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Top 100+ Dynamic Html Interview Questions And Answers


Top 100+ Dynamic Html Interview Questions And Answers

Question 1. What Is Dhtml? What Are The Features Of Dhtml?

Answer :

DHTML stands for Dynamic HTML. The first factor that we need to clear approximately DHTML is that it's miles neither a language like HTML, JavaScript and many others. Nor a web trendy. It is just a combination of HTML, JavaScript and CSS. It just makes use of these languages features to construct dynamic net pages. DHTML is a characteristic of Netscape Communicator four.0, and Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 and five.0 and is totally a "purchaser-side" era. 

Features of DHTML:

Simplest characteristic is making the web page dynamic.
Can be used to create animations, video games, programs, provide new ways of navigating thru net sites.
DHTML use low-bandwidth effect which decorate internet page functionality.
Dynamic building of internet pages is easy as no plug-in is needed.
Facilitates using occasions, strategies and properties and code reuse.
Question 2. Which Browsers Support Dhtml And How Will Non-supporting Browsers Handle Dhtml?

Answer :

Version of Netscape navigator and Internet Explorer higher than 4.Zero or 4.Zero helps DHTML in clean way. But in comparison to both browsers Internet Explorer 4.0+ helps the DHTML within the satisfactory manner.

DHTML includes JavaScript to make the web page dynamic and irrespective of which scripts is written for and the scripts are designed in this kind of manner that it may be well matched with as many numbers of browsers as possible. The maximum critical factor that need to be stored within the thoughts is that we ought to take a look at the code before jogging it over the server or making it stay. Also we certainly can't guarantee that all customers will use the browser to be able to support the scripts.

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Question three. Describe How Dhtml Work With Javascript.?

Answer :

As DHTML isn't a language and it simply use the property of HTML, JavaScript and CSS to make dynamic content material. So here I will represents the working of DHTML with JavaScript with a simple instance that simply greets person with its name:

<! DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//abc//DTD XHTML 1.1//EN" "http://www.Abc.Org/TR/xhtml11/DTD/xhtml11.Dtd">
<html xmlns="http://www.Abc.Org/1999/xhtml">
<title>DHTML instance</title>
<script type="text/JavaScript">
     characteristic greet_user()
          var call=report.GetElementById(“userName”).Price;
                    alert(“Please provide User Name”)
          <table border=”1” cellspacing=”3”>
                    <td colspan=”2”><h6> Please Enter Your Name </h6></td>
                    <td><h4>User Name </h4></td>
                    <td><input type=”text” id=”userName” ></td>
                    <td colspan=”2”><input type=”button” value=”Submit” onclick=”greet_user()”/>

Question four. Distinguish Between Static Vs. Dynamic Html?

Answer :

1. The simplest distinction is static HTML as soon as rendered cannot be changed then again dynamic HTML may be modified.
2. Static web pages can not have database get entry to however dynamic pages can be linked to database.
3. Using static HTML no interactions persist between person and server but dynamic HTML has functionality to have interaction with the consumer.
Four. Static HTML does no longer require server side coding however dynamic HTML calls for server side coding.
5. No animation, games can be developed using the static HTML however however dynamic HTML can perform this venture.

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Question 5. Explain The Working Of Dhtml.?

Answer :

DHTML as it's miles mixture of HTML in addition to JavaScript and it makes use of the HTML to render the text on the browser. It also makes use of DOM dynamic Object Model which renders its every element as an Object that can be modified by way of placing residences and techniques. This is done with the assist of Scripting. DHTML is a part of the general computing fashion of late '90s. This is a trend exceptional from based programming, with a focus on moves and closer to object-based programming, wherein the items can be compared to nouns in our language.

DHTML lets in scripting languages to change variable in a web web page's definition language, which in turn influences the look and characteristic of in any other case "static" HTML page content, after the page has been fully loaded and throughout the viewing method.

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Question 6. What Are Technologies We Use In Dhtml? Explain Their Significance In Dhtml Application?

Answer :

Speaking in authentic feel there is nothing dynamic in DHTML however enclosing technologies together with CSS, JavaScript, DOM and the static markup language it becomes dynamic.

JavaScript : Whether we name it JavaScript, Jscript, or ECMA Script, it's far the maximum common language used today for customer-side scripting. The primary cause for this JavaScript comes with honestly each browser. For instance, an onload occasion ought to execute a JavaScript characteristic to question the browser’s cookies series to decide whether the person is a primary-time traveler to the web page.

CSS : It stands for Cascading Style Sheet. This is used for the presentation a part of the internet web page. In easy phrases it holds the designing of the web page. The appearance & feel of the page completely relies upon on CSS. In DHTML CSS rules can be modified at each the record and the element degree the usage of JavaScript with occasion handlers, they are able to upload a sizeable amount of dynamism with very little code.

