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Top 100+ Html+javascript Interview Questions And Answers


Top 100+ Html+javascript Interview Questions And Answers

Question 1. What Is Javascript?

Answer :

JavaScript is a preferred-purpose programming language designed to allow programmers of all skill ranges manipulate the behavior of software program gadgets. The language is used most extensively these days in Web browsers whose software items generally tend to symbolize a spread of HTML elements in a record and the record itself. But the language may be--and is--used with different styles of gadgets in different environments. For example, Adobe Acrobat Forms makes use of JavaScript as its underlying scripting language to connect together items which are specific to the forms generated by way of Adobe Acrobat. Therefore, it's miles vital to differentiate JavaScript, the language, from the objects it may communicate with in any unique surroundings. When used for Web documents, the scripts cross at once inside the HTML files and are downloaded to the browser with the rest of the HTML tags and content. 

JavaScript is a platform-unbiased,event-driven, interpreted purchaser-side scripting and programming language developed with the aid of Netscape Communications Corp. And Sun Microsystems.

Question 2. How Is Javascript Different From Java?

Answer :

JavaScript changed into advanced through Brendan Eich of Netscape; Java changed into evolved at Sun Microsystems. While the 2 languages proportion a few common syntax, they had been advanced independently of every other and for distinct audiences. Java is a complete-fledged programming language tailored for network computing; it includes hundreds of its own gadgets, along with objects for developing consumer interfaces that seem in Java applets (in Web browsers) or standalone Java applications. In assessment, JavaScript is predicated on some thing environment it is working in for the consumer interface, consisting of a Web file's shape factors. 

JavaScript changed into initially known as LiveScript at Netscape at the same time as it become underneath improvement. A licensing deal among Netscape and Sun on the remaining minute permit Netscape plug the "Java" call into the name of its scripting language. Programmers use entirely distinctive tools for Java and JavaScript. It is likewise no longer uncommon for a programmer of one language to be unaware of the opposite. The two languages do not rely on every different and are meant for exclusive purposes. In a few methods, the "Java" name on JavaScript has pressured the world's knowledge of the differences between the two. On the alternative hand, JavaScript is a whole lot easier to examine than Java and may offer a mild creation for learners who want to graduate to Java and the varieties of packages you can develop with it.

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Question three. What’s Relationship Between Javascript And Ecmascript? 

Answer :

ECMAScript is yet some other name for JavaScript (different names consist of LiveScript). The modern-day JavaScript that you see supported in browsers is ECMAScript revision 3. 

Question 4. How Do You Submit A Form Using Javascript?

Answer :

Use report.Forms[0].Post();
(0 refers to the index of the shape – if you have multiple shape in a page, then the primary one has the index 0, 2nd has index 1 and so on).

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Question 5. Is There A Site That Shows Which Tags Work On Which Browsers?

Answer :

There had been numerous attempts to do that, but I'm not aware about any virtually correct source of comparisons among the browsers. The trouble is that there are numerous specific versions of every browser, and many extraordinary tags. All modern browsers have to guide the tags in the reliable HTML three.2 specification, but the main ones also assist nonstandard tags and sometimes have slightly one-of-a-kind implementations. One vicinity that has pretty precise compatibility info is Browsercaps. 

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Question 6. Why Does The Browser Show My Plain Html Source?

Answer :

If Microsoft Internet Explorer displays your report normally, but different browsers show your simple HTML supply, then most probably your net server is sending the record with the MIME type "text/plain". Your web server needs to be configured to send that filename with the MIME type "textual content/html". Often, using the filename extension ".Html" or ".Htm" is all this is important. If you're seeing this conduct even as viewing your HTML documents on your neighborhood Windows filesystem, then your textual content editor might also have added a ".Txt" filename extension robotically. You have to rename filename.Html.Txt to filename.Html so that Windows will deal with the file as an HTML record.

Question 7. How Can I Display An Image On My Page?

Answer :

Use an IMG detail. The SRC attribute specifies the region of the image. The ALT attribute presents trade text for those no longer loading images. For instance:
<img src="logo.Gif" alt="ACME Products">

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Question eight. Why Do My Links Open New Windows Rather Than Update An Existing Frame?

Answer :

If there is no existing frame with the name you used for the TARGET attribute, then a brand new browser window may be opened, and this window could be assigned the call you used. Furthermore, TARGET="_blank" will open a brand new, unnamed browser window. 

