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Top 100+ Astronomy Interview Questions And Answers


Top 100+ Astronomy Interview Questions And Answers

Question 1. How Far Away From Earth, Is Space?

Answer :

In reality, area is stated to begin just 100km above the floor of the earth so in case you have been in a rocket then you might now not want to journey for too lengthy to hit space.

When you appearance in the sky to the moon as an instance you virtually simplest want to tour a tiny, tiny fraction of the manner to the moon to enter space.

Question 2. How Does Gravity Affect Life On Pluto?

Answer :

Well, there may be a lot less gravity no Pluto than there is on the earth Earth.

Therefore, it is less difficult to jump for instance a jump could take you a great deal higher. Your body could additionally now not need the robustness that it wishes to deal with gravity right here pushing down in your organs and so on, so may want to be less sturdy.

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Question three. How Do Clouds Form?

Answer :

Clouds are formed as part of the water cycle. Effectively, heat air rises. Indeed, water vapor rises, as it's far lighter than air.

However, because it rises thru the sky, better and better up, the air is less warm.

This reasons the water vapor to condense and it turns to liquid droplets. This is what reasons a cloud to form and condense.

When the density is high sufficient, the water escapes from the cloud and falls to earth as a cloud.

Question four. How Did The Moon Form?

Answer :

Theories abound. The most broadly regular notion at present is that some big effect on the earth in its very formative days was so violent that it sent a chunk of earth rock flying out into space, and this became the moon. Certainly if authentic, this turned into very fortuitous for life on the earth in the long run, because the moon has many consequences on the planet which are useful for existence, e.G. Tides.

Question 5. How Can Space Expand Faster Than The Speed Of Light?

Answer :

Although not anything can journey faster than the velocity of mild, when area is expanding itself then things can pass similarly than light does in a length this is as it is not a particle this is travelling it's far the material of area itself.

Space can enlarge at a price that has no longer been decided however will not expanded to be bound by the motion of light or debris, so if the cloth of space itself expands then things can efficaciously be moved other than every other at quicker than light velocity with out themselves exceeding the restrict.

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Question 6. How Big Is Venus?

Answer :

In terms of size, Venus is the maximum like Earth, even though not in phrases of planetary conditions, weather, or hospitability for life.

Venus is 95% the scale of earth. In phrases of the density of the planet, it is very close to earth. It is 30% towards the Sun than the earth is. It is also exceedingly warm around 880 degrees Fahrenheit at times, and sulphuric acid rain. The planet has a runaway greenhouse impact problem.

Question 7. How Big Is The Universe?

Answer :

There is an side to what we're capable of see in the universe. The most distant galaxies we are able to now see are 10 or 12 billion lightyears away. We ought to by no means see a galaxy that is farther away in light tour time than the universe is vintage, e.G. Expected 14 billion years. Thus, we're surrounded with the aid of a "horizon" that we can not look past that. This horizon describes the seen universe-a region a few 28 billion mild years in diameter.

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Question 8. Does Time Stop At An Event Horizon?

Answer :

You might also have study that as you technique the occasion horizon of a black hole, time will forestall for you.

Indeed, for any observers, it will appear which you pass slower and slower and by no means pretty reach it (ignoring the troubles which you might be beaten to demise by the gravity!) However, in case your watch have been still to work, you will appearance down and understand time to be passing as ordinary.

It is due to the mammoth gravity that the light you emit takes longer and longer to reach the outside observer.

Question 9. Does Non-carbon Based Life Exist Somewhere In The Universe?

Answer :

No you can actually say no in answer to this, due to the fact we do no longer recognize what else is offered.

However, it appears in all likelihood that because of its chemical homes that existence someplace else would need to be primarily based on carbon if it became of any length, although we can not say for positive.

There are not that many elements that appear to have the ability that carbon does, the stability and abundance... But it is feasible that some thing like silicon could perhaps be a candidate for life bureaucracy someplace else? for very simple existence paperwork there is probably a bigger range of candidate factors.

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Question 10. Do Galaxies Interact?

Answer :

Of course we don't have any direct evidence of galaxies interacting but it does appear that they could and do, and are at this very second, interacting.

Usually a violent and lively affair, galaxies interacting will reason a great deal destruction of present fabric after which bring about a product section of a great deal megastar formation and pastime because the repercussions are felt all through the galaxy.

Question eleven. Do Black Holes Really Exist?

Answer :

As far as we are able to tell, they do exist, yes. Whilst no person has without delay visible a black hollow, they are of course dark gadgets so mild cannot be visible? the effects of them can be seen.