DOM : It stands for Dynamic Object Model and it is the weakest hyperlink in DHTML as most of the browser does now not help the DOM functionality. It defines the object and its homes. It is a fashionable way of gaining access to and manipulating the static content. The Document Object Model is a platform and language-impartial interface that lets in software and scripts to dynamically access the content material and update it.

Question 7. Depict With Explanation A Usable Real-international Example Of Dhtml Scripting.?

Answer :

<title> DHTML In Real World <title>
<script type="text/javascript">
          feature Opens_Child_Window()
               var getUsername=document.GetElementById("userName").Cost;
               var openChild= window.Open("","","peak=300,width= six hundred");
               openchild.Document.Write(“ Welcome!!!!”+getUsername)
<table border="1" boredercolor="blue" cellspacing="3">
          <td> <b> User Name: </b> </td>
          <td> <input type="text" id="userName" property="userName"/> </td>
          <td colspan="2" align="center">
               <input type="button" value="Click Me!!!" onclick="Opens_Child_Window()"/>

In the above designed DHTML we've got a textbox to take the consumer call and on clicking the button a characteristic of name Opens_Child_Window( ) is called which greets consumer in new window together with his name. The new window is opened with the help of window.Open property of Window.

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Question 8. Explain How To Handle Events With Dhtml.?

Answer :

A DHTML application helps severa events, lots of them pretty analogous to the ones of a wellknown VB application. Events are the thrashing coronary heart of any JavaScript software. For managing event in DHTML we attach event handler to HTML factors. The occasion handler waits till a sure occasion, as an instance a click on on a link, takes area.

When it takes place it handles the occasion by means of executing some JavaScript code that has been described with the aid of us. After it has carried out the code the event handlers comes to its initial kingdom and anticipate the person to hearth any occasion. Hence to deal with events in DHTML we need to check in an occasion handler.

Question nine. Difference Between Dhtml And Html?

Answer :

1. The first and foremost distinction is HTML is markup language but DHTML isn't a language.
2. DHTML stands with aggregate of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and DOM however HTML by myself is an enough even though static.
Three. HTML cannot have nay server side code however DHTML may also comprise server side code additionally.
Four. In HTML there is no want for database connectivity but DHTML may also require to hook up with database as it interacts with person.

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Question 10. How Is Fontsize And Font Size Differ In Dhtml?

Answer :

1. Font size is an characteristic that we used in font tag, where as font-length is a fashion belongings.
2. Font length is to be defined for every tag that we need to use in however font-length can be applied as a standard magnificence of action.

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Question eleven. What Are The Attributes That Make Up A Dhtml? Explain Those Attributes.?

Answer :

The attributes that make up DHTML are HTML, JavaScript, CSS and DOM. These are explained under as:

1. JavaScript : Whether we call it JavaScript, Jscript, or ECMAScript, it's far the maximum not unusual language used today for client-aspect scripting. The most important purpose for this JavaScript comes with actually each browser. In DHTML JavaScript JavaScript comes with really every browser. For example, an onload occasion could execute a JavaScript feature to question the browser’s cookies collection to determine whether the person is a first-time tourist to the page.

2. CSS : It stands for Cascading Style Sheet. This is used for the presentation part of the web page. In simple phrases it holds the designing of the page. The look & sense of the web page absolutely relies upon on CSS. In DHTML CSS policies can be changed at each the report and the element degree the usage of JavaScript with occasion handlers, they can add a huge amount of dynamism with very little code.

3. DOM : It stands for Dynamic Object Model and it's far the weakest hyperlink in DHTML as some of the browser does no longer support the DOM capability. It defines the object and its residences. It is a preferred way of having access to and manipulating the static content material. The Document Object Model is a platform and language-impartial interface that permits software and scripts to dynamically get entry to the content and update it.

Four. HTML : It stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. As the names recommend it isn't a programming language, it is a markup language which includes a set of markup tags.

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Question 12. Explain Three Important Components Of Dynamic Html Authoring - Positioning, Style Modifications And Event Handling?

Answer :

1. Positioning : Is some what where we need the object to be positioned inside the graphical view i:e on display. If we communicate in DHTML sense then we've got  types of positioning: Relative and Absolute.

2. Relative Positioning : Relative positioning is the same as the present day HTML3 layout and is fine reserved for situations wherein you need to be sure that the content will revert to this default interior a record that still makes use of absolute positioning.

3. Absolute Positioning : In DHTML absolute positioning means that the item will stay at the equal position no matter the condition of other factors and the size of the browser. In easy languages if an object/image is without a doubt located (STYLE="role: absolute;"), with an offset of 150 pixels to the right and 250 pixels down from the left-hand nook of the browser screen then it'll avail this role what ever the instances may be.

Four. Style Modifications : Style modification indicates the changes inside the presentation or the view part which can be being made in internet web page. This part comes below Cascading Style Sheet in which the user fashion his web page by way of the use of the attributes and the tags which are pre-described in CSS.

