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Top 100+ Atl Server Interview Questions And Answers - May 26, 2020


Top 100+ Atl Server Interview Questions And Answers

Question 1. Explain The Concepts And Capabilities Of Atl Server?

Answer :

ATL Server is advanced by Microsoft for developing internet based totally programs.
 ATL Server is a library of C++ instructions that permit developers to build net based totally programs.
It includes a template library which is dedicated for use with growing Web-primarily based applications.
It affords the capability required to construct huge scale net web sites like:

- SOAP messaging
- caching centers
- threading centers
- regular expression processing
- management of consultation-country
- performance tracking
- MIME help
- Integration with IIS and class for interacting with safety
- cryptographic infrastructure.

Question 2. Explain The Atl Server Architecture?

Answer :

The Web server receives requests from the consumer and passes them on to the ISAPI extension DLL whilst the request is for a record extension treated by way of that DLL.

The ISAPI extension DLL receives requests from IIS and passes them directly to an appropriate Web utility DLL.

Web software DLLs provide utility-specific functionality for handling requests and generating responses.

Server response files are text documents that incorporate the static parts of a response and unique tags describing in which request handler methods can be referred to as to generate the dynamic parts of the reaction.

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Question three. Why Atl Server?

Answer :

ATL Server is a hard and fast of local C++ training that lets in developers to create Web packages, XML Web offerings, and different server applications.
Many classes will also be utilized in customer applications or components.
Question four. What Is Srf Files? Explain With An Example?

Answer :

SRF files include HTML and script tags denoted with the aid of the  opening and  closing braces.

A unmarried SRF document may additionally name code from some of application DLLs and a single utility DLL might also serve a number of SRF documents.

The only SRF file have to contain one or extra references to application DLLs and one or more calls to a function inside the ones DLLs. 


handler ATLServerHelloWorld.Dll/Default
Hello CareerRide

The first line of the file is used to identify the DLL and the elegance that the SRF record will make calls to.

Handler ATLServerHelloWorld.Dll/Default.

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Question 5. What Is The Information That Srfs Typically Contain?

Answer :

SRF files comprise HTML and script tags denoted with the aid of the  opening and  last braces.

A single SRF record may also name code from some of utility DLLs and a single utility DLL may additionally serve some of SRF documents.

Following is a listing of tags used within the SRF:

The codepage tag inside an SRF is used while the SRF is parsed.
The comment tag does now not rendered on the purchaser Web browser.
The handler tag specifies the name of the Web software DLL and the name of the request handler. There can most effective be one handler tag in step with SRF.
The include tag inserts the rendered content of some other SRF at the present day role of the SRF that makes use of it.
The locale tag signifies that any content material rendered after that factor within the document must help the locale that is particular.
The substitute tag is a custom designed tag this is changed with content material from the request handler within your Web utility DLL.
The subhandler tag defines an extra request handler. Unlike the handler tag, there can be more than one subhandler tags inside an SRF.
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Question 6. Explain The Three Main Components Of The Atl Server Project - The Web Application Dll, The Isapi Extension Dll, And The Server Response File?

Answer :

There may be many Web application DLLs in a digital directory that can provide one or more named request handlers.
They have the capability for managing requests and producing responses.
They reveal request handlers that communicate with the ISAPI extension DLL.
Each Web application DLL may be used from multiple server reaction documents.
Server response files are essentially textual content files.
They include the static parts of a reaction and unique tags.
These special tags describe wherein request handler techniques can be called to generate the dynamic elements of the reaction.
Each server reaction document can use more than one Web software DLL.
The requests from IIS are acquired through the ISAPI extension DLL and are exceeded to the suitable Web application DLL.
It gives the request handling infrastructure and common offerings utilized by the Web utility DLLs.
One ISAPI extension DLL exists according to virtual listing and it handles requests for files with the .Dll and .Srf extensions.
Question 7. What Is A Stencil In Atl Server?

