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Top 100+ Cyberoam Interview Questions And Answers


Top 100+ Cyberoam Interview Questions And Answers

Question 1. What Do You Mean By Cyberoam?

Answer :

Cyberoam is an company that is presenting services and products related to IT security. Cyberoam has global operations, with an extremely robust presence in India, Middle East Countries, Africa, and Latin America. Their consumer consists of all industries and verticals with top personal and government businesses in India.

Question 2. What Do You Mean By Cyberoam Device?

Answer :

Cyberoam’s Unified Threat Management hardware appliances provide complete protection to any business enterprise, starting from huge cap establishments to its branch workplaces. Multiple protection functions has been included over a single named as Layer eight Identity based platform which make security appearance very simple, but tremendously powerful.

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Question 3. How Does Cyberoam Functions?

Answer :

While designing corporate guidelines regarding community protection, many companies often forget about the most important and susceptible element in security, that is the human detail. By and large an enterprise’s usual safety is best as strong as its weakest link, their customers. In order to address the issues of gaining visibility and controls on the users activities within the community, Cyberoam UTM’s Layer eight technology with its network home equipment of UTM appliances and Next Generation Firewalls, has been derived out of the want for a extra strong community protection system that could include a user’s human identification as part of the firewall rule matching the standards.

Question 4. How Does Cyberoam Layer Technology Functions?

Answer :

By definition, Cyberoam Layer 8 Technology, functions over its network safety appliances via treating every unmarried consumer identity as the 8th layer or the "human layer" within the community protocol stack. This lets in the machine administrators to uniquely become aware of customers, manipulate pastime of these users inside the net network, and enable policy placing and reporting by way of username.

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Question 5. What Are The Benefits Of Cyberoam’s eight Layer Technology?

Answer :

Following are the blessings rendered with the aid of Cyberoam’s eight Layer Technology:

1. Identification of attackers and sufferers with their username can be identified.

2. Instant visibility by way of gadget administrators into source of the assaults.

Three. Controlling who is doing what in the whole organizational network.

4. Allowing introduction of identity-based guidelines

5. Reporting to track identity-based utilization, troubles, intrusions and so on.

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Question 6. What Do You Mean By Integrated Security Over Single Cyberoam Network Security Appliances?

Answer :

The Layer 8 technology is going thru every and every single security module of the Cyberoam protection home equipment. All safety functions are centrally configured and are controlled from a single firewall web page easily. Layer 8 binds those securities capabilities and creates a unmarried, consolidated security unit which allows the machine administrator to trade protection rules dynamically at the same time as accounting for consumer movement, like joiner, leaver, elevating hierarchy and many others.

Question 7. How Cyberoam Does Adds Speed To The Security System?

Answer :

IT professionals regularly waste plenty time in the understanding supply of attacks or attackers anyways of security breach, due to the dearth of granular identity functions in different security structures. Cyberoam’s Layer eight gives immediately visibility into the source of attacks at the same time as figuring out sufferers and attackers by means of their username accompanied via a proactive remedy of protection incidents. In this way Cyberoam accelerates the safety.

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Question 8. How Cyberoam Provides Security In Wi-fi Environments?

Answer :

Cyberoam can correctly offer protection to companies in dynamic Wi-Fi environments wherein it’s no longer clean to hint users through IP addresses by myself. It affords sturdy person authentication apart from monitoring Internet get right of entry to controls and reports with identity primarily based approach. It additionally gives separate community get admission to Guest and Employee.

Question 9. How Does Cyberoam Boosts Organizational Productivity?

Answer :

Cyberoam’s content material and alertness filtering mechanism manages the indiscriminate Internet browsing tendency of its customers through custom designed coverage placing for specific users and companies, thereby marking barriers on get entry to primarily based on time length and predefined blocked web sites over one hundred categories. Cyberoam network security home equipment additionally gives all users with time and function based totally bandwidth control device which prevents customers from eating large amounts of bandwidth for nonproductive net browsing and useless downloads. Instant Messaging Controls allow directors to control who can chat with whom over messengers, webcam and may transfer documents.