In HTML four, the TARGET characteristic fee is case-insensitive, so that abc and ABC each talk over with the same frame/window, and _top and _TOP each have the identical meaning. However, most browsers deal with the TARGET characteristic price as case-sensitive and do not recognize ABC as being the same as abc, or _TOP as having the special which means of _top. 

Also, some browsers consist of a protection feature that forestalls files from being hijacked by way of third-birthday celebration framesets. In these browsers, if a report's link goals a frame described with the aid of a frameset record that is located on a special server than the record itself, then the link opens in a new window as a substitute.

Question nine. How Do I Get Out Of A Frameset?

Answer :

If you're the writer, this is easy. You only should upload the TARGET attribute to the link that takes readers to the intended 'out of doors' record. Give it the fee of _top. 

In many present day browsers, it isn't feasible to show a body in the complete browser window, at least not very without difficulty. The reader would want to copy the URL of the desired body after which request that URL manually. 

I could advise that authors who need to provide readers this selection upload a link to the report itself in the record, with the TARGET characteristic set to _top so the record displays within the full window if the link is accompanied.

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Question 10. When I Try To Upload My Site, All My Images Are X's. How Do I Get Them To Load Correctly?

Answer :

They are some motives that this could show up. The maximum not unusual are:

You're trying to use a .Bmp or .Tif or different non-supported file format. You can simplest use .Gif and .Jpg at the net. You have to convert files that aren't .Gif or .Jpg right into a .Gif or .Jpg together with your photograph/photographs program.
You've forgotten to upload the picture documents. Double-Check.
You've incorrectly related to the pics. When you're beginning out, try just using the document name within the  tag. If you've got cat.Jpg, use 
img src="cat.Jpg">.
Image report names are case-sensitive. If your report is called CaT.JpG, you can't kind cat.Jpg, you must kind CaT.JpG exactly in the src.
If all the above fail, re-upload the image in BINARY mode. You may have accidentally uploaded the photo in ASCII mode.
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Question 11. How Do I Make A Frame With A Vertical Scrollbar But Without A Horizontal Scrollbar?

Answer :

The simplest way to have a body with a vertical scrollbar but without a horizontal scrollbar is to define the frame with SCROLLING="car" (the default), and to have content that doesn't require horizontal scrolling. There is no manner to specify that a frame ought to have one scrollbar however not the other. Using SCROLLING="yes" will pressure scrollbars in each guidelines (even when they aren't wanted), and the use of SCROLLING="no" will inhibit all scrollbars (even when scrolling is vital to get admission to the body's content). There are no other values for the SCROLLING attribute.

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Question 12. Are There Any Problems With Using Frames?

Answer :

The essential problem with the design of frames is that framesets create states inside the browser that aren't addressable. Once any of the frames within a frameset changes from its default content material, there is now not a manner to address the contemporary country of the frameset. It is difficult to bookmark - and impossible to link or index - this type of frameset state. It is not possible to reference such a frameset state in other media. When the sub-files of any such frameset country are accessed directly, they seem without the context of the encircling frameset. Basic browser features (e.G., printing, transferring forwards/backwards inside the browser's history) behave otherwise with framesets. Also, browsers cannot identify which frame need to have focus, which impacts scrolling, looking, and the use of keyboard shortcuts in wellknown. 

Furthermore, frames focus on layout instead of on facts structure, and lots of authors of framed web sites neglect to provide beneficial opportunity content material inside the NOFRAMES element. Both of these factors cause accessibility troubles for browsers that fluctuate appreciably from the author's expectations and for search engines.

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Question thirteen. How Do I Keep People From Stealing My Source Code And/or Images?

Answer :

Because copies of your HTML files and pictures are saved in cache, it is impossible to save you someone from being able to save them onto their tough pressure. If you are involved approximately your pix, you may wish to embed a watermark with your statistics into the image. Consult your photo modifying software's assist document for greater details.

The colorations on my web page appearance one of a kind while viewed on a Mac and a PC. The Mac and the PC use slightly specific colour palettes. There is a 216 "browser safe" shade palette that both structures guide; the Microsoft colour picker page has a few excellent facts and links to different sources about this. In addition, the 2 platforms use exclusive gamma (brightness) values, so a photo that appears best on the Mac may additionally appearance too dark at the PC. The only way to cope with this problem is to tweak the brightness of your image in order that it looks perfect on each structures.

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Question 14. How Do You Create Tabs Or Indents In Web Pages?

