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Top 100+ Bankruptcy Law Interview Questions And Answers


Top 100+ Bankruptcy Law Interview Questions And Answers

Question 1. What Is Bankruptcy?

Answer :

Bankruptcy is a prison intending in which an character who can not pay his or her payments can get a sparkling monetary start. The right to record for financial disaster is provided by means of federal regulation, and all financial disaster cases are handled in federal court. Filing financial ruin without delay stops all your creditors from in search of to gather money owed from you, at the least till your debts are taken care of out consistent with the regulation.

Question 2. What Can Bankruptcy Do For Me?

Answer :

Eliminate the prison duty to pay most or all your money owed. This is known as a “discharge” of money owed. It is designed to give you a clean economic start. 
Stop foreclosures on your house or cellular domestic and allow you an possibility to trap up on missed payments. (Bankruptcy does no longer, but, mechanically put off mortgages and different liens on your private home without fee.)
Prevent repossession of a car or other assets, or pressure the creditor to go back property even after it's been repossessed.
Stop wage garnishment, debt collection harassment, and similar creditor movements to accumulate a debt.
Restore or prevent termination of software provider.
Allow you to mission the claims of creditors who've committed fraud or who are in any other case seeking to gather more than you truely owe.
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Question 3. How Can I Get A Copy Of A Bankruptcy Filing?

Answer :

The federal judiciary proves public get admission to to federal appellate, district and bankruptcy court docket documents through Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER), an digital public get right of entry to carrier.

Question four. What Doesn’t Bankruptcy Do?

Answer :

Bankruptcy cannot, but, therapy every financial problem. Nor is it the proper step for each person. In bankruptcy, it is usually no longer viable to:

Eliminate certain rights of “secured” lenders. A “secured” creditor has taken a mortgage or different lien on assets as collateral for the mortgage. Common examples are car loans and domestic mortgages. You can force secured creditors to take bills over the years within the financial ruin manner and financial disaster can put off your responsibility to pay any additional cash if your home is taken. Nevertheless, you normally cannot maintain the collateral unless you continue to pay the debt
Discharge types of money owed singled out by means of the financial disaster law for special treatment, consisting of infant assist, alimony, certain other money owed associated with divorce, a few scholar loans, courtroom restitution orders, crook fines, and a few taxes. Protect cosigners to your debts. When a relative or pal has co-signed a loan, and the purchaser discharges the mortgage in bankruptcy, the cosigner can also still have to pay off all or a part of the loan.- Discharge debts that arise after financial disaster has been filed.
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Question five. How Often Can I File Bankruptcy?

Answer :

You cannot obtain a discharge in a Chapter 7 case in case you received a discharge under a Chapter 7 case filed within the last eight years or a Chapter 13 filed within the closing six years.  You can not acquire a discharge in a Chapter 13 case in case you obtained a discharge underneath a Chapter 7 case filed in the closing 4 years or a Chapter 13 filed inside the ultimate two years.  If didn’t obtained a discharge inside the preceding bankruptcy filing, relying on why that is the case, you could file and acquire a discharge with none time restrictions.

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Question 6. What Different Types Of Bankruptcy Should I Consider?

Answer :

There are four styles of financial disaster instances supplied beneath the regulation:

Chapter 7 is called “instantly” financial disaster or “liquidation.” It requires a debtor to surrender assets which exceeds sure limits referred to as “exemptions”, so the property may be bought to pay lenders.
Chapter 11, known as “reorganization”, is used by companies and a few person debtors whose money owed are very massive
Chapter 12 is reserved for own family farmers.
Chapter thirteen is known as “debt adjustment”. It calls for a debtor to file a plan to pay debts (or components of money owed) from present day earnings.
Most people submitting bankruptcy will need to record under either chapter 7 or bankruptcy thirteen. Either type of case may be filed individually or by a married couple filing together.

Question 7. Is California Chapter 7 (straight Bankruptcy) Bankruptcy Right For Me?

Answer :

In a financial ruin case beneath bankruptcy 7, you file a petition asking the court docket to discharge your money owed. The fundamental concept in a bankruptcy 7 financial disaster is to wipe out (discharge) your debts in exchange for your giving up belongings, except for “exempt” assets which the regulation lets in you to preserve. In most instances, all of your home can be exempt. But assets which is not exempt is sold, with the money allotted to lenders. If you want to keep property like a domestic or a vehicle and are at the back of on the bills on a mortgage or car mortgage, a bankruptcy 7 case possibly will not be the right desire for you. That is due to the fact chapter 7 bankruptcy does now not get rid of the right of mortgage holders or automobile mortgage creditors to take your property to cover your debt.

