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Top 100+ Anti Dumping Duty Tax Interview Questions And Answers


Top 100+ Anti Dumping Duty Tax Interview Questions And Answers

Question 1. What Is The Non-injurious Price And Injury Margin? How These Are Worked Out?

Answer :

Non-Injurious Price (NIP) is that degree of price, which the industry is, anticipated to have charged below ordinary circumstances within the Indian market all through the Period described. This price would have enabled affordable restoration of price of manufacturing and earnings after nullifying adverse impact of these elements of production which can have adversely effected the agency and for which dumped imports can't be held responsible.

Question 2. How Does Protectionism Affect Gross Domestic Production (gdp)?

Answer :

The great majority of monetary literature shows that protectionist guidelines lessen the gross home product, or GDP, of home and overseas countries. And, as a logical corollary, robust evidence shows change liberalization, or the removal of protectionist obstacles via a domestic united states, creates big efficient advantages and expands GDP.

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Question three. How Do Tariffs Protect Domestic Industries?

Answer :

Tariffs are essentially taxes or duties located on an imported properly or provider by using a domestic authorities, making domestic items cheaper for domestic consumers and imported goods extra pricey for groups exporting goods from their enterprise into the home enterprise.

Question four. What Is The Logic Behind Anti Dumping Duty Tax?

Answer :

The good judgment behind anti-dumping duties is to keep home jobs, even though critics argue that this results in better expenses for domestic customers and reduces the competitiveness of home agencies generating similar goods.

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Question 5. What Are The Parameters Of Injury To The Domestic Industry?

Answer :

Broadly, injury can be analyzed in terms of the volume effect and fee effect of the dumped imports. The parameters by which harm to the home industry is to be assessed in the anti dumping proceedings are such financial signs having a bearing upon the country of enterprise as the value of dumping, and the decline in sales, selling price, income, marketplace proportion, manufacturing, utilization of ability and many others.

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Question 6. What Are The Essential Requisites For Initiating An Anti Dumping Investigation?

Answer :

The following are vital for initiating an anti dumping investigation: - 

Sufficient evidence to the effect that ; 

There is dumping 
There is injury to the domestic enterprise; and 
There is a causal link between the dumping and the harm, this is to say, that the dumped imports have brought on the alleged harm.
The domestic producers expressly helping the anti dumping application must account for now not much less than 25% of the whole production of the like.

Question 7. What Is Anti Dumping? What Is Its Purpose In International Trade?

Answer :

Dumping is said to arise when the products are ex ported by means of a rustic to every other united states at a price lower than its ordinary fee. This is an unfair trad e exercise which could have a distortive effect on international trade. Anti dumping is a degree to rectify the state of affairs arising out of the dumping of goods and its exchange distortive effect. Thus, the cause of anti dumping obligation is to rectify the change distortive effect of dumping and re-establish truthful change. 
The use of anti dumping degree.

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Question 8. What Is Free Trade Policy?

Answer :

Free alternate policies, in their truest form, advocate for a whole absence of import regulations (such as price lists and quotas) and for no subsidization of export industries. The proponents of unfastened exchange argue that regulations on trade make all consumers, even their own u . S . Guys, poorer than they otherwise would were.

Question 9. What Are Various Anti Dumping Rules?

Answer :

Individual exporter: Any exporter whose margin of dumping is less than 2% of the export charge will be excluded from the purview of anti-dumping obligations despite the fact that the life of dumping, harm as well as the causal hyperlink is hooked up. 

Country: Further, research against any u . S . Is needed to be terminated if the volume of the dumped imports, actual or capability, from a selected country bills for much less than 3% of the total imports of the like product.

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Question 10. How Do You Define? Normal Value ? Export Price And ? Dumping Margin?

Answer :

Normal Value: Normal value is the similar fee at which the goods beneath grievance are bought, inside the regular direction of change, inside the domestic market of the exporting united states.

If the ordinary price can't be decided through the home sales, the subsequent  alternative techniques may be employed to decide the everyday cost: - 

Comparable representative export fee to the right 0.33 us of a. 

Constructed ordinary value, i.E. The cost of production in the rely.

Question eleven. What Is Anti Dumping Duty Tax In Taxes?

Answer :

An anti-dumping duty Tax is a protectionist tariff that a domestic authorities imposes on foreign imports that it believes are priced under honest market price. In the USA, anti-dumping duties are imposed via the Department of Commerce and often exceed 100%.

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Question 12. When Anti Dumping Duty Tax Comes Into Play?

Answer :

Anti Dumping Duty Tax come into play when a overseas company is promoting an object drastically underneath the price at which it's far being produced.

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Question thirteen. What Is The Legal Framework For Anti Dumping, Anti Subsidy And Safeguard Measures?

