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Top 100+ Job Evaluation Interview Questions And Answers


Top 100+ Job Evaluation Interview Questions And Answers

Question 1. What Is Job Evaluation?

Answer :

Job evaluation is a technique whereby all jobs are looked at in opposition to diverse criteria to present an objective assessment of the job ‘size’. There are various activity evaluation schemes round that use extraordinary criteria and special scoring methods. After looking at some of exceptional schemes, the County Council determined to apply the Hay scheme for its senior managers and the National Job Evaluation scheme for different employees.

Question 2. What Is The Purpose Of Job Evaluation?

Answer :

The purpose of activity evaluation is to ensure that all personnel are paid primarily based on an objective and steady assessment of the size in their process.

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Question 3. Why Do We Have To Do It?

Answer :

Back in 1997 a key settlement changed into signed between trades unions and employers in nearby government at a country wide level. This Single Status Agreement committed each facets to operating to bring collectively the former administrative, professional, technical and clerical and guide employee worker businesses underneath a single set of phrases and conditions - The Green Book.

The popularity that every one councils needed to perform pay and grading critiques has been around considering the fact that that point and it have become a firm commitment from the employers within the 2004 countrywide pay award settlement. So each council inside the us of a – which include our neighbouring councils – is doing something comparable underneath the phrases of the settlement. All councils have to have finished task evaluation by April 2007.

Our decision was additionally stimulated via identical pay regulation.

Equal pay regulation says that men and women who do the equal task, or who do jobs which might be of same value, for the same organisation, ought to obtain the equal pay and situations of service.

As well as wishing to work in the law, the County Council, as a terrific organisation, would in any case want to make certain that no worker earned much less than every other simply due to their gender.

Another crucial reason for starting this work turned into that, like other neighborhood government, the Council’s pay and grading arrangements had no longer been reviewed for decades and had come to be previous, inconsistent and unnecessarily complicated. One goal of the pay method will consequently be to simplify a number of those preparations.

Question 4. Is It Legal For The County Council To Do This?

Answer :

In 2000, the authorities updated their equal pay regulation. This replace delivered the idea of same pay for work of equal fee – now not only for humans doing the same job.

Since then there were many cases in nearby government, specifically in the North East, where people in jobs that are usually carried out by using female personnel have effectively argued for equality with jobs which are generally male ruled. Equality needs to cowl phrases and situations of carrier, in addition to pay, so – as an instance – bonus bills which might be handiest to be had in ‘male’ jobs are also an difficulty.

Reducing the Council’s danger of same pay claims may be very important if we are to keep away from prolonged and high priced court docket instances which might also result in good sized compensation bills.

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Question five. Are All Jobs Included In Job Evaluation?

Answer :

Most jobs inside the County Council are included with the aid of the process assessment system. We have reviewed our pay structures in  phases:

Phase I, was finished in 2004 and included senior managers inside the Council. It used the Hay job evaluation scheme. Evaluations have been finished externally and it was not supported via the exchange unions. The new pay shape masking the top cease of the pay scales changed into also now not agreed with the alternate unions, which caused the dismissal and re-engagement of affected personnel. Phase I protected approximately 1500 personnel.

Phase II of the pay evaluation, the phase we're presently implementing, covers over 15,000 personnel doing 1,seven hundred specific jobs. In this segment of the mission, we are the usage of the National Job Evaluation scheme which is mainly designed to be used in local authorities and has alternate union support.

Both phases of the undertaking thus far have reviewed most effective those employees protected with the aid of the National Joint Council for Local Government Employees – or Green Book – terms and conditions of carrier. So it does no longer cover instructors, or employees on Soulbury, children worker or craft worker terms and conditions of service. School based totally help team of workers, consisting of teaching assistants, workplace employees, and cleaning or catering employees hired at once via the college have no longer been covered but. However, those school primarily based employees may be added into the evaluate over the coming months.

Question 6. What Is The Council Trying To Achieve?

Answer :

The typical intention of this pay review is to deliver pay and reward systems that:

Attract, maintain and broaden a professional and bendy workforce
Achieve value for money in carrier transport
Support the delivery of the Council’s targets.
This goal has been agreed by using elected participants and with the aid of the exchange unions.

Question 7. Who Developed The National Job Evaluation Scheme?

Answer :

The National Job Evaluation scheme become together developed by way of local government employers and change unions at national level.

In Nottinghamshire, we have been running at the same time with the change unions during the activity assessment procedure and that joint running is being extended into the development of the new pay structure.

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Question 8. Where Can I Find Out More About The Scheme?

Answer :

If you have got access to the internet via a pc, then you may get more records at home or for your local library.