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Question eight. Is California Chapter thirteen Bankruptcy (reorganization) Right For Me?

Answer :

In a chapter thirteen case you report a “plan” displaying how you may repay a number of your past-due and cutting-edge debts over 3 to five years. The maximum crucial thing about a chapter 13 case is that it's going to can help you preserve precious assets–in particular your house and vehicle–which may otherwise be misplaced, if you may make the payments which the financial ruin regulation requires to be made on your lenders. In maximum cases, these payments could be at least as a good deal as your everyday monthly payments for your loan or automobile loan, with a few extra fee to get stuck up on the amount you have got fallen behind. You must do not forget filing a chapter 13 plan in case you:

own your house and are in hazard of losing it due to money issues;
are in the back of on debt bills, however can trap up if given a while;
have precious belongings which is not exempt, however you could manage to pay for to pay lenders from your earnings over time.
You will need to have enough profits in chapter 13 to pay for your necessities and to maintain up with the desired bills as they come due. 

Question 9. What Does It Cost To File For Bankruptcy?

Answer :

It now fees $306 to report for bankruptcy underneath bankruptcy 7 and $281 to document for bankruptcy beneath chapter thirteen, whether for one individual or a married couple. The court may also allow you to pay this submitting rate in installments in case you can't pay unexpectedly. If you hire an legal professional you may additionally ought to pay the attorney’s expenses you agree to.

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Question 10. In California What Property Can I Keep?

Answer :

In a bankruptcy 7 case, you may keep all property which the law says is “exempt” from the claims of lenders.  California exemptions gives list of the exemptions available for California. In figuring out whether property is exempt, you ought to hold a few things in mind. The cost of property isn't always the quantity you paid for it, however what it's miles well worth now. Especially for fixtures and cars, this could be a lot less than what you paid or what it would value to buy a substitute. You also handiest want to have a look at your real equity in any assets.

This method that you matter your exemptions in opposition to the total cost minus any cash that you owe on mortgages or liens. For example, if you personal a $50,000 house with a $40,000 loan, you count your exemptions in opposition to the $10,000 which is your equity if you sell it. While your exemptions assist you to hold assets even in a chapter 7 case, your exemptions do not make any distinction to the right of a loan holder or automobile mortgage creditor to take the assets to cowl the debt in case you are behind on bills. In a chapter thirteen case, you could preserve all of your own home if your plan meets the necessities of the financial ruin regulation. In maximum cases you may have to pay the mortgages or liens as you'll in case you didn’t record financial ruin.

Question eleven. What Will Happen To My Home And Car If I File Bankruptcy In California?

Answer :

In most instances you'll not lose your property or automobile for the duration of your bankruptcy case so long as your fairness within the assets is absolutely exempt. Even if your house isn't always completely exempt, you may be able to maintain it, in case you pay its non-exempt price to creditors in bankruptcy thirteen. However, some of your lenders may also have a “security hobby” in your house, car or different non-public belongings. This means which you gave that creditor a mortgage on the house or placed your different assets up as collateral for the debt. Bankruptcy does not make those security pastimes depart.

If you don’t make your bills on that debt, the creditor may be capable of take and promote the home or the belongings, throughout or after the financial disaster case. There are several approaches that you may keep collateral or mortgaged belongings when you report financial ruin. You can comply with keep making your payments at the debt till it is paid in complete. Or you can pay the creditor the quantity that the belongings you need to preserve is well worth. In a few instances related to fraud or other wrong conduct with the aid of the creditor, you'll be capable of mission the debt. If you positioned up your household items as collateral for a mortgage (aside from a mortgage to purchase the goods), you can normally keep your private home with out making any extra payments on that debt.

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Question 12. Can I Own Anything After Bankruptcy?

Answer :

Yes. Many people agree with they can't very own some thing for a time period after submitting for bankruptcy. This is not real. You can hold your exempt property and some thing you purchased after the financial ruin is filed. However, if you get hold of an inheritance, a belongings settlement, or life coverage advantages within one hundred eighty days after your bankruptcy, that cash or assets may additionally ought to be paid on your creditors if the property or money isn't always exempt. You can also preserve any belongings blanketed via California financial disaster exemptions through the bankruptcy.