Answer :

Sections nine, nine A, 9 B and 9 C of the Customs Tariff Act, 1975 as amended in 1995 and the Customs Tariff (Identification, Assessment and Collection of Anti-dumping Duty on Dumped Articles and for Determination of Injury) Rules, 1995 and Customs Tariff (Identification, Assessment and Collection of Countervailing Duty on Subsidized Articles and for Determination of Injury) Rules, 1995 framed there under shape the criminal foundation for anti-dumping and anti subsidy investigations and for the levy of anti-du.

Question 14. What Is The Relief/treatment To The Domestic Industry Under The Anti Dumping Mechanism. Is It Always In The Form Of Anti-dumping Duty?

Answer :

The remedy to the home industry towards dumping of goods from a specific usa is within the shape of anti dumping duty imposed towards that united states/ies, that could move upto the dumping margin. Such obligations are exporter precise and us of a specific. 

However, the remedy against dumping isn't always usually inside the form of anti dumping obligation. The Authority may additionally terminate or suspend research after the preliminary findings if the exporter involved provided an mission to revise his charge.

Question 15. Is Anti Dumping A Measure Of Protection For Domestic Industry?

Answer :

Anti dumping, in common parlance, is known as a degree of safety for home enterprise. However, anti dumping measures do no longer provide protection in line with se to the domestic enterprise. It only serves the purpose of providing treatment to the home enterprise against the harm as a result of the unfair change practice of dumping. 

In fact, anti dumping is a change remedial measure to counteract the change distortion caused by dumping and the consequential injury to the home enterprise.

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Question 16. What Is The Difference Between Anti Dumping Duty And Normal Customs Duty? Is The Anti Dumping Duty Over And Above The Normal Customs Duty Chargeable On The Import Of An Item?

Answer :

Although anti dumping responsibility is levied and collected through the Customs Authorities, it's far totally distinct from the Customs duties now not best in concept and substance, however also in reason and operation. 

The following are the principle variations among the two: - 

Conceptually, anti dumping and so on measures in their essence are related to the perception of fair trade. The object of these responsibilities is to guard towards the situation springing up out of unfair alternate practices even as customs obligations.

Question 17. What Are The Parameters Used To Assess Dumping Of Goods From A Country?

Answer :

Dumping way export of goods by way of one united states of america / territory to the market of some other united states of america / territory at a charge decrease than the normal fee. If the export fee is decrease than the normal cost, it constitutes dumping. Thus, there are two fundamental parameters used for dedication of dumping, namely, the ordinary fee and the export charge. Both those elements have to be as compared on the equal level of change, commonly at ex-manufacturing unit degree, for evaluation of dumping.

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Question 18. How Is Comparative Advantage Used As A Justification Against Anti Dumping Taxes?

Answer :

The idea of comparative benefit suggests that total monetary welfare in all nations is improved whilst countries awareness on the ones industries in which they have got lower opportunity charges. The benefits of comparative gain are decreased whilst domestic industries are subsidized or whilst foreign industries are subjected to import tariffs. Economists were uncommonly uniform in advocating unfastened trade regulations for hundreds of years.

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Question 19. What Is Dumping?

Answer :

Dumping refers to exporting a very good at a lower rate than the charge charged for the good at home.

Question 20. How Is Causal Link Established Between Dumping And Injury To The Domestic Industry?

Answer :

In the anti dumping complaints, it is vital to prove that the dumping has prompted harm to the home industry. No anti dumping responsibility shall be endorsed without a finding of this causal dating. That is to mention, Dumping must lead to Injury.

The causal hyperlink is to be established usually in phrases of the subsequent results of dumped imports on home industry: - 

volume impact 
price impact 
The quantity impact of dumping relates to the market .
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Question 21. Does Dumping Mean Cheap Or Low Priced Imports?

Answer :

Often, dumping is incorrect and simplified to intend cheap or cheap imports. However, it's miles a misunderstanding of the term. On the alternative hand, dumping, in its prison experience, approach export of goods by means of a country to every other us of a at a charge decrease than its ordinary fee. Thus, dumping implies less costly imports most effective in the relative feel (relative to the normal value), and no longer in absolute sense. 

Import of cheap products thru unlawful alternate channels like smuggling do not fall.

Question 22. What Is Disadvantage Of Anti Dumping Duty Tax?

Answer :

Anti-dumping obligations are believed to distort the market because the government cannot determine what constitutes a honest market rate for any excellent or provider. This is due to the fact honest market price is some thing fee the marketplace will endure as decided with the aid of supply and call for.

Question 23. In Case Anti Dumping Duty Is Warranted After The Investigation, What Is The Extent Of Such Duty To Be Recommended/imposed?

Answer :

Under the WTO association, the National Authorities can impose obligations upto the margin of dumping i.E. The difference among the normal cost and the export fee. The Indian regulation also offers that the anti dumping duty to be encouraged/levied shall not exceed the dumping margin.

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