Answer :

There changed into a tag proposed for HTML three.Zero, but it turned into in no way followed with the aid of any primary browser and the draft specification has now expired. You can simulate a tab or indent in diverse approaches, which includes the usage of a obvious GIF, however none are pretty as satisfactory or broadly supported as an official tag might be.

My web page appears excellent on one browser, however now not on any other. There are slight differences among browsers, which include Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer, in regions along with page margins. The only real solution is to apply preferred HTML tags every time feasible, and consider your pages in multiple browsers to see how they look.

Question 15. How Do I Make Sure My Framed Documents Are Displayed Inside Their Frame Set?

Answer :

When the sub-files of a frameset state are accessed directly, they seem with out the context of the surrounding frameset.
If the reader's browser has JavaScript support enabled, the subsequent script will repair the frameset:
<SCRIPT TYPE="text/javascript">
if (determine.Location.Href == self.Place.Href) 
if (window.Area.Href.Replace)
// causes troubles with lower back button, however works
window.Region.Href = 'frameset.Html';

A greater standard method is a "restore frames" link:
<A HREF="frameset.Html" TARGET="_top">Restore Frames 
Note that in either case, you should have a separate frameset record for every content file. If you link to the default frameset document, then your reader gets the default content material report, instead of the content material file he/she changed into looking to access. These frameset files must be generated automatically, to keep away from the tedium and inaccuracy of creating them by means of hand. 
Note that you can work across the trouble with bookmarking frameset states by using linking to these separate frameset files using TARGET="_top", in preference to linking to the man or woman content material files.


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Question 16. How Do I Update Two Frames At Once?

Answer :

There are two primary strategies for updating more than one frames with a unmarried link: The HTML-based technique hyperlinks to a new frameset file that specifies the brand new aggregate of frames. The JavaScript-based totally answer uses the onClick characteristic of the link to replace the additional frame (or frames).
The HTML-based technique can hyperlink to a new frameset report with the TARGET="_top" characteristic (replacing the whole frameset). However, there is an alternative if the frames to be up to date are part of a nested frameset. In the preliminary frameset file, use a secondary frameset file to outline the nested frameset. For example:
<frameset cols="*,3*">
<frame src="contents.Html" name="Contents">
<frame src="frameset2.Html" name="Display">
<!-- Alternative non-framed version -->
A link can now use the TARGET="Display" attribute to replace simultaneously all of the frames defined through the frameset2.Html document. 
The JavaScript-based answer makes use of the onClick characteristic of the link to perform the secondary update. For instance: 
<a href="URL1" target="Frame1" onClick="top.Frame2.Location='URL2';">Update frames 
The hyperlink will update Frame1 with URL1 normally. If the reader's browser supports JavaScript (and has it enabled), then Frame2 will also be updated (with URL2).


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Question 17. What Is Html?

Answer :

HTML, or HyperText Markup Language, is a Universal language which lets in an person the usage of special code to create net pages to be viewed on the Internet.
HTML ( H yper T ext M arkup L anguage) is the language used to write down Web pages. You are looking at a Web page right now. 
You can view HTML pages in  ways:

One view is their look on a Web browser, just like this page -- hues, distinct text sizes, portraits.
The other view is referred to as "HTML Code" -- that is the code that tells the browser what to do.
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Question 18. What Is A Tag?

Answer :

In HTML, a tag tells the browser what to do. When you write an HTML web page, you enter tags for plenty reasons -- to alternate the arrival of textual content, to show a photo, or to make a link to every other web page.


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Question 19. What Is The Simplest Html Page? 

Answer :

HTML Code:
<TITLE>This is my web page title! </TITLE>
This is my message to the arena!
Browser Display:
This is my message to the world!



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Question 20. How Do I Create Frames? What Is A Frameset?

Answer :

Frames allow an writer to divide a browser window into more than one (rectangular) areas. Multiple documents can be displayed in a unmarried window, each within its own frame. Graphical browsers allow these frames to be scrolled independently of each different, and links can replace the file displayed in a single body with out affecting the others. 

You can't simply "upload frames" to an current record. Rather, you ought to create a frameset document that defines a particular mixture of frames, and then display your content material files inside the ones frames. The frameset record must also consist of alternative non-framed content material in a NOFRAMES detail. 

The HTML four frames version has full-size design flaws that reason usability troubles for internet users. Frames need to be used best with outstanding care.

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Question 21. What Is A Hypertext Link?