The Big Issues website gives:

regular updates on activity assessment
National Job Evaluation scheme guidance
other steering notes on how the scheme will work in Nottinghamshire
a full list of rankings for all job roles (from Friday 2 March 2007)
You can talk on your line manager, who will try to solution your questions about process assessment or point you in the direction of someone who can. You also can communicate on your change union consultant.

Alternatively, you can attend one of the employee briefings which are being planned for April 2007. Details can be posted at the Big problems internet site rapidly.

Question 9. How Do You Know What I Do In My Job?

Answer :

At the activity evaluation interview the worker (or the person who represented the job institution) will have been asked to provide an explanation for what the task entails and what sort of abilties are used. This statistics turned into put into the Gauge computer machine, which we used to assess the jobs. All personnel in the job group received a replica of the process evaluation that turned into produced by using the Gauge system after the interview and they every had the opportunity to register concerns approximately that overview.

During the job assessment assessment system, the job analyst used the statistics that was furnished at the preliminary interview, together with any worries that were registered and the additional records that has due to the fact been supplied via task description questionnaires, to assess the job towards each of the thirteen elements inside the process evaluation scheme. Then each aspect rating for each task become reviewed by means of the task evaluation review panel at the least 3 instances, to make certain consistency.

The panel is a joint panel, with 3 senior managers and 3 senior exchange union representatives on it. All panel decisions had been reached with the settlement of each member of the panel.

Question 10. What Does My Score Mean?

Answer :

A score is calculated for each process position below evaluation. Your job rating is an objective measure of the way your process function has been mapped in opposition to the standards contained inside the national scheme.

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Question 11. How Is My Score Made Up?

Answer :

The National Joint Council’s National Job Evaluation scheme considers 13 elements in evaluating

each process:

Mental Skills
Interpersonal and Communications Skills
Physical Skills
Initiative and independence
Physical Demands
Mental Demands
Emotional Demands
Responsibility for People
Responsibility for Supervision
Responsibility for Financial Systems
Responsibility for Physical Resources
Working Conditions
Each aspect has some of degrees, which vary among 5 and 8 depending at the aspect. For every stage reached in every component, the activity scores a specific variety of points. For instance a degree 3 in know-how scores 60 factors, however a degree 3 in intellectual talents scores 39 factors. For an in depth breakdown of the number of points for each stage in each component, you need to take a look at the scoring matrix, which paperwork a part of the scheme. This is available at the Big troubles website and is also in the Green Book. Most managers and alternate union representatives have a copy of the Green Book that you may confer with.

Question 12. Are There Any Other Factors That Determine The Score For My Job?

Answer :

No. Only the 13 factors inside the National Job Evaluation scheme have been used to determine the score for your task.

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Question thirteen. How Do I Know The Score Is Right?

Answer :

Every job has been reviewed as a minimum 3 times with the aid of the panel. Each time it has been looked at, each issue degree has been taken into consideration and in comparison to other jobs by means of every panel member. With this rigorous checking process, the panel is assured that it has assessed each activity nicely.

Question 14. Where Can I Find Out More About The Job Evaluation Scheme?

Answer :

The National Job Evaluation scheme is ready out in element in the ‘Green Book’, which is available at the Big troubles internet site. Alternatively, maximum managers, alternate union representatives and departmental employees groups have copies to be had in an effort to discuss with.

Question 15. On What Basis Can I Appeal?

Answer :

Appeals are in opposition to the element ranges that make up the total job score, now not in opposition to the rating itself. If you trust that your process has been assessed at the wrong degree for any of the elements, then you may enchantment.

Question sixteen. How Do I Appeal?

Answer :

You will need to finish a form announcing which factors you trust have been assessed incorrectly and why you observed they are incorrect. The shape will include questions about your task a good way to help the panel to offer right attention to your appeal. The final information of the appeals process, which include the form, are currently being mentioned with the trade unions and could be posted as quickly as they are available. We wish to do that earlier than the character notifications of task rankings are despatched out.

Question 17. Is There A Time Limit On Appeals?

Answer :

Yes there will be a time restriction on appeals, but it has not yet been agreed with the alternate unions. We will publicise the timescale as quickly because it has been agreed.

Question 18. My Job Is Part Of A Career Grade. Will I Be Allowed To Appeal Other Job Roles In The Career Scheme As Well As My Own?

Answer :

No. You will simplest be capable of put up an enchantment in opposition to the score to your very own job.

Question 19. Who Appeals On Behalf Of Vacant Posts?

Answer :

To date line managers were liable for filing vacant posts for job assessment. They will also be answerable for appealing the ratings of vacant posts inside their region of responsibility, should this be vital.

Question 20. Do The Trade Unions Agree With Job Evaluation?

