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Top 100+ Batch Plant Interview Questions And Answers


Top 100+ Batch Plant Interview Questions And Answers

Question 1. Do You Stock Spare And Service Parts?

Answer :

Yes, Utranazz has a committed group for all spare and provider element enquiries and we endeavour to hold components for all our device in stock for next day delivery (48 hours for global customers).

Question 2. How To Accept Delivery Of Readymix?

Answer :

Lafarge Readymix pursuits to be right first time, on every occasion, handing over an appropriate product at the precise time to its clients. Nevertheless, it is important that the clients take a look at delivery tickets carefully before any readymix concrete is discharged. The short time spent doing it properly may want to keep away from a timeconsuming, luxurious problem later. The technique is specially applicable on a massive site wherein there can be numerous concerting gangs waiting for deliveries of concrete with one of a kind specs.

Delivery Notes: Check that the shipping word indicates the correct amount and grade of concrete being introduced, together with critical information of the concrete specification required for the unique task. Another important piece of statistics is the time of batching the load. This will suggest whether the transport time was everyday in relation to the space traveled or whether or not there was an excessive postpone between dispatch from the batch plant to website.

Time Limits: Establishing a time restrict at the recognition of concrete as conceivable and appropriate for placement isn't trustworthy. The rate of change within the houses of concrete depends on the mixture constituents, along with any unique components, the ambient temperature and fashionable climate situations. At what degree the concrete turns into unusable additionally relies upon on the nature of the job. As a result, the attractiveness time period could be less than half of an hour or extra than six hours and the choice on acceptability is based totally greater on enjoy than on an objective test.

In an try to conquer the reliance on operator judgment, some agreement specifications lay down a most authorised time between batching and discharging. After which the concrete is deemed to be incorrect. Unfortunately this will often create any other hassle.

During a pour, a load can be rejected because of the expiry of the arbitrary time limit however, inside the time required to organize a replacement load, the pour website may experience a chilly joint hassle. In this case, the first-class of the rejected load may nonetheless had been potential and the higher solution could have been to accept the weight and continue the pour without interruption. Conversely, the situation can get up in hot climate where a contactor unearths that a concrete mix has stiffened unacceptably before the specified time period has lapsed.

The introduced mix may also nevertheless be inside the authentic tolerance limits, but the concrete is either too stiff or too moist and the originally special workability is now not legitimate. In such instances, Lafarge Readymix have to be notified and the preparations made to deliver a concrete blend with workability suitable for the brand new situations.

Control thru Workability: The workability of a mix is normally taken into consideration to be the key first-class manage indicator for manufacturing control functions at the readymix batching plant and additionally for the on-site placement. Only whilst workability is quality are the opposite properties of the concrete also probably to be accurate. Each blend is designed to have a selected workability, which affects on all the main characteristics of a concrete: with the manage of workability being largely based on the unfastened water/cement ratio, this influences final energy and sturdiness, the excellent of the floor finish and the convenience with which the concrete is transported and compacted.

It is consequently important that the correct level of workability is unique and maintained in the relevant tolerance. SANS approach 861 specifies that the perfect stoop is within a tolerance of 25mm or 30% of the target hunch.

When tracking concrete workability as the primary satisfactory control indicator, it's miles essential to understand that the repeatability of the check results are very dependant on using a methodical testing technique. Results obtained via two distinct human beings on the identical concrete sample can differ appreciably, in particular if the proper test methods aren't rigorously observed.

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Question 3. How To Order Lafarge Readymix Concrete?

Answer :


Concrete may be ordered telephonically via our principal orders branch within the diverse areas
Place orders at the least 24 hours earlier
Confirm your order via 12h00 the day before transport
All account clients need to fax an professional order range to our Central Orders Department
Same day orders can be accommodated if our transport schedule lets in it and the available time is suitable for the client’s wishes
Special concrete mix requirements may be met, concern to the final results of trials in our labs with the aid of our technical crew
When putting orders, customers will be asked approximately the utility as well as the energy of concrete they require
If assistance is required to specify the concrete mix design, please touch the nearby Lafarge Technical Department
After Hours and Weekend Deliveries

After hours pours should be organized with the Lafarge District Sales Manager
After hours pours will incur extra prices
Requirements for pours on Sundays need to be discussed with the Lafarge Districts Sales Manager
Sunday deliveries may also incur extra fees

Cancellations for concrete orders must be done by using 15h00 on the present day at the day previous to the pour
Late cancellations will incur more price. If the concrete has been loaded before cancellation, the client
will be charged for the total load of concrete

Orders being paid for in coins will handiest be confirmed once charge has been obtained
Payments by way of cheque to the cost of R5000 and over should be financial institution guaranteed
Internet bills need to be finished at least forty eight hours in advance
Customers need to fax the evidence of price via to the Lafarge Central Orders Department at the least four working hours before dispatch of the order is required
Part Load Charges:  Loads much less than 3m3 will appeal to a part load rate


The Lafarge concrete pumping carrier desires to be booked one week earlier
At least 24 hour observe should accept to cancel a pump reserving. Cancellation of a pump on the same day will incur a cancellation charge
Quality Control: Lafarge Technical Department conducts random exceptional manipulate trying out on all Readymix concrete that is supplied

Question four. How To Decide When To Pump Ready Mix Concrete?