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Question thirteen. Will Bankruptcy Wipe Out All My Debts?

Answer :

debts for infant aid or alimony, fines, and a few taxes;
money owed now not indexed for your bankruptcy petition;
loans you acquire by knowingly giving fake statistics to a creditor, who reasonably trusted it in making you the mortgage;
money owed because of “willful and malicious” harm;
pupil loans owed to a school or government frame, besides if:– the court makes a decision that payment would be an undue hassle;
mortgages and other liens which are not paid in the financial ruin case (however financial ruin will wipe out your responsibility to pay any extra cash if the property is offered with the aid of the creditor).
Question 14. Will I Have To Go To Court?

Answer :

In most financial disaster instances, you most effective have to visit a intending referred to as the “meeting of lenders” to fulfill with the financial disaster trustee and any creditor who chooses to come. Most of the time, this assembly could be a short and easy system where you're requested a few questions about your financial ruin paperwork and your economic scenario. Occasionally, if complications rise up, or if you choose to dispute a debt, you can need to seem earlier than a decide at a listening to. If you want to go to courtroom, you may receive be aware of the court date and time from the court docket and/or from your legal professional. To locate the place of the court docket that serves your location go to the California Federal Bankruptcy Court Directory page.

Question 15. Will Bankruptcy Affect My Credit?

Answer :

Unfortunately, if you are at the back of for your payments, your credit score may also already be horrific. Bankruptcy will likely now not make matters any worse. The reality that you’ve filed a financial ruin can appear for your credit score record for ten years. But for the reason that financial disaster wipes out your antique debts, you're probable to be in a better function to pay your modern-day bills, and you may be capable of get new credit.

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Question 16. Can I Get A Credit Card After Bankruptcy?

Answer :

Yes, there are several alternatives to be had. While technically not a credit card you can use a financial institution or debit card to carry out activities for that you usually would use a credit card. You additionally can be able to keep the credit card you have already got if the creditor offers approval. If these options do now not paintings you may get secured credit score card that's subsidized via your own bank account.

Question 17. Are Utility Services Affected?

Answer :

Public utilities, such as the electric organisation, can not refuse or reduce off service due to the fact you've got filed for financial disaster. However, the software can require a deposit for future carrier and also you do need to pay payments which arise after your bankruptcy is filed.

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Question 18. Can I Be Discriminated Against For Filing Bankruptcy?

Answer :

No. 11 U.S.C. Sec. 525 prohibits governmental gadgets and personal employers from discriminating in opposition to you due to the fact you filed a financial ruin petition or because you failed to pay a dischargeable debt.

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Question 19. Can Bankruptcy Help Get My California Driver’s License Back?

Answer :

If you lost your license totally due to the fact you couldn’t pay court-ordered damages brought on in an coincidence, financial disaster will assist you to get your license back.

Question 20. What About Co-signers?

Answer :

If a person has co-signed a mortgage with you and you document for financial disaster, the co-signer may also should pay your debt.

Question 21. I’m Married, Can I File By Myself?

Answer :

Yes, however your partner will nonetheless be chargeable for any joint debts. If you record collectively you may be able to double your exemptions. In a few instances where best one partner has money owed, or one spouse has debts that aren't dischargeable then it is probably beneficial to have only one spouse report. If the spouses have joint money owed, the fact that one spouse discharged the debt might also show on the other spouses credit report.

Question 22. Can Filing Bankruptcy Stop Bill Collectors From Calling?

Answer :

Yes. The automated stay prevents bill creditors from taking any motion to gather money owed.

Question 23. How Long After Filing Will The Creditors Stop Calling?

Answer :

Once a creditor or bill collector will become aware about a filing for financial ruin protection, it have to straight away stop all series efforts. After you file the financial ruin petition, the court docket mails a be aware to all the creditors listed on your financial ruin schedules. This usually takes more than one weeks. Creditors may even forestall calling in case you tell them that you filed the bankruptcy petition, and supply them with your case quantity. In a few instances, you or your attorney ought to contact the creditor straight away upon filing the bankruptcy petition, mainly if a lawsuit is pending. If a creditor continues to apply series approaches once informed of the bankruptcy they may be accountable for courtroom sanctions and attorney charges for this conduct.

Question 24. Can I Erase My Student Loans By Filing Bankruptcy?

