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Top 100+ Cisco Interview Questions And Answers


Top 100+ Cisco Interview Questions And Answers

Question 1. Have You Managed Heterogeneous Networks And Environments, Supporting Both Linux And Windows-primarily based Networking?

Answer :

What the general public say: This isn't a yes or absolute confidence. Elaborate on your experience.

What you need to say: Describe the demanding situations hybrid environments pose, but don’t gloss over the problems or your struggles. Explain how you managed a hard situation or determined an progressive solution.

Why you have to say it: The Linux Foundation’s Enterprise End User take a look at has discovered that corporations are deploying extra Linux even as maintaining their Windows servers. That approach you need to reveal proficiency in both.

Question 2. What Are Some Examples Of Troubleshooting Methods You’ve Successfully Used In The Past?

Answer :

What most of the people say: Someone who’s in no way been in price of a troubleshooting venture and clearly did what they were told may provide a normal answer or outline some greater traditional troubleshooting methods. That doesn’t lead them to stand out.

What you have to say: Every community difficulty is special, and say so. Then be unique about how you diagnosed a selected trouble and went approximately fixing it. For example, simply mentioning which you’ve used the Top Down or Bottom Up method is useful, but offer precise info.

Why you have to say it: The information display the interviewer that you have particular and a hit troubleshooting revel in.

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Question 3. What Tools Do You Typically Use To Isolate And Troubleshoot Network Issues?

Answer :

What many humans say: They list the names of the gear.

What you ought to say: Explain your choice process and throw in some thing illustrating your diligence and attention to detail.

Why you ought to say it: The interviewer desires to understand greater than the names, but also why you prefer them. This permits the manager to get a deeper know-how of your actual knowledge of networking in all environments.

Question four. What Are Some Ways You’ve Improved Network Performance In The Past?

Answer :

What most of the people say: They communicate approximately problems they’ve constant within the beyond, but now not necessarily how they’ve progressed performance.

What you have to say: Qualified candidates generally have crowning moments to speak approximately, instances in which they’ve taken on a task and seriously stepped forward the network’s performance. You ought to bounce in this question and solution it with power and exhilaration.

Why you should say it: Most groups are looking now not only for community engineers who aren't most effective problem-solvers, however people who can give a boost to they networks and organization.

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Question 5. How Much Experience Do You Have Working With The Development Team As Well As The Sysadmin/networking Team?

Answer :

What the general public say: The DevOps concept of integrating the improvement and operations teams is reasonably new, so don’t fudge it in case you’ve been on most effective one side or the opposite. These teams awareness on shrinking development time, saving money and removing conflicts among evolved projects and operational integration, and depend closely on open communication.

What you should say: Even in case you haven’t been on this sort of crew, right here’s an possibility to tell a story about a related ability, including your capacity to work closely with other devices or to communicate effectively.

Why you need to say it: As those groups come to be greater common, you’ll want in order to articulate this experience or your willingness to dive in.

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Question 6. What Things Should Be Considered When Designing An Enterprise Network?

Answer :

What the majority say: They mention a number of the greater established matters to be taken into consideration (which  can easily be discovered via a fundamental Internet search. Managers understand that.).

What you have to say: Begin with, “That relies upon, because a cookie-cutter technique just won’t work on the subject of enterprise community design.” Then define a selected organization community you’ve designed and its precise concerns.

Why you need to say it: This type of answer shall we the interviewer realize greater approximately your particular degree of enjoy rather than just your stage of technical information. In pretty much each case, revel in trumps expertise.

Question 7. Describe How You’ve Met The Challenges Associated With Ipv6?

Answer :

What most people say: Usually that IPv6 is a hassle that can be worked around with strategies like community address translation.
What you need to say: IPv6 is a actual and specific channel that desires to be met head on.
Why you must say it: It’s proper and the solution sounds proactive.
We compiled these questions and answers with the Linux Foundation’s schooling workforce, Andrew Schrage, co-owner of the startup Money Crashers, and Carl Weinschenk, longtime information and telecom blogger for web sites like IT Business Edge.

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Question 8. What Is Recovery Testing?

Answer :

In software testing, recovery testing is the hobby of trying out how nicely the software program is able to get over crashes, hardware disasters and different similar problems.

Question 9. Which Layer Is Responsible For Determining If Sufficient Resources For The Intended Communication Exists?

Answer :

The Application layer of the OSI model is in which customers communicate to the pc. The Application layer is chargeable for figuring out and organising the provision of the meant communique companion and determining if sufficient assets for the meant communique exist.

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Question 10. What Are The 2 Functions Of The Data Link Mac Layer?

Answer :

Handles get entry to to shared media and Allows more than one gadgets to uniquely pick out one another on the information hyperlink layer.

Question 11. Describe End To End Network Service?

Answer :

Accomplished Segment by means of Segment, every segment is independent and Flow Control & Data Integrity.

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Question 12. Which Of The Following Provide Correct Information About A Protocol At The Transport Layer Of The Osi Model?

Answer :

UDP – Provides Connectionless datagrams carrier and

TCP – Provides Connection Oriented Services

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Question 13. Which Layer Is Responsible For Providing Mechanisms For Multiplexing Upper-layer Application, Session Establishment, And Tear Down Of Virtual Circuits?

Answer :

Transport Layer

Question 14. Which Of The Following Are Logged When Ip Access List Logging Is Enabled?

Answer :

supply cope with
supply port
destination cope with
get right of entry to listing range
vacation spot port
Question 15. What Is The Default Cdp Holdtime In Seconds For Cisco Routers?

Answer :

one hundred eighty Seconds

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Question sixteen. Which Two Of The Following Protocols Are Used At The Transport Layer?

Answer :


Question 17. Choose Three Reasons Why The Networking Industry Uses A Layered Model?

Answer :

It facilitates systematic troubleshooting
It permits adjustments in a single layer to arise without converting other layers
It clarifies what widespread characteristic is to be performed as opposed to how to do it
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Question 18. Which Layer Is Responsible For Identifying And Establishing The Availability Of The Intended Communication Partner?

Answer :


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Question 19. What Is Tacacs? Radius?

Answer :

Terminal Access Controller Access-Control System (TACACS): This is a faraway authentication protocol this is used to talk with an authentication server typically used in UNIX networks. TACACS permits a faraway access server to speak with an authentication server with a purpose to decide if the user has access to the network.

RADIUS: Remote Authentication Dial In User Service (RADIUS) is an AAA (authentication, authorization, and accounting) protocol for controlling get admission to to network resources. RADIUS is commonly used by ISPs and companies dealing with get right of entry to to Internet or inner networks across an array of get right of entry to technologies along with modem, DSL, wi-fi and VPNs.

Question 20. What Is Flow Or Netflow?

Answer :

NetFlow is an open but proprietary community protocol developed by means of Cisco Systems to run on Cisco IOS-enabled system for accumulating IP traffic statistics.

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Question 21. What Is Span Or Rspan?

Answer :

Switched Port Analyzer. Remote Switched Port Analyzer. You can reveal site visitors flowing to a port from some other port.

Question 22. What Is Vmps?

Answer :

The VLAN Membership Policy Server ( VMPS ) makes it feasible to apply a client/server structure to manage dynamic VLAN based totally at the MAC addresses. When a person connects to a port, the patron transfer connects it to server VMPS to realize if this MAC cope with may be related to this port.