Five. Event Handling : As defined earlier Events is the thrashing heart of any JavaScript utility. For handling event in DHTML we connect occasion handler to HTML elements. The event handler waits till a certain occasion, for example a click on on a hyperlink, takes place. When it takes place it handles the event through executing some JavaScript code that has been defined by means of us. After it has completed the code the occasion handler comes to its initial nation and waits for the person to fire any event. Hence to deal with activities in DHTML we want to register an event handler.

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Question thirteen. What Is Logic Match Tag?

Answer :

Logic fit tag is an evaluator which assessments the nested body content of tag whether the required value is the best substring of the requested variable. Matches the variable designated with the aid of one of the selector attributes towards the specified consistent price. If the value is a substring the nested body content of this tag is evaluated.

Or in different words are used to manipulate the generation of web page output through allowing situations to be tested, loops to be installation and application glide to be directed to different pages. A contrast will regularly involve a bean created with one of the bean tags.

For Example: 

<logic: match header="User-Agent" value="Mozilla"> Hi Mozilla browser </logic: match>

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Question 14. What Is The Necessity Of Empty Tag?

Answer :

The first essential correct factor to word approximately empty tag is that they need no longer to be closed. There requirements play an important role in improvement of web pages as we can create links define enter tags which include button, text, hidden fields. Provide hyperlinks to pix and line breaks. For eg: the <hr> tag is an empty tag which is used to draw a horizontal line on the page.

Question 15. Explain About Struts Dispatch Action In Dhtml.?

Answer :

DispatchAction is an movement that comes with Struts 1.1 or later, that let us combine Struts actions into single magnificence, each with their personal method. The org.Apache.Struts.Action.DispatchAction elegance allows multiple operations to map to the distinct capabilities within the identical Action class.

For Example:

<html:hidden property="dispatch" value="error"/>

<SCRIPT>characteristic set(goal) record. Bureaucracy[0].Dispatch. Cost=target;</SCRIPT>

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Question 16. How To Upload Struts File In Dhtml?

Answer :

The interface org.Apache.Struts.Add.FormFile is used for the struts report upload software. This interface represents a record that has been uploaded via a patron. It is the handiest interface or magnificence in upload package deal which is usually referenced without delay by a Struts utility.

This isn't always specific to Struts in case of DHTML but the two things which might be needed in DHTML page is: first, the shape needs to specify an enctype of multipart/shape-records and 2nd an <input> shape manage of kind record.

Following are the steps to load file in DHTML:

1. Creating a bean
2. Writing the ActionClass
3. Mapping the bean in struts-config.Xml
4. Defining actionmapping
5. Developing the DHTML page

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Question 17. Steps Used To Create A Tiles Application In Dhtml?

Answer :

1. Create a template that designs a layout for your application.
2. Create the composing pages.
Three. Create a definition because of this that think that you configured Tiles, in internet.Xml, to startup the usage of the TilesServlet, we want to specify which files will incorporate the Tiles definitions to load.
4. Render the definition.

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Question 18. How Do We Create A Dhtml Drop-down Menu?

Answer :

1. In order to create a DHTML drop down menu we want JavaScript API. The API (Application Programming Interface) includes core set of cross-browser JavaScript features to make DHTML programming smooth and quick. This API allows transferring and hiding web page elements in addition to acts as getter and setter of page factors attributes.
2. Second we outline on image item and off image item and string containing the URL of the "off" model.
Three. Then we create the menu gadgets, label gadgets and sub-menu objects. If we wish we are able to use photos also.
4. Then we want to outline our personal global variables a good way to be utilized by the menu. Using worldwide goes in opposition to oops design however makes sharing records less complicated.
Five. Create the menubar item, adding the menu labels and writing menubars.
6. Create menu item, adding menu gadgets and writing menus.
7. Hiding and showing the menus and attaching stylesheet.

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Question 19. What Is Xhtml? Why Is Xhtml Needed? Advantages Of Using Xhtml Rather Than Html?

Answer :

XHTML stands for Extensible Hypertext Markup Language and is a pass among HTML and XML. It facilitates us to create better formatted code for web site. It makes website more handy.

Need for XHTML : XHTML has a greater strict syntax regulations in comparison of HTML. XHTML gives you a more constant, nicely established format so that your webpages can be effortlessly parsed and processed by way of gift and future web browsers. It additionally makes your internet site extra smooth to hold, edit, convert and format in the long run.


1. XHTML documents are XML conforming. As such, they're quite simply regarded, edited, and established with widespread XML equipment.
2. XHTML documents may be written to perform higher than they did earlier than in present browsers in addition to in new browsers.
Three. XHTML files can utilize applications like scripts and applets that depend on both the HTML Document Object Model or the XML Document Object Model.

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