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Top 100+ Bootstrap 4 Interview Questions And Answers


Top 100+ Bootstrap 4 Interview Questions And Answers

Question 1. What Is Bootstrap four?

Answer :

Bootstrap four is the most modern model of Bootstrap, which is the maximum popular HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework for growing responsive, cellular-first web web sites. Bootstrap 4 is absolutely loose to down load and use!

Question 2. When Bootstrap four Release Date?

Answer :

Bootstrap four alpha 1 become launched on 19th August 2015. Since then there were many alpha releases. And in the end after that on 10th August 2017, Bootstrap launched the first beta for the version 4 of Bootstrap. Bootstrap four Beta 2 changed into launched on October nineteenth, 2017.

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Question 3. Why Use Bootstrap 4?

Answer :

Easy to apply: Anybody with just simple know-how of HTML and CSS can begin the use of Bootstrap four.

Responsive functions: Bootstrap's responsive CSS adjusts to phones, tablets, and desktops.

Mobile-first technique: In Bootstrap 4, mobile-first styles are part of the center framework.

Browser compatibility: Bootstrap four is well matched with all cutting-edge browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 10+, Safari, and Opera).

Question 4. How Many Bootstrap 4 Media Objects?

Answer :

Bootstrap media object aspect affords an smooth way to align textual content and media objects whilst providing them along each other. It permits you to quick and effortlessly go with the flow media to the left and/or right of a content block. 

Only  instructions are required: The wrapping .Media and the .Media-frame around your content. Optional padding and margin can be managed via spacing utilities.

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Question five. Explain Bootstrap 4 Images?

Answer :

Bootstrap presents training that can be used while operating with the img element and examples for opting snap shots into responsive behavior and provides lightweight patterns to all of them instructions.

Responsive pics
Aligning Images
Image Shapes & Corners.
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Question 6. What Is Bootstrap 4 Responsive Images?

Answer :

Responsive photos robotically adjust to fit the dimensions of the display screen. Bootstrap is made responsive with .Img-fluid class to the tag.  The .Img-fluid class applies max-width: a hundred%; and peak: automobile; are applied to the photo so that it scales with the determine detail.

<img src="image.Jpg" class="img-fluid" alt="responsive Image">

Question 7. What Is Bootstrap four Image Thumbnail?

Answer :

The .Img-thumbnail elegance shapes the photo to a thumbnail (bordered): 

<img src="image.Jpg" class="img-thumbnail" alt="thumbnails image" />

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Question 8. What Is Bootstrap 4 Aligning Images?

Answer :

The Bootstrap four photograph alignments are particularly used  training there are .Glide-left, .Flow-proper.

<img src="image1.Jpg" class="rounded float-left" alt="bootstrap 4 image">

<img src="images 2.Jpg" class="rounded float-right" alt="bootstrap 4 image">

Question 9. How Many Image Shapes & Corners In Bootstrap 4?

Answer :

You can use Bootstrap to render pictures with rounded corners or as a circle. This is carried out with the .Rounded-* application training.

<img src="image_1.Png" class="rounded" alt="rounded image">

<img src="image_2.Png" class="rounded-circle" alt="rounded-circle image">

<img src="image_3.Png" class="img-thumbnail" alt="img-thumbnail image">

<img src="image_4.Png" class="rounded-top" alt="rounded-top image">

<img src="image_5.Png" class="rounded-bottom" alt="rounded-bottom image">

<img src="image_6.Png" class="rounded-0" alt="rounded-0 image">

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Question 10. How Many Colors In Bootstrap four?

Answer :

The bootstrap four colorings are specially three:

Text Colors:  .Textual content-number one, .Text-success, and so forth.
Link Colors:  .Textual content-white and .Textual content-muted
Background Colors:  .Bg-number one, .Bg-success, and many others.
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Question 11. Explain Bootstrap 4 Tables?

Answer :

Use bootstrap four to create beautiful tables. Bootstrap 4 versions have some new classes for inverting the desk color and making the desk responsive.

Table Dark: The .Table-dark magnificence adds a black heritage and white coloration fonts to the desk

Table head: You can upload a background colour to the <thead> detail by way of the usage of both .Thead-light or .Thead-dark. 


