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Top 100+ Appium Interview Questions And Answers - May 26, 2020


Top 100+ Appium Interview Questions And Answers

Question 1. What Are The Advantages Of Using Appium?

Answer :

It allows you to write down exams against a couple of mobile systems the use of the same API.
You can write and run your tests the use of any language or take a look at framework.
It is an open-source tool that you can without problems make a contribution to.
Question 2. What Is Appium's Strongest Point?

Answer :

Appium is based on Selenium that's an HTTP protocol by using Google designed to automate browsers. The idea is surely very fine as automating an app (mainly a webview-primarily based one) isn't so one of a kind (in terms of required APIs) from automating a browser.

Appium is also designed to inspire a 2-tier architecture: a machine runs the test written in a single language ([csharp], [ruby], [javascript] are only some a number of the many supported ones) and some other one (the check server) really executes it. Furthermore the WebDriver protocol goals scalability (due to the fact based on HTTP), this makes Appium very scalable as well; keep in mind that you may want to write your take a look at as soon as, Appium can be in charge of executing it on extra platforms.

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Question 3. What Is The Appium Philosophy?

Answer :

R1. Test the identical app you put up to the market
R2. Write your tests in any language, the usage of any framework
R3. Use a widespread automation specification and API
R4. Build a big and thriving open-supply community attempt

Question four. Why Do The Appium Clients Exist?

Answer :

We have the Appium clients for three reasons:

1) There wasn't time to undergo a complete commit and release cycle for Selenium as soon as we would set a release date for 1.Zero

2) Some of the things that Appium does, and which its customers definitely discover beneficial, are by no means going to be an legit a part of the new cellular spec. We want a manner to make these extensions available

3) There are some behaviors whose country is as yet unknown. They may make it into the spec and get deleted from the customers, or they is probably in category #2

Ultimately, the best cause for the clients could be #2. And even this is without a doubt evidence that we're conforming to the WebDriver spec (by using enforcing the extension strategy it recommends) in place of departing from it. The Appium clients are the very best and cleanest manner to use Appium.

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Question five. Explain What Is Appium?

Answer :

Appium is a freely dispensed open source cell software UI testing framework.

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Question 6. What Are Main Advantages Of Using Appium On Sauce Labs?

Answer :

You save the time it takes to installation the Appium server regionally.
You don't ought to installation/configure the cellular emulators/simulators for your local surroundings.
You do not should make any changes to the supply code of your utility.
You can begin scaling your checks immediately.
Question 7. Which Language Should I Use To Write My Tests?

Answer :

This might be the quality issue about Appium: you can write your tests in any language. Since Appium is not anything extra than an HTTP server, a take a look at which wishes to be interfaced with Appium can definitely use HTTP libraries to create HTTP sessions. You simply need to realize the Selenium protocol that allows you to compose the right instructions and that is it!

However, as you could imagine, there are already some libraries doing this for the maximum commonplace languages and improvement frameworks out there: C#, [dotnet], [java], Ruby, [python] and Javascript are just few examples; and they all are open supply initiatives.

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Question eight. What Type Of Tests Are Suitable For Appium?

Answer :

When it comes to trying out, specially webview-based totally apps, there are loads of situations that may be examined also depending at the function insurance you need to make sure. Appium is pretty available for trying out situations that users will go through whilst using your app.

But in case you need to test more than UX simple interactions, then Appium turns into a limitation. Think approximately features like keyboarding. It is not so smooth when complex touch/keyboard blended scenarios are worried, the probability of a fake failure is excessive; do now not misunderstand me in this: I am now not saying it's far not possible to do, just no longer so easy as you would possibly assume!

Another little nightmare with Appium is changing information. When your check wishes to exchange information along with your app (especially inside the incoming course), you will want to play a few tricks. So constantly bear in mind that sending and receiving information is not that truthful. It isn't always Appium's fault, the WebDriver specification changed into designed for automating stuff, not changing data!

Question nine. List Out The Appium Abilities?

Answer :

Appium abilties are:

Test Web
Provides move-platform for Native and Hybrid cellular automation
Support JSON cord protocol
It does no longer require recompilation of App
Support automation check on bodily tool as well as comparable or emulator each
It has no dependency on cellular tool.
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Question 10. List Out The Pre-requisite To Use Appium?

Answer :

Pre-needful to apply APPIUM is:

Selenium Server JAR
Webdriver Language Binding Library
APPIUM for Windows
APK App Info On Google Play
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Question eleven. What About Performance?