Answer :

Generally, pupil loans aren't discharged in financial disaster. In eleven U.S.C. Sec. 523(a)(eight) there are two exceptions to this preferred rule:

The pupil loan may be discharged if it's miles neither – Insured or assured with the aid of a governmental unit, nor
– Made below any application funded in whole or in component by way of a governmental unit or nonprofit organization.
The scholar loan can be discharged if paying the loan will “impose an undue hassle at the debtor and the debtor’s dependents.”
Student loans more than 7 years vintage was once dischargeable beneath certain instances, however this provision become eliminated through an appropriations bill passed in October of 1998.

Whether an exception applies depends at the facts of the precise case and may additionally depend upon local court docket choices. Even if a pupil mortgage falls into one of the  exceptions, discharge of the loan may not be computerized. You can also should file an adversary proceeding within the financial ruin court docket to obtain a courtroom order putting forward the debt discharged.

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Question 25. Where Do I File If I Haven’t Lived In The Same State Or District For The Last Two Years?

Answer :

If you haven’t lived for your modern-day kingdom for 91 days you need to wait until you have got lived there for ninety one days after which record on your cutting-edge country.  If you lived in your modern-day country for extra than ninety one days but much less than two years, you will record to your modern country however use the exemptions from wherein you lived for majority of the one hundred eighty day period at once preceding to the 2 12 months period earlier than you filed.  If you acquire your house in the ultimate forty months and/or haven’t lived on your current state for the closing 2 years then your homestead exemption can be limited.

Question 26. If I Am Going Through A Divorce How Will My Ex-partner Filing Bankruptcy Affect Our Divorce Settlement?

Answer :

Alimony, upkeep, and/or help are covered from discharge. Divorce decrees and separation agreements are covered by way of eleven U.S.C. Section 523(a)(15). This phase states that these debts aren't dischargeable except:

the debtor does not have the capacity to pay such debt from income or assets of the debtor now not reasonably important to be expended for the preservation or help of the debtor or a based of the debtor and, if the debtor is engaged in a commercial enterprise, for the price of fees important for the continuation, upkeep, and operation of such business; or
discharging such debt would bring about a benefit to the debtor that outweighs the negative effects to a partner, former partner, or toddler of the debtor.
Question 27. What Should I Do If A Creditor Demands Payment Of A Debt After I File My Case?

Answer :

Most efforts through a creditor to gather a pre-petition debt (one that you owe as of the submitting of your case) or to repossess your private home without the permission of the financial ruin court docket are violations of the automatic stay. If a creditor repossesses any property, along with your car, once you report for financial disaster, the creditor have to go back the property to you.

The court docket may also punish a creditor who knowingly violates the automated stay and the creditor is prone to the debtor for damage precipitated. If you probably did now not list a debt at the schedules filed with the courtroom, the creditor won't be on note of the financial ruin. Therefore, you must inform the creditor of your financial disaster and request that the creditor forestall the collection efforts.

If you are represented by way of an lawyer, you ought to give the creditor your attorney's name and phone range. If you aren't represented via an attorney, you ought to deliver the creditor extra statistics approximately the case, the date of submitting, the court wherein the case changed into filed and the case range. If unsuitable collection action continues, you should consult with an attorney, notify the trustee or seek safety from the courtroom.

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Question 28. What Should I Do If I Discover That I Forgot To List A Creditor In The Bankruptcy Schedules?

Answer :

You ought to notify your lawyer and provide her or him with all the records necessary to complete the schedule (the amount of the debt, the sort and value of any collateral, and the call and cope with of the creditor). This may be very important, because in case you do no longer listing a debt to your schedules, that debt won't be discharged. That method you may be required to pay the debt in complete after financial disaster.

If an overlooked creditor needs payment of the debt, you ought to tell the creditor of the bankruptcy, as discussed under.

Question 29. Do I Have To List All Creditors On The Bankruptcy Schedules?

Answer :

Yes. You need to listing all of your debts, with the call and deal with of the creditors. This is so lenders acquire note of the bankruptcy and get their honest proportion of any cash paid to creditors. You might imagine which you should miss a creditor because you need to preserve to pay the debt. This would violate the regulation, and it's miles pointless because you could usually pick to pay a debt voluntarily, despite the fact that the debt has been discharged and there is no felony duty to make price. However, creditors are prohibited from taking any motion to collect discharged money owed.

