Extended Reminders For Multiple Task Folders?

Answer :

You can have multiple Task folder, but Outlook recognizes reminders and observe-up flags handiest for the gadgets in the default Task folder. That manner if you set a reminder for an object in a non-default Task folder, Outlook will forget about it. If you ought to have this capability, keep in mind the use of a 3rd-birthday celebration product, which include Extended Reminders.

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Question 33. How To Make Contacts Appear In The Address Book?

Answer :

When addressing electronic mail, you could choose from Contacts objects — generally. If contacts don’t appear, right-click the Contacts folder, choose Properties, and then click the Outlook Address Book tab. Make certain the Show This Folder As An Email Address Book is checked. If that option is dimmed, select E-mail Accounts from the Tools menu after which pick out View Or Change Existing Directories Or Address Book and do one of the following:

If Outlook Address Book isn’t in the listing, add it. Then, close Outlook and restart it.
If Outlook Address Book is listed, delete it, close Outlook, restart, and then add it.
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Question 34. How To Archive To Avoid Losing Data?

Answer :

Outlook has a crucial layout flaw: If you don’t archive or delete messages often, your record will develop too big for Outlook to handle. Eventually, Outlook will choke. If this takes place, you can download a crop device a good way to lessen the size of your Personal Folders record. Unfortunately, you’ll lose facts because this device gets rid of a few to reduce the scale of the record.

Avoiding the trouble is the great defense:

Delete messages you don’t need to maintain.
Archive items often.
Question 35. How To Prompt For Profiles?

Answer :

Outlook can deal with a couple of profile. An Outlook profile is much like a Windows person account; each profile includes settings precise to a single user. However, if you outline multiple profile, you have to tell Outlook to activate for a profile, as follows:

From the Windows Start menu, pick out Control Panel.
Double-click Mail.
Click Show Profiles.
Click the Prompt For A Profile To Be Used option and click on OK.
Now, while you launch Outlook, it will ask you to choose a profile.
Question 36. How To Delete A .Pst File From A Profile?

Answer :

When a consumer movements on, you need to delete his or her .Pst document from the nearby machine, as follows:

Close Outlook if it’s open.
From the Windows Start menu, pick Control Panel.
Double-click on Mail.
Click Data Files.
Select Personal Folders and click Remove.
Click Close and close the Control Panel window.
Outlook wishes a non-public folder, so after deleting the contemporary .Pst file, create a new one by using clicking Add. Be sure to set the new report as the default. Delete a person’s .Pst document handiest when you’re positive that no person will need to get right of entry to its contents.

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Question 37. How To Delete Ms Outlook Folders?

Answer :

Adding folders is so smooth that you might add greater folders than you really want. It’s common to create too many and then discover you need to cut back a bit. Fortunately, deleting folders is straightforward:

Right-click the folder you want to delete.
Choose Delete foldername.
That’s it! Outlook will circulate the deleted folder to the Deleted Items folder, as a subfolder. If you need to completely delete the folder, right-click the deleted folder (inside the Deleted Items folder) and pick out Delete. When Outlook activates you to permanently delete the folder, click on Yes. Otherwise, the records in that folder is still within the Delete Items folder, consuming sources. In addition, if a folder includes sensitive or confidential facts, it’s seen to anyone who accesses your pc. If Delete isn’t to be had with a right-click on, name your administrator.

Question 38. How To Export Outlook Folders To Another Format?

Answer :

Although the proper code can help Office applications talk to each other, once in a while it’s quicker to export facts. An automatic answer is truly really worth the attempt if customers have to frequently repeat the task. Knowing which format to export to is the real trick. You can export Outlook data to every other layout as follows:

Choose Import And Export from the File menu.
In the ensuing pane, choose Export To A File and click on Next.
From the Create A File of Type list, select the best record kind and click Next. One of the seven kinds must be ok for maximum purposes.
Choose the folder you want to export from and click on Next.
Enter the direction and filename for the exported report and click on Next. Or click Browse to locate the proper folder and then enter just a filename.
Click Finish. In this final window, Outlook can also provide you with the possibility to map fields. Generally, you gained’t want to alternate the wizard’s settings unless you have very unique motives for doing so.
Outlook exports inner field names. You can alternate these names within the exported report, however you can’t change them before the export. You can use an export to analyze the internal names if you make a decision to code the answer later. Knowing those inner discipline names is critical.
Question 39. How To Back Up Outlooks Stuff?

Answer :

Outlook’s views — Calendar, Contacts, Journal, Tasks, and E-mail — aren’t usually a part of the Personal Folders file. You can backup these additives separately, as follows:

Repeat steps 1, 2, and 3 from the preceding tip.
Choose the Outlook item folder you want to export from the Select The Folder To Export From list and click on Next.
By entering or browsing, specify a folder and filename for the backup file.
From Options, specify a way to treat replica objects.
Click Finish.
Repeat as important for every Outlook folder.
If you’re on a corporate server, do the following:
From the Tools menu, pick Services and then click the Delivery tab.
From Deliver New Mail To The Following Location, pick Remote Mail and pick out your Personal Folder file or pick your Microsoft Exchange Server mailbox, in case you want to apply offline folders.
Click OK.
Exit and restart Outlook.
Question forty. How To Work With Your .Pst File?

Answer :

Outlook shops every person’s folders, messages, forms, and documents in a special document called a Personal Folder record. You can keep, copy, and even pass a Personal Folder (.Pst) record, although you shouldn’t circulate it unless you've got a particular motive for doing so and recognise what you’re doing. Use Windows Search to find the file quickly the use of the hunt string *.Pst. Usually, this file is at the neighborhood pressure. However, if you’re on Microsoft Exchange Server, you might not have get right of entry to to it. In that case, you’ll want to speak together with your administrator.

Backing up your .Pst document sometimes is a superb idea. How often depends on you. But in case you get quite a few crucial mail, every day isn’t too often. To again up your Personal Folder report and all its subfolders, certainly export it, as follows:

Choose Import and Export from the File menu to launch the wizard.
Choose Export To A File from the Choose An Action To Perform listing and click on Next.
Select Personal Folder File (.Pst) from the Create A File Of Type listing and click on Next.
Choose Personal Folders from the Select The Folder To Export From listing.
Check the Include Subfolders choice and click Next.
Specify a folder and filename for the backup document.
From Options, specify a way to treat reproduction items.
Click Finish.
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