Answer :

Yes, the trade unions have championed the cause of job evaluation for the reason that Nineteen Nineties and signed the Single Status Agreement that added the National Job Evaluation scheme. The change unions were additionally part of the team that advanced the National Job Evaluation scheme. They agree with that job assessment, and this scheme mainly, is an crucial manner that protects the interests in their members and, in doing so, promotes equity and equity of pay throughout running businesses.

Question 21. What Role Have The Trade Unions Had In Determining The Scores?

Answer :

The change unions have performed an critical role in determining the scores. Trained representatives have been concerned in all the original process evaluation interviews. During the review process, change union representatives have additionally been available to help humans complete activity evaluation questionnaires. Senior change union representatives have additionally played a complete and same element at the review panel that agreed the process ratings for each activity.

Question 22. Will My Trade Union Representative Be Able To Provide Information And Advice On Job Evaluation?

Answer :

Yes, neighborhood alternate union representatives are properly knowledgeable on activity evaluation. Please do talk to them when you have any questions, issues or you would love a few advice on a potential attraction.

Question 23. Will I Get The Chance To Talk To Senior Managers About Job Evaluation?

Answer :

Yes. The briefings will be run by way of senior managers and senior alternate union representatives, who have been involved within the task evaluation manner. They will consist of lots of time so one can ask questions.

Question 24. Does The Employee Effectively Communicate With Others?

Answer :

Communication talents are vitally important for each enterprise. Employees ought to be capable of efficaciously talk now not only internally with their co-workers and bosses, but additionally externally with clients and customers. Poor conversation capabilities can cause different problems including pointless misunderstandings and insubordination. By locating out approximately verbal exchange troubles early on, businesses can get to the foundation of the problem and find a solution before things cross awry. This makes asking approximately verbal exchange talents a important part of the evaluation technique.

Question 25. Does The Employee Adequately Perform The Functions Of Their Job?

Answer :

Every worker assessment has at least one question referring to how the worker is performing at their activity. By asking approximately employee overall performance, agencies can ascertain whether or not additional education needs to be offered in some areas. In some times, a specific worker may also simply want some extra guidance in a single or two areas where they show weak spot. In other instances, commercial enterprise may be capable of decide entire departments want to be retrained if multiple employee critiques are all showing the equal weaknesses.

Question 26. How Would You Rate The Quality Of The Employee's Work?

Answer :

Employers do not just count on an employee to get the activity executed, they assume it to be completed properly. An vital question to invite in an worker overall performance review is whether or not the employee is going above and past what's anticipated of them, or just does the bare minimum. When employers are looking to sell applicants from in the agency ranks, it is essential to determine who takes the time to continually offer exquisite work. Also, employees who don't take satisfaction in their work frequently make extra errors which can turn out to be costing the enterprise extra cash.

Question 27. Is The Employee Capable Of Working Independently With Little To No Supervision?

Answer :

From an employer's attitude, it's crucial to discover employees which are self-sufficient and independent. These sorts of personnel make true leaders which might be able to determine situations and make decisions on their own. This is important due to the fact they may not sit around twiddling their thumbs waiting for a person to tell them what to do. They will take rate, locate something that wishes to get completed, and work on it till it is completed. The remaining component an organisation desires is an worker that forestalls working on every occasion they may be now not being supervised.

Question 28. Does The Employee Take Direction And Follow Orders Well?

Answer :

A excellent worker is also an worker who takes direction and observe orders nicely. Managers are liable for delegating duties, and employees are responsible for following those orders. When personnel fail to do as they are informed, it's far considered insubordination, that's frowned upon. Performance opinions need to usually are trying to find to discover about any times where the employee had difficultly following the normal chain of command. This query could also be taken a step similarly by way of asking if the worker well-knownshows any terrible attitudes toward their superiors.

Question 29. Why Implement Job Evaluation In The Public Service?

Answer :

Viewed against the fact that the Public Service has been able to characteristic with out using a typically making use of activity assessment machine earlier than the implementation of the Public Service Regulations, 1999, the want for implementing task evaluation is often puzzled. Job assessment is being carried out within the Public Service for specifically the following reasons:

Emanating from the 1997 and 1998 amendments to the Public Service Act, 1994, a new decentralised approach to paintings enterprise and human useful resource management, as embodied in the Public Service Regulations, 1999, has been established. Under the Regulations, executing government have a miles greater diploma of autonomy to take choices on the salaries and grading of their personnel than changed into previously the case. Job evaluation will assist ensure that transverse consistency is maintained across the Public Service by providing the framework inside which executing authorities have to take such decisions.
Job evaluation is the main mechanism to be had to ensure compliance with the precept of identical pay for paintings of equal cost as envisaged inside the White Paper at the Transformation of the Public Service.
Question 30. What Is The Equate Job Evaluation System?