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Question 10. What Is Cyberoam Iview Logging And Reporting System?

Answer :

In Cyberoam’s Layer 8 identity primarily based reporting machine called Cyberoam iView, gives an in depth evaluation of the community sports for each and each single user. All network attacks are exhibited on a single screen on the dashboard with 1/3 stage of drilled down reviews (approximately 1200+ reports) facilitating any investigation of attacks and users accountable for them.

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Question 11. Is Cyberoam Regulatory Compliance?

Answer :

Equipped with Layer eight identification and its controls, Cyberoam network security home equipment enable organisation to conform with all stipulated regulatory compliance norms including HIPAA, CIPA, PCI-DSS, GLBA, etc.

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Question 12. What Is This Cyberoam Captive Portal And How Can It Be Configured?

Answer :

A Captive Portal is used to validate an existing user in Cyberoam community thru an internet browser interface before granting access to the community. Cyberoam lets in device directors to regulate URL redirection after any consumer logs in via the Captive Portal. 

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Question thirteen. Why Is Captive Portal Not Displayed To Users Trying To Access Internet When A Default Drop Policy Is Applied?

Answer :

This trouble can be particular to a few installations best and might unfold to multiple locations.

However,  common issues occurs which might be described as comply with: - 

1.An External DNS is configured in the precise System. If a ‘Drop’ firewall rule is carried out, Cyberoam will block all traffic, consisting of DNS requests. Hence, Captive Portal won’t be displayed.

This can resolved by both of the subsequent solutions:

We have to Configure Cyberoam IP address because the DNS within the user machines.
We must create a firewall rule which accepts DNS site visitors and places it above the ‘Drop’ rule.
2.Captive Portal isn't always displayed for Clientless Users. This occurs due to the fact depended on customers don’t need any authentication on Cyberoam to get entry to Internet. Hence, Captive Portal isn't displayed to clientless users.

Question 14. How To Customize The Default Sms Sent To Guest Users?

Answer :

We can customize the Default SMS sent to Guest Users by executing the stairs as following:

At first we need to login to Web Admin Console with profile having read & write permission for the applicable capabilities. 
Then we need to go to System > Configuration > Messages and increase the device SMS Customization.
At Last we need to click directly to edit the Default SMS Text.
Question 15. How Can We Set Authentication Mechanism For L2tp Or Pptp Vpn Users?

Answer :

Cyberoam enables administrator to set the authentication protocol utilized by L2TP and PPTP VPN users.

Following are the stairs defined beneath to set authentication mechanism for L2TP or PPTP VPN customers.

We should logon to the console via Telnet or SSH, to get entry to the CLI Console by clicking at the higher proper nook of Web Admin Console show. Then we ought to pick choice 4.

Cyberoam Console observed with the aid of executing the command to set authentication approach for L2TP customers: 

console> set vpn L2tp authentication <ANY/CHAP/MS_CHAPv2/PAP> OR

We have to execute the following command to set authentication approach for PPTP customers:

console> set vpn pptp authentication <ANY/CHAP/MS_CHAPv2/PAP>

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Question 16. What Is Maximum Session Timeout?

Answer :

The Maximum Session Timeout is the time duration in mins for which a person can be logged into Cyberoam network. Exceeding the length as configured in the community, the person is mechanically logged out and must re-authenticate to log in to the network once more. 

Question 17. How To Setup The Maximum Session Timeout Globally For All Users?

Answer :

System Administrator can configure the maximum consultation timeout for all users by following the steps as defined beneath. We need to log on to the Web Admin Console as an administrator with Read & Write permission for relevant functions. Then we should go to Identity > Authentication > Firewall, underneath Global Settings against Maximum Session Timeout, and uncheck Unlimited and specify the timeout in mins. Lastly we want to click on observe to prompt the modifications.

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Question 18. What Is Inactivity Timeout?

Answer :

Cyberoam allows gadget directors to set the state of being inactive timeout length and facts switch threshold of all customers. 

