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Top 100+ Cash Flow Management Interview Questions And Answers


Top 100+ Cash Flow Management Interview Questions And Answers

Question 1. What Is Cash Flow Management?

Answer :

Cash control refers to a broad region of finance regarding the collection, handling, and usage of cash. It entails assessing marketplace liquidity, coins flow, and investments.

At its handiest, cash waft control manner delaying outlays of cash as long as viable whilst encouraging every body who owes you money to pay it as swiftly as possible.

Question 2. How Can I Increase Positive Cash Flow?

Answer :

Your coins reserves remain low because of residual consequences from the past year and the efforts to stabilize shifting ahead. Many customers are now aware of paying overdue (if at all), so you’ve had much less coins coming in. How are you able to generate greater wonderful cash waft and preserve it for the long time.

Much depends to your inner series efforts. Do you awareness on the money owed which might be 30 to 60 days past due, or those 90 to a hundred and twenty days (and extra) late? Age is the best deteriorating aspect inside the collectability of a debt. So in case you’re placing your inner power and greenbacks into pursuing bills over 90 days, the 30-to-60-day slow-pays have become less collectable by means of the instant. And you’re in a vicious cycle.

The secret is pro-activity:

Call gradual-can pay right now after due date. Reopen the traces of verbal exchange to remind customers in their responsibility. Identify any service issues and resolve billing disputes. 
Make fee arrangements. Process complete price over the telephone or set up a fee plan. If you don’t try and get partial payment, the ones bucks may not be available next month. 
Call habitually slow-paying clients first. You already comprehend it’s no longer a provider trouble — they’re simply sluggish to pay. Keep on pinnacle of those accounts. 
Review getting old reviews weekly. Make sure you understand exactly wherein bills are falling in the delinquency cycle so that you can prioritize your inner efforts.
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Question three. How Can I Get Customers To Pay On Time?

Answer :

The load-to-load mentality has evolved over a few years. Historically, propane entrepreneurs allowed non charge till clients needed their subsequent tank of fuel. At one time, they might nonetheless realize a decent earnings inside this unfastened charge structure — but no longer in these days’s financial system.

There is not any payment flexibility in relation to clients’ electric, phone, cable, and different application payments. So they’ve discovered to prioritize and pay those on time. The purpose is to trade the burden-to-load mentality and assist clients view their gasoline invoice as a software invoice.

You can’t pressure well timed payment, however you may encourage a change in charge conduct:

Send invoices on time. Timely submission shall we customers recognise which you expect the equal. 
 Identify credit score phrases. Your bill must be correct and smooth to study, and it have to prominently nation your credit phrases so there’s no room for confusion. 
Create a feel of urgency. Clearly nation the due date in no uncertain phrases. The phrase “Due Oct. 30, 2015” is a long way more impactful than “Payable in 30 days.” 
Emphasize blessings of spark off payment. Remind customers that timeliness is the key to preserving a terrific credit score and warding off a credit score keep.
Question 4. How Do I Retain Customers And Sustain Those Relationships?

Answer :

Customers who evolved sluggish/no pay shopping for conduct in 2013/2014 have a preference for the months beforehand: Do I pay my extraordinary invoice plus the price of another tank of gas, or do I go someplace else and just pay for my new supply.

That load-to-load mentality leads to attrition. So does the stress positioned on relationships with clients who had been as soon as in suitable status but had problems throughout the 2013-2014 wintry weather. At the identical time, your competitor’s loss for these reasons could grow to be your gain. And whilst new customers appear to be a blessing, if they’re the result of attrition some place else, they might simply be a legal responsibility.

The high-quality route of movement is patron schooling and verbal exchange:

Maximize income possibilities at the same time as minimizing risks. Pull credit reviews on new clients. Determine to whom you’ll amplify credit and what sort of (for instance, limited credit based totally on their credit score document, collect on delivery, or full credit score).
Revamp your credit coverage and methods. Make certain your guidelines useful resource well timed fee and purchaser retention. For instance, in case you place a debtor on COD as soon as he subsequently can pay, you’re encouraging him to visit a competitor who will sell him gasoline on credit score. The most effective strategy is to train clients about paying on time — no longer chase them to the opposition.
Say thanks to customers for their business. Create an incentive for early orders or charge. Request feedback and reply.
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Question 5. How Do I Reduce The Burden On My Internal Staff?

Answer :

As you are taking steps to accurate your slow-pay and useless debts, you can retain to face demanding situations to your overworked team of workers participants.