Answer :

The MPSA has decided, in phrases of PSR IV B.1, that a particularly adapted model of the EQUATE activity assessment system be utilised within the Public Service. (See DPSA circular minute E1/5/P dated 27July 1999 on this regard.) This machine became initially advanced with the aid of KPMG, an international company of management specialists. The system has been customised for the needs and circumstances of the Public Service for the duration of an in depth benchmark workout in 1996/97. During the benchmark exercise jobs in most occupational instructions and on all the extraordinary grade stages in the Public Service had been evaluated.
The system includes a process evaluation questionnaire and the EQUATE software program. Information acquired at some stage in job analysis interviews is used to complete the questionnaire. From the questionnaire the information is entered into the EQUATE software which calculates the burden of a process.
The questionnaire contains a number of questions about elements of five factors that are utilized to evaluate all jobs.
Question 31. What Is Inherent Aspects Or Requirements Of A Job?

Answer :

Responsibility: Elements of this factor take into account the assets (people, cash, gadget, etc.) for which the task holder is responsible. It also considers the scale and nature of the sources and the diploma of autonomy and authority the job holder has to manage them, and the effect of the job.
Thinking Demands: The elements of this element determine the complexity of the paintings and degree the requirement to analyse and evaluate information as a way to formulate selections, ideas and decisions.
Communication and Contacts: The elements of this issue take a look at the task holder’s degree of touch with those outside and inside the Public Service. The reason and frequency of the contacts together with the kind and complexity of the statistics are also taken into consideration.
Knowledge: The elements of this component look at the know-how required to fulfil the job responsibilities. This consists of the variety of expertise, any formal qualifications, abilties and former enjoy required.
Environmental Demands: The elements of this component recollect the extent to which the operating situation and situations are potentially dangerous, bodily annoying, environmentally unpleasant and/or socially disruptive.
Question 32. What Are The Application Of The Equate Software?

Answer :

Only after the analyst is absolutely glad with the statistics on the questionnaire, ought to the relevant records be fed into the system. Upon of completion of this challenge the analyst might also, as soon as advantage, engage in a technique of nice assurance by using checking questionable responses against benchmarks inside the device. In addition, the filtering facility of the software program may be utilised to decide consistency of responses. A crosscheck report can also be generated so that you can assist with the identification of questionable responses.
The machine will routinely whole the system of determining the relative weight of the process, enabling the analyst to determine what the (preliminary) grading of the submit must be.
Since there is a diploma of overlap between the activity weight levels of adjacent revenue stages, criteria for determining salaries wherein the process weight is linked to multiple revenue range, want to be determined (see paragraph M.Four of the Guide on this regard).
Question 33. What Are The Preparations Will Have To Be Made (by using The Secretary Of The Panel) For Each Meeting In Job Evaluation Panel Meetings?

Answer :

The following arrangements will should be made (by the secretary of the panel) for every meeting:

Arranging a venue.
Notification to contributors.
Drafting of an time table.
Preparation of different documentation (inclusive of reviews on the roles to be taken into consideration).
Other secretarial/administrative arrangements including making sure that centers are available to report the panel's decisions.
Question 34. How To Concluding The Job Evaluation Process?

Answer :

The assessment of a process would be concluded (by using the process assessment unit) with the following:

Notification to the applicable position players (which include the activity holder, the control/manager of the task holder, components accountable for implementation, and so forth) of the decision-maker's selection.
Inputs, wherein relevant, of effects into the EQUATE device.
Keeping of a full document of the assessment and the choice emanating from the assessment. Record will need to be saved of all jobs evaluated, up- or downgraded, of the variety of personnel "promoted" due to upgrades and of personnel whose salaries exceed the salaries indicated through process evaluation to be included in a branch's annual record as required by means of the Public Service Regulations – see paragraph B(d) on this regard.
Question 35. What Is The Role Of Employee Organisations In The Job Evaluation Process?

Answer :

Each branch ought to talk over with the employee organisations admitted to its departmental bargaining chamber at the most appropriate shape of employee enterprise involvement inside the job evaluation procedure.
Some of the regions where employee corporation involvement might be appropriate, consist of the subsequent:
Consultation/negotiation at the departmental policy on, and approach to, process assessment.
Consultation/negotiation on unique jobs or categories of jobs to be evaluated.
Consultation/negotiation at the implementation of task assessment outcomes.
Representation on the job assessment panel.
Assisting their contributors to have their jobs evaluated and with grievances/requests for critiques emanating from the task assessment method.