Specifically the big gravitational subject and its impact may be found at the centre of galaxies wherein the orbits of stars and rely do all forms of crazy things from the acute gravitational pulls, so items that behave always with the conduct of black holes at the centre of galaxies have had their predictions showed, yes.

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Question 12. Did Water Come From Comets?

Answer :

One exciting idea is that maximum of the water came to earth from comets. The idea is that hundreds of small comets, approximately the scale of small homes, come into the surroundings every day.

They vaporize in the ecosystem, leaving their water behind.

The concept is that 10 of these very minute for billions of years over the course of the history of the planet might result in absolutely all the water in the oceans and atmosphere!

This would be big, as it might provide an alternative reason for the same old idea that the water came from gaseous emissions from the crust of the Earth within the early days post its initial formation...

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Question 13. Describe The Venus Atmosphere?

Answer :

Venus has a totally peculiar atmosphere, as compared with the same sized planet next to it Earth.

The ecosystem is truely all carbon dioxide within the area of nine%. The rest is specifically made from nitrogen. There is thick cloud fabricated from no longer water but acids like sulphuric acid nasty stuff indeed.

The stress is large inside the environment of planet Venus indeed Venus could crush us, as it's far 90 instances that of earth!

The temperature on Venus is likewise large, around 500 Celsius even a few metals could be liquid on the surface of Venus!

Question 14. How Far From Earth, Is The Moon?

Answer :

The Mean Distance of Moon from Earth is 238,712 miles (384,four hundred km).
The finest distance is 252,586 miles.
The shortest distance is 221,331 miles.

Interestingly, the Moon used to be a great deal toward the earth, and can have had a pivotal function in the evolution of existence on this planet and the whole records of the planet before us, that caused our creation.

The implication of this is also that the Moon will not continually be with us the Earth is slowly dropping its grip at the Moon and at some degree long, in the destiny, the Moon will without a doubt get away Earth's gravitational pull and out of Earth's gravitational grasp.

Question 15. How Fast Is The Solar Wind?

Answer :

A very thrilling questions this approximately the speed of the sun wind. This relies upon on conditions in and across the sun and how particularly energetic it's far at the time and consequently varies greatly. It movements among round 2 hundred to 900 kilometers in line with second.

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Question sixteen. How Have Some Stars Had Time To Die Since The Universe Began?

Answer :

This often confuses humans that there are stars that have been via their entire existence cycle yet there are numerous stars nevertheless forming.

Well part of the solution is that a large big name burns quicker and dies faster so may have its complete

life cycle in the fraction of the time a celebrity as though our personal Sun does that's perhaps mid sized.

Therefore, it would take a billion years for a large superstar to undergo its lifecycle and if stars started to form around one billion years after the large bang, then after 23 billion years stars could have burnt out, hence they may have died already.

Question 17. How Is Saturn Like Earth?

Answer :

Saturn is like earth within the feel that it's far one of the planets of the solar machine.

Earth is also a planet. They additionally each are alike in that they cross around the sun.

Also they both have moons, even though earth has just one and Saturn has so many who we still do not know what they all are and increasingly more are being determined round Saturn all of the time.

Therefore, in those ways they're similar.

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Question 18. How Is Venus Different To Earth?

Answer :

Venus is specific to planet earth in pretty profound methods. We cognizance, being alive, on the reality that Venus should truely now not assist life. This focuses us in on some big variations among the 2 planets.

First, up, Venus rotates extremely slowly as compared to earth.

It also has a magnetic area that is almost nonexistent not true for existence! Of route, the temperature way it's so dry and there's hardly ever any water.

There is excessive pressure at the floor and temperature, and the surroundings is very dense with a run away greenhouse impact.

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Question 19. How Is Venus Like Earth?

Answer :

Venus is like Earth in some ways, mainly cosmetic, but very exclusive in others.

However till we studied Venus in popular it changed into thought to be a sister planet but the fact may be very one-of-a-kind. In phrases of similarities are the 2 fundamental statistics:

It is the closest to Earth in the sun device, very close certainly in planetary phrases
The 2d aspect is that it's miles a small rocky planet, of just about the same size as earth
However as you will see within the differences to Earth question I just answered, the variations among the 2 planets Earth and Venus are a lot extra profound than the similarities.

Question 20. How Long Is A Day On Saturn?

Answer :

A day on Saturn is hard to degree, but scientists now trust that the cost of an afternoon on Saturn in phrases of duration is round 10 hours and as such being ten hours as compared to our 24 it's far less hours than a day on earth.

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Question 21. How Long Is A Year On Saturn?

Answer :

Saturn is much similarly from the Sun than the Earth is. Therefore, for it to finish its orbit across the solar as soon as takes a good deal longer than for Earth because of the a whole lot wider circle it has to head round in order orbiting (properly, ellipse).