Question 30. Must I Produce Tax Returns Before And After My Bankruptcy?

Answer :

Yes. You should provide the trustee and/or any creditor with copies of any federal tax go back which you filed for the year previous to filing. If you do no longer observe this request, the court docket can also disregard your financial disaster case.

You should additionally record copies of any federal tax returns filed for the duration of the case with the financial ruin court.

Any taxing authority may also request dismissal of a financial disaster case if you fail to record all required tax returns.

Question 31. Are There Additional Documents And Other Requirements In A Chapter thirteen Case? What Is Required In The Chapter thirteen Plan?

Answer :

If you're submitting a bankruptcy thirteen case, rather than a bankruptcy 7, further to the files referred to above, you should document a plan that describes how lots you'll pay your creditors and over what term. Your plan have to offer that you pay lenders at least what they may have obtained in bankruptcy 7 liquidation case, which essentially manner creditors ought to get hold of bills identical to the price of your non-exempt property. Your lawyer will prepare your plan.

In addition, the plan have to offer which you contribute all of your "disposable earnings" to the plan. Disposable earnings is the income above what is vital for the guide of you and your circle of relatives. However, in lots of cases the way take a look at formula determines that amount. The manner take a look at is a completely complex check, but basically calls for which you average your profits during the last six months (from any supply along with everyday gifts from family contributors), then deduct a chain of allowed charges, and see what's left to pay lenders. You will need an lawyer to complete this evaluation.

The chapter 13 plan lasts until the sooner of you pay your money owed in complete or the stop of a three- to five-year period. If your income is below your country's median income, the most plan duration with out court docket approval is three years. If your income is not below your state’s median profits, creditors can be capable of insist that the debtor pay a 5-yr plan.

Within 30 days of submitting your petition, you must begin making bills under your plan. You make the payments to a trustee, who distributes the payments to the lenders.

Like in a bankruptcy 7 case, after submitting the financial ruin petition, you have to attend a creditors' assembly (additionally referred to as a 341 meeting, named after the section of the financial ruin regulation that requires the assembly). The bankruptcy 13 trustee will behavior the meeting and could question you below oath about the office work you filed in your case. This creditors' assembly will last longer than a assembly in a bankruptcy 7 case. The trustee will possibly query you about your profits and your prices, and might additionally require additional documentation on the meeting.

After the assembly of lenders, you, the chapter 13 trustee, and people creditors who desire to wait will come to court for a hearing for your chapter 13 plan. If there are no troubles, the court will approve ("confirm") your plan.

After completing bills below the plan and completing any economic counseling required, you'll acquire a discharge of any debts no longer paid below the plan.

Question 32. What Will Happen In My Chapter 7 Case After I File All These Documents?

Answer :

Chapter 7 instances are pretty simple for the maximum part. In most cases, you will attend one lenders' assembly and just await your discharge note to come inside the mail.

The financial disaster Trustee runs the lenders' meeting, which is likewise referred to as a 341 meeting (named after the phase of the bankruptcy regulation that requires the assembly), and could query you beneath oath about all the records contained on your financial disaster documents.

If you and your partner record a Joint Petition, you have to both attend the lenders' assembly and answer questions. It is important to cooperate with the trustee and to provide any facts or files asked.

In a simple case, the assembly will typically remaining simply 5 minutes or so. While all lenders may additionally attend, only a few honestly do. Be certain to deliver a form of identity to the assembly, as well as proof of your Social Security quantity (typically your Social Security card). The trustee may additionally ask you to offer extra documentation during the meeting and come up with some days to provide it.

The discharge notice will arrive in the mail approximately 60 days once you attend the creditors' assembly. This piece of paper is evidence that most of your debts were discharged. You have to keep it in a safe location.

Question 33. What Documents Do I Need To File In A Chapter 7 Case?

Answer :

Your attorney will put together the paperwork that you ought to record in a chapter 7 case. To prepare the ones forms, your legal professional will need certain statistics from you. The records you have to take with you in your legal professional is indexed beneath.

