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Top 100+ Application Software Interview Questions And Answers


Top 100+ Application Software Interview Questions And Answers

Question 1. How To Determine What Packages Are Installed On A System?

Answer :

For distributions that use RPM layout programs, use the command:

 $ rpm -qa 

Question 2. What Software Does Linux Support?

Answer :

Linux runs all of the usual open source utilities, like GCC, (X)Emacs, the X Window System, all the same old Unix utilities, TCP/IP (inclusive of SLIP and PPP), and all of the hundreds of applications that people have compiled or ported to it.

There is a DOS emulator, known as DOSEMU, that shall we Linux run applications written for DOS. 

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Question 3. Can Linux Use True Type Fonts?

Answer :

Yes. There are a number of True Type font servers for the X Window System. One of them is xfsft.

Question four. Can Linux Run Microsoft Windows Programs?

Answer :

If you want to run MS Windows programs, the safest wager is to twin-boot Windows and Linux. LILO, the Linux boot loader, can boot one in every of numerous working structures from a menu. Booting Windows is glaringly the maximum dependable way to run all of your Windows packages. See the LILO documentation for information on dual booting. Also, LOADLIN.EXE (a DOS application to load a Linux, or different OS, kernel is one manner to make Linux co-exist with DOS. LOADLIN.EXE is specially handy while you want to put in Linux on a 3rd or 4th force on a gadget (or while you're adding a SCSI pressure to a device with an current IDE).

In these instances, it's miles commonplace for LILO's boot loader to be not able to locate or load the kernel on the "other" power. So you simply create a C:LINUX listing (or whatever), put LOADLIN.EXE in it with a replica of your kernel, and use that.

LOADLIN.EXE is a VCPI compliant software. Win95 will need to "shutdown into DOS mode," to run it (as it might with sure other DOS blanketed-mode programs).

Earlier versions of LOADLIN.EXE now and again required a package deal called REALBIOS.COM, which required a boot method on an (almost) blank floppy to map the interrupt vectors (previous to the loading of any software program drivers). (Current versions do not seem to deliver with it, and don't seem to need it).

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Question 5. How Do I Install Gnu Software?

Answer :

On a efficiently configured machine, installing a GNU software bundle calls for four steps:

With the source.Tar.Gz archive inside the /usr/src/ directory, or anyplace you preserve your supply documents, untar and decompress the package with the command:
tar zxvf package deal-call.Tar.Gz 
Run the ./configure script in the untarred supply archive's pinnacle-level listing with some thing command line arguments you want. The alternatives that configure acknowledges are typically contained in a file referred to as INSTALL or README.
Run make. This will construct the supply code into an executable application (or applications) and may take a few minutes or some hours, relying on the speed of the pc and the size of the package.
Run make installation. This will deploy the compiled binaries, configuration files, and any libraries in the proper directories.
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Question 6. Where Can I Find Kermit For Linux?

Answer :

Kermit is distributed under a non-GPL copyright that makes its phrases of distribution somewhat exceptionallint-for-linux?

Answer :

Roughly equivalent capability is constructed into GCC. Use the -Wall alternative to turn on most of the beneficial more warnings. See the GCC manual for greater information (type F1-i in Emacs and select the entry for GCC).

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Question eight. Database Backup And Restore?

Answer :

The database sponsored up at the Security Management Platform(SMP) can be restored to the SMP of the identical model. For example, you could repair the database this is backed up on 2.63_EN_Build20151106 best to two.63_EN_Build20151106.

Question nine. Does It Matter If A Log4j Error Is Displayed?

Answer :

The error marked in the pink field does no longer have an effect on the everyday operation of the SMP. Such statistics is displayed throughout the startup of Tomcat.

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Question 10. Can The Smp Be Connected To A Third-celebration Nas For Web Authentication?

Answer :

The 0.33-birthday celebration NAS tool must help the China Mobile Portal 2.0 protocol. For instance on a H3C transfer, if the subsequent command can be run, it can be used to connect with an SMP. 

Serve your immediate needs with our foresight in tendencies. The supported H3C switches encompass H3C WX3024, H3C WX5004, and H3C WX5510.

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Question eleven. Can Smp Support Integrate With Multiple Third-party Identity Centers Or Ad Domains?

Answer :

SMP does now not aid integrate with 0.33-celebration identification facilities of different sorts. For example, if both the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) protocol and active listing (AD) domain exist, the SMP help integrate with best one of them.

However, the SMP help integrate with a couple of AD area servers. Q5: When including users to the SMP, the machine indicates that the license is inadequate, and the SMP carrier manager suggests that at maximum zero on-line consumer is allowed.

This message is displayed whilst the Micro Dongle isn't always effectively used. The Micro Dongle of the SMP and SNC is the identical in appearance and can likely be misused. If the SNC Micro Dongle is used by fault, the SMP Micro Dongle also can be began, but the license displayed is incorrect. 