Therefore, the period of a yr on Saturn is about 29.Five Earth years.

So if you want to feel a lot more youthful and be a child again, outline your age in Saturn years rather than Earth years!

Question 22. How Long Is It Until Our Solar System Ceases To Exist?

Answer :

It is concept that the solar is approaching roughly the halfway point of its existence.

In addition, the sun system the device of the sun lives and dies with its celebrity, at the least in turns of being energetic, because it's miles the heat and energy from the sun that sustains the reactions on the planets which might be within the reach of its mild and gravitational force.

The sun has several billion years to go yet till it cools and expands, so we aren't any immediate hazard from the sun in truth, we are able to guarantee that by the time the solar is large enough, nothing we recognize as human will exist.

Question 23. How Many Black Holes Are There?

Answer :

We do not understand for certain, 100%, that there are any black holes. However, beyond reasonable doubt, whilst the compact object in an Xray binary device is shown to be more big than about 3 times the mass of the Sun, then this compact object is a black hole.

With regard how many there are in overall, it's far notion that many, possibly maximum? galaxies comprise a large black hole in their centers. If this is the case, then there can be almost as many black holes as galaxies a first-rate quantity!

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Question 24. How Many Earths Can Fit Into Jupiter S Great Red Spot?

Answer :

The first-rate pink spot is a hurricane on Jupiter that has been raging for round 300 years or so that is when it became first spotted.

That is quite a typhoon genuinely isn't it, and we do no longer recognize whilst it'll die out. It is also alternatively huge as the question implies.

The solution is that it's miles estimated something within the region of two earths would suit into the tremendous red spot on my own, which gives a few idea of the huge scale of the gas giant this is Jupiter in comparison to the smaller ball of rock that is planet Earth.

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Question 25. How Many Moons Do Ceres Have?

Answer :

Ceres is a big asteroid that has just come to be a wannabe planet within the new solar gadget, unbelievably, or as a minimum is a pluton.

Question 26. How Many Moons Do Mars Have?

Answer :

With all the focal point on the crimson planet and existence, and the meant channels that have been the sign of more terrestrial lifestyles in previous centuries, people forget about the moons of this neighbor planet, the Red Planet.

However, Mars has two moons.

These are referred to as Phobos and Deimos respectively, and are minor satellites, so referred to as. They are small in comparison to the Earth's moon, that is tons large and more considerable.

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Question 27. How Many Moons Does Neptune Have?

Answer :

Neptune is the planet with the fourth most moons in the solar system. The planet has thirteen moons.

The planets with more moons are Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus, in descending order of variety of moons.

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Question 28. How Many Moons Does Saturn Have?

Answer :

Saturn has forty six recognised moons (as of 4th May 2005 when 12 extra have been discovered).

These moons vary in size significantly, from the biggest moon Titan (larger than Mercury and Pluto), to other greater arguable moons which might be surely just massive rocks. Of the 12 most lately found, a few are most effective 3 7 km extensive, and take around 2 years to orbit the planet.

The number of moons isn't always solid, and greater moons are being located all of the time as detection techniques grow to be more state-of-the-art.

Saturn is the planet with the second largest range of moons, with Jupiter catalogued as having the maximum.

Question 29. How Many Moons Does Uranus Have?

Answer :

Uranus has 27 moons. This means it has greater moons than some other planet within the sun gadget, apart from Jupiter and Saturn.

However, it has greater than two times the variety of moons of the following planet inside the listing Neptune.

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Question 30. How Many Planets Are In The New Solar System?

Answer :

At the time of writing the new solar system has not been agreed formally, however it seems that there may be 12 planets in the new sun device, having gone up from nine formerly.

The new additions would be Ceres, Charon and an obscurely named object far far from the sun called 2003 UB319 honestly wishes to have a catchier call assigned to it!

Question 31. How Many Planets Are Now In The Solar System?

Answer :

There are actually 8 planets in the sun device, as Pluto has been demoted to a planetoid at the side of its moon Charon that has been promoted to that reputation at the side of the most important asteroid called Ceres.

Question 32. How Many Stars Are There In The Whole Universe?

Answer :

We can at least say the quantity is so large that we can't recognise it? given that there are billions of stars in each galaxy and there can be for all we understand trillions of galaxies then the quantity is truly collosal.

It is also of route in a steady state of flux as stars are born and other stars die or collide and exchange nation consequently the wide variety is likewise ever changing.

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Question 33. How Old Is Our Earth?

Answer :

Of direction, nobody knows precisely how old the earth is, but technology can provide what it believes to be correct estimates of the age of the earth the use of numerous relationship techniques.

