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Top 100+ Defect Reporting Interview Questions And Answers


Top 100+ Defect Reporting Interview Questions And Answers

Question 1. What Is Defect In Software Testing?

Answer :

A flaw in a issue or device that can motive the element or gadget to fail to perform its required characteristic, e.G. An incorrect assertion or information definition. A disorder, if encountered at some point of execution, might also cause a failure of the element or system.

Question 2. Differentiate Error, Defect, And Failure?

Answer :

Terminology vary from one segment to any other in Software Application Life Cycle

Software Application Life Cycle has 3 phases;

Development phase:in Development section if developers find any mismatch they call it as Error or mistake
Testing section:In Testing section if Testers locate any mismatch they name it as Defect or Bug or Fault
Production segment:In Production phase if Customers or End Users locate any mismatch they call it as Failure
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Question three. What Is Reproducible Defect?

Answer :

If a Defect is appearing whenever (in every execution) then that Defect is producible defect, we can provide steps for locating it.

Question four. What Is Not Reproducible Defect?

Answer :

If a Defect is some time instances handiest appearing then that Defect isn't producible defect, we need to offer proof (pictures or database dumps) for locating it.

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Question five. What Are The Different Types Of Status Of Defects?

Answer :

Status of Defects

New: Tester affords new reputation while Reporting (for the first time)

Open: Developer / Dev lead /DTT opens the Defect

Rejected: Developer / Dev lead /DTT rejects if the illness is invalid or disorder is reproduction.

Fixed: Developer offers fixed fame after solving the disorder

Deferred: Developer provides this reputation due to time and so forth...

Closed: Tester affords closed status after appearing affirmation Testing

Re-open: Tester Re-opens the illness with valid reasons and proofs

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Question 6. Explain About Defect Life Cycle?

Answer :

Defect Life Cycle

Different Flows of the Defect :

New > Opened > Closed
New > Opened > Closed
New > Opened > Fixed > Re-Opened > Fixed > Closed
New > Opened > Deferred
New > Opened > Rejected > Re-Opened > Fixed > Closed Etc...
Question 7. What Is Defect Management?

Answer :

The process of spotting, investigating, taking action and removing defects. It includes recording defects, classifying them and figuring out the effect.Some groups use Manual Process (Excel workbook), and a few agencies use Tool primarily based procedure for Defect Management.

Tools Examples:Bugzilla / Issue-Tracker / PR-Tracker/Jira / Quality Center and so forth...(anybody)

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Question 8. What Is Defect Management Tool?

Answer :

A device that facilitates the recording and standing monitoring of defects and modifications. They often have workflow-orientated centers to track and control the allocation, correction and re-checking out of defects and provide reporting facilities.

Question nine. What Is Defect Deduction Percentage (ddp)?

Answer :

The range of defects discovered via a take a look at phase, divided via the variety discovered with the aid of that test section and some other manner afterwards.

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Question 10. What Is The Defect Reporting Process?

Answer :

Defect Reporting Process:

Defect  Reporting Process vary from one employer to another.

Small scale Company:Tester -> Developer
Medium scale Company:Tester -> Test Lead -> Development Lead -> Developer
Large scale Company:Tester -> Test Lead -> DTT -> Development Lead -> Developer
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Question 11. What Is Defect Masking?

Answer :

An incidence in which one illness prevents the detection of some other.

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Question 12. What Is Defect Density?

Answer :

The number of defects recognized in a thing or machine divided by way of the size of the component or machine (expressed in popular size terms, e.G. Traces-of code, variety of lessons or feature points).

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Question thirteen. What Is Defect Based Test Design Technique?

Answer :

A manner to derive and/or select test instances centered at one or extra illness categories, with checks being advanced from what is thought about the particular illness category.

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Question 14. What Is Defect Report?

Answer :

A record reporting on any flaw in a factor or machine that may purpose the thing or system to fail to perform its required characteristic.

Question 15. Give A Sample Defect Report Template?

Answer :

A Sample Defect Report Template:

Defect ID: Unique No or Name
Description: Summary of the illness
Feature: Module / Function / Service , in those module TE located the defect
Test Case Name: Corresponding failing test situation
Reproducible (Yes / No): Yes -> Every time defect appears at some stage in test execution
            No -> Rarely disorder appears

            If Yes, attach test method:

            If No, connect snapshot & strong reasons:

Status: New / Reopen
7) Severity: Seriousness of defect w.R.T capability (high / medium / low)
Priority: Importance of the disorder w.R.T clients (excessive / medium / low)
Reported worm: Name of Test Engineer
Reported on: Date of submission
Assign to: Name of the accountable individual in improvement group -> PM
Build Version ID: In which build, Test Engineer fount the defect
Suggested restore (Optional): Tester attempts to provide notion to resolve this illness
Fixed through: PM or Team Lead
Resolved by way of: Developer name
Resolved on: Date of solving By Developers
Resolution kind: check out in next web page
Approved through: Signature of Project Manager (PM)
Note: Defect Report Template may additionally vary from one business enterprise to every other and one mission to every other

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