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Question 12. What Should I Do If I Forgot The Password Of The Smp Admin?

Answer :

In SMP2.Sixty three and later variations, discover the information desk “T_ADMIN” inside the database “SMPDB”, and change the field of admin password to “316901EEFC21AE17FE07B76BF922CF5C”, and the password is reset to “111111111”. You also can run Update T_ADMIN SET password='316901EEFC21AE17FE07B76BF922CF5C' where adminID='admin' to reset the password.

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Question thirteen. How To Calculate The Number Of Smp Authenticated User?

Answer :

SMP 2.Sixty three authentication calculates the variety of on-line customers. It has not anything to do with the full wide variety of created customers, the variety of allowed login instances, and the sort of the used customer. For example , if you purchase 50 licenses , 50 concurrent online users are allowed.

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Question 14. Does An Smp Qr Code User Occupy The License?

Answer :

A SMP QR code user occupies the license. 

Question 15. How To Synchronize The Passwords If The Smp Is Integrated With Ad Domain Server?

Answer :

On SMP 2.Sixty five and in advance versions, the feature "Learn new customers password all through authentication" is enabled by means of default.

Each time whilst an AD area consumer is authenticated, the person password is checked in the AD domain. The password may be stored regionally if the password check is a success. When the communications between the SMP and the AD area is faulty, the user password that is saved regionally can be used for person authentication.

If the local password of the SMP is changed, the password in the AD domain is not affected.

Upon user authentication, the password can be checked within the AD domain and saved to the SMP domestically. If the password inside the AD area is modified, the new password is checked in the AD area while it's miles used for authentication, and synchronized to the SMP. Given that Windows AD area has a mechanism which can put off the expiration of the previous password, the previous password can nevertheless be utilized in a time frame after the AD area password is changed.

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Question 16. How Does An Smp Perform Authentication When Smp Is Integrated With Multiple Ad Domains?

Answer :

Use the layout domain nameuser name or person call@area name to perform authentication inside the detailed area.

Question 17. What Are The Keep-alive Configurations For Smp User In Web Authentication?

Answer :

Wired Web authentication consumer: It is usually recommended to enable the web reputation detection feature for a stressed Web authentication user (If the maintain-alive page of a success authentication is turned off , the consumer is compelled offline in 3 heartbeat intervals).

Choose Autentication&Authority > Portal Settings > Heartbeat Detection on Webauthenticated Users Serve your immediately desires with our foresight in developments.

Wireless Web authentication consumer: Enable traffic hold-alive on the AC as encouraged.

WS6108(config)#offline-detect c program languageperiod 10 threshold a hundred If the wi-fi facts traffic is smaller than one hundred bytes in 10 minutes, the wireless person is considered as offline. 

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Question 18. Define Application Software?

Answer :

Application software program includes applications designed to perform particular responsibilities for users. Application software can be used as a productiveness/enterprise device; to help with images and multimedia projects; to assist home, non-public, and educational activities; and to facilitate communications. Specific utility software merchandise, called software applications, are available from software program carriers. Although utility software also is to be had as shareware, freeware, and public-area software program, those generally have fewer abilities than retail software program packages.

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Question 19. Understand How System Software Interacts With Application Software?

Answer :

System software program consists of applications that manipulate the operations of a laptop and its gadgets. System software serves as the interface between a consumer, the application software, and the computer’s hardware. One kind of gadget software is the working device. Before utility software program may be run, the running machine, which incorporates commands that coordinate the activities among pc hardware devices, should be loaded from the hard disk into the pc’s memory.

Question 20. Identify The Role Of The User Interface?

Answer :

The person interface controls the way you enter facts or commands and the way data displays on the laptop display. Many of these days’s software applications have a graphical person interface. A graphical consumer interface (GUI) combines text, pics, and different visual snap shots to make software easier to use.

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Question 21. Explain How To Start A Software Application?

Answer :

Both the Microsoft Windows and the Apple Macintosh running systems use the idea of a computer. The computing device is an on-screen work vicinity with commonplace graphical elements which include icons, buttons, menus, hyperlinks, home windows, and conversation boxes. A software program application can be started out through clicking its program call on a menu, or list of instructions. Clicking this system name instructs the running system to transfer this system’s commands from a garage medium into reminiscence. Once started, the software displays in a window on the computer. A window is a rectangular area of the display this is used to reveal the program, information, and/or records. At the top of the window is a name bar that carries the window’s call.

