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Top 100+ Cobertura Interview Questions And Answers


Top 100+ Cobertura Interview Questions And Answers

Question 1. Where Does The Name “cobertura” Come From?

Answer :

“Cobertura” is the Spanish and Portuguese word for “insurance.” We have been seeking to keep away from acronyms and espresso references. It’s not too difficult to companion the word “cobertura” with the word “insurance,” and it even has a bit of a zesty kick to it!

Question 2. What Is Cobertura?

Answer :

Cobertura is an open source device that measures take a look at insurance via instrumenting a code base and monitoring the share of code which can be finished because the check suite runs. It is based on jcoverage. In addition to identifying untested code and locating insects, Cobertura can optimize code with the aid of flagging useless and unreachable code.

Cobertura video display units exams by means of instrumenting the bytecode with more statements to log which strains are and are not being reached as the check suite executes. It then produces a file in HTML or XML that indicates precisely which packages, training, strategies, and character lines of code aren't being examined.

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Question 3. What About Emma?

Answer :

We haven’t used it very lots, however it seems like it does a quite properly task. Judging from the pattern at the Emma web page, we think the Cobertura HTML reports are a bit easier to digest. It looks like Emma has some first-class usability capabilities, along with the capacity to tool all instructions in a jar report with one command. A little pleasant opposition never hurt all and sundry.

Question 4. What Do I Need To Use Cobertura?

Answer :

A pc with Java 1.Three or more moderen. We have run Cobertura on Windows XP and Linux (Fedora Core 4) the usage of the 1.4.2 JDK. However, it have to paintings on any platform and with any 1.3 or more recent JDK. The Cobertura download applications consist of all of the dependencies you’ll want (ASM, log4j, and many others.)

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Question five. What Is Code Complexity And Why Should I Care About It?

Answer :

McCabe’s cyclomatic code complexity set of rules is used to decide how “complicated” a given piece of code is. As code will become extra complicated, it turns into greater error prone. If a class has a excessive complexity variety, then that magnificence is a superb target for additional take a look at coverage.

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Question 6. When I Generate Coverage Reports, Why Do They Always Show a hundred% Coverage Everywhere?

Answer :

Cobertura might be using the incorrect .Ser report when generating the reviews. When you device your classes, Cobertura generates a .Ser file containing primary data approximately each class. As your checks run, Cobertura adds additional facts to this identical records file. If the instrumented training can't locate the statistics record whilst jogging then they will create a brand new one. It is essential that you use the same cobertura.Ser record whilst instrumenting, walking, and producing reports.

The great manner to do that is to specify the region of the records record when going for walks your exams. You have to pass the -Dnet.Sourceforge.Cobertura.Datafile=$basedir/cobertura.Ser sysproperty to the JUnit mission.

Another common hassle is that the cobertura.Ser record is deleted, however the formerly instrumented instructions aren't also deleted. Any time you delete your insurance statistics report you should also deleted all instrumented lessons.

Question 7. Why Is Cobertura Causing Me To Have Classpath Conflicts With Asm?

Answer :

Cobertura makes use of ASM to modify your bytecode. There are some other famous applications that use ASM; Groovy and Hibernate, to call . You may want to have issues if Cobertura uses a specific model of asm and also you add both versions to your classpath.

Cobertura best makes use of ASM whilst instrumenting. Cobertura does not need ASM on your classpath while walking checks. If you’re seeing classpath conflicts, just make certain the asm jar that includes Cobertura is used best by Cobertura, and best when instrumenting.

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Question 8. Is It Possible To Graphically Show My Test Coverage Over Time?

Answer :

Yes, the use of QALab. From their website, QALab “lets in developers, architects and project managers alike to be supplied with a fashion of the QA records in their project.”

Question nine. I Have Automated Tests That Use Httpunit/htmlunit/empirix/rational Robot, Can I Use Cobertura?

Answer :

Yes! The system is a chunk more involved, however the concept is the equal. First device your compiled lessons. Then create your conflict report. Then install the warfare document into your software server (Tomcat, JBoss, WebLogic, WebSphere, etc). Now run your checks.

As your instructions are accessed, they'll create a “cobertura.Ser” file at the disk. You may additionally need to dig around a bit to locate it. Cobertura places this file in what it considers to be the modern-day operating listing. Typically that is the listing that the application server turned into began from (as an instance, C:Tomcatbin) Note: This report is not written to the disk until the software server exits. See beneath for the way to paintings round this.

Now which you recognise wherein the cobertura.Ser report is, you have to modify your install step in order that it actions the authentic cobertura.Ser to the appropriate listing on your software server, and then movements it back whilst finished testing. Then run cobertura-record.

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Question 10. I’m Using Jboss. When I Stop The Server, The Coverage Data File Is Not Written. Or The Coverage Data File Is zero Bytes. Or Cobertura-record And Cobertura-merge Complain That The Coverage Data File Is Invalid (in all likelihood Throwing An Eofexception).?

Answer :

Cobertura most effective writes the insurance statistics document at shutdown. It does this by including a shutdown hook with Runtime.GetRuntime().AddShutdownHook(). JBoss has its personal shutdown hook that calls System.Halt() when its finished. If the JBoss shutdown hook finishes earlier than the Cobertura shutdown hook, then the decision to System.Halt() reasons the JVM to halt and the cobertura.Ser document could be incomplete.

To repair this, set -Djboss.Shutdown.ForceHalt=fake while starting JBoss.

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Question 11. Cobertura Only Writes The Coverage Data File When The Application Server Shuts Down. We Do Not Want To Stop Our Application Server After Running Our Tests.?

Answer :

It is feasible to train Cobertura to put in writing the statistics report. One of your lessons must name the static method internet.Sourceforge.Cobertura.Coveragedata.ProjectData.SaveGlobalProjectData().

For example: you can add some thing like this to a “logout” technique in your net utility:

        String className = "internet.Sourceforge.Cobertura.Coveragedata.ProjectData";
        String methodName = "saveGlobalProjectData";
        Class saveClass = Class.ForName(className);
        java.Lang.Replicate.Method saveMethod = saveClass.GetDeclaredMethod(methodName, new Class[0]);
        saveMethod.Invoke(null,new Object[0]);
     seize (Throwable t) 

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