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Question 12. What Are Bootstrap 4 Forms?

Answer :

The Bootstrap four paperwork are textual form controls like <input>, <text area>, and <select> factors with elegance .Shape-manipulate have a width of one hundred% through default. 

Horizontal form: Create horizontal paperwork with the grid by way of adding the .Row magnificence to form businesses and using the .Col-*-* instructions to specify the width of your labels and controls.

Be sure to feature .Col-shape-label to your <label>s as nicely so they’re vertically targeted with their associated shape controls. For <legend> factors, you could use .Col-shape-legend to make them appear much like everyday <label> elements.

Form and Label Sizing: To Use .Col-shape-label-sm or .Col-form-label-lg to your <label>s to properly observe the size of .Form-control-lg and .Shape-manage-sm.

And such a lot of paperwork is there Inline Forms, Help textual content & Disabled Forms, Readonly plain text, etc....

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Question thirteen. What Is Bootstrap four Navs?

Answer :

Bootstraps blanketed navigation components listing into "tabs" and navigation "tablets". To upload a tab or nav tablet, add the .Nav elegance and both .Nav-drugs or .Nav-tabs to a <ul> element containing the list of navigation objects.

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Question 14. Explain Bootstrap four Navbars?

Answer :

Bootstrap 4 navbars is a simple and effective, responsive navigation header, the navbars. Includes branding, navigation, and other elements right into a navigation header, including support for our fall apart plugin.

A trendy navigation bar is created with the .Navbars magnificence, accompanied with the aid of a responsive collapsing elegance  .Navbars-amplify-lg .

Question 15. What Is Bootstrap 4 Alerts?

Answer :

Bootstrap four offers an smooth manner to create a stylized alert message container with its alert aspect. Alerts are created with the .Alert class, observed by means of one of the contextual training .Alert-primary, .Alert-success, and so on…

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Question 16. Explain Bootstrap four Badges?

Answer :

To create a bootstrap 4 badge, practice the .Badge elegance, in addition to one of the .Badge-primary, .Badge-secondary, and so forth…

Button Badges: Badges can be used as a part of links or buttons to provide a counter.

<button type="button" class="btn btn-primary"> Tutorials <span class="badge badge-light">14</span> </button>

Contextual Badges: The contextual classes (.Badge-*) to change the shade of a badge.

<span class="badge badge-default">Default</span>

<span class="badge badge-primary">Primary</span> and so on….

Pill Badges: Use the bootstrap four pill badges are add .Badge-tablet elegance to make the badges extra spherical.

<span class="badge badge-pill badge-default">Default</span>

<span class="badge badge-pill badge-primary">Primary</span> and so forth….

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Question 17. What Is A Bootstrap 4 Card?

Answer :

Bootstrap's playing cards provide a bendy and extensible content field with more than one variations and options. 

A bootstrap card it includes alternatives for headers and footers, a wide variety of content material, contextual background colorations, and powerful show alternatives.

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Question 18. Explain Bootstrap 4 Progress Bars?

Answer :

Bootstrap 4 progress bars featuring aid for stacked bars, lively backgrounds, and text labels. To create a default progress bar, add a .Development elegance to a box detail and and the .Development-bar magnificence to its baby detail.

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Question 19. About Bootstrap 4 Pagination?

Answer :

Bootstrap 4 Pagination to signify a sequence of related content exists throughout more than one pages. Add the .Pagination class to an <ul> detail. Then upload the .Page-item to every <li> element and a .Web page-hyperlink elegance to each link inner <li>.

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Question 20. About Bootstrap 4 Positions?

Answer :

Quickly configuring the location of an factors are .Role-static, .Position-relative, .Position-absolute, .Function-fixed, .Role-sticky. Mainly three positions are there.

Fixed top : <div class="fixed-top">...</div>

Fixed backside : <div class="fixed-bottom">...</div>

Sticky top: Position an detail on the pinnacle of the viewport, from area to side, but handiest once you scroll beyond it. The .Sticky-pinnacle utility uses CSS function: sticky, which is not absolutely supported in all browsers.

Microsoft Edge and IE11 will render role: sticky as function: relative.

<div class="sticky-top">...</div>.

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