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Top 100+ Informatica Admin Interview Questions And Answers


Top 100+ Informatica Admin Interview Questions And Answers

Question 1. What Is A Repository And Difference Between Repository Database And Repository Service?

Answer :

Repository is metadata this means that it has facts approximately the facts(objects). It stores the records regarding the Informatica objects .For eg: We have a folder say “Folder1” and 3 mappings has been created inside it, so all the records regarding all gadgets in mapping and the folder will be saved in repository database in varieties of tables.

Repsoitory database is a database which contains all the metadata while the repository carrier is nothing but a carrier which runs on repository database and offers its offerings.

OPB_Mapping: This desk incorporates all of the mapping names.

Question 2. What Is A Code Page?

Answer :

Code page contains encoding to specify characters in a fixed of 1 or extra languages.

Eg: If you have got Malaysian or Chinese individual to your supply data then you have to select the suitable code page for those characters else you’ll see square containers as soon as the records is loaded and processed as Informatica will now not be able to understand the ones characters.

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Question three. What Is Resilience Time?

Answer :

Resilience time is the time described in Informatica to attend before it lose the relationship on a network failure.

Eg: If your resilience time is one hundred eighty sec and the community is going down so Informatica will anticipate a hundred and eighty sec and if network is established in between, the connection might be set up. If the network is not up within one hundred eighty sec so the unsaved data will be misplaced and the purchaser will be disconnected from the domain or repository

Question 4. What Is A Node In Informatica?

Answer :

A node in Informatica is logical illustration of a system.

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Question five. What Is Data Movement Mode In Informatica And Difference Between Them?

Answer :

The information motion mode relies upon on whether Informatica server will technique unmarried byte or multi-byte character information set.

There are  facts movement modes in Informatica:

I. Unicode: It lets in two bytes for each character and uses the extra byte for every non ASCII person(Such as Malaysian characters)

II. ASCII: It holds the records in a single byte.

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Question 6. How Do You Migrate Data From One Environment To Another?

Answer :

There are usually three varieties of technique used for information migration in Informatica:

I. Copy Paste: Copy the folder or item in a single repository and click on at the vacation spot repository and paste it(This may be executed with pmrep command aslo)

II. Import and Export: Exporting the object definition in xml record and then importing it to the destination folder or repository

III. Deployment organization: While migrating objects in bulk the deployment group idea comes into picture. Create a deployment organization, add then folders and object to it after which migrate the deployment institution.

Question 7. What Is An Integration Service In Informatica?

Answer :

Integrations carrier is a application provider in Informatica which run the workflows and consultation. It tells the Informatica server the way to float the records from source to goal.

Analogy: Integration service is like a carrier truck which incorporates the goods (records) from one area to different

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Question eight. Pmrep And Pmcmd Command?

Answer :

pmrep and pmcmd instructions are the command line interface to carry out Informatica related venture. These command s are used most in form of scripts. Pmrep is used for all repository related duties. Pmcmd is used for Informatica reveal and server related duties

Eg: pmrep join –r Repository_name –d Domain_name –n Username –x password

The above command connects to repository. Once linked you could create a folder in repository by way of beneath command

Pmrep createfolder –f Foldername –o OwnerName

Some of the pmcmd commands:

I. Startworkflow
II. Stopworkflow
III. Waitworkflow
IV. Recoverworkflow
V. Scheduleworkflow
VI. Startask
VII. Stoptask
Question nine. How To Start A Workflow Using Pmcmd Command?

Answer :

Pmcmd startworkflow [ folder]

[ taskInstancePath []]

[ paramfile]

[ localparamfile]

[ OSProfile] [-wait11. What Is Deployment Group?

Answer :

A deployment institution is a global object that includes versioned objects from one or extra folders. You use a deployment group to copy the versioned items to some other folder or repository. You can use a deployment organization whilst you want to replicate a few, however not all, of the objects in a folder. You also can use a deployment organization to duplicate objects from a couple of folders.

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Question 12. How To Go To The Older Version For A Mapping?

Answer :

There is no direct technique to revert returned a mapping to preceding version however it may be achieved by way of the manner described under.

Right click on the mapping->version-View records

All the variations might be indexed out. Select the model you want to revert lower back to and export or keep its definition in local power. Rename the closing model with new name and then import the report

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Question thirteen. What Is Dr Strategy For Informatica Project?

Answer :

A backup node can be described for all nodes and services, so incase if the primary node is going down the backup node can take over the manage.

Note: You must have the license to create a backup node.

Question 14. How To Open An Older Version Of An Object In The Workspace?

Answer :

To open an older model of an item inside the workspace:

In the workspace or Navigator, pick out the object and click on Versioning > View History.
Select the version you need to view within the workspace and click Tools > Open in Workspace.
Note: An older version of an object is study-best, and the model variety seems as a prefix earlier than the object call. You can concurrently view a couple of versions of a non-composite item inside the workspace

Question 15. How Would You Join A Node To The Already Existing Domain?

