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Top 100+ In Process Qa (ipqa) Interview Questions And Answers


Top 100+ In Process Qa (ipqa) Interview Questions And Answers

Question 1. How Many Tablets Shall Be Taken For Checking Friability?

Answer :

For capsules with unit mass identical or less than 650 mg, take  pattern of whole tablets similar to 6.5g.For tablets with unit mass extra than 650mg,take a pattern of 10 complete capsules.

Question 2. What Is The Formula For Calculating Weight Loss During Friability Test?

Answer :

%Weight loss =  Initial Weight - Final Weight  X 100Initial  Weight.

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Question three. What Is The Pass Or Fail Criteria For Friability Test?

Answer :

Generally the check is administered for as soon as.If any cracked,cleaved or broken drugs present inside the tablet sample after tumbling,the capsules fails the check.If the consequences are doubtful,or weight reduction is grater than the targeted cost,the test ought to be repeated two times and the mean of the 3 exams decided.A  suggest weight loss from the three samples of no longer greater than 1.Zero% is taken into consideration appropriate for maximum of the products.

Question four. What Is The Standard Number Of Rotations Used For Friability Test?

Answer :

a hundred rotations

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Question 5. What Is The Fall Height Of The Tablets In The Friabilator During Friability Testing?

Answer :

6 inches.Tablets falls from 6 inches top in every turn inside the equipment.

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Question 6. Why Do We Check Hardness During Inprocess Checks?

Answer :

To determine need for the stress modifications at the tableting machine.Hardness can affect the disintegration time.If pill is too tough,it may no longer crumble inside the required time period. And if tablet is just too soft it's going to no longer face up to dealing with and subsequent processing along with coating,packing and many others.

Question 7. What Are The Factors Which Influence Tablet Hardness?

Answer :

compression pressure
Binder amount(More    binder more hardness)
Moisture content material
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Question eight. Which Type Of Tablets Are Exempted From Disintegration Testing?

Answer :

 Chewable Tablets

Question 9. Which Capsule Is Bigger In Size - Size 'zero' Or Size '1'?

Answer :

'0' size

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Question 10. What Is The Recommended Temperature For Checking Dt Of A Dispersible Tablet?

Answer :

25 ±10C (IP) & 15 – 250C (BP)

Question eleven. What Is Mesh Aperture Of Dt Apparatus ?

Answer :

1.Eight -2.2mm (#10)

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Question 12. List Out The Appearance Defects Of Tables During Compression Activity ?

Answer :

Appearance Defects

1.Capping:- ‘Capping’ is the time period used, when the upper or lower section of the tablet separates horizontally, both partly or absolutely from the principle frame of a pill and is derived off as a cap, for the duration of ejection from the pill press, or during subsequent handling.

2.Lamination / Laminating:- Definition: ‘Lamination’ is the separation of a pill into  or extra wonderful horizontal layers.

3.Sticking/filming: ‘ Sticking’ refers back to the tablet cloth adhering to the die wall. Filming is a slow form of sticking and is basically due to extra moisture inside the granulation.

Four.Cracking:-  Small exceptional cracks discovered on the higher and decrease center floor of the drugs, or very hardly ever at the aspect wall are known as cracks.

Five.Chipping:- ‘ Chipping’ is described because the breaking of tablet edges, at the same time as the tablet leaves the clicking or at some point of next coping with and coating operation.

6.Mottling:‘ Mottling’ is the time period used to explain an unequal distribution of coloration on a pill.

7.Double Impression: ‘ Double affect’ involves handiest those punches,that have a monogram or other engraving on them.

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Question 13. What Is The Pass/fail Criteria For Disintegration Test?

Answer :

If one or two drugs/capsules fails to collapse completely, repeat the check on any other 12 extra dosage devices. The requirement is meet if no longer fewer than 16 out of 18 capsules/tablets examined are disintegrated completely.

Question 14. What Is The Recommended Storage Conditions For Empty Hard Gelatin Capsules?

Answer :

15 - 250C & 35 -55% RH

Question 15. Which Method Is Employed For Checking “uniformity Of Dosage Unit”?