The intention is not to increase their workload, however to create efficiencies that make sure maximum value for his or her efforts:

Maintain precise client information. Pull credit reports and get contact statistics from each new customer so you don’t waste time chasing it down whilst you want it. And make certain to update your database with new addresses, phone numbers, or names on the account.
Maintain excellent account information. When you contact a purchaser, you want to understand extra than just how a great deal he owes; you want his price document, records of broken promises, and so on. You’ll store an exponential quantity of time whilst information is updated and easily available.
Make telephone calls count. Call on special days of the week. Try evenings and weekends while contact is maximum probably. Use a cell phone or block your employer’s variety to avoid screening.
Get a dedication. If you could’t secure complete charge, set up charge phrases and get the debtor’s dedication that he will observe via. Specify every due date and charge amount, and input all details into your system. Make one name that gets results to avoid making multiple, time-eating, useless ones.
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Question 6. How Do I Support My Internal Efforts With A Third Party?

Answer :

The key to effective cash float control is early intervention. The in advance inside the delinquency cycle you ahead an account to a reputable third birthday party, the higher the recuperation results. And you’ll free up greater of your team of workers participants’ time to do what they do first-class — service your clients.

When choosing a 3rd birthday celebration, a few key issues consist of whether it:

Specializes in the propane industry. The organization is acquainted with your specific challenges and knows a way to speak with your clients. Ask about references and endorsements.
Focuses on patron retention. You’ve taken steps to make sure positive conversation even as trying to go back accounts to correct status. Your 1/3-birthday party resource should do the same.
Works on a set-rate basis. Some corporations can fee 33% to 50% contingent expenses, which makes early placement fee-prohibitive and any recoveries nominal.
Offers comprehensive services. Does the business enterprise carry out courtesy calls, first-birthday celebration billing, and 0.33-party collections? The greater your accomplice can do on your behalf, the much less the burden in your internal team of workers.
Guarantees outcomes. Most enterprise owners wait to interact a 3rd birthday celebration to avoid throwing top money after bad. If you figure with a set-price based totally service that guarantees outcomes, you can get a considerable go back on your investment.
Question 7. If You Are Unable To Secure Credit And Credit Has Been Cut Or Credit Lines Have Been Closed, How Do You Keep The Doors Open To Your Business?

Answer :

You will need to sell the stock which you have and pay cash for all inventory and offerings which you need till you may build up your credit once more. Managing your cash with your cash drift chart will help so you are aware about all charges. Cutting costs and growing income is always the intention.

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Question eight. How Important Is It For Start-united statesTo Calculate Their Break-even Point And What Is The Easiest Way For A Non-economic Person To Do It?

Answer :

Create a simple spreadsheet that lists all the income from income each day, week, month and year and all of the charges that the enterprise has to pay out. (SBA.Gov has more information in this subject matter right here: Breakeven Analysis.) There are templates online that you may use; for instance, SCORE offers a unfastened Breakeven Chart that you may use.

Question 9. I Have A Hard Time Getting Clients To Pay On Time. If They Don’t Pay On Time, I Have A Hard Time Meeting Our Expenses. Any Suggestions On How To Get Paid Quicker?

Answer :

You can provide a reduction for COD (coins on shipping) or net 10 days; it can be 2% off for paying greater speedy. Otherwise, the handiest manner to get paid quicker is to call weekly and remind your patron that cash is due and provide to take a rate card over the cellphone. (For extra guidelines, check out those blogs: Tips for Collecting from Non-Paying Clients and How to Get Paid Faster With a Better Invoicing Process.

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Question 10. I Am In The Process Of Opening A Coffee Shop. How Much Inventory Should I Purchase For Startup So That I Don't Overbuy?

Answer :

With your financial projections, you could guess about how a great deal you'll be selling. Buy as little as feasible to begin—however make certain that you may get a brief delivery, as you never ever want to run out of some thing. This is something that you'll research as you are in commercial enterprise.

Question 11. Is There A Set Percentage To Mark Up The Prices For Merchandise? Also, If I Can Get A Discount From A Vendor For Purchasing A Higher Volume, Do I Sell It At A Discount Or Should I Sell It At The Price I Had Before The Discount?

Answer :

A mark-up can range relying to your overhead costs. Higher overhead would require a better mark-up. Always promote your products for as a good deal as the market will undergo. If there's a better perceived fee, human beings can pay extra. The discount from the vendor means extra profit on your pocket.

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Question 12. What Options Do Micro Businesses (mother & Pop) Size Have In Obtaining Periodic Help Needed With Small Loans To Help With Cash Flow?