Answer :

joining a node to an existing area can be archived at the same time as installing Informatica.

Eg: Server is on machine1 and the brand new node is on machine2. Then visit machine2-Open Installer->be a part of node to area at the same time as configuring domain and offer the prevailing area details.

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Question 16. Is It Possible To Create Multiple Domains On A Single Informatica Server?

Answer :

Yes it's miles viable to create multiple nodes on identical Informatica server.

Question 17. While Migrating The Data From One Environment To Another Environment How Would You Manage The Connections?

Answer :

While migrating the folder or workflows make sure the relationship name in each environment are equal.

In the workspace or Navigator, select an object and click on Versioning > View History.
Select the variations you want to evaluate and then click Compare > Selected Versions.

Select a version and click on Compare > Previous Version to evaluate a version of the object with the previous version.

Question 18. What Is Primary And Backup Node?

Answer :

Primary node is a node where a cutting-edge node or packages are strolling and backup node is described to run the domain or applications offerings even as primary node is going down.

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Question 19. What Is A Grid In Informatica?

Answer :

Grid in Informatica is used for load balancing. A grid is nothing however a combination of nodes which distributes the request among them.

Eg: node1, node2, node3, node4 are assigned in a grid. 10 workflows began concurrently. Now as opposed to giving burden to a single node to run the 10 workflows the request for jogging workflows might be allotted to all nodes.

Question 20. Can We Create A Integration Service Without A Repository Service And Vice Versa?

Answer :

It is not feasible to create an Integration carrier without a repository service but a repository can be created without an integration service.

Question 21. Can We Create Multiple Integration Service On Single Repository?

Answer :

Yes it is viable to create more than one integration provider on unmarried repository. This is used when you have to select specific code web page for specific integration provider in same repository

Eg: Repository : ASIA_PACIFIC_Repo is used to load the records for nations precise to ASIA PACIFIC to target warehouse. Different Integration provider created for non English nations to assist exceptional code page (Malaysia, China, Japan, Thailand)

Question 22. What Is Native Users?

Answer :

Native users are the customers created with admin console.

Question 23. What Is Meant By Ldap Users?

Answer :

LDAP customers are the person which might be configured with LDAP server (also may be MS Active listing ) and LDAP is integrated with electricity middle to permit users to offer single join up.

Question 24. What Are Roles And Groups And Benefits Of Using Them?

Answer :

Domain is a unmarried factor of access or the administrative unit in Informatica. All the request from exclusive clients (like Designer) first reaches to domain and then routed to related offerings. A gateway node is the node on which a domain is described.

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Question 25. What Is Difference Between A Gateway Node And Worker Node?

Answer :

A gateway node is a node on which area is defined and it act as a router or administrator to all services. All different nodes in a domain are employee nodes wherein application services like Informatica services, repository offerings may be strolling.

Question 26. What Do You Understand By Soa Of Informatica?

Answer :

SOA or carrier oriented architecture permits the Informatica to have offerings on allotted gadget. You can outline a domain on a node say node1 and repository service on node2, repository carrier on node3. All nodes may be everywhere within a network. Once a request is made from consumer it goes to the area or the gateway node after which it directs the request to the appropriate nodes or services.

Question 27. Is It Possible To Define A Single Node As A Gateway Node As Well As Worker Node?

Answer :

Yes it's miles viable to define a node to act as both gateway node in addition to employee node.

Eg: The domain is created on node1 and integration services and repository services also are strolling at the equal device or node. In this situation a node will behave both as a domain and a worker node.

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Question 28. Can We Create A Node As A Gateway Node And The Same Node Can Be Assigned To A Grid?

Answer :

Yes it's miles viable assign a gateway node to a grid.

Question 29. Can We Create Two Repositories On Same Database Instance In Oracle?

Answer :

It isn't feasible to create two repositories on same instance of database in oracle as it may be creating the metadata tables for repository. However it's miles feasible to create  repositories in oracle on identical server if the database example is different.

Question 30. How Do You Take Back Up Of Repository?

Answer :

Login to admin console. Select the repository-> Action->Backup Content

The backup content may be saved in a XML record and the place of backup directory is defined in area configuration.

Also you can create a script and schedule it to backup the content material on positive date and time.

In script first hook up with repository the usage of pmrep command and then backup the content with the under command.

Pmrep backup


[-d ]

[-f (overwrite existing output file)]

[-b (skip workflow and session logs)]

[-j (skip deploy group history)]

[-q (skip MX data)]

[-v (skip task statistics)]

Question 31. What Is The Difference Between Stop And Abort Options In Workflow Monitor?

Answer :

Stop waits for all strolling items to finish after which terminate the method but abort stops the complete object jogging right now.

Eg: A workflow is in running kingdom and it’s having 5 classes in it and only 2 sessions are going for walks.

STOP: It will await the going for walks sessions to finish their manner after which terminate the workflow. Remaining three sessions will no longer run.