Answer :

A.)Content uniformity

B.)Weight Variation

Weight variation is relevant for following dosage forms;

Hard gelatin pills,uncoated or movie covered pills,containing 25mg or extra of a drug substance comprising 25% or more by way of weight of dosage unit.

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Question sixteen. What Is The Recommended Upward And Downward Movement Frequency Of A Basket-rack Assembly In A Dt Apparatus?

Answer :

28 – 32 cycles according to minute.

Question 17. When Performing The ‘uniformity Of Weight’ Of The Dosage Unit, How Many Tablet/pill Can Deviate The Established Limit?

Answer :

Not extra than  of the person weights can deviates from the average weight through extra than the proportion given in the pharmacopeia,and none can deviates extra than two times that percentage.

Weight Variation limits for Tablets




80 mg or less


130mg or less

More than 80mg or Less than 250mg


130mg to 324mg

250mg or more


More than 324mg

Weight Variation limits for Capsules



Less than 300mg


300mg or More


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Question 18. What Needs To Be Checked During Inprocess Qa Checks?

Answer :

Environmental Monitoring
Measured values obtained from the technique gadget  (ex:temperature,RPM and so forth.)
Measured values obtained from men and women (ex:timmings,entries and so on.)
 Process attributes (Ex:weight,hardness,friability and so on.)
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Question 19. What Precautions Shall Be Taken While Collecting Inprocess Samples ?

Answer :

While accumulating inprocess samples, avoid infection of the product being sampled (Don’t accumulate samples with bare palms) & keep away from infection of pattern taken.

Question 20. In A Tablet Manufacturing Facility ‘nice’ Pressure Is Maintained In Processing Area Or Service Corridors?

Answer :

In pill manufacturing centers, pressure gradients are maintained to avoid cross infection of merchandise through air. Usually service corridors are maintained beneath nice strain with recognize to processing regions.

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Question 21. If Sticking Observed During Tablet Compression What May The Probable Reason For The Same?

Answer :

If the granules are not dried well sticking can occur.
Too little or mistaken lubrication.
Too a good deal binder
Hygroscopic granular
Question 22. What Checks Shall Be Carried Out, While Calibrating Dt Apparatus?

Answer :

While calibrating DT equipment, following exams will be achieved.

Number of strokes in line with minute (Limit:29-32 cycles/min)
Temperature by way of probe & general thermometer(Limit:  37 ± 1 OC).
Distance travelled by way of basket (Limit:53 -57mm)
Question 23. What Is The Difference Between Calibration And Validation?

Answer :

 In pill production centers, pressure gradients are maintained to avoid go infection of merchandise thru air. Usually processing regions are maintained underneath fantastic pressure with recognize to provider corridors.

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Question 24. What Is In Process Checks?

Answer :

In method exams are  exams accomplished in the course of an hobby,In order to monitor and,if essential,to regulate the system to ensure that product confirms to its specification.

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Question 25. What Is The Difference Between Disintegration And Dissolution?

Answer :

Disintegration is a disaggregation process, wherein an oral dosage shape falls apart in to smaller aggregates.(Disintegration time is the ‘split’ time of a strong dosage shape).

Question 26. Why Do We Calibrate A Qualified Equipment/tool On Definite Intervals?

Answer :

An gadget or device can ‘waft’ out of accuracy among the time of qualification and actual use.So it is recommended to calibrate and recalibrate the measuring devices and devices on predetermined time intervals, to benefit self assurance at the accuracy of the statistics.

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Question 27. Why Do We Consider Three Consecutive Runs/batches For Process Validation? Why Not Two Or Four?

Answer :

The range of batches produced within the validation exercise have to be enough to permit the regular extent of variation and traits to be mounted and to provide enough records for evaluation and reproducibility.

First batch excellent is unintentional (co-incidental),
Second batch pleasant is normal (accidental),
Third batch exceptional is validation(conformation).
In 2 batch we cannot guarantee the reproducibility of records,4 batches can be taken but the time and value are involved.

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Question 28. Position Of Oblong Tablets To Be Placed In Hardness Tester To Determine The Hardness? Lengthwise / Widthwise?

Answer :

Position of oblong capsules need to be duration clever because the possibility of breakage is more on this position.