Answer :

Appium isn't a big application and requires little or no reminiscence. Its architecture is virtually pretty easy and light as Appium acts like a proxy among your check system and every platform automation toolkit. Once up and jogging, Appium will pay attention to HTTP requests out of your exams; while a new session is created, a thing in Appium's Node.Js code called _proxy_ will forward these Selenium instructions to active platform drivers.

In the case of Android for instance, Appium will ahead incoming commands to the [chromedriver] (90% of instances, Appium will no longer even change commands at the same time as routing them), this happens because ChromeDriver helps WebDriver and Selenium. For this motive Appium will now not allocate a good deal memory itself, you'll see a whole lot of reminiscence being allocated by using other strategies like [adb], ChromeDriver or the iOS automation toolkit (referred to as via Appium at the same time as checking out and automating).

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Question 12. What Platforms Are Supported?

Answer :

Appium presently helps Android and iOS, no guide for Windows regrettably.

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Question thirteen. Do I Need A Server Machine To Run Tests On Appium?

Answer :

No! Appium promotes a 2-tier architecture where a test device connects to a test server going for walks Appium and automating the whole lot. However this configuration isn't always obligatory, you could have Appium jogging at the identical device wherein your take a look at runs. Instead of connecting to a faraway host, your test will connect with Appium the usage of the loopback deal with.

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Question 14. List Out The Limitations Of Using Appium?

Answer :

Appium does not help checking out of Android Version decrease than 4.2
Limited help for hybrid app trying out. E.G., no longer feasible to check the switching movement of software from the net app to native and vice-versa
No guide to run Appium Inspector on Microsoft Windows.
Question 15. How Can I Test Android Tablets?

Answer :

The fine manner to check on one-of-a-kind Android emulators display screen sizes is by the use of the special Android Emulator Skins . For instance, if you use our Platforms Configurator you'll see the available skins for the distinct Android variations (e.G Google Nexus 7 HD, LG Nexus 4, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Samsung Galaxy S3, and so forth). Some of these skins are capsules, as an example the Google Nexus 7C is a tablet which has a very big resolution and very high density.

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Question sixteen. How Can I Run Manual Tests For My Mobile Native App Or Mobile Hybrid App?

Answer :

Sauce Labs would not guide guide tests for cell local app or cell hybrid app tests.

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Question 17. What Type Of Keyboard And Buttons Do The Android Emulators Have?

Answer :

Android Emulators have software program buttons and a hardware keyboard. In a normal Android emulator the tool buttons are software buttons displayed at the right length of the emulator. For the Android emulators with exceptional skins (e.G Google Nexus 7 HD, LG Nexus 4, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Samsung Galaxy S3, etc) the device buttons are also software program buttons that are overplayed on pinnacle of the skin. For example, if you hover the mouse around the edges of any of our Android emulators with an exact skin, a hover icon will seem and you have to be able to locate anything buttons simply exist on the tool that the skinned emulator is attempting to emulate (e.G power button along the top, volume buttons along the brink, again/home buttons proper under the display screen, etc).

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Question 18. Explain How To Find Dom Element Or Xpath In A Mobile Application?

Answer :

To locate the DOM element use “UIAutomateviewer” to locate DOM detail for Android utility.

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Question 19. Explain The Design Concept Of Appium?

Answer :

Appium is an “HTTP Server” written the usage of Node.Js platform and drives iOS and Android consultation the usage of Webdriver JSON twine protocol. Hence, before initializing the Appium Server, Node.Js should be pre-installed at the machine
When Appium is downloaded and established, then a server is setup on our machine that exposes a REST API
It receives connection and command request from the customer and execute that command on cell gadgets (Android / iOS)
It responds returned with HTTP responses. Again, to execute this request, it makes use of the cell test automation frameworks to power the user interface of the apps. Framework like
Apple Instruments for iOS (Instruments are to be had best in Xcode three.0 or later with OS X v10.Five and later)
Google UIAutomator for Android API stage 16 or higher
Selendroid for Android API degree 15 or much less
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Question 20. What Language Does Appium Support?

Answer :

Appium aid any language that support HTTP request like Java, JavaScript with Node.Js, Python, Ruby, PHP, Perl, and so forth.

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Question 21. Explain The Pros And Cons Of Appium?

Answer :


For programmer irrespective of the platform, he's automating ( Android or iOS) all of the complexities will remain beneath single Appium server
It opens the door to go-platform mobile checking out this means that the identical check could paintings on more than one systems
Appium does not require more components for your App to make it automation pleasant
It can automate Hybrid, Web and Native mobile applications

Running scripts on multiple iOS simulators on the identical time is viable with Appium
It makes use of UIAutomator for Android Automation which helps handiest Android SDK platform, API sixteen or better and to help the older API’s they've used every other open source library called Selendroid.
Question 22. I Already Have Platform-precise Tests For My App, What Should I Do To Migrate To Appium?

