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Top 100+ Ia Financial Group Aptitude Interview Questions And Answers


Top 100+ Ia Financial Group Aptitude Interview Questions And Answers

Question 1. If A Number Cube Is Rolled Once And Coin Is Tossed Once. What Is The Probability That The Coin Will Show Tails And Composite Number On The Cube?

Answer :

Numbers on dice (1,2,three,four,five,6)

Composite quantity on dice are four and six.

So, Probability that the coin will show tails and composite number at the cube = (half) *(2/6) = 1/6

Note: Composite number is a advantageous integer that may be shaped by multiplying collectively two smaller fantastic integers. Equivalently, it is a high quality integer that has as a minimum one divisor apart from 1 and itself.

Question 2. The Time A Passenger Train Takes To Cross Another Freight Train Is Twice When The Passenger Train Crosses The Freight Train Running In Opposite Directions. What Is The Ratio Of Their Speeds?

Answer :

Lets expect velocity of freight train = X Km/hr

speed of passenger train = Y Km/hr.

And sum of their length = D Km.

When trains are going for walks in equal path:

so Time = D/(X-Y) ---------- (1)

When trains are jogging in contrary direction:

So, Time = D/(X+Y) --------- (2)

By eq. (1) & (2)

[D/(X-Y)] = 2 * [D/(X+Y)]

=> 2X-2Y = X+Y

=> X = 3Y 

=> X:Y = 3:1.

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Question 3. The Banker's Gain On A Bill Due 2 Year Hence At 10% Per Annum Is Rs. Eight. The True Discount Is?

Answer :

True Discount = (B.G*100)/(Rate*Time) 

T.D = (8*100)/(10*2)

= eight*five = Rs. 40.

Question 4. If X(a) = A^2+2a-1, Then X(8)-x(5) =?

Answer :

x(eight) = 64 + 16 - 1 = 79

x(five) = 25 + 10 - 1 = 34

So, x(eight)-x(five) = seventy nine - 34 = forty five.

Question five. If A Certain Computer Is Capable Of Printing 4900 Monthly Credit Card Bills Per Hour, While A New Model Is Capable Of Printing At A Rate Of 6600 Per Hour, The Old Model Will Take Approximately How Much Longer Than The New Model To Print ten thousand Bills?

Answer :

Old model is able to printing at a price of 4900 in keeping with hour

New version is able to printing at a price of 6600 per hour

Old version time taken to print 10000 playing cards = ten thousand/4900 = 100/49

New model time taken to print 10000 cards = 10000/6600 = 100/66

Old model - new model: one hundred/49 - one hundred/66 = 1700 /(forty nine*66) = 850/(49 * 33) = zero.525 hrs => 31 mins

Therefore, the old version will take approximately 31 mins longer than the brand new version to print 10000 payments.

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Question 6. To Finish A Piece Of Work, P Takes Five Times As Q And Six Times As R. Working Together, They Can Finish The Work In 4 Days. Q Can Do The Work Alone In?

Answer :

Lets count on Q take x days to finish the paintings

so P take time = 5x, and R take time R=5x/6 

Given, They took 4 day to complete the paintings.

1/5x+1/x+6/5x= 1/4 => 12/5x = 1/four 


So, Q can do work on my own in forty eight/5 days.

Question 7. Total Of The Ages Of A, B Ahd C At Present Is 90 Years. Ten Years Ago, The Ratio Of Their Ages Was 1: 2: three. What Is The Age Of B At Present?

Answer :

Let their a while 10 years in the past is x, 2x and 3x years.

(x + 10) + (2x + 10) + (3x + 10) = 90 as a result x= 10

B's present age = (2x + 10) =30 years.

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Question eight. The Sum Of A Number And Its Square Is 1406. What Is The Number?

Answer :

Lets anticipate the no. = x

so x+x^2=1406

by setting values from alternatives



=37*38 =1406.

Question nine. Cost Of An Item Is X. It's Value Increases By P% And Decreases By P% Now The New Value Is 1 Rupee, What Is The Actual Value ?

Answer :

Given value of an object = Rs. X

Item cost by increasing p% could be = x(one hundred+p)/a hundred

After p% decrement, fee = x+(xp/100)-[x+(xp/100)p/100] 

= [x+(xp/100)] [1-(p/100)]

= x[1+(p/100)][1-(p/100)]

Givne new fee is 1

x[1-((p^2)/10000)] = 1

x = 1/[1-((p^2)/10000)] = ten thousand/[10000-(p^2)].

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Question 10. How Many Matches Would Have To Be Played To Decide A Winner In A Knockout Tournament Consisting Of Eight Teams?

Answer :

1 in shape for 2 team, first 8 team = 4 in shape

4 team - 2 healthy

2 group - 1 in shape

So, Total = 4+2+1=7 healthy.

Question 11. A Man Traveled From The Village To The Post-workplace At The Rate Of 25 Kmph And Walked Back At The Rate Of four Kmph. If The Whole Journey Took five Hours forty eight Minutes, Find The Distance Of The Post-workplace From The Village?