Answer :

A hypertext hyperlink is a unique tag that hyperlinks one page to any other page or useful resource. If you click on the hyperlink, the browser jumps to the hyperlink's vacation spot.


Question 22. What Does Break And Continue Statements Do?

Answer :

Continue announcement continues the current loop (if label no longer distinct) in a new new release while spoil declaration exits the modern loop.


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Question 23. How To Create A Function Using Function Constructor?

Answer :

The following instance illustrates this
It creates a feature called rectangular with argument x and returns x elevated through itself.
Var rectangular = new Function ("x","go back x*x");

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Question 24. How To Make A Array As A Stack Using Javascript?

Answer :

The pop() and push() capabilities turn a innocent array into a stack
<script type="text/javascript">
var numbers = ["one", "two", "three", "four"];
This produces

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Question 25. How To Shift And Unshift Using Javascript?

Answer :

<script type="text/javascript">
var numbers = ["one", "two", "three", "four"];
document.Write(" "+numbers.Shift());
report.Write(" "+numbers.Shift());
report.Write(" "+numbers.Shift());
This produces
0 one 
shift, unshift, push, and pa may be used at the equal array. Queues are easily applied the use of mixtures.

Question 26. What Are Javascript Types?

Answer :

Number, String, Boolean, Function, Object, Null, Undefined.

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Question 27. How Do You Convert Numbers Between Different Bases In Javascript?

Answer :

Use the parseInt() feature, that takes a string as the first parameter, and the bottom as a second parameter. So to transform hexadecimal 3F to decimal, use parseInt ("3F", 16);

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Question 28. How To Create Arrays In Javascript?

Answer :

We can declare an array like this 
var scripts = new Array(); 
We can upload elements to this array like this
scripts[0] = "PHP";
scripts[1] = "ASP";
scripts[2] = "JavaScript";
scripts[3] = "HTML";
Now our array scrips has 4 elements inside it and we are able to print or get right of entry to them through using their index quantity. Note that index quantity starts from 0. To get the 1/3 element of the array we should use the index wide variety 2 . Here is the manner to get the 0.33 element of an array. 
We can also create an array like this 
var no_array = new Array(21, 22, 23, 24, 25);

Question 29. How Do You Target A Specific Frame From A Hyperlink?

Answer :

Include the name of the frame in the target attribute of the link. <a href=”mypage.Htm” target=”myframe”>>My Page</a>

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Question 30. What Can Javascript Programs Do?

Answer :

Generation of HTML pages on-the-fly without gaining access to the Web server. The user can be given control over the browser like User input validation Simple computations can be achieved at the customer's system The consumer's browser, OS, screen size, etc. Can be detected Date and Time Handling

Question 31. How To Set A Html Document's Background Color?

Answer :

report.Bgcolor assets may be set to any suitable color.

Question 32. How Can Javascript Be Used To Personalize Or Tailor A Web Site To Fit Individual Users?

Answer :

JavaScript permits a Web web page to carry out "if-then" kinds of selections based on browser version, working machine, person enter, and, in greater recent browsers, information about the display screen size in which the browser is strolling. While a server CGI application can make some of the ones identical kinds of selections, not all and sundry has get admission to to or the knowledge to create CGI packages. For example, an skilled CGI programmer can look at statistics approximately the browser on every occasion a request for a web page is made; as a consequence a server so geared up may serve up one page for Navigator users and a special web page for Internet Explorer customers. Beyond browser and operating machine version, a CGI software can't recognize extra approximately the environment. But a JavaScript-more desirable page can train the browser to render handiest certain content material primarily based at the browser, running machine, or even the screen size. 

Scripting may even pass in addition if the page writer desires. For instance, the writer may additionally encompass a preference display screen that we could the consumer decide the favored background and textual content shade aggregate. A script can keep this statistics at the patron in a properly-regulated nearby record known as a cookie. The next time the consumer comes to the website, scripts in its pages appearance to the cookie info and render the page in the shade mixture decided on formerly. The server is none the wiser, nor does it need to keep any tourist-precise records.

Question 33. Are You Concerned That Older Browsers Don't Support Javascript And Thus Exclude A Set Of Web Users? Individual Users?

Answer :

Fragmentation of the set up base of browsers will most effective get worse. By definition, it could never improve unless virtually every body on the earth threw away their vintage browsers and upgraded to the trendy gee-whiz variations. But even then, there are lots of discrepancies among the scriptability of the trendy Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer. 