Answer :

Unfortunately there isn't a magic formula to translate your exams into Selenium tests. If you evolved a check framework on distinct layers and found precise programming ideas, you ought to be capable of act on some additives in your exams on the way to migrate your suites to Appium.

Your contemporary assessments are going to be smooth emigrate if they're already the use of an automation framework or some thing close to a command-based totally interaction. Truth being informed, you will probable need to write your exams from the start, what you can do is truely reusing your existing additives.

Question 23. How Much Time Does It Take To Write A Test In Appium?

Answer :

Of path it depends by means of the take a look at. If your test really runs a scenario, it'll take as many commands because the wide variety of interactions needed to be achieved (therefore only a few strains). If you are trying to trade data, then your take a look at will take greater time for positive and the test may even turn out to be hard to read.

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Question 24. Any Tips Or Tricks To Speed Up My Test Writing Activity Or My Migration Process?

Answer :

Here is one piece of recommendation. Since your tests will normally consist in automation tasks (if this circumstance isn't met, you might want to rethink the use of Appium), make interactions reusable! Do no longer write the identical sub-scenarios twice on your tests, make a diagram of what your eventualities are and break up them in sub activities; you may get a graph in which some nodes are available from multiple node.

So make the ones responsibilities parametric and get in touch with them for your tests! This will make your check writing enjoy higher even while you want emigrate from present assessments (hopefully you already did this interest for your current suites).

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Question 25. What Test Frameworks Are Supported By Appium?

Answer :

Appium does not guide check frameworks due to the fact there is no need to assist them! You can use Appium with all take a look at frameworks you need. NUnit and .NET Unit Test Framework are only some examples; you'll write your exams the use of one of the drivers for Appium; for that reason your assessments will interface with Appium simply in terms of an external dependency. Use anything test framework you want!

Question 26. Can I Interact With My Apps Using Javascript While I Am Testing With Appium?

Answer :

Yes! Selenium has instructions to execute Javascript commands on your app out of your checks. Basically you may send a JS script out of your take a look at in your app; when the commands runs on Appium, the server will send the script on your app wrapped into an nameless function to be finished.

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Question 27. Is It Returning The Values?

Answer :

How ever your Javascript interaction can get extra superior as your script can go back a cost to be able to be added for your test whilst the HTTP reaction is sent returned via Appium as soon as your Javascript has completed jogging.

However this state of affairs comes with a trouble: your Javascript can send again only primitive types (integers, strings), now not complex objects. The trouble can be overtaken by way of passing items as JSON strings or through editing Appium's or Selenium's code to aid specific gadgets.

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Question 28. How Can I Exchange Data Between My Test And The App I Am Testing?

Answer :

Appium, certainly the WebDriver specification, isn't made for changing facts together with your app, it's miles made to automate it. For this reason, you will possibly be amazed in finding information trade now not so smooth. Actually it isn't always not possible to change facts together with your app , but it's going to require you to build extra layers of testability.

Question 29. What Data Exchange Is?

Answer :

When I say "statistics change" I am now not relating to situations like getting or putting the fee of a textbox. I am also no longer referring to getting or placing the value of an element's characteristic. All these things are easy to reap in Appium as Selenium offers commands just for the ones. By "records alternate" I mean changing statistics hosted via complicated objects saved in one-of-a-kind elements of your webview-based totally app like the window item.

Consider when you dispatch and capture activities, your app can in all likelihood do many stuff and the approaches records flows can be dealt with are many. Some objects can also have a state and the nation system behind some situations in your app can be big and articulated. For a lot of these motives you might experience troubles while trying out.

Question 30. Is It Exchanging Data Through Javascript?

Answer :

Selenium provides instructions do execute Javascript on the app, it's also feasible to execute features and feature them go back facts (best basic sorts).

If you exchange JSON strings it should be great as JSON.Stringify(str) will turn your JSON string into an object at the app side, while on the check facet (relying at the language you're the usage of), you can rely on loads of libraries to parse the string you get hold of.

Question 31. I Don't Want To Set Up A Whole Infrastructure For My Tests And I Don't Want To Spend Money On Hw. Can Appium Help Me?

Answer :

If you consider it, what absolutely is needed from you is writing exams. Then the truth which you need to set up an Appium server someplace is something extra.

If you need to skip this component, you can depend upon a few web services that already deployed an entire structure of Appium servers to your exams. Most of them are on-line labs and they help Selenium and Appium.