Answer :

A line of credit score is the easiest manner to have money to be had as wished. You would have a restriction and use it as wished and pay handiest for what you use. If you aren't capable of get a line of credit score, you want to ensure that your sales increase to create coins glide. Give your clients incentives to buy more or provide discounts.

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Question thirteen. At What Point Should You Consider Using A Collection Agency To Help You Collect On Past Due Receivables?

Answer :

Collection businesses take 30%, so try to collect to your own by means of calling and providing credit phrases or returns or credit score card price. If the organization does now not have the money, you may now not be getting paid so your most effective wish is to take back the merchandise if you may.

Question 14. What Is The Formula To Determine How Much Cash Reserves A Business Should Hold?

Answer :

Always have enough cash reserves to cover your slow months in business. You ought to be safe if you could have three-6 months or greater to cover all unknown or variable prices that can come up. Always recollect growing your sales and moving your inventory as speedy as you could.

Question 15. What Is The Cash Flow Forecast?

Answer :

A cash drift forecast is an estimate of the quantity of cash you assume to glide inside and out of your enterprise and includes all your projected earnings and prices. A forecast commonly covers the following twelve months; but it may additionally cowl a quick-time period period such as a week or month.

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Question 16. What Is The Cash Plan?

Answer :

Along with coping with inventory, better coins management is fundamental to lowering working capital. As a result, being capable of correctly forecast internet coins flows and quickly model distinctive situations, consisting of how rapid to pursue boom tasks without having to hotel to outside funding, is a pinnacle precedence for CFOs.

Question 17. How Do You Improve Cash Flow?

Answer :

If you need to improve coins go with the flow, reflect onconsideration on imposing some of the subsequent strategies:

Lease, Don’t Buy. …
Offer Discounts on Loans. …
Conduct Credit Checks on Customers. …
Form a Buying Cooperative. …
Improve Your Inventory. …
Send Invoices Out Immediately. …
Use Electronic Payments. …
Pay Suppliers Less.
Open a High-Interest Savings Account
Increase Pricing
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Question 18. How Do You Manage Your Business?

Answer :

To successfully delegate responsibility and authority to your employer you must:

Accept the electricity of delegation.
Know the competencies of subordinates.
Ensure that unique schooling is to be had.
Select specific responsibilities to be delegated.
Clearly outline the volume and bounds of delegation.
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Question 19. What Is The Business Skills?

Answer :

The greatest people in business have sure attributes in common. Several private qualities are essential, like a thirst for non-stop training, non-public power and motivation, strong desires and ambition, clear imaginative and prescient, and constantly a super deal of passion.

Question 20. What Is The Difference Between The Direct Method And The Indirect Method For The Statement Of Cash Flows?

Answer :

The essential difference between the direct approach and the oblique approach involves the coins flows from operating activities, the primary segment of the declaration of coins flows. (There isn't any difference within the coins flows suggested inside the making an investment and financing sports sections.)Under the direct approach, the cash flows from working activities will include the amounts for lines along with coins from customers and cash paid to providers. In evaluation, the oblique approach will display internet profits accompanied with the aid of the modifications needed to convert the whole internet income to the coins quantity from operating activities.

The direct method should also provide a reconciliation of internet income to the cash provided with the aid of working activities. (This is done automatically underneath the indirect technique.)

Nearly all agencies put together the assertion of coins flows the usage of the indirect approach.

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Question 21. Is The Direct Method Still Used In The Statement Of Cash Flows?

Answer :

The direct approach of making ready the statement of coins flows is recommended by using the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB). However, the direct technique is hardly ever used.

Recent variants of Accounting Trends & Techniques published via the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants surveyed 500 annual reviews and observed that less than 10 used the direct method, even as greater than 490 used the indirect approach.

Question 22. What Is A Cash Cow?

Answer :

A coins cow is mostly a worthwhile services or products that dominates a marketplace and generates far more coins than is needed to hold its marketplace position. Companies may also use the money from the coins cow to develop new products or to acquire other corporations. The term cash cow is likewise used to explain a department or phase of a corporation that always generates sizable amounts of extra coins.

Question 23. Where Is Interest On A Note Payable Reported On The Cash Flow Statement?

Answer :

The hobby paid on a notice payable is covered inside the first segment of the coins glide announcement entitled cash flows from operating activities.
If a organisation reports its cash flows from running activities through using the oblique method, the hobby cost for the length is blanketed within the organisation’s internet profits or internet income. The interest expense could be adjusted to a coins amount through the adjustments to the working capital amounts, which are also said as a part of the working sports. In addition, the actual amount of interest paid have to be disclosed.
If the cash flow statement, or declaration of coins flows, is ready the usage of the direct approach, the amount of hobby paid must seem as a separate line in the coins flows from working activities.
The cash bills and coins receipts of predominant on a word payable are said in the financing activities segment of the cash float assertion.
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Question 24. Why Is The Cash Flow Statement Identified As One Of The Financial Statements?