Answer :

A stencil is any textual content document that contains unique tags understood via CStencil Class (used to parse a stencil and generate a text move through replacing elements discovered inside the stencil with the aid of output generated with the aid of an object implementing the ITagReplacer interface) or a derived elegance.
A SRF is a stencil containing tags understood by means of CHtmlStencil. 
The stencil processor is a function which lets in content material technology primarily based on the stencil SRF files.
It lets in separating the static a part of the response from dynamic content material.
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Question 8. What Is Difference Between Int A[][]=[4] Int [][]a=[4]?

Answer :

Yes There is diff among, both will provide you with error. One will supply compiler mistakes and every other will provide systax errors.

Question nine. What Is Proces?

Answer :

In Windows, Thread is an unit of execution.Process is the environment wherein thread executes.Scheduler, schedules the Threads not the technique.

In Unix versions,Thread is treated as mild weight process.

Scheduler, schedules the manner no longer threads.

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Question 10. How To Create Sdk Based Atl? How To Create Sdk Based Com?

Answer :

Use the CAxWindow class as described below:

Make certain that AtlAxWinInit has been known as.


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Question 11. What Is "atlaxwin80"?

Answer :

"AtlAxWin80" is the name of a window magnificence that facilitates provide ATL's controlhosting functionality. When you create an example of this magnificence, the window method will automatically use the controlhosting API to create a host item related to the window and cargo it with the manipulate that you specify as the identify of the window.

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Question 12. What Is The Atl Control-website hosting Api?

Answer :

ATL's controlhosting API is the set of capabilities that permits any window to behave as an ActiveX manipulate box.

These features can be statically or dynamically related into your project due to the fact that they are to be had as source code and exposed through ATL80.Dll.

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Question thirteen. Which Atl Classes Facilitate Activex Control Containment?

Answer :

ATL's controlhosting code does not require you to apply any ATL classes? you may certainly create an "AtlAxWin80" window and use the controlhosting API if essential.

Question 14. What Are The Known Problems With The Atl 2.Zero Object Wizard?

Answer :

The ATL 2.Zero Object Wizard might not be present inside the Component Gallery. The ATL 2.Zero Object Wizard is not set up by the principle ATL 2.Zero setup program (Atlinst.Exe).

It requires a separate setup software. You need to download and run the ATL 2.0 Object Wizard Technology Preview (Objinst.Exe) from the ATL Web page. There is a separate ZIP document for Windows NT three.Fifty one.

The ATL 2.0 Object Wizard may additionally crash if an older version of Oleaut32.Dll is mounted on the machine. Make certain the version of Oleaut32.Dll is as a minimum 2.20.4049. The trendy version is to be had for down load at the Internet Explorer three.X Web site. If this doesn't fix the hassle, then deploy Service Pack 2 for Windows NT 4.0.

Question 15. What Problems Might Be Encountered When Using _atl_min_crt? What Causes The Linker Error That _main Is Unresolved During Release Builds?

Answer :

Because earlier than calling _Main, software is probably calling other characteristic which is wanted to initialize the memebers of the program. If that function calling fails, then it throws so known as linker blunders.

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Question sixteen. What Are The Reasons An Atl Server Might Fail To Register?

Answer :

The following are the top three reasons an ATL server might fail to sign up:

You constructed your undertaking with _WIN32_WINNT=0x400 (the default), and you aren't going for walks the ATL server underneath Windows NT 4.Zero otherwise you do not have an uptodate model of Oleaut32.Dll. To remedy this hassle, run "DUMPBIN /EXPORTS OLEAUT32.DLL" and search for UnregisterTypelib. If it isn't always there, then your server can not run. Remove this #outline announcement from Stdafx.H if you need to run the ATL server beneath Windows 95 or older versions of Windows NT. Alternatively, you may use LoadLibrary and GetProcAddress so you can run optimally underneath both Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.Zero. The Oleaut32.Dll that ships with the Internet Explorer three.X is uptodate.
You constructed your venture as MinSize and Atl.Dll is not properly installed on the machine. The accurate version of Atl.Dll have to be copied and registered via Regsvr32. There are Windows NT and Windows ninety five versions of Atl.Dll. The Windows 95 model runs beneath Windows NT. However, because it does now not use the UNICODE APIs, it's miles slightly much less efficient. Unless you build your assignment as MinDependency, you will need to put in the precise model of Atl.Dll and run Regsvr32 on it before you install your server.
You constructed your undertaking as UNICODE, and you can't run it below Windows 95.
The following are the stairs to troubleshoot:

For a DLL server, run Regsvr32 in the debugger. Open the Project Settings conversation box and click the Debug tab. In the Executable for debug session text container, enter the total course to Regsvr32.Exe, along with C:SharedideBinRegsvr32.Exe. In the Program arguments textual content field, specify the entire direction in your DLL, together with C:MyprojectsMyFolderDebugMyFile.Dll. Set a breakpoint at DllRegisterServer and start stepping.
For an EXE server, run it inside the debugger and specify /REGSVR as its commandline argument.
Question 17. What Is Function Description Of Atlaxattachcontrol?

Answer :

Creates a bunch object, connects it to the furnished window, then attaches an present manage.

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Question 18. What Is Function Description Of Atlaxcreatecontrol? (solution.Personal home page?

Answer :

Creates a bunch item, connects it to the furnished window, then loads a control.

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Question 19. What Is Function Description Of Atlaxcreatecontrolex?

Answer :

Creates a number item, connects it to the supplied window, then masses a manipulate (also allows occasion sinks to be installation).

Question 20. What Is Function Description Of Atlaxcreatecontrollic?

Answer :

Creates a licensed ActiveX manipulate, initializes it, and hosts it inside the unique window, much like AtlAxCreateControl.

Question 21. What Is Function Description Of Atlaxgethost?

Answer :

Returns the IUnknown interface pointer of the host object connected to a window.

Question 22. What Is Function Description Of Atlaxdialogbox?

Answer :

Creates a modal conversation field from a dialog useful resource.

Question 23. What Is Function Description Of Atlaxcreatecontrollicex?

Answer :

Creates an authorized ActiveX control, initializes it, and hosts it in the particular window, much like AtlAxCreateControlLic.

Question 24. What Is Function Description Of Atlaxcreatedialog?

Answer :

Creates a modeless dialog container from a conversation useful resource and returns the window manage.

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Question 25. What Is Function Description Of Atlaxgetcontrol?

Answer :

Returns the IUnknown interface pointer of the manipulate hosted in a window.

Question 26. What Is Function Description Of Atlaxwinterm?

Answer :

Uninitializes the controlhosting code.

Question 27. What Is Function Description Of Atlaxwininit?

Answer :

Initializes the controlhosting code.

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Question 28. What Is Class Description Of Caxwindow2t?

Answer :

Wraps an "AtlAxWinLic80" window, providing strategies for growing the window, growing a control and/or attaching an authorized manage to the window, and retrieving interface recommendations at the host item.

Question 29. What Is Class Description Of Caxdialogimpl?

Answer :

Acts as a base class for conversation instructions based on a dialog resource. Such dialogs can incorporate ActiveX controls.

Question 30. What Is Class Description Of Ccomcompositecontrol?

Answer :

Acts as a base class for ActiveX manage training based totally on a dialog resource. Such controls can contain different ActiveX controls.

Question 31. What Is Class Description Of Caxwindow?

Answer :

Wraps an "AtlAxWin80" window, providing strategies for growing the window, creating a manage and/or attaching a manage to the window, and retrieving interface hints on the host object.

Question 32. What Is Class Description Of Cwindow?

Answer :

Provides a way, GetDlgControl, so one can go back an interface pointer on a control, given the ID of its host window. In addition, the Windows API wrappers uncovered by using CWindow usually make window management easier.