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Top 100+ Hp-ux 11iv3 System Administration Interview Questions And Answers


Top 100+ Hp-ux 11iv3 System Administration Interview Questions And Answers

Question 1. How To Find Recently Added Lun In Hp Unix Box ?

Answer :

#ls -lrt /dev/disk/*

then take the state-of-the-art dated disk course and test th lun routegrep -i "c?T?D?"

if you obtain /dev/disk/c?T?D? Then get the legacy route and tehn take a look at for lun direction

#ioscan -m dsf /dev/disk/c?T?D?
#inq operating gadget, based on UNIX System V (initially System III) and primary launched in 1984. Recent variations help the HP 9000 series of computer systems, based totally on the PA-RISC processor structure, and HP Integrity systems, based totally on Intel's Itanium architecture.

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Question 3. How To Check Your Hp Unix Is 32-bit Or sixty four-bit ?

Answer :

Use getconf KERNEL_BITS , getconf KERNEL_BITS will return whether it's miles a 32 bit HP Unix or sixty four bit HP Unix as proven beneath.

# getconf KERNEL_BITS


# getconf KERNEL_BITS

sixty four

Question four. How To Create User And To Be Ask Change Passwd At Login ?

Answer :

After created the user account and assign the password with the underneath command

#passwd -f user1

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Question five. How To Check Routing Table?

Answer :

# cat /etc/rc.Config.D/netconf


#netstat -rn

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Question 6. How To Boot Hp-ux Into Single User Mode ?

Answer :

Interrupt the boot technique whilst brought about by urgent [ESCAPE] key , we want to inform HP-UX box besides primary, it must come up with a prompt to have interaction with the ISL. You need to respond 'y' to this. Once at ISL> set off kind hpux -is or hpux -iS /stand/vmunix to boot into single user mode.

Question 7. The Bootsys Command Fails Due To Insufficient Space In The /stand Volume. Why?

Answer :

The bootsys instructions wishes to copy the two documents:

# /decide/ignite/boot/Rel_<release>/*INSTALL
# /opt/ignite/boot/Rel_<release>/*INSTALLFS

where <release> is the running gadget release, from the server into the patron's /stand directory. This errors indicates that there is not sufficient space in /stand at the purchaser. To accurate the error, you can need to get rid of any backup kernels. Additionally, check for kernels inside the /stand/build listing (like vmunix_test).

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Question eight. How To Change Kernel Parameter In 11.Eleven And 11.31

Answer :

in eleven.31
#kctune parameter=price

earlier than exchange the price take a look at whether or not this parameter trade required reboot or no longer

$kctune -v parameter
in 11.31
#kmtune parameter=cost

Question 9. How To Check The Mac Address?

Answer :

USe the above command to get the MAC deal with.

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Question 10. I Updated My Server; Now It Cannot Find "/d_cfg_mnt_sb61/monitor_bpr" ?

Answer :

This is resulting from having a mix of Ignite-UX fileset revisions on your server. In maximum instances it happens when you update simplest one launch  (like Ignite-UX-11-23) despite the fact that you install different releases from that server.

An smooth way to test for this example is to study the output from the command swlist Ignite-UX. All the filesets have to have the identical revision; if now not, then you definitely want to put in all regular versions. If you have "boot helper" systems, in addition they want to have the Ignite-UX product up to date to suit the same revision because the server that they reference.

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Question eleven. Can The Ignite-ux Gui For Make_tape_recovery Span Multiple Tapes?

Answer :

No. We use pax because the device to create the archive tape and there is no modern-day verbal exchange among pax and the GUI to spark off the user on the GUI while pax requests a 2nd tape. You want to use make_tape_recovery at the interactively patron for you to span more than one tapes.

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Question 12. Why Do I Get Warnings From Pax Concerning Files That Are Not On The Client When I Run Either Make_tape_recovery Or Make_net_recovery ?

Answer :

If documents are eliminated from the customer among the time the listing of files to be archived is created and the time the files are truly archived, warnings are generated. For more statistics, refer to make_tape_recovery(1M) and make_net_recovery(1M).

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Question 13. When Igniting From An Archive, Why Do I Get Numerous Samreg Errors ?

Answer :

The hassle is that the SAM filesets have no longer been configured while positive merchandise are trying to sign in themselves with SAM.

The workaround is as follows:

Place this configuration stanza in "/var/decide/ignite/config.Nearby" or directly within the configuration report with the core

sw_source "center"

post_load_cmd += "
swconfig -xautoselect_dependencies=fake /
-xenforce_dependencies=false SystemAdmin.SAM "

Question 14. Can An Ignite-ux Server Install Clients On Multiple Subnets ?

Answer :

There is one recognised trouble with having an Ignite-UX server this is multi-homed (connected to multiple subnets):

The "server" key-word that specifies the IP deal with for your Ignite-UX server can simplest correspond to one of the LAN interfaces. If every subnet is routed such that each one clients can use the only IP address to touch their server, then the installation will paintings. However, it's far greater green for the client to use the server's IP address that is related directly to the purchaser's very own subnet. If a purchaser is on a subnet that does not have a route to the IP deal with detailed through "server", then it will not be capable of contact the server after it boots.