Information to Take With You When Consulting a Bankruptcy Attorney

A reproduction of every invoice or letter you have obtained from a collection organisation;
A reproduction of any lawsuit or pleading you have received in a case in which you are involved;
Two pay stubs representing an average pay duration (consist of pay stubs on your spouse, even though he/she is not submitting financial ruin with you);
Deeds to actual estate in that you have any (even a partial) hobby (consisting of real property you're purchasing or that you already very own);
The original or memorandum identify for any vehicles, vehicles, trailers, boats, motorcycles, cellular or motor houses you personal or are purchasing, or other documents displaying the fee of your property;
Appraisals of your private home, jewelry, etc., if you have them;
Any regulations of life coverage you have to your life, and/or the existence of your spouse or kids (in which feasible, you have to touch the agent who bought you the coverage and find out if the coverage has any "coins surrender value." If your coverage has "cash surrender fee", please offer your lawyer with that value); and
Income Tax Returns filed in the preceding two years.
You need to report these forms, all of which must be organized via an lawyer:
the bankruptcy petition;
a list of lenders;
a list of assets and liabilities;
a list of current income and current fees;
a declaration of your monetary affairs;
a certificate from the attorney or financial ruin petition preparer (if there may be one) indicating that you received a notice describing the distinct bankruptcy chapters and the offerings available from the credit counseling groups in addition to a assertion specifying that all people who knowingly or fraudulently conceals belongings or makes a fake announcement under oath is problem to high-quality, imprisonment or each (if no person assisted you, then you ought to report a certificates that such word was obtained from the court and examine by using you);
copies of all pay stubs obtained with the aid of you inside 60 days earlier than filing;
a assertion of your monthly net income itemized to expose how it is calculated; and
a announcement disclosing a fairly expected growth in profits or expenses over the subsequent twelve months.
If you fail to record all statistics cited above inside 45 days of submitting the petition, the courtroom will disregard your case. If your case is brushed off, you will lose the gain of the automated stay and your creditors can resume their series efforts.

You may also need to record the subsequent files with the courtroom. Again, your attorney will help you with these.

When you have property that secures a debt, including a vehicle or home, a Statement of Intention stating whether or not you plan to maintain or surrender the property;
a certificate from the approved non-profit finances and credit score counseling enterprise that describes the services supplied to you and a copy of the debt repayment plan, if any, advanced with the aid of that employer;
a report of any hobby that you have in an individual retirement account; and
an evaluation of the way test.
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Question 34. If I Decide To File For Bankruptcy, What Do I Have To Do Before I File?

Answer :

In order to be eligible to file financial ruin, you must receive credit score counseling in the 180 days previous to submitting. Specifically, the regulation requires you to receive, from an authorized enterprise, a briefing outlining the possibilities for credit score counseling and help with a budget evaluation. You may additionally do that by myself or in a collection, and in person, on the phone, or maybe at the Internet. If, because of an emergency, you are unable to gain credit counseling offerings from an approved corporation in the course of a 5-day length, the courtroom may additionally excuse the requirement temporarily however you continue to must satisfy it within 30 days (or in some instances 45 days) after filing. If you operate a bankruptcy legal professional, he/she will be able to most likely be able that will help you entire this requirement.

You can discover a listing of authorized non-income price range and credit counseling corporations on the office of the US Trustee or Bankruptcy Administrator, at the financial disaster courtroom Clerk's office, or online on the hyperlinks we offer beneath Resources.

Question 35. Can I Obtain Bankruptcy Protection Again If I Have Filed A Bankruptcy In The Past And Am Now Falling Behind In Payments Again?

Answer :

Yes, you could document once more, unless you have got been in financial ruin within the past six months and either:

your case was brushed off due to the fact you probably did now not follow the orders of the financial ruin courtroom or did not display up in court when you had been alleged to; or
you asked the court docket to brush aside your case after a creditor moved for alleviation from the Automatic Stay.
If you have got been in financial ruin within the past year, you may no longer get the total safety of the Automatic Stay. Because the automated stay protects you from your creditors when you file a financial disaster case, it won't be worth it to be able to file for financial disaster if the automated live will now not practice. Your attorney can inform you if it makes experience so one can record for bankruptcy if you have been in financial disaster inside the past year.

As defined above, the financial ruin Discharge offers you your clean start. But if you have received a bankruptcy discharge inside the beyond, you could not be eligible for another discharge right now.

