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Top 100+ Environmental Health And Safety (ehs) Interview Questions And Answers


Top 100+ Environmental Health And Safety (ehs) Interview Questions And Answers

Question 1. What Is Environment ?

Answer :

If we do no longer want to enter the intricacies of the term, then we will define surroundings as the entirety that surrounds us. Whatever we see around us is constrained to the dwelling thing of the human eco-device. With time, the idea has passed through changes. Today, surroundings approach a unmarried gadget of the interacting residing and non-living natural components of the earth.

But the earth isn't always the only planet of the solar circle of relatives, which once more belongs to our home Galaxy — the Milky Way. There are approximately 100 billion such galaxies floating within the full-size universe, each containing approximately one hundred billion stars!! In this universe, not a unmarried event may be said to be isolated, and no item is impartial of the rest.

Question 2. Describe The Principal Characteristics Of Environment?

Answer :

The most important traits of the environment were listed underneath:

At any given point of time, the environment of any vicinity is the sum general of all biotic elements and the abiotic factors around them.

The three fundamental components that represent the structure of the surroundings are biome, habitat and strength,
The factors of the surroundings are systematically organised and engage with one another to preserve the integrity of the device.
Thus, the environment is a wonderfully functioning device:

The enter of sun energy is responsible for the functioning of the device.
The surroundings is an open machine considering that there may be a non-stop influx and outflow of matter and energy.
The productiveness of the environment is decided through the supply and quantity of power.
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Question three. Explain With Examples The Natural Changes Of Environment?

Answer :

Almost every person is interested in the belief of exchange. Right from the day they may be born, till the moment they breathe their final, people experience a variety of change. They are all acquainted with the light and sunset and passage of day into night, in addition to the trade of the seasons.
We all be aware that the weather in 365 days is in no way quite much like the climate in previous years. Let us take as an example the Monsoon Rains in West Bengal. A few years ago, the rains arrived in Bengal by way of early June and October changed into sunny and satisfactory. Now, the rains arrive a lot later, and the festivities of October are marred by the showers.
Environmental exchange is studied through scientists from environmental, geographical and geological disciplines. The paintings of those scientists have delved into the intricacies of the beyond environments and in the end confirms that environmental trade is actual, diverse and complicated.
Question 4. Define Environmental Studies?

Answer :

There are numerous fields of have a look at related to the surroundings. With time, man realized the developing significance of maintaining his environment, and subjects along with ecology, environmental engineering, environmental sciences, environmental studies and so forth. Gained recognition.
There is a essential difference among environmental technological know-how and environmental research. The former lays emphasis on scientific qualities and problems of environmental interest, at the same time as environmental research focus on questions related to environmental ethics and aesthetics.
The subject for keeping the surroundings is a particularly new phenomenon. There was a time when guy might derive the most advantage from his surroundings, with out contemplating the consequences. It become most effective since the 1950s that countries of the world started out conservation and wise usage of their herbal sources — consisting of water, soil, gas, vegetation and fauna.
It has been widespread that nature is a treasure-residence that offers us with meals, water, strength, medicine and numerous other services. No wonder the prevention and protection of the environment has come to be so vital.
Developed international locations have made massive development inside the area of safety and conservation of the environment on a-long-term basis. However, the growing countries, had been pretty overdue in expertise the gravity of the scenario, and, hence, they're lagging at the back of.
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Question five. What Are The Main Duties Of An Hse Officer?

Answer :

An HSE officer is liable for scheduling and engaging in regular audits, analyzing safety measures, ensuring the HSE policies were in reality communicated to personnel and are being carried out. An HSE officer is likewise accountable for undertaking hazard analysis to keep away from injuries and conduct publish twist of fate studies to pick out the motive of accident and take measures to keep away from its repetition.

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Question 6. As An Hse Officer, What Is Your Prime Safety Concern On Any Given Day?

Answer :

There are many issues which might be on my thoughts each day. But seeing that I price human life, I am typically very aggravating approximately any accidents that can occur and emerge as harming a worker.

