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Top 100+ Derrickman Interview Questions And Answers


Top 100+ Derrickman Interview Questions And Answers

Question 1. What Is The Function Of Mud?

Answer :

cool and lubricate the drilling bit
convey slicing from the lowest of the hole to the floor
Drilling mud know as hydrostatic pressure which allow to govern
the formation strain
Clean drill bits ,drilling mud removes reducing from bit teeth which
  save you bit ball up scenario
save you formation harm by using using appropriate drilling mud
Transmit hydraulic horsepower to the bit
To keep away from bit to balled up
Question 2. What Is The Functions Of Shale Shaker,desander,degasser,dust Cleaner,deselter And Center Fuger?

Answer :

Shale shaker: remove massive reducing from dust (74 micron

Desander: do away with sand from mud much less than (seventy four -40micron  operating strain (35-45) psi. Potential 500gpm/cone

Deselter : eliminate salt from dust much less than (40 - 20 micron

Working pressure (35-45) psi. Ability 75 gpm/cone

Degasser : eliminate gases from dust.Working strain (35-45) psi

Mud purifier : remove slicing from 20 micron to 7 micron

Capacity 75gpm/cone

Center fuger :eliminate reducing from dust much less than 7 micron to 4


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Question three. How Many Tanks You Have On Rig?

Answer :

shaker tank-suction tank-reserve tank-journey tank-intermidate tanke blending tank

Question 4. What Is Function Of Trip Tank?

Answer :

It is used to test the nicely for losses or benefit for the duration of tripping or twine line operation

Question 5. What Are The Steps To Check On Mud Pump?

Answer :

Permit to work
Per task protection assembly
Electric isolation and put safety lock in the back of pump
Close discharge valve - open bleed valve -then near suction valve
Check pump and replace parts
Remove equipment from pump region
Open discharge valve-closed bleed valve-open suction valve
Remove protection lock and isolation
Cleen cooling tank and fill it
near work allow
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Question 6. What Difference Between Sweep And Spot

Answer :

High viscous dust to circulate hole cleen
High viscous mud to position on backside before experience
Question 7. Why We Using Cooling System In Mud Pump?

Answer :

To cooling pistons ,liners ,seats

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Question eight. When You Need To Change Valve In Pump?

Answer :

Having cracked valve or trade seat

Question nine. When You Need To Change Piston In Pump?

Answer :

Having cracked piston or exchange liner

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Question 10. What Are P.P.E Using While Mixing?

Answer :

Rubber shoes,rubber gloves,helmet,apron,manipulate

Question 11. What Is Slug Mud?

Answer :

Heavy dust the use of berfore triping out to shop mud and cleen pipes

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Question 12. What Are The Steps To Cleen Mud Tanks?

Answer :

Work allow
Measure gases with multi fuel detector
Clean tanks
Close paintings allow
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Question 13. What Time Of Greasing Crown?

Answer :

Every day

Question 14. How You Can Calculate Mud Tank Size?

Answer :

Lenth* width* peak =…/5.614 =…. Bbls

Question 15. What’s The Hydro-static Pressure?

Answer :

Ph is the strain exerted by way of the burden of a liquid on its “field

Ph is the pressure exerted by way of the drilling fluid to offset the strain exerted through the formation fluid

Ph (PSI) = zero.007 * TVD (feet) * Mud wt. (pcf)

Ph (PSI) = zero.052 * TVD (ft) * Mud wt. (ppg)

Sufficient hydrostatic pressure is required to prevent the borehole wall from caving in and to preserve formation fluid from getting into the wellbo

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Question 16. What Is The Relationship Between The Water Losses And Filter Cake?

Answer :

Filter cake growth with water losses boom

Question 17. What Will Happen When Sand Found With Drilling Mud?

Answer :

Damage in pump elements
Rig down time
Cause bit nozzle plug
Reduce rate of penetration
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