Answer :

Average speed = (2*a*b)/(a + b) right here a = 25 b = 4

Average velocity = 2*25 * 4/(25 + 4) = 2 hundred/29 kmph.

Distance protected in 5 hours 48 mins = Speed * time

Distance = (2 hundred/29)*(29/5) = forty kms

Distance protected in five hours 48 minutes = 40 kms

Distance of the put up office from the village = (40/2) =20 km.

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Question 12. Three Friends Gerard, Rooney And Ronaldson Work Together To Dig A Hole. Gerard Alone Can Complete The Work In 10 Days, Rooney In 8 Days And Together All Three Can Complete It In four Days. They Earn A Total Of Rs. 1,200. Find The Share Of Rooney If The Money That They Receive Is Proportional To The Work That They Do?

Answer :

Ronaldson can whole work in forty days ( 1/4-1/10-1/8)

So, ratio of work performed = 1/10 :1/8 : 1/40 = 4 : 5 : 1

So, amount payed rooney = 1200 * (5 / (5+four+1) ) = 1200 * half = 600

So, Rooney percentage = 1200/2 = 600.

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Question 13. The Product Of Two Positive Numbers Is P. If Each Of The Numbers Is Increased By 2, The New Product Is How Much Greater Twice The Sum Of The Two Original Numbers?

Answer :

Lets count on variety are x,y 

So, there product = xy

Given number multiplied by 2 

so, now variety are x+2,y+2.

Given product is twice the sum of two authentic No. 

=> product = (x+2)(y+2) = 2(x+y) 

=> xy+2x+2y+4 =2(x+y)

=> xy+4

so it increase through 4.

Question 14. The Price Of A Jewel, Passing Through Three Hands, Rises On The Whole By sixty five%. If The First And Second Sellers Earned 20% And 25% Profit Respectively, Find The Percentage Profit Earned By The Third Seller?

Answer :

Lets expect the unique charge of the jewel = Rs. P 

and income earned with the aid of the 1/3 supplier= x%.

Then, ( a hundred +x )% of a hundred twenty five% of one hundred twenty% of P = 165% of p

=> [ ( 100+x )/100*125/100*120/100* P ] = [ 165/100* P ]

=> ( a hundred + X ) = (one hundred sixty five*one hundred*one hundred)/(one hundred twenty five*one hundred twenty) = 110,

=> X = 10%.

Question 15. In A Mixture Of Petrol And Kerosene, Petrol Is Only 99 Litres. If This Same Quantity Of Petrol Would Be Presented In Another Mixture Of Petrol And Kerosene Where Total Volume Would Be 198 Litres Less Than The Actual Mixture Then The Concentration Of Petrol In The Present Mixture Would Have Been thirteen.33% Point Less Than That. What Is The Concentration Of Petrol In Actual Mixture?

Answer :

Lets assume quantity of petrol = x

So, (x*a hundred)/198=13.33


Now equal quantity of petrol is in ninety nine liters also.

So the proportion in real aggregate is

(26.3934*one hundred)/99 =26.Sixty six%.

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Question sixteen. In A Election Between Two Candidate 10% Of Votes Were Invalid Winner Got 70% Of Valid Votes And Was Elected By A Majority Of 900 Votes. Find The Total Number Of Votes?

Answer :

Lets count on votes = x 

valid votes are 0.9x,

Given 70% of zero.9x is 900 greater than 30% of 0.9x,

=> zero.Nine*zero.7-900=zero.Three*zero.9x 

=> x=2500.

Question 17. Log Base 12 144p=3 Then P= ?

Answer :

log base 12 144p=three

=> 144p=12^3

=> 144p=12^2 *12

=> 144p=one hundred forty four*12

=> p=12.

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Question 18. 3 Men And eight Women Complete A Task In Same Time As 6 Men And 2 Women Do. How Much Fraction Of Work Will Be Finished In Same Time If 4 Men And five Women Will Do That Task?

Answer :

3M + 8W = 6M + 2W ---------(1)

fixing this we get

M = 2W

Therefore 3M + 8W = 14W

4M + 5W =13W

=>fraction of work is 13/14.

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Question 19. The Sum Of Ages Of Suresh And His Father Is seventy eight Years.6 Years Hence Father's Age Will Be Twice Of Suresh's Age. Find Present Age Of Father?

Answer :

Lets anticipate suresh age = x years.

So, father age = (seventy eight-x) years. 

Condition : 6 years as a result

2* (x + 6) = (seventy eight - x + 6)

=> 2x + 12 = eighty four - x 

=> 3x = 72

x = 24 years.

Father age = seventy eight - 24 = fifty four years.

Question 20. In This Question A^b Means A Raised To The Power Of B Start With The Integers From 1 To 10^2012. Replace Each Of Them By The Sum Of Its Digits To Get A String Of 10^2012 Numbers. Keep Doing This Until You Get 10^2012 Single Digit Numbers. Let M Be The Number Of 1's And N Be The Number Of 2's. Then M - N?