Question 7. What Unsafe Conditions Do You Think Are Usually Taken For Granted In An Organization?

Answer :

In my 5 years of labor in safety, I actually have come across many conditions that have transpired by way of human negligence. Loose stair treads and wires which have no longer been earthed are two of the commonplace matters that people take without any consideration and might show to be fatal.

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Question eight. What Are Some Of The Areas That You Would Want To Focus On In Your Hse Officer Role?

Answer :

I believe that fire protection, chemical safety, biohazard safety, radiation prevention and First Aid and CPR schooling are the regions that want to be the top focus on this position.

Question 9. Tell Us Of A Situation When Mere Observation Helped You Foil An Accident Or Injury?

Answer :

One of the things which I stated earlier as easily taken as a right are stair threads. Quite these days, I become doing the rounds of the elevators and staircases within the building I become assigned to and observed that one of the stair treads had come aside. It become a recurring inspection however my observation abilities made it feasible for me to pinpoint this and have it repaired earlier than the lunchtime bell gonged and the people descended to the cafeteria.

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Question 10. Which Areas Of Your Profession Do You Think You Are Best At?

Answer :

I consider myself to be an all rounder considering the fact that if and when I experience I am week in a certain area, I at once make attempt to improve in that area. I am an professional in risk evaluation, incident assessment, safety auditing and HSE policy implementation.

Question eleven. What Ohs And Other Hse Qualifications Do You Possess?

Answer :

I possess NEBOSH certification, BCLS certification, Helicopter underwater get away certification and fireplace preventing certification. I also keep a technical degree in HSE, form the Professional protection institute affiliated with the OSHA.

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Question 12. What Is A Safe Work Permit?

Answer :

A secure paintings permit is basically a record and a permit that specifies the dangers worried within the work to be completed and precautions needed to avoid the same.

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Question thirteen. Name Some Precautions Related To Working At Heights?

Answer :

Proper PPE have to be used, risks of falling have to be cautiously catered for and ladders have to be tightly fastened earlier than a employee climbs on.

Question 14. Name Some Common Construction Site Ppe?

Answer :

Helmets, fall arrest gadget, high visibility clothes and eye safety are some of the PPE used on construction websites.

Question 15. Describe The Principal Constituents Of Earth?

Answer :

The main parts of the earth can be considered in four large organizations:

The lithosphere, that's the outer skin of the earth made up of rocks and minerals,
The environment, that is the gasoline or vapor envelope around the earth,
The hydrosphere, that's the liquid portion of the earth, including the water vapour of the surroundings, the water present in oceans, seas, rivers and lakes, and the water found in rocks, and.
The biosphere, that's the world Of living organisms that reside on land, in water and in the air that we breath.
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Question sixteen. What Are The Different Hypotheses Regarding The Origin Of The Earth ?

Answer :

From the very starting, man has been curious to recognize how the earth and the universe got here into being. Due to this commonplace interest, all the early civilizations evolved their personal reasons and variations of the origin of the earth and nature of the universe.

COSMOLOGY is the field of examine, which deals with the evolution of ideas regarding the foundation of the earth, its relation to the solar machine, and the way the solar gadget is associated’ to the universe.

Man had to wait till the invention of the telescope, while he may want to peer into area and explore the universe. However, this could be carried out at a constrained scale. After  or 3 hundred years, greater powerful telescopes have been advanced. In the period in-between, there were new tendencies within the fields of arithmetic and physics. These enable man to explore area more accurately.

There are two rival theories explaining the beginning of the universe:

The outstanding dense or “BIG BANG” principle:

This concept turned into recommend by way of Ryle. He suggested that a extensive explosion of extremely good dense depend created the universe. This explosion produced the galaxies of stars which are scattered at some stage in the space. The stars also are flying far from every different, at the first-rate velocity of 600 million km/hour.
The constant nation or continuous introduction theory:

This principle become elaborated through Hoyle, Bondi and Gold. They rejected the Big Bang Theory. Instead, they put forward the idea that depend is being continuously created. New galaxies are born and catch up on the ones that are receding beyond guy’s ken