ABORT: It will kill the walking consultation at once and consequently the workflow.

Question 32. What Happens When A Session Fails And You Click On Recover?

Answer :

Every consultation has a assets of devote c program languageperiod. Commit c program languageperiod is a factor and then a session creates a log and commits the transaction at source, target or both levels. For each commit c programming language it generates an id corresponding for every row and whilst a consultation is recovered it reads the final identification inserted to goal after which proceeds the loading from subsequent row.

Eg: Source is having 1000 rows and devote c language is set to 50 so it will commit for every 50 rows. Now consultation fails at row no 630. Now the target rows could be dedicated until 600th row as commit c program languageperiod is 50. Once we recover a consultation the loading will begin from 601th row.

Question 33. What Could Be The Possible Reasons Of Locks By User?

Answer :

Network problems occur.

A PowerCenter Client, Integration Service, Repository Service, or database gadget shuts down improperly.

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Question 34. What Is Exclusive And Normal Mode For Repository Services?

Answer :

Exclusive mode is a mode described at the same time as you are making any adjustments to repository provider. It’s like a lock whilst you play with repository configuration so its related services like integration offerings will not be capable of use its services.

Question 35. What All Are Steps In Upgradation Of Informatica Server?

Answer :

To upgrade Informatica strength middle from one version to other model observe the beneath steps.

Upgrade Informatica server
Login to admin console assist->About Informatica administrator and see the upgraded model
Select on repository Action->Content->Upgrade
Select on repository movement-Content->upgrade users and corporations
Question 36. Is It Possible To Use A Client With Different Version Than That Of Its Informatica Server?

Answer :

It’s not feasible use purchaser with specific model than that of its Informatica server.

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Question 37. How Would You Copy The Content Of One Repository To Another Repository(the New Repository Is Not Having Anything In It)?

Answer :

backup the repository the use of pmrep and the repair the content on new repository.

Question 38. What Do Mean By Local And Global Repository?

Answer :

Local repository is a repository whose objects are handy within that repository best.
Global repository is a repository is a repository that may proportion its gadgets a few of the domain in distinct repository.

A mapping created in worldwide repository can be accessed to all repositories inside the domain.

Question 39. What Is A Shortcut And Copy In Informatica And How Two Are Different With Each Other?

Answer :

A shortcut is a item that's described inner a shared folder and used in distinct folders. Where as a duplicate is the duplicate of any item.

You can not change the definition of a shortcut however may be modified in case of a duplicate.

Shortcut is useful in instances in which source or target definition is equal across a couple of packages.

You simply need to pull the source from shared folder and alternate the connections whilst creating a workflow in folder.

Question 40. What Do You Mean By Parameter File? Why Do We Use It And What All Things We Can Define In A Parameter File?

Answer :

Parameter report is a file assigned to a consultation which has configuration information in it. The parameter file is used for reusability. Below matters are defined in it.

Connections, mapping parameter, mapping variable.

Question 41. What All Challenges You Faced In Informatica In Your Last Project As An Admin And How Did You Resolve Them?

Answer :

The oracle client changed into now not installed well on Informatica server and additionally the tns entry in oracle customer was now not nicely. During Informatica server installation the area was not capable of ping to the database due to the client trouble.

The Informatica admin console was not beginning due to open files in OS

Used ulimit –n command to test open documents and then expanded the no to 4096.

Question 42. If Your Server Is Running On Unix And One Of The Sessions Are Keep On Running Without Loading Any Data How Would You Kill It?

Answer :

kind the beneath command in command spark offgrep pm

Check the id for the running consultation and then kill it using kill command

Kill -9 identification

Question 43. What Does “tail –f” Command Do And What Is Its Use As An Informatica Admin?

Answer :

This command is used to observe the log file which maintains on appending.

Question forty four. How Do You Start And Stop Services In Unix Without Using Admin Console?

Answer :

infaservice.Sh startup shutdown

Question forty five. What Do You Mean By Dtm And Load Manager And What Is Difference Between Load Manager And Load Balancer?

Answer :

Load Balancer: The Integration Service uses the Load Balancer to dispatch responsibilities. The Load Balancer dispatches tasks to achieve surest overall performance. It can also dispatch duties to a single node or across the nodes in a grid.

Data Transformation Manager (DTM) system: The Integration Service starts a DTM method to run each Session and Command venture within a workflow. The DTM method performs session validations, creates threads to initialize the session, read, write, and rework facts, and handles pre- and submit- session operations.

Question forty six. What Is A Difference Between Complete, Stop And Abort?

Answer :

Complete: Allows the sessions and workflows to run to finishing touch earlier than disabling the service manner.

Stop: Stops all classes and workflows after which disables the provider manner.

Abort: Attempts to forestall all sessions and workflows before aborting them and disabling the provider method

Question 47. I Am Not Able To Connect To The Domain With The Client Although All Services And Databases Are Up And There Is No Network Issue?

Answer :

Manage user connections and locks.