Question 22. Identify The Widely Used Products And Explain The Key Features Of • Productivity/business Software Applications • Graphic Design/multimedia Software Applications • Home/private/educational Software Applications • Communications Software Applications

Answer :

People use productivity software program to come to be greater powerful and green while appearing each day activities. Word processing software permits customers to create and manage documents that contain text and pics. With phrase processing software, you can insert clip artwork into a report; exchange margins; discover and update textual content; use a spelling checker to test spelling; region a header and footer on the top and the lowest of a page; and vary font (individual design), font length (individual scale), and font style (individual appearance).

With spreadsheet software program, data is organized in rows and columns, which collectively are known as a worksheet. The intersection of a row and column, called a cell, can contain a label (text), a fee (number), or a components or feature that plays calculations at the facts and displays the end result.

Database software program allows you to create and control a database. A database is a collection of information organized to permit get admission to, retrieval, and use of that records. A query is used to retrieve information according to unique standards, which are regulations the facts need to meet.

Presentation portraits software program is used to create displays that talk thoughts, messages, and different records to a group thru a slide display. You can use a clip gallery to decorate your presentation with clip artwork photographs, photographs, videos, and audio clips.

A non-public information manager (PIM) is software that includes an appointment calendar to time table sports, an address ebook to keep names and addresses, and a notepad to document thoughts, reminders, and critical information. A software program suite is a collection of man or woman programs sold as a unmarried bundle.

Project management software permits you to devise, agenda, track, and analyze the development of a venture. Accounting software program allows companies file and file their financial transactions.

Power users regularly use software that permits them to work with pics and multimedia. Computer-aided layout (CAD) software assists in creating engineering, architectural, and medical designs. Desktop publishing (DTP) software program is used to layout and produce sophisticated documents. DTP is evolved in particular to assist page layout, that's the system of arranging text and photos in a record. Paint software is used to draw graphical pictures with various on-screen tools. Image modifying software provides the capability to alter existing snap shots. Video editing software and audio enhancing software can be used to regulate video and audio segments.

Multimedia authoring software is used to create electronic interactive presentations that can include text, images, video, audio, and animation. Web page authoring software is designed to create Web pages and to arrange, control, and keep Web websites.

Many software program applications are designed specially for use at domestic or for personal or instructional use. Integrated software combines numerous productiveness software applications that percentage a comparable interface and common functions into a unmarried package. Personal finance software is an accounting software that allows pay payments, balance a checkbook, tune earnings and prices, observe investments, and compare financial plans. Legal software program assists within the advent of felony documents and affords felony recommendation. Tax coaching software guides users thru the system of submitting federal taxes. Personal DTP software facilitates increase conventional documents by using asking questions, providing predefined layouts, and providing fashionable textual content.

Photo-enhancing software program is used to edit digital pictures. A clip artwork/picture gallery is a collection of clip artwork and pictures that may be utilized in all styles of documents. Home layout/landscaping software assists with planning or transforming. Educational software program teaches a particular skill and exists for about any problem. Reference software program presents valuable and thorough facts for all individuals. Entertainment software program consists of interactive video games, films, and other programs designed to assist a hobby or provide amusement.

One of the primary reasons humans use computers is to speak and share information. E-mail software program is used to create, ship, acquire, forward, shop, print, and delete electronic mail (electronic mail). A Web browser is a software program application used to get admission to and look at Web pages. A chat customer is software program that lets in you to connect to a talk room, which allows customers to speak thru the computer. A newsreader is a software program program used to participate in a newsgroup, which is an online region at the Web wherein customers behavior written dialogue approximately a particular subject. An immediate messenger is a software program application mounted to use instantaneous messaging (IM), a real-time communications carrier that notifies you while one or more people are online after which permits you to alternate messages or files. Groupware is a software utility that allows agencies of humans on a community paintings collectively and proportion facts. A videoconference is a assembly between  or extra geographically separated folks who use a network or the Internet to transmit audio and video statistics.

Question 23. Identify Various Products Available As Web Applications?

Answer :

A Web software is a software program application that exists on a Web website online. To get right of entry to the Web application, you visit the Web website online that gives this system. Some Web applications are unfastened; for others, you pay for use, provider, help, or when a sure action occurs. Web-based schooling (WBT) is a sort of CBT (laptop-based totally schooling) that uses Internet technology. Many Web sites offer WBT to the majority. An utility service provider (ASP) is a 3rd-birthday party organization that manages and distributes software program and services on the Web.

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Question 24. Describe The Learning Aids Available With Many Software Applications?

Answer :

Many software applications and Web sites provide gaining knowledge of aids. Online Help is the digital equivalent of a user manual. Usually integrated into an utility software program bundle, online Help often is context-touchy, meaning that the Help data is related to the cutting-edge assignment being attempted. Most online Help additionally provide hyperlinks to Web sites that have a FAQs web page. FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) deliver solutions to commonplace queries. Many books are available that will help you learn to use the features of a personal pc application package deal. A wizard is an automatic assistant that allows whole a challenge by way of asking questions after which performing movements primarily based at the solutions.

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