At present, the generally well-known estimate is that the Earth is between a few four.Five to 4.6 billion years antique. This is based totally partially on radiometric relationship strategies and partly on extrapolation lower back in time and searching at the universe round us.

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Question 34. How Old Is This Universe?

Answer :

The age of the earth soon positioned paid to that and recently sophisticated medical techniques have pointed at a much greater age.

Some have notion the query incoherent or as a minimum that its presupposition need to be stated in reality this is, that the universe has a beginning and therefore factor in which it got here into life.

However, there appears to be robust evidence that the universe has no longer always existed and therefore that is a coherent query.

We need to mention that if the big bang is authentic, we can cross lower back handiest to mention some thing like 'when turned into the big bang' as direct get admission to to life of the universe earlier than then can be something we will never empirically have relying on the definition of the large bang and what may have gone earlier than.

Typical estimates of the age of the universe are around 14 18 billion years, based totally on globular clusters.

Question 35. How Was The Moon Formed?

Answer :

How the moon formed is a great question. Over time, the theories have abounded as to how the moon became formed, and what it consists of.

The present day concept that seems to in shape the statistics the quality is that it's miles virtually very vintage earth rocks. At some stage a big collision took a big chunk of rock out of the earth and flung it out into area this rock have become the moon.

If a human turned into to glide in space and he look up might there be different planets on top of the planets in out galaxy. He might not be able to see the other planets without a telescope from space both, or at least not in any detail.

Question 36. If Gravity Only Attracts Mass And If Light Does Not Have Mass Why Does It Appear To Bend When Passing A Planet?

Answer :

Under fashionable relativity, it's miles visible that gravity can literally warp spacetime round it.

Therefore, some thing that passes via the gravitational warping will itself be stimulated.

Around a big object like the sun, there may be a slight warping of spacetime, and consequently the entirety that passes through this is affected.

This is what reasons the mild bending, you be aware in mild waves even though they can't have mass in the trendy version (because it takes limitless electricity to accelerate whatever that has mass to light velocity)

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Question 37. Is Pluto Really A Planet?

Answer :

The motivation for this has been the multiplied knowledge of our solar gadget and the massive number of large rocks that have been found at a more distance from the Sun than Pluto, which orbits it? in truth some large than Pluto has or of similar length have been found.

This has brought about many calling for our expertise of a true planet to change or for Pluto to come to be a planetessimal or some different nonplanetary frame.

However due to convention through the years and its repute it seems set for Pluto to live, but it is worth noting that there are many similar sized gadgets in all likelihood also orbiting the sun at a far greater distance within the Kuiper belt.

Question 38. Is The Gravitational Pull On An Object Equalized If The Object Is At The Center Of A Planet, I.E. Surrounded By The Mass Of The Planet, Which Is Creating The Gravity?

Answer :

The gravitational pull on this instance will be the identical from all guidelines, so the net impact would be no motion.

Of direction, you'll must be completely encircled by using the massive objects like in the centre of a hoop for instance.

Question 39. Is The Moon Escaping The Earth?

Answer :

However, it is feasible that this will attain a steady kingdom, when the pull of the moon is less on earth it'll gradual down or stop the fee at which the earth is slowing down its spin from the friction induced. This in flip will location a extra pull lower back at the moon and as a result it is able to reach a constant distance from the earth.

Question 40. Is There Water In Moon Rock?

Answer :

No! The checks on moon rock that has both reached earth, from meteorites or from rock brought back with the aid of astronauts, have delivered a new meaning to the word dry!

Any water there was could have escaped long, long ago. This has affected the range of minerals feasible on the moon around a hundred compared to the hundreds on the planet in which water has enabled a good deal more complexity.

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Question forty one. What Are Asteroids Like?

Answer :

Asteroids have numerous standard functions of hobby.

Firstly, their formation they all constitute material that became not used within the preliminary formation of the solar gadget.
For anything motive hazard and role they did now not shape planets, and consequently were left scattered.
They do no longer constitute a whole lot cloth it is concept that if they have been all joined collectively the mass could handiest be that of half of of our Moon!
Most asteroids are in a 'belt' between Mars and Jupiter.
Some asteroids even have their own mini moons as an example Ida and Dactyl.
Question 42. What Are Gamma Ray Bursts?

Answer :

Gamma ray bursts are one of the cutting-edge mysteries that are still to be explained.

If we should see gamma ray wavelengths, we'd see the sky glow and lots of this is from known assets like pulsars, quasars and so forth. However, on occasion we've directly discovered unexpected pulses of gamma rays for some seconds at a time.

These pulses pour out big electricity. The mystery is in regards the supply of these gamma rays.

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