Answer :

The advantages associated with pumping geared up blend concrete are severa. From a time and money saving perspective, it often can not be matched. When it comes to setting concrete in tough situations, pumping is commonly the best possible choice.

Reasons to use the Lafarge pumping provider


Easy placement of excessive nice concrete of uniform consistency
Pumped concrete is flowable but quite cohesive
Pumped concrete is formulated to permit pumping with out segregating and with minimum bleeding 
Saving time 

The web site or the element to be concreted can be tough to reach. Pumps can pass this hassle quickly
Pumps vicinity concrete at better speeds than alternatives
For excessive rise tasks, putting concrete at various stages is brief and clean 
Saving cash

Pumping reduces device and plant expenses
Pumping reduces labour prices

Lafarge Readymix pumping removes many of the dealing with and logistical issues related to running with large quantities of concrete
Pumping approach concrete is placed directly in which wanted, effortlessly and efficaciously
Pumped concrete in residential packages 
Removes the need to build ramps to wheelbarrow concrete onto first ground decks
Removes the want to interrupt down garden walls and damage set up gardens to allow for get admission to to Ready Mix vehicles or other concrete fabric transport automobiles
Ordering concrete to be pumped

Tenders and quotations

If it's miles decided that the concrete will must be pumped, there may be a fee of putting in place the pump modifications to mix proportions and the fee of concrete to deal with pumping

Acceptance and affirmation

Confirm the date and time of your order whilst the citation is popular, or arrange to confirm these details later - at least seventy two hours earlier to avoid cancellation expenses

Pre-pumping website online inspection 

To plan for a pump activity, a Lafarge Ready Mix consultant will look into the website to test:
Access for the pump and truck mixer to move on site
Equipment wished to complete the activity as successfully as feasible
Whether the operation will be finished using a truck-hooked up increase pump or a static pump
Whether there may be ok water deliver and washout place on web site
Safety elements on web site
Special web page requirements- some residential regions have curfews on production work
That the customer is aware of the pump priming necessities 
Important Note:

If Lafarge Ready Mix considers that the web page is unsafe, corrective movement can be required before the pour is undertaken.

Question five. Additional Factors To Pay Attention To When Pumping?

Answer :

There should be close conversation between the contractor, the Lafarge pumping crew and the Lafarge batch plant.

Access: A truck set up pump and mixers need correct access to the site. A truck mixer loaded with 6m3 of concrete weighs 30 tons. The vehicle is 8m lengthy and a pair of,8m huge. A pump could require a most area of 12m in period and 9m width.

Washout Area: A washout region must be supplied so that truck chutes can be cleaned and the pump and pipeline segments washed out. Wash water ought to now not be allowed to empty into the sewage or storm water

structures. If there is no place to eliminate washout water, prepare a sandbagged vicinity

Safety: Safety factors are especially crucial while pumping. High pressures are used to pressure the concrete thru the pipeline. All group of workers now not at once worried have to hold clean of the region whilst pumping is taking region. No one need to work beneath the growth, in case of increase failure.

Finishing Equipment: More gadget for compacting and finishing will be needed due to the fact the concrete is discharged faster. A rough guideline is one vibrator for every 10m3 in keeping with hour of concrete placed. A pumping capacity varies consistent with the pump specifications and alertness. A guiding principle is between 20m3 and 60m3 according to hour, relying on the venture necessities.

Larger or more complicated pours: Large pours might also require a couple of pump. High upward push buildings may additionally entail the installation of a static pump and a pipeline, so as to be left in location at some point of the building system. In those instances, the prepumping site inspection could be arranged well earlier and the engineer may also want to be concerned. This desires to be made known to Lafarge on the time of the soft.

Pours over lengthy distances can be handled by using Lafarge Readymix. Distances of as much as 200m aren't unusual, but it need to be remembered that the Lafarge Technical Department will need to alter the mixture layout for this motive.

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Question 6. How To Place And Compact Concrete?

Answer :

Concrete putting and compaction must be right first time. The diploma of achievement will no longer be absolutely recognized till the hardened concrete may be inspected, at which degree it will be tough and luxurious to accurate any defects. Important elements of dealing with the location process are the choice of appropriate equipment and successfully educated group of workers.

