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Top 100+ Angular 6 Interview Questions And Answers


Top 100+ Angular 6 Interview Questions And Answers

Question 1. What Are Components In Angular?

Answer :

The Concepts of Angular Components  -

Components are the maximum primary constructing block of a UI in Angular packages and it controls views (HTML/CSS). They additionally talk with other components and services to convey functionality to your programs.

Technically additives are essentially TypeScript classes that engage with the HTML files of the components, which get displayed on the browsers.

The factor is the core capability of Angular applications but you want to understand to bypass the statistics into the additives to configure them.

Question 2. What's New In Angular 6? What Are Improvements In Angular 6?

Answer :

The Angular Team are working on masses of malicious program fixes, new capabilities and brought/update/put off/ re-introduce/ and many more things.

Let’s begin to explore all modifications of Angular 6 grade by grade:

Added ng replace - This CLI instructions will replace your angular project dependencies to their cutting-edge versions. The ng update is regular package manager equipment to become aware of and replace other dependencies.

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Question three. What Are The Ngmodule Metadata Properties?

Answer :

The NgModule decorator identifies AppModule as a NgModule class.

The NgModule takes a metadata item that tells Angular a way to bring together and launch the utility.

The NgModule importance metadata homes are as follows –

Question four. What Types Of Ngmodules?

Answer :

There are four forms of NgModules –

Features Module
Routing Module
Service Module
Widget Module
Shared Module
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Question five. What Is A Cookie?

Answer :

A cookie is a small piece of data sent from a website and saved on the consumer's machine with the aid of the person's net browsers whilst the person is surfing.

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Question 6. What Is Pure Pipe?

Answer :

Angular executes a pure pipe most effective whilst it detects a pure alternate to the input value. A natural trade may be primitive or non-primitive.

Primitive facts are simplest single values, they have got now not unique abilties and the non-primitive statistics types are used to shop the group of values.


  name: 'forex'


Question 7. What Is Impure Pipe?

Answer :

Angular executes an impure pipe at some stage in each aspect change detection cycle. An impure pipe is called regularly, as often as every keystroke or mouse-flow.

If you want to make a pipe impure that time you may permit the setting natural flag to false.


  call: 'currency',



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Question eight. What Is Parameterizing Pipe?

Answer :

A pipe can receive any quantity of optionally available parameters to attain output. The parameter value may be any valid template expressions. To add elective parameters observe the pipe call with a colon (:). Its looks like- forex: 'INR'

In the subsequent example –

<h2>The birthday is -  date:"MM/dd/yy"  </h2>

<!-- Output - The birthday is - 10/03/1984 -->

Question nine. What Is Chaining Pipe?

Answer :

The chaining Pipe is used to carry out the more than one operations within the unmarried expression. This chaining operation can be chained the use of the pipe (I).

In the subsequent example, to show the birthday in the upper case- will need to use the built in date-pipe and higher-case-pipe.

In the following example –


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Question 10. Why You Use Browsermodule, Commonmodule, Formsmodule, Routermodule, And Httpclientmodule?

Answer :

BrowserModule – The browser module is imported from @angular/platform-browser and it's far used when you want to run your software in a browser.

CommonModule – The not unusual module is imported from @angular/common and it's far used whilst you want to apply directives - NgIf, NgFor and so forth.

FormsModule – The paperwork module is imported from @angular/bureaucracy and it's miles used whilst you construct template pushed paperwork.

RouterModule – The router module is imported from @angular/router and is used for routing RouterLink, forRoot, and forChild.

HttpClientModule –The HttpClientModule is imported from @angular/not unusual/http and it used to provoke HTTP request and responses in angular apps. The HttpClient is extra present day and smooth to use the alternative of HTTP.

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