The state of affairs makes scripting a task, specially for newcomers who might not be aware about the limitations of earlier browsers. A lot of effort in my books and ancillary cloth goes toward assisting scripters know what features paintings in which browsers and the way to either workaround obstacles in in advance browsers or improve the compatibility common denominator. 

Designing scripts for a Web site requires making some tough selections approximately if, when, and the way to enforce the advantages scripting gives a web page in your audience. For public Web sites, I suggest the use of scripting in an additive way: permit enough content stand on its very own, but let scriptable browser customers get hold of an more advantageous experience, ideally with the equal HTML report.

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Question 34. What Does Isnan Function Do?

Answer :

Return actual if the argument is not a variety of.

Question 35. What Is Negative Infinity?

Answer :

It’s a variety of in JavaScript, derived by using dividing negative wide variety via zero.

Question 36. In A Pop-up Browser Window, How Do You Refer To The Main Browser Window That Opened It?

Answer :

Use window.Opener to refer to the principle window from pop-ups.

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Question 37. What Is The Data Type Of Variables Of In Javascript?

Answer :

All variables are of object kind in JavaScript. 

Question 38. Methods Get And Post In Html Forms - What's The Difference?

Answer :

GET: Parameters are handed inside the querystring. Maximum amount of facts that can be sent through the GET method is constrained to about 2kb.
POST: Parameters are passed in the request body. There isn't any restriction to the quantity of facts that can be transferred using POST. However, there are limits at the maximum quantity of facts that can be transferred in a single call/fee pair.
Question 39. How To Write A Script For "pick out" Lists Using Javascript

Answer :

1. To put off an object from a list set it to null.
MySelectObject.Alternatives[3] = null; 

2. To truncate a list set its length to the most length you desire.
MySelectObject.Duration = 2; 

3. To delete all options in a choose item set the period to 0. 

Question forty. Text From Your Clipboard?

Answer :

It is proper, textual content you final copied for pasting (replica & paste) may be stolen while you go to web sites the usage of a mixture of JavaScript and ASP (or PHP, or CGI) to jot down your possible touchy facts to a database on some other server.


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Question forty one. What Does The "access Is Denied" Ie Error Mean?

Answer :

The "Access Denied" mistakes in any browser is due to the subsequent reason.
A javascript in one window or body is attempts to get admission to any other window or body whose report's area isn't the same as the file containing the script.

Question forty two. Is A Javascript Script Faster Than An Asp Script?

Answer :

Yes.Since javascript is a purchaser-facet script it does require the net server's assist for its computation,so it's far continually quicker than any server-facet script like ASP,PHP,and many others..

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Question 43. Are Java And Javascript The Same?

Answer :

No.Java and javascript are two specific languages.
Java is a effective item - orientated programming language like C++,C while Javascript is a customer-facet scripting language with some barriers.

Question forty four. How To Embed Javascript In A Web Page?

Answer :

javascript code can be embedded in an internet page among <script langugage="javascript"></script> tags

Question forty five. What And Where Are The Best Javascript Resources On The Web?

Answer :

 The pleasant location to start is something known as the meta- which affords a excessive-level evaluation of the JavaScript help to be had at the Net. 

For interactive help with specific issues, nothing beats the primary JavaScript Usenet newsgroup, comp.Lang.Javascript. Netscape and Microsoft additionally have supplier-precise developer discussion companies as well as unique documentation for the scripting and item model implementations.

Question 46. What Are The Problems Associated With Using Javascript, And Are There Javascript Techniques That You Discourage?

Answer :

Browser version incompatibility is the most important trouble. It calls for knowing how each scriptable browser version implements its item version. You see, the incompatibility hardly ever has to do with the middle JavaScript language (even though there had been improvements to the language over time); the majority of incompatibility troubles should do with the object fashions that each browser version implements. For instance, scripters who commenced out with Navigator three carried out the image rollover because it regarded cool. But they were dismayed to find out that the picture item wasn't scriptable in Internet Explorer 3 or Navigator 2. While there are clean workarounds to make this selection work on newer browsers without disturbing older ones, it become a painful getting to know enjoy for many. 