Productivity: A placement method that transports and places the concrete in a unmarried operation is the maximum effective method. The concreting group wishes to understand what movement to take if the arrival of any concrete is strange. While being focused on productiveness, they need to additionally realize that it can't be done on the value of great.

Dropping concrete: Developments in concrete era permit concrete to be dropped an awful lot similarly than earlier than. Whereas conventional construction techniques for columns worried numerous creation joints, it's miles now viable -with the involvement of the contractor, specifier and Lafarge Readymix - to layout concrete to pour a fifteen meter excessive column in a unmarried carry. A unique concrete must be designed to satisfy this unique demand.

Also, ought to one of these pour be undertaken it is vital to boom the strength of the formwork to address the accelerated hydrostatic strain of the concrete.

Question 7. How To Decide Between Ready Mix Concrete And A Site Mix?

Answer :

Before beginning a venture, a decision need to be taken between the usage of Ready mix or Site mix. There are numerous advantages from the usage of Lafarge Ready Mix in comparison with blending concrete on site. Some of the more important ones are:

Technical: Lafarge Readymix has the sources and technical knowledge to offer various mixes assuring the user of the right blend layout for the software. This is more hard with small batching operations.

Flexibility: Readymix concrete is better prepared to cope with adjustments in weather situations or the development programme and keep the projects time table.

Time: The ease of the use of prepared mixed concrete method that one transport may be efficiently dispensed to various positions on web site. Site mixing tends to be time-eating in comparison with the velocity of discharge of Lafarge Ready Mix Concrete, especially when larger volumes are involved.

Quality manage: The fine of the completed concrete should constantly be of number one difficulty. Lafarge Ready Mix delivers a assured product which reduces the danger of satisfactory troubles. Product from web page batching flowers, mainly the smaller much less state-of-the-art units, is exposed to a better hazard of failure or lack of consistency.

Access: Some web sites have insufficient area to installation a batch plant: prepared combined concrete offers the ideal answer. Where get right of entry to is also limited, Lafarge Ready blend offers a pumping service to transport the concrete across difficult distances and heights.

Cost powerful: Ready mixed concrete is usually the cost effective solution whilst all price factors of mixing concrete on website are taken into account. These consist of the whole value of substances, garage, wastage and robbery, hiring and operation of the important plant, labour and supervision of an on-web page batch plant.

Environmental: Noise: the noise stage of a batching plant can end up a hassle if the website online is in a residential area. Lafarge Readymix is able to discharge the concrete at a fee of as a minimum 1m3 every  mins and is consequently most effective on-web page for a short time frame.

Pollution: batch plant life ought to be properly-managed to save you infection or blockage of typhoon-water drains.

Clean-Up: environmental issues are reduced whilst raw materials aren't saved on web page and a prime easy-up operation is averted at the cease of the mission.

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Question 8. Why Choose Lafarge Readymix?

Answer :

Using Readymix concrete for each massive and smaller projects can keep time, effort and ultimately money. Some of the benefits of Lafarge Readymix concrete are outlined underneath.

The possible troubles with a couple of suppliers:

Mixing concrete on website online means managing multiple material providers and the related:
Work stoppages attributable to past due deliveries
Work stoppages, beyond regular time and down time
Additional charges
Lafarge Ready Mix offers you:

One reputable dealer
A aggressive fee
Scheduling help
On-time deliveries
Mess, garage space and raw substances

Using Readymix reduces the mess related to constructing in addition to the gap required for stockpiling substances.
The use of Lafarge Ready Mix concrete enables save you:

Clean-up costs for the garden and residence interior
Question nine. How To Sample And Test Concrete?

Answer :

operation to carry out rigorous fine warranty trying out on all its merchandise. The habitual checks are conducted in accordance with SANS standards.

The Lafarge laboratories also provide an unrivaled provider to clients who may additionally want assistance to conform with any other established requirements or with hassle solving. Successful trying out requires correct sampling methods. These are mentioned below:

Sampling concrete from a Readymix truck (SANS Method 861-2:2004)

Purpose - To lay down a technique to attain constant consultant samples. If the sampling is not finished successfully, the check results could be incorrect and invalid.

Equipment - Corrosion resistant metal scope, Shovel and wheelbarrow or other suitable box


Take the samples from the flow of concrete being discharged from the truck's blending drum. Do no longer sample the primary and remaining 10% percentage of the burden
Hold the sampling scoop as near the release point as feasible. The concrete must now not be allowed to freefall greater than 500mm
Take at the least nine samples at similarly spaced periods in the course of the discharge
Mix the 9 samples to make sure the overall pattern is uniform
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Question 10. Is The Weather Important?

Answer :

Extreme temperatures and rain can all cause troubles. Protection with plastic sheeting and hessian may be needed to prevent the concrete freezing or the floor washing off. Where wished a mix design may be changed.