Answer :

The Cash Flow Statement or Statement of Cash Flows is needed as part of a complete set of financial statements because of the Financial Accounting Standards Board’s Statement of Financial Accounting Standards No. 95, Statement of Cash Flows.

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Question 25. If A Company Issues Stocks Or Bonds To Pay Outstanding Debt, Should This Non Cash Transaction Be Included In The Cash Flow Statement?

Answer :

If a business enterprise troubles shares or bonds for cash and then can pay off the debt, the transaction is said within the financing section of the announcement of coins flows.If the transaction is a direct conversion of debt to fairness (shares of inventory) or debt to bonds and no coins receipts or cash bills arise, the transaction is to be disclosed as supplementary statistics.

Question 26. Where Can I Find A Sample Of A Cash Flow Statement?

Answer :

A coins waft announcement or statement of coins flows should be presented with a U.S. Business enterprise’s annual monetary statements.

If a enterprise’s inventory is publicly traded, the assertion of cash flows could be included in its annual file to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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Question 27. What Is Petty Cash?

Answer :

Petty cash is a small sum of money available this is used for paying small quantities owed, instead of writing a check. Petty coins is likewise called a petty coins fund. The man or woman liable for the petty coins is referred to as the petty cash custodian.
Some examples for the use of petty cash include the following: paying the postal carrier the 17 cents due on a letter being brought, reimbursing an worker $nine for components bought, or paying $14 for bakery items brought for a employer’s early morning assembly.
The amount in a petty cash fund will vary through company. For a few, $50 is good enough. For others, the amount in the petty cash fund will need to be $two hundred.
When the cash within the petty coins fund is low, the petty cash custodian requests a take a look at to be cashed as a way to top off the coins that has been paid out.
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Question 28. What Are Net Incremental Cash Flows?

Answer :

Net incremental cash flows are the aggregate of the cash inflows and the cash outflows going on within the same term, and between two alternatives. For example, a organization could use the internet incremental coins flows to decide whether to put money into new, extra efficient equipment or to maintain its present device.

Net incremental coins flows are vital for calculating an funding’s:

Net present value
Internal charge of return
Payback period
To illustrate net incremental coins flows allow’s assume that Your Corporation has the possibility to buy a product line from Divesting Company for a single coins charge of $800,000. Your Corporation expects that the product line will result in the following cash flows going on in each yr for 10 years:

Additional cash receipts or coins inflows of $900,000 (from the collection of accounts receivable associated with product sales)
Additional coins payments or coins outflows of $750,000 (for payments associated with the product line’s prices and expenses)
These coins flows suggest that the net incremental coins flows are expected to be a fantastic $150,000 according to 12 months for 10 years, or that there might be internet incremental cash inflows of $150,000 according to yr for 10 years.

Question 29. What Is A Petty Cash Voucher?

Answer :

A petty cash voucher is usually a small form that is used to document a disbursement (price) from a petty coins fund. Petty cash vouchers are also known as petty cash receipts and may be bought from office supply stores.

The petty cash voucher need to offer space for the date, amount disbursed, name of character receiving the money, reason for the disbursement, wellknown ledger account to be charged, and the initials of the character disbursing the cash from the petty coins fund. Some petty coins vouchers are renumbered and every so often more than a few is assigned for reference and control. Receipts or different documentation justifying the disbursement need to be attached to the petty cash voucher.

When the petty cash fund is replenished, the completed petty coins vouchers provide the documentation for the replenishment check.

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Question 30. What Is The Difference Between Present Value (pv) And Net Present Value (npv)?

Answer :

Present price is the result of discounting future quantities to the prevailing. For instance, a coins amount of $10,000 obtained on the quit of 5 years can have a gift cost of $6,210 if the destiny quantity is discounted at 10% compounded annually.

Net present fee is the prevailing fee of the coins inflows minus the prevailing cost of the cash outflows. For instance, allow’s assume that an investment of $5,000 these days will bring about one cash receipt of $10,000 at the stop of 5 years. If the investor requires a ten% annual return compounded annually, the net present value of the funding is $1,210. This is the result of the present value of the coins inflow $6,210 (from above) minus the present price of the $five,000 coins outflow. (Since the $5,000 cash outflow came about at the present time, its gift value is $five,000.)