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Top 100+ Esic Interview Questions And Answers


Top 100+ Esic Interview Questions And Answers

Question 1. What Is Esi Scheme?

Answer :

It is a comphrensive Social Security Scheme designed to accomplish the project of socially protecting the ‘employees’ inside the organized quarter against the activities of illness, maternity, disablement and death because of employment harm and to offer hospital treatment to the insured personnel and their families.

Question 2. How Does The Scheme Help The Employess?

Answer :

The scheme provides complete medical care to the worker registered underneath the scheme all through the period of his incapacity for restoration of his health and working potential. It gives monetary assistance to compensate the loss of his! Her wages during the duration of his abstention from work because of illness, maternity and employment damage. The scheme provides clinical careto his/her family participants also.

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Question three. What Is A Code Number?

Answer :

It is a 17 digit identification variety allocated to manufacturing facility/ status quo by way of the Regional Officer on receipt of Form-Ol or Survey document from the Social Security Officer.

Question four. What Is A Sub Code Number?

Answer :

This is also an identification number allotted by the Regional Office to a sub-unit, branch workplace, sales workplace or Registered Office of a protected factory or establishment placed inside the same State or specific State, on receipt of the info in prescribed proforma from the business enterprise.

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Question five. Who Is A Principal Employer?

Answer :

In the case of a manufacturing facility, any of the following:

Managing Agent of the proprietor or occupier;
Legal representative of a deceased owner or occupier;
Manage r of the factory underneath the Facto ries Act, 1948.
In the case of Establishments belonging to or underneath the manage of Government of India:

The Specified Authority
The Head of the Department (In the absence of detailed Authority).
In the case of other establishments: Any individual liable for the supervision and manipulate of the establishment.

In the case of other institutions:

          Any person accountable for the supervision and manage of the establishment.

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Question 6. Will The Delayed Payment Attract Interest?

Answer :

An corporation who fails to pay the contribution within the restriction prescribed below Regulation 31, shall be susceptible to pay simple interest on the rate of 12% per annum in recognize of each day of default or delay in charge of contribution (Regulation 31-A).

Question 7. How The Esic Scheme Does Help The Employees?

Answer :

The scheme provides full medical care to the worker registered underneath the scheme at some point of the period of his disability for restoration of his health and operating ability. It affords monetary help to compensate the loss of his/her wages at some point of the period of his abstention from paintings because of sickness, maternity, and employment harm. The scheme affords medical care to his/her own family contributors also.

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Question eight. Who Administers The Esi Scheme?

Answer :

The ESI Scheme is administered by a company frame called the ‘Employees’ State Insurance Corporation’(ESIC) which has members representing Employers, Employees, the Central Government, State Government, Medical Profession and the Parliament. The Director General is the Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation and is likewise an ex-officio member of the Corporation

Question nine. What Are The Other Bodies Of The Esi Corporation?

Answer :

At the National stage, the Standing Committee (a representative body of the Corporation) for administering the affairs of the Corporation, and the Medical Benefit Council, a specialised frame which advises the Corporation on administration of Medical Benefit, are functioning. At the Regional Level, the Regional Boards and Local Committees to check the functioning of the scheme and make guidelines for improvement of the scheme were constituted.

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Question 10. Is It Mandatory For The Employer To Register Under The Esic Scheme?

Answer :

Yes. It is the statutory obligation of the company beneath Section 2-A of the Act study with Regulation 10-B, to sign up the Factory/Establishment underneath the ESI Scheme within 15 days from the date of its applicability to them.

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Question eleven. What Is The Procedure For Registration Of An Employer Esic?

Answer :

The Factory or Establishment to which the Act is relevant is to be registered inside 15 days through filing an Employer’s Registration Form (Form-01) to the worried Regional Office and acquire an identity quantity known as the Code wide variety that is for use in all of the Correspondence relating to the Scheme. (Section 2(A) examine with Regn. 10-B)

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Question 12. What Is A Esic Code Number?

Answer :

It is a 17 digit identification variety allocated by way of the Regional Office on receipt of Form-01 or Survey document from the Social Security Officer, that is to be utilized by the employer in all of the correspondence with the ESI.

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Question 13. Who Are The Persons Not To Be Counted For Coverage Of A Factory?

Answer :

The following men and women are not to count number

A proprietor or a accomplice whether or not drawing profits or now not;
A contractor lending the services of his worker;
An apprentice engaged underneath the Apprentice Act, 1961;
Persons hired on settlement for service, e.G. Felony, technical, tax consultants;
Persons hired in branch/sales workplaces and so forth. Faraway from the factory premises aren't to rely for the purpose of coverage of the manufacturing unit. However, they are to be covered as employees under Section 2(nine), if their wages does no longer exceed the ceiling restrict prescribed.
Question 14. Is There Any Provision For ‘exemption Of A Factory Or Establishment’ From Esi Coverage?

Answer :

Yes. If the personnel in a manufacturing unit or status quo are different-clever in receipt of blessings drastically comparable or superior to the ones furnished beneath the ESI Act, on an application made, the State Government

might also supply exemption to such factory or establishment for a duration of 12 months at a time prospectively. Application for renewal is to be made three months before the date of expiry of exemption period. (Section 87)

Question 15. What Is The Wage Ceiling Limit Prescribed For Coverage Of An Employee?

Answer :

It is Rs. 15,000 in line with month from 1st May, 2010. It changed into Rs. 10,000/- in keeping with month from 1-10-2006 to 30-4-2010. It become Rs. 7,500/- consistent with month from 1-four-2004 to 30-9-2006. The wage ceiling for insurance of an employee with ‘incapacity’ is Rs. 25,000/- in line with month from 1-4-2008.

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Question 16. What Is The Definition Of A Factory For Coverage Under Esi?

Answer :

Factory is described under segment 2(12) as “any premises such as the precincts thereof whereon ten or more humans are employed or were employed on any day of the preceding one year, and in any a part of which, a production procedure is being carried on or is mainly so carried on, however does not consist of a mine challenge to the operation of Mines Act 1952, or a railway strolling shed.”

Whether all the persons employed who aren't coverable underneath the Act also are counted for 10? Yes. All the humans hired within the premises which include the precincts thereof irrespective of their wages including informal, trainees, settlement personnel are counted for the motive of insurance of the Factory. Even the Directors hired are to matter.

Question 17. What Are The Establishments That Attract Coverage Under Esi?

Answer :

According to the notification issued through the State Governments concerned under Section 1(5) of the Act, the subsequent institutions employing 20 or more people for wages attracts ESI insurance.

Hotel or restaurants no longer having any manufacturing activity, however handiest engaged in ‘sales’.
Cinemas including preview theatres;
Road Motor Transport Establishments;
News paper institutions. (That isn't always blanketed as manufacturing unit beneath Sec. 2(12));and
Private Educational Institutions(those run with the aid of people, trustees, societies or other agencies)and Medical Institutions(inclusive of Corporate, Joint Sector, agree with, charitable, and personal ownership hospitals, nursing homes, diagnostic facilities, pathological labs). However, Medical and Educational Institutions mounted and run via Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission are excluded from this coverage.

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Question 18. A Factory Or Establishment Once Covered Can Go Out Of Coverage If The Number Of Persons Employed Therein Goes Down The Minimum Limit Prescribed?

Answer :

Once a manufacturing facility or an Establishment is included under the Act, it continues to be covered notwithstanding the fact that the range of humans/coverable personnel hired therein at any time falls under the desired restrict or the manufacturing system there in ceases to be carried on. Thus, there's no need to have a look at the continuity of coverage of a factory or establishment on every occasion. (Section 1(6) of the Act)

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