The workarounds for this trouble are as follows:

Manually correct the server's IP cope with at the networking screen that looks at the client console whilst you boot the consumer.
Use a boot-helper on each subnet. When the use of a boot helper, the server's IP deal with may be detailed efficiently on each helper machine.
Question 15. Can I Run Make_net_recovery From A Pa-risc Server To Create An Archive For An Itanium-based totally Client Or Vice Versa ?

Answer :


Question sixteen. Why Do The Iux_postconfig Scripts Associated With Ems Krm Sometimes Fail?

Answer :

On some HP-UX eleven.X customers you might see the following mistakes while getting better a customer from a make_net_recovery or make_tape_recoverytape, or a make_net_recovery image:


ERROR: Cannot install a dlkm driving force.
ERROR: Cannot configure a dlkm driving force.
ERROR: The script:

"/var/adm/sw/products/EMS-KRMonitor/KRMON-RUN/iux_postconfig" failed, go out code was 1.

The motive for that is whilst the restoration archive turned into created, the kernel the client turned into strolling was now not created efficaciously (the DLKM records become out of sync). You need to always use kmupdate to transport a brand new kernel into region after developing it with mk_kernel, this could move the DLKM statistics into location while the brand new vmunix is moved into vicinity at the next shutdown.

To solve this trouble, create a kernel in the manner described above then recreate the recovery tape or network recovery archive. You should no longer see this message the next time you operate the brand new tape or network restoration archive (the antique tape or community restoration archive will usually display this hassle).

Question 17. Why Is Install.Log So Difficult To Read?

Answer :

The installation messages that are logged into set up.Log are received with the aid of Ignite-UX from more than one resources which includes the usual output (stdout) and trendy blunders (stderr of Software Distributor and the contents of swagent.Log. It is not possible to govern how these messages are logged into deploy.Log, hence the file may be complicated.

If you want to verify the installation of a product, HP recommends which you analyzing the swagent.Log document immediately, instead of the Ignite-UX deploy.Log file.

Question 18. Why Am I Getting The Following Message? Pax: Cannot Access /sbin/pax_enh : No Such File Or Directory.

Answer :

If you try archiving using pax format, you notice the following message:

pax: Cannot get admission to /sbin/pax_enh: No such file or directory
pax:  PAX-ENH product needs to be installed to allow the options -A, -o exclude and -o graph.
WARNING: The pax command returned a non-zero go out reputation (exit fame 1). You want to install PAX-ENH product to create pax layout tape files using make_tape_recovery, even on 11.31.

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Question 19. Why Did It Call My Client "<hostname>.0x080009…."?

Answer :

If your customer has multiple LAN interfaces, and you've formerly hooked up the patron the usage of one interface, after which later chose to apply the alternative interface for the duration of the installation, then the consumer call will have the LLA (link-level deal with) appended to the host name so that it does no longer conflict with the previous host call left from the earlier installation.

This may additionally show up if you had to replace the LAN interface to your client since the ultimate time you established it. The LLA number is attached to the LAN interface, no longer the purchaser. It is simplest the call of the icon that has been renamed. You can use the Ignite-UX GUI "Action" menu to "Change icon name" to rename oneor both of the clients.

Question 20. How Do I Include All Volume/disk Groups Into A Recovery Tape ?

Answer :

To encompass all volume and disk businesses on the system into a recovery tape (may be used with make_net_recovery as nicely) use the subsequent command:

# make_tape_recovery -A -x inc_cross=/

The make_tape_recovery manual page defines inc_cross as follows:

-x inc_cross=reportreport or directory inside the healing archive and crosses mount points to access any directories which can be set up or documents contained in directories which are hooked up.

Question 21. We Tried Running The Recovery System Option From A Client Booted Inignite-ux, Which Generated Errors. For Tftp? What Files Need To Be Accessible For Tftp?

Answer :

Only /opt/ignite and /var/opt/ignite are needed for tftp get right of entry to.

Question 22. How Do I Deal With Hot-swappable Disk Devices During Recovery?

Answer :

Ignite-UX simplest supports hot-swappable disks which are absolutely established and gift while creating a recovery photograph. Proper software and hardware processes must be used for decent change disk elimination or substitute earlier than or after recovery, however not throughout. The LVM command lvlnboot utilized by save_config does no longer paintings while a disk is eliminated and the gadget is on this transitional kingdom. If this command isn't working, then restoration has no threat of succeeding.

Question 23. What Is The Maximum Amount Of Data That A Make_tape_recovery Tape Can Hold?

Answer :

A make_tape_recovery tape can preserve as a good deal statistics as will match on the tape. If make_tape_recovery is run within the foreground it activates for more tapes if they are essential.

Note that to include files large than 2GB however less than 8GB you could want to install patches. On HP-UX eleven.11 you ought to have PHCO_28414 or later mounted. On HP-UX B.11.23 you need to have PHCO_31634 or later established. Otherwise files may be restricted to being less than 4GB in length.