If your final financial ruin changed into a bankruptcy 7 and:

you filed inside the last four years, you may now not receive a Chapter thirteen discharge or a Chapter 7 discharge if you file nowadays;
you filed within the beyond 8 years, you may no longer acquire a Chapter 7 discharge if you record these days.
If your closing bankruptcy became a bankruptcy thirteen and:
you filed inside the past  years, you will not get hold of a Chapter 13 discharge if you record nowadays;
you filed inside the beyond six years, you will not receive a Chapter 7 discharge except you paid your lenders at the least 70% of what they were owed to your Chapter thirteen plan.
Your lawyer can let you know whether it makes sense to record for bankruptcy even in case you cannot get hold of a discharge.
Question 36. How Much Does It Cost To File Bankruptcy?

Answer :

The present day submitting charge for a chapter 7 case is $306 and for a chapter 13 case is $281. Some courts also impose an additional administrative price. You may pay the filing rate in installments. The courtroom may waive the filing price in a bankruptcy 7 case if your earnings is underneath exact tiers and the court docket finds that you cannot pay the filing charge in installments.

You should rent an lawyer to assist you with submitting financial disaster. Attorneys commonly price a hard and fast fee for positive services in a financial ruin case and the costs normally vary relying at the chapter below which you document. Your attorney may request payment up the front, particularly if you are filing for bankruptcy 7.

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Question 37. Do All Debts Get Discharged?

Answer :

No, not all debts will be discharged via the bankruptcy, even when you have observed all of the Bankruptcy Code’s guidelines throughout your case. First, a financial ruin case simplest discharges money owed which you owed and indexed at the time you filed the case, not those you incurred after submitting the case.

In addition, even after financial ruin, you will have to pay money owed that aren't discharged. Non-dischargeable debts consist of: 

money owed for earnings and property taxes
debts to lenders you probably did now not listing to your financial ruin office work
home assist obligations such as alimony and toddler assist money owed
fines payable to any governmental unit, along with a metropolis or country
restitution imposed on you as part of a crook sentence
scholar loans 
Other money owed that won't be discharged encompass debts you can have incurred through fraud or by willful or malicious movements. An instance of a debt incurred by using fraud is a loan you received while you knew you couldn't repay. Some credit score card use straight away before financial disaster can be taken into consideration fradulent, in particular if you use the card to pay for "luxurious" goods or offerings, which include a holiday. If the creditor does now not ask the court to rule on these money owed, they'll be discharged.

Question 38. What Is A Discharge?

Answer :

If a debt is discharged, you no longer have an duty to pay the debt, and the creditor won't make any effort to compel you to repay. However, if a few different person (consisting of a relative or buddy) has co-signed or assured your mortgage, his/her obligation isn't always discharged. In addition, if you have belongings this is collateral for a loan, the creditor may nonetheless be able to repossess that assets if you do not repay the loan.

Question 39. How Does Bankruptcy Help Me In The Short Run?

Answer :

The second you file for financial ruin, you're included from your creditors. The Automatic Stay stops all collection efforts towards you and towards your property. Creditors have to stop calling you and sending letters to you. If a creditor has already sued you, that lawsuit should forestall. The automated live also prevents lenders from repossessing your house and from foreclosing on your private home. 

Question 40. What Is A Reaffirmation Agreement And How Does It Work?

Answer :

A reaffirmation settlement is an agreement presenting that you'll pay a creditor's debt even though the debt could otherwise be discharged in financial ruin. Your creditor ought to agree to the reaffirmation, so even as the debt can be renegotiated, but maximum reaffirmation agreements truely require you to pay the debt as at first agreed.

People usually reaffirm a debt that will keep property that they gave as collateral for the debt. Thus, maximum reaffirmation agreements cope with secured debts, and bankruptcy 7 debtors input them to keep the creditor from repossessing or foreclosing at the belongings securing the debt. A legitimate reaffirmation agreement places you beneath a legal obligation to pay off the otherwise dischargeable debt. If you default at the bills required below the reaffirmation agreement, the creditor can repossess or foreclose on the property and are looking for a personal judgment towards you.

In order for a reaffirmation to be legitimate, you and your creditor should signal the settlement and report it with the court before you acquire a discharge. In addition, either your lawyer or the courtroom have to determine that the settlement does no longer impose an "undue worry" on your circle of relatives. The Bankruptcy Code consists of many different necessities for reaffirmation agreements. To see there requirements, you can observe the reaffirmation agreement form here.

If you and your creditor do not follow all the requirements for a reaffirmation, the settlement may not be binding. In that occasion, you will haven't any private duty to make bills underneath the settlement.

As a rule, you must think very cautiously approximately whether to reaffirm debt, as this limits your financial ruin discharge.

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