Answer :

We divide all the numbers into businesses of nine. (1 to nine), (10 to 18).....

Now when we divide every time period inside the first institution via nine, we get 1, 2, 3 ..Zero as remainders. Now digit sum is not anything but locating the rest while a variety of is divided by 9. 

So the closing time period, 10^2012 offers the rest 1 when divided with the aid of nine. So there's one "1" extra than 2's.

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Question 21. Two Trains A And B Start Simultaneously From Stations X And Y Towards Each Other Respectively. After Meeting At A Point Between X And Y,educate A Reaches Station Y In 9 Hours And Train B Reaches Station X In four Hours From The Time They Have Met Each Other. If The Speed Of Traina Is 36 Km/hr, What Is The Speed Of Train B?

Answer :

Naming the trains as A and B. Then,

(A's pace) : (B's speed) = (b : a)^.5 

where b and a is the time taken by way of trains B and A, to attain their destination once they meet.


36/B's speed = (four: nine)^.5

=> B's velocity = 54km/hr.

Question 22. Which Of The Following Values Of 'n' Satisfies The In-equality N2 - 24n + 143 < 0?

Answer :

n^2 - 24n + 143 < 0

=> (n-11)(n-13) < 0

=> 11 < n < 13.

Question 23. A Car Starts From Rest And Accelerates Uniform Upto Speed 90 Km/hrs In 5 Sec. Total Distance Covered By Car In This Time Will Be?

Answer :

Speed of car at last instant of given interval 

= 90*5/ 18 m/s = 25 m/s

so average speed = 0+25 / 2

Therefore distance = 5 * 25/2 = 125/2 = 62.5 m.

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Question 24. If A Man Reduces The Selling Price Of A Fan From 400 To 380 His Loss Increases By 20% .What Is The Cost Price Of Fan ?

Answer :

Lets assume the cost price = x.

So, initial loss = (x - 400).

Given, 20% ( x - 400) = 20

=> (x - four hundred) = 100

=> x = 500.

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Question 25. A Piece Of Ribbon four Yards Long Is Used To Make Bows Requiring 15 Inches Of Ribbon For Each. What Is The Maximum Number Of Bows That Can Be Made?

Answer :

1 yard = 3 ft = three*12 = 36 inches

four yard = 4*36 = a hundred and forty four inches

The maximum quantity of bows may be 4 yards divided by 15 inches = one hundred forty four/15 = 9.6.

Question 26. Q Is As Much Younger Than R As He Is Older Than T. If The Sum Of The Ages Of R And T Is 50 Years, What Is Definitely The Difference Between R And Q's Age?

Answer :

As according to query R > Q > T 

So, R - Q = Q - T and R + T = 50 

By solving above 2 circumstance.

=> Q = 25

As the distinction among R & Q and Q & T is same

So it is 25 years.

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Question 27. In An Exam, Ajith, Sachu, Karna, Saheep And Ramesh Scored An Average Of 39 Marks. Saheep Scored 7 Marks More Than Ramesh. Ramesh Scored nine Fewer Than Ajith. Sachu Scored As Many As Saheep And Ramesh Scored. Sachu And Karna Scored 110 Marks Between Them. If Ajith Scores 32 Marks Then How Many Marks Did Karna Score?

Answer :

Lets anticipate marks of Ajith, Sachu, Karna, Saheep and Ramesh respectively u, v, w, x, y

So, as per the question:

z+7=x ---(i)

u- 9=z ---(ii)

x+ z=v ---(iii)

v+w=a hundred and ten ---(iv)

Given, u=32 ---- (v)

By solving eq. (i), (ii), (iii), (iv) and (v)

w=fifty seven.

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Question 28. Silu And Meenu Were Walking On The Road. Silu Said?

Answer :

Given that Meenu weight 29 Kgs plus half of of her very own weight.

It approach that 29 Kgs is the alternative 1/2. So she weighs fifty eight Kgs.

Solving mathematically, permit's anticipate that her weight is A Kgs.

A = 29 + A/2

2*A = 58 + A

A = 58 Kgs.

Question 29. A New Apartment Complex Purchased 60 Toilets And 20 Shower Heads. If The Price Of A Toilet Is Three Times The Price Of A Shower Head, What Percent Of The Total Cost Was The Cost Of All The Shower Heads?

Answer :

Lets assume the fee of shower head = x. 

So,fee of the toilet = 3x.

Total value of 60 bathrooms and 20 shower heads = 60 * 3x + 20* x = 200x

So bathe heads cost as a percentage of overall value = (200x/20x)% = 10%.

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Question 30. Two Guys Work At Some Speed. After Some Time One Guy Realises He Has Done Only Half Of The Other Guy Completed Which Is Equal To Half Of What Is Left So How Much Faster Than The Other Is This Guy Supposed To Do To Finish With The First?

Answer :

If x is the part of project that is finished then,

1st has carried out paintings = (1 - x)/four 

and 2d has done work = (1- x)/2

So second will ought to boom his pace by way of 2 times.