The second largest can of worms is scripting connections between more than one home windows. A lot of scripters want to have little home windows pop up with navigation bars or some such gizmos. But the item models, mainly within the older browser variations, do not make it clean to paintings with these windows the minute you placed a person in front of them--users who can manually near home windows or trade their stacking order. More currently, a glitch in a few uninstall workouts for Windows 95 applications can disturb crucial elements of the gadget Registry that Internet Explorer 4 calls for for managing a couple of home windows. A scripter can not paintings around this problem, as it's now not feasible to come across the trouble in a person's machine. I generally tend to keep away from multiple windows that interact with each different.

Question forty seven. What Boolean Operators Does Javascript Support?

Answer :

forty eight. What Does "1"+2+4 Evaluate To?

Answer :

Since 1 is a string, the whole thing is a string, so the result is 124. 

Question 49. What Is The Difference Between A Web-garden And A Web-farm?

Answer :

Web-lawn - An IIS6.0 characteristic where you can configure an software pool as a web-garden and also specify the variety of employee approaches for that pool. It can help enhance performance in a few cases. 

Web-farm - a standard term regarding a cluster of bodily separate machines, every jogging a web-server for scalability and performance (comparison this with net-garden which refers to multiple tactics on one unmarried bodily device).

Question 50. How To Get The Contents Of An Input Box Using Javascript?

Answer :

Use the "price" property. 
Var myValue = window.Report.GetElementById("MyTextBox").Fee;


Question 51. How To Determine The State Of A Checkbox Using Javascript?

Answer :

var checkedP = window.Report.GetElementById("myCheckBox").Checked;

Question 52. How To Set The Focus In An Element Using Javascript?

Answer :

<script> function setFocus()  if(focusElement != null)  file.Forms[0].Factors["myelementname"].Awareness();   </script>


Question 53. How To Access An External Javascript File That Is Stored Externally And Not Embedded?

Answer :

This may be done by the usage of the following tag among head tags or among body tags.

<script src="abc.Js"></script>

 where abc.Js is the external javscript record to be accessed.


Question fifty four. What Is The Difference Between An Alert Box And A Confirmation Box?

Answer :

An alert field displays only one button that's the OK button while the Confirm container shows two buttons namely OK and cancel.

Question 55. What Is A Prompt Box?

Answer :

A prompt box permits the consumer to go into input by way of offering a textual content container.

Question 56. Can Javascript Code Be Broken In Different Lines?

Answer :

Breaking is viable inside a string declaration by way of the usage of a backslash at the give up but now not within every other javascript announcement.This is ,
document.Write("Hello global");

is viable but not record.Write
("whats up world");

Question 57. Taking A Developer’s Perspective, Do You Think That That Javascript Is Easy To Learn And Use?

Answer :

One of the motives JavaScript has the word "script" in it's miles that as a programming language, the vocabulary of the core language is compact in comparison to full-fledged programming languages. If you already software in Java or C, you clearly must unlearn some principles that had been beaten into you. For example, JavaScript is a loosely typed language, because of this that a variable would not care if it's keeping a string, quite a number, or a reference to an object; the same variable may even change what kind of statistics it holds at the same time as a script runs.

The different part of JavaScript implementation in browsers that makes it less difficult to analyze is that maximum of the objects you script are pre-defined for the author, and they in large part represent bodily matters you may see on a web page: a textual content container, an photograph, and so on. It's easier to say, "OK, these are the matters I'm operating with and I'll use scripting to cause them to do such and such," as a substitute of getting to dream up the person interface, conceive of and code gadgets, and deal with the interaction among objects and customers. With scripting, you have a tendency to write down a _lot_ much less code.

Question fifty eight. What Web Sites Do You Feel Use Javascript Most Effectively (i.E., Best-in-magnificence Examples)? The Worst?

Answer :

The nice sites are the ones that use JavaScript so transparently, that I'm not aware that there may be any scripting on the page. The worst web sites are those who try and galvanize me with how plenty scripting is at the web page.

Question fifty nine. What Is The Difference Between Sessionstate And Viewstate?

Answer :

ViewState is precise to a page in a session. Session kingdom refers to user precise data that can be accessed across all pages within the web application.


Question 60. What Does The Enableviewstatemac Setting In An Aspx Page Do?

Answer :

Setting EnableViewStateMac=authentic is a security degree that allows ASP.NET to make sure that the viewstate for a page has now not been tampered with. If on Postback, the ASP.NET framework detects that there was a exchange within the cost of viewstate that was despatched to the browser, it increases an errors - Validation of viewstate MAC failed. 

Use <%@ Page EnableViewStateMac="true"%> to set it to real (the default fee, if this characteristic isn't always distinct is also actual) in an aspx page.