Question 32. I Need To Debug Appium, Is It Difficult?

Answer :

No definitely! Appium is a Node.Js software, so it's far Javascript in the essence. The code is available on GitHub and can be downloaded in few seconds as it is small and now not so complicated. Depending on what you need to debug, you will probable want to head deeper to your debugging experience, but there are some key factors where putting a breakpoint is usually worth: the proxy thing is worth a point out. In appium/lib/server/proxy.Js you may set a breakpoint in function doProxy(req,res), so as to be hit everytime instructions are despatched to platform-precise components to be translated into automation commands.

Question 33. Explain What Is Appium Inspector?

Answer :

Similar to Selenium IDE document and Playback tool, Appium has an “Inspector” to document and playback. It records and performs local software behavior by inspecting DOM and generates the take a look at scripts in any desired language. However, Appium Inspector does not help Windows and use UIAutomator viewer in its alternative.

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Question 34. What Are The Basic Commands That I Can Use In The Selenium Protocol?

Answer :

Google's Selenium offers a set of commands to automate your app. With those commands you could essentially do the subsequent:

Locate net elements on your webview-primarily based app's pages by using the usage of their ids or magnificence names.
Raise events on placed elements like Click().
Type inside textboxes.
Get or set positioned detail's attributes.
Execute some Javascript code.
Change the context so as to check the native a part of your app, or the webview. If your app makes use of more webviews, you can transfer the context to the webview you choice. If your webview has frames or iframes inner, you may alternate context to considered one of them.
Detect alert bins and brush aside or be given them.
Question 35. I Want To Run My Tests In A Multithreaded Environment, Any Problems With That?

Answer :

Yes! You need a few unique care when using Appium in a multithreaded environment. The hassle does no longer actually depend upon the reality of the use of threads in your tests: you can use them however you must make certain that no more than one check runs at the same time in opposition to the identical Appium server. As I noted, Appium does now not aid more than one classes, and unless you carried out an additional layer on pinnacle of it to deal with this case, a few exams might fail.

Question 36. Mention What Are The Basic Requirement For Writing Appium Tests?

Answer :

For writing Appium checks you require:

Driver Client: Appium drives cellular programs as although it have been a consumer. Using a client library you write your Appium assessments which wrap your check steps and sends to the Appium server over HTTP.

Appium Session: You must first initialize a consultation, as such Appium test takes vicinity in the consultation. Once the Automation is carried out for one session, it can be ended and wait for any other consultation

Desired Capabilities: To initialize an Appium session you need to outline sure parameters referred to as “desired talents” like PlatformName, PlatformVersion, Device Name and so forth. It specifies the type of automation one requires from the Appium server.

Driver Commands: You can write your check steps the use of a huge and expressive vocabulary of instructions.

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Question 37. How Can I Run Android Tests Without Appium?

Answer :

For older versions of Android Appium may not be supported. For instance, Appium is most effective supported in Android variations four.Four or later for Mobile Web Application tests, and Android variations 2.3, 4.0 and later for Mobile Native Application and Mobile Hybrid Application tests.

For the ones variations in which Appium isn't supported you can request an emulator driven by means of Webdriver + Selendroid. All you need to do is use our Platforms Configurator and pick out Selenium for the API instead of Appium.

In the Sauce Labs take a look at you'll observe that the top of the emulator says "AndroidDriver Webview App". In addition, you will notice that you will get a "Selenium Log" tab which has the output of the Selendroid driving force.

With an emulator pushed by way of Webdriver + Selendroid you'll be in a position to check Mobile Web Application handiest. You need to be able to pick any Android emulator model from 4.0 to the ultra-modern version and any Android emulator pores and skin (e.G "deviceName":"Samsung Galaxy Tab three Emulator").

Question 38. How Can I Run Ios Tests Without Appium?

Answer :

For older versions of iOS Appium might not be supported. For example, Appium is supported in iOS variations 6.1 and later. For in advance variations of iOS the device or driving force used to pressure your cell applications automated test is called iWebdriver.

To obtain a simulator pushed via iWebdriver use our Platforms Configurator and pick Selenium for the API as opposed to Appium. With an emulator pushed via iWebdriver you will be in a position to check Mobile Web Application best. In addition, within the Sauce Labs check you will word a "Selenium Log" tab which has the output of iWebdriver.

Question 39. What Mobile Web Browsers Can I Automate In The Android Emulator?

Answer :

Currently the best browser that may be computerized in our Android emulators is the inventory browser (i.E Browser). The Android inventory browser is an Android flavor of 'chromium' which probably means that its behavior is closer to that of Google Chrome.