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Top 100+ Back Office Interview Questions And Answers


Top 100+ Back Office Interview Questions And Answers

Question 1. What Is A Back Office?

Answer :

The back workplace of a company is that part of the commercial enterprise which homes employees taking care of administrative and aid duties. These personnel do not want to come immediately in contact with the customers but are the ones who form the back bone of the corporation and help in going for walks the display easily.

For e.G. In a finance or banking company, specialists taking care of managing and settling the money owed, clearing the payments, updating the accounts statistics, jogging the IT infrastructure, records entry, human resources are the again office personnel.

The returned workplace does no longer generate the revenue for the agency but without its support the the front office revenue technology team cannot complete the deal.

Question 2. What Is The Difference Between Front Office And Back Office?

Answer :

Front office is the group of individuals who come in direct touch with the customers. For e.G. The sales human beings, the customer support employees. These are the folks that generate the sales. 

Back Office humans are the folks that do now not are available direct touch with the clients. They work from back stage however while a sales character gets a deal, they may be those to execute it and take it to consummation. 

The two offices want to work hand in hand for the enterprise to run smoothly.

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Question 3. What Are The Skills Required To Work In A Back Office?

Answer :

The capabilities required with the aid of Back Office employees rely a lot on the role. But, seeing that this group is the only operating with the records and communicating the statistics with the front office humans, they need to be technically right and possess outstanding communique competencies both oral and written. They must be actually good at coordinating with the the front office group. 

They ought to additionally recognize the enterprise procedures nicely to execute them efficaciously.

Question four. Payroll Has Been Processed, But A Deduction Is Missing - How Is This Fixed?

Answer :

If the check remains in hand, void the check thru Paycheck > Actions > Void. When choosing the void, make certain that “generate original pay units” is chosen. This will carry that worker lower back into Time Entry so time can be reentered and records may be rerun via Payroll. Before re-strolling Time Entry and Payroll, set up that deduction and rerun that employee’s Payroll (Time Entry first, then Payroll).

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Question five. Why Do Companies Set Up Their Back Offices In Slightly Remote Regions?

Answer :

Cost is usually the reason for the companies to set up their returned offices remotely.

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Question 6. Is It Only Some Of The Back Office Activities That The Companies Outsource?

Answer :

The sort of sports that a organization outsources varies from enterprise to business. If there is a selected pastime inside the returned workplace that is critical but no longer the center commercial enterprise of the organisation, they might remember outsourcing it. Similarly, some businesses may even outsource some of their front workplace activities.

For Example: the preliminary manner of Passport processing in India is outsourced because that is statistics series. However, the back office is maintained by means of authorities because that is statistics verification which wishes extra manage.

Question 7. How Is A Message Included On Paychecks In A Certain Batch?

Answer :

In the Payroll section, while developing a batch, a message may be entered within the New Payroll Batch window's Message textual content container

To input a message for one employee, run that employee's take a look at in a separate batch with a message in that Payroll Batch window's Message text container.

For an existing batch that is still lively, choose Edit Batch from the Actions menu and input a message inside the Edit Payroll Batch window.

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Question eight. How Can Paychecks Be Dated For A Specific Day?

Answer :

When developing a payroll batch via Back Office Menu > Payroll > New Batch set the date inside the Check Date subject to the date favored. 

Question 9. How Is A Transaction Removed From A Billing Batch?

Answer :

As lengthy as the batch has now not been processed, all transactions can be viewed with the shortcut button View Transactions. Use the "X" (remove) button to cast off a transaction.

When selecting transactions, a specific organization can be opened by way of clicking the “plus” button. Deselect transactions that need to not be covered.

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Question 10. How Is The Bank Changed In A Payroll Batch That Has Already Been Created?

Answer :

If the batch is still open, navigate to Main Menu Back Office > Payroll > Actions > Edit Batch then edit the cost in the Bank area.

Question eleven. What Is A Batch And What Does It Do?

Answer :

A Batch is a technique of grouping that lets in a person to designate a smaller section of a larger institution as a unique unit for processing.

Batches seem in three predominant sections of Avionté:

Time Entry
Each of those sections use batching to move transactions from one stop of the procedure to the subsequent. However, in each of these instances they operate on a special scope.

For Time Entry it is commonplace to create a batch of decided on transactions. A user can pick out something grouping they want from the to be had transactions, but will only be allowed to adjust the chosen transaction with that batch.

For Payroll, a consumer could nonetheless do it with the aid of transactions, however it's far greater commonplace to do them by way of Employee, or undertaking. In this case, the person might be using transactions that have been in differing time entry batches earlier than. An instance being a user looking to pay an employee that has worked on two seperate assignments, or at a corporation for an prolonged duration in one go.

And in Billing the scope is even wider, and a consumer can procedure all of the transactions carried out in that month, or with the aid of a set of clients, or maybe all unprocessed transactions which have handed via Payroll.

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