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Top 10 Electrical Drives Interview Questions - Jul 23, 2022


Top 10 Electrical Drives Interview Questions

Q1. What Are Various Advantages Of Electrical Drives?

They are having flexible control characteristics. The examine nation and dynamic traits of electrical drives may be formed to fulfill load necessities.

Drives can be provided with automatic fault detection systems. PLCs and computer systems can be employed to robotically control the pressure operations in a desired collection.

Drives are available in wide variety of speed, energy and torque.

Control tools required for pace manage, beginning and braking is usually simple and easy to perform.

It can operate in all the 4 quadrants of pace - torque plane. Electric braking gives clean deceleration and increases lifestyles of the gadget as compared to different varieties of braking.

Q2. What Are The Various Methods Of Applying Electric Traction?

There are three strategies of making use of electric braking.

They are:

Plugging or reverse modern braking

Rheostatic braking

Regenerative braking

Q3. Name Some Of The Various Methods Of Traction Motor Control?

Rheostatic manipulate

Thyristor manipulate

Metaldyne manipulate

Buck and enhance technique

Series parallel manipulate

Field manipulate

Q4. Define Dead Weight And Adhesive Weight?

Dead weight:

The total weight of locomotive and train to be pulled via the locomotive is known as dead weight

Adhesive weight:

The total weight to be carried on the riding wheels is called the adhesive weight.

Q5. What Are The Advantages Of Microprocessor Based Control Of Traction Motors?

High velocity of response

High accuracy

Over voltage and over velocity protection

Electronic interlocking

Less touchy to temperature variations and flow

Numbers of additives used are less

Q6. What Is Tractive Effort?

The effective force vital to propel the educate at the wheels of the locomotive to which the motor is geared is called the tractive effort. It is measured in newtons and is tangential to the using wheels.

Total tractive effort required to run a train on tract = Tractive attempt to provide acceleration + Tractive effort to triumph over effort of gravity + Tractive attempt to overcome train resistance.

Q7. What Are The Basic Requirements Of A Braking System?

The basic requirements of a braking gadget is given underneath.

Easy to use for driver to perform.

It ought to be inexhaustible.

The protection must be a minimal.

It ought to be simple, quick, robust and dependable in action.

Kinetic power of the train be storage at some point of braking which will be used subsequently at some stage in acceleration of the train.

Q8. Define Electric Drives?

Systems hired for movement manipulate are known as as drives and drives rent any of the high movers along with diesel or petrol engines, fuel or steam generators, hydraulic motors and electric powered cars for supplying mathematical energy for movement manage. Drives using electric powered movement is called as electric drives.

Q9. What Are The Various Parts Of Electrical Drives?

Electrical automobiles and load

Power Modulator


Control Unit

Sensing unit

Q10. Give Some Of Advanced Methods Of Speed Control Of Traction Motors?

Tap changer manipulate

Thyristor control

Chopper manage

Microprocessor manipulate