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Technical Interview Questions For ECE - Jul 16, 2022


Technical Interview Questions For ECE

Q1. What is Electronics?

Ans: The look at and use of electrical devices that function by using controlling the flow of electrons or different electrically charged particles.

Q2. What is meant by means of D-FF?

Ans: D-turn flop stands for Delay turn-flop, it delays input through one clock pulse

Q3. What are the features of Base Station System (BSS)?

Ans: Functions of BSS are as follows:

Radio path control.

BTS and TC manage.

Connection establishment with MS-NSS.

Mobility management, speech transcending.

Connection of statistical statistics.

Q4. Define the phrases.


Resistor: A resistor is an electrical factor that limits or regulates the drift of electrical modern-day in an electronic circuit.

Capacitor : A capacitor is a passive digital factor that stores energy inside the form of an electrostatic subject.

Diode: A diode is a semiconductor tool with two terminals, generally permitting the go with the flow of current in one direction handiest.

Transistor: A transistor is a semiconductor tool that regulates modern or voltage glide and acts as a switch or gate for electronic alerts.

Q5. What is the basic difference between Latches and Flip flops?

Ans: Latches are monostable and turn-flops are bistable

Q6. What is wi-fi verbal exchange idea ?


Wireless verbal exchange is the transfer of facts between  or greater factors that are not linked by using any physical medium.Wireless communications can be thru:

Radio verbal exchange.

Microwave conversation.

Light, Visible and Infrared communication.

HubSpot Video

Q7. What are the parts of Network Management System (NMS)?

Ans: Following are the components of community management device:

OMC: Operation and maintenance center – Computerized tracking center.

NMC: Network Management Center – Centralized manipulate of a network is finished here.

OSS: Operation and aid machine – Used for assisting sports achieved in an OMC and/or NMC.

Q8. What is a sign?

Ans: A sign is an electric contemporary or electromagnetic discipline used to bring facts from one location to another.

Q9. What is a multiplexer?

Ans: It is used to multiplex records from exceptional resources commonly used in TDM

Q10. What do you mean by frequency reuse ?

Ans: Each cellular Base Station is allocated a set of radio channels for use. These radio channels can be utilized by some other base station which is at a appropriate distance away from it.

Q11. What are programs of DSP?

Ans: Some selected packages or virtual sign processing which are regularly encountered in day by day life are indexed as follows:

Telecommunication: Echo cancellation in phone networks.

Military Radar signal processing

Consumer electronics Digital Audio/TV

Instrumentation and manage

Image processing photo representation, photograph compression

Speech processing speech analysis methods are used in computerized speech popularity

Medicine Medical diagnostic instrumentation including computerized tomography (CT)

Seismology DSP techniques are employed in geophysical exploration for oil and fuel.

Signal Filtering Removal of undesirable background noise.

Q12. What is sampling?

Ans: The method of obtaining a fixed of samples from a continuous function of time x(t) is referred to as sampling.

Q13. What is Race-round trouble? How can you rectify it?

Ans: Race round situation happens in a JK flip-flop when both the inputs are set to '1', it can be rectified the use of part-precipitated flip-flop or the use of grasp-slave turn-flops

Q14. What do you suggest via Handoff ?

Ans: When a mobile movements right into a extraordinary cell while a communication is in progress, the Mobile Switching Center robotically transfers the decision to a new channel belonging to the brand new Base Station.

Types of handoff:-

Hard Handoff

Soft Handoff

Q15. Explain radio surroundings in constructing.

Building penetration: Building penetration relies upon on the material used for creation and architecture used. This varies constructing to constructing and is primarily based on building creation.

Building Height Effect: The signal power is usually better at pinnacle floor and usually ground benefit peak is about 2.7dB/floor which is not dependent on building creation.

Building Floor Reception: The signal isolation between floors in a multi floor constructing is on the common about 20dB. Within a floor of one hundred fifty * a hundred and fifty ft, the propagation loss because of interior walls, depending at the wall materials is ready 20 dB between the robust and the vulnerable regions.

Q16. State sampling theorem.

Ans: It states that, at the same time as taking the samples of a continuous signal, it needs to be taken care that the sampling charge is identical to or extra than twice the cut off frequencyand the minimal sampling charge is called the Nyquist charge.

Q17. How can you change an JK Flip-flop to a D Flip-flop?

Ans: Connect J to D and K to no longer(D)

Q18.What do you mean by means of Network and Switching Subsystem ?

Ans: It controls hand offs between cells in extraordinary BSSs, authenticates customers , validates and maintains their accounts.It is specifically supported by using four databases:-

Home Location Register.

Visitor Location Register.

Authentication Center.

Equipment Identity Register.

Q19. What are the numerous types of numbers for network identity?

Ans: Various kinds of number for community identification are as follows:

MSISDN (Mobile station ISDN) Number: It is global cellular subscriber variety that is usually referred to as cellular quantity. It is particular global.

MSRN (Mobile Subscriber Routing Number) : MSRN is used at some point of cellular terminate trunk call to offer vicinity of mobile subscriber.

HON (Hand Over Number) : HON is used for supplying records required to transfer name from one B?SC to some other BSC or to every other MSC.

ISMI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity Number) : Purpose of ISMI is for area replace and authentication.

TMSI (Temporary Mobile Subscriber Identity) : TMSI is used in preference to IMSI to improve security efficiency of network.

IMEI : International Mobile Equipment Identity.

Q20. What is reduce-off frequency?

Ans: The frequency at which the reaction is -3dB with recognize to the maximum response.

Q21. What do you imply via zener breakdown and avalanche breakdown?

Ans: zener breakdown takes location while very high voltage is carried out to the diode this results in very high opposite cutting-edge, as voltage is in addition accelerated minority providers benefit similarly momentum and strike atoms