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Top 10 Oracle Apps Interview Questions and Answers


Top 10 Oracle Apps Interview Questions and Answers

Q1. What Are The Four Phases Of A Concurrent Request?
The four stages are as per the following: dormant, forthcoming, running, and finished.

Q2. What Is A Flexfield? What number of Types Of Flexfields Exist?
A Flexfield is a field comprised of fragments. Each portion has a doled out name and a rundown of substantial qualities. Two kinds of Flexfields exist: Key Flexfields and Descriptive Flexfields (DFFs).

Q3. Enlighten Me Something Regarding Sql-loader?
Sql loader is a mass loader utility utilized for moving information from outer documents into the prophet data set.

Sql loader upholds different burden designs, specific stacking, and multi-tables loads.

Customary - - The regular way loader basically stacks the information by utilizing standard 'embed' articulation.
Direct - - The immediate way loader (direct = valid) by have of rationale engaged with that, and loads straightforwardly in to the prophet information records.
EX:- My data.csv document

1001, "scott tiger",1000,40


Load information

Infile 'c:datamydata.csv'

embed Into table emp Fields ended by "," alternatively encased by'"'

(empno, empname,sal,deptno)

>sqlldr scott/tiger@vis control=loader.ctl log= gvlog.log bad=gvbad.bad discard=gvdis.dsc .

Q4. What Is Place Holder Columns?
A placeholder is a segment is a vacant holder at configuration time. The placeholder can hold a worth at run time has been determined and set in to It by pl/sql code from another article.

You can set the worth of a placeholder section is in a Before Report trigger.

Store a Temporary incentive for future reference. EX. Store the ongoing max compensation as records are recovered.

Q5. What Is The Oracle-suggested Application Short Name For Extensions?
Prophet suggests an application short name start with XX. For instance, augmentations to Oracle Purchasing would be XXPO.

Q6. What Is Summary Columns?
A rundown segment plays out a calculation on another section's information. Utilizing the Report Wizard or Data Wizard, you can make the accompanying outlines: aggregate, normal, count, least, most extreme, % complete. You can likewise make a rundown section physically in the Data Model view, and utilize the Property Palette to make the accompanying extra

rundowns: first, last, standard deviation, difference.

Q7. What Is Set-of-books?
Assortment of Chart of Accounts and Currency and Calendars is called SOB

Q8. What Is Oracle Alert?
Prophet Alert is a special case revealing framework. It keeps you informed dependent upon the situation. It additionally speaks with different clients through email in regards to exemption messages.

Q9. What Is The Significancy Of Us Folder?
It is only language particular naturally it is in american language. We can have various dialects envelopes in light of introduced dialects. from backend we can get it from


              I- - INSTALLED,

              B- - BASE,

              D- - DISABLE

              select language_code,nls_language from fnd_languages where installed_flag like 'B'

Q10. What Are The Profile Options? What number of Levels Of Profile Options Are Available?
Profile choices are set to decide how the applications look and feel. There are four degrees of profile choices accessible: site level, application level, obligation level, and client level. You can have different classifications of profile choices, like individual choices, framework choices, examining profile choices, cash choices, Flexfield choices, web based announcing choices, individual result watcher choices, and client profile choices.