Inactivity Timeout is the inactive or idle time in mins after which the consumer may be logged out routinely and has to authenticate again. 
Data Transfer Threshold is the edge cost laid out in Bytes for moving of facts. If the quantum of statistics isn't always transferred in the exact Inactivity Time, the consumer could be marked as inactive.
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Question 19. How To Configure Ctas Settings To Automatically Logout Inactive Users?

Answer :

We ought to be logged in to Web Admin Console with administrator privileges with Read & Write permission for the related project. Then we want to configure Cyberoam Transparent Authentication (CTAS) by using putting the Inactivity Timeout and Data Transfer Threshold for customers authenticating using CTAS from Identity > Authentication > Firewall > CTAS Settings.

Question 20. How To Configure Web Clients Settings To Automatically Logout Inactive Users?

Answer :

We need to be logged in to Web Admin Console with administrator privileges before configuring Web Clients (iOS, Android and API) and set the Inactivity Timeout and Data Transfer Threshold for iOS, Android and API users authenticating the use of Web Clients from Identity > Authentication > Firewall > Web Client Settings.

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Question 21. How Can We Disable Email Notification For Virtual Host Failover?

Answer :

We need to logon to CLI Console thru Telnet or SSH or we will access the CLI Console by clicking Console Button on the upper right nook of the Web Admin Console display screen display. Then we want to pick out alternative four, “Cyberoam Console”. After choosing Cyberoam Console we will execute the subsequent command to disable mail notifications for virtual host failover, 

console> set digital host failover mail-notification disable

Question 22. Does Cyberoam Protect Organizational Network Against Ip Spoofing?

Answer :

The energy packed feature of Cyberoam’s Unicast Reverse Packet Forwarding, additionally referred to as Anti Spoofing, protects organizational network against IP Spoofing, and all varieties of assaults that utilize IP Spoofing strategies, like DoS attacks, and many others. Cyberoam scrutinizes all incoming packets and rejects all such packets that don't bring a confirmable Source of IP Address. In different phrases, if the supply IP deal with of a packet does no longer match with any entry on Cyberoam’s routing table, or if the packet isn't from an immediate subnet, then Cyberoam rejects the packet.

Question 23. What Is Cyberoam Client?

Answer :

Cyberoam SSL VPN client helps the user to access the organizational community remotely from anywhere, whenever. It gives the consumer with the capacity to create factor to point encrypted channels among remote user and the organisation's inner community. Combination of SSL certificates with username and password is needed to get entry to the organizational community.

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Question 24. What Are The Different Types Of Firewalls?

Answer :

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) 800-10 categorize 3 kinds of firewalls:

Packet filters.
Stateful inspection.
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Question 25. What Is A Firewall On A Network?

Answer :

Firewall is a system designed to prevent unauthorized get right of entry to to or from any non-public networks. Firewall can be carried out both in hardware or software program form, or a combination of both. Firewalls save you unauthorized Internet users from getting access to personal networks linked to the Internet, in particular the intranets.

Question 26. Do You Know The Default Ip Address For Cyberoam?

Answer :

Cyberoam Appliances are shipped with default configuration:

Port A IP deal with (LAN area):172.Sixteen.16.Sixteen/255.255.255.Zero. Port B IP address (WAN sector):

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Question 27. What Is Dmz Port In Cyberoam?

Answer :

Virtual Host maps the offerings of any public IP address to services of a host in any non-public network. This virtual host is used as the Destination cope with to access internal or a DMZ server. A Virtual host is probably a single IP address or a range of IP addresses or Cyberoam interface itself.

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Question 28. What Is A Dmz In Networking?

Answer :

In network security, a DMZ or demilitarized zone (referred to as a perimeter community additionally) is a bodily or logical sub community which factors their outside offerings to an community now not trusted, normally a huge network like that of the Internet.

Question 29. Why Do We Need A Dmz?

Answer :

The 2d or internal firewall lets in site visitors handiest from the DMZ to the internal community. This is gave the impression to be extra cozy due to the fact that two devices might need to be compromised earlier than an attacker can get admission to the inner LAN. As a DMZ segregates a network, protection controls can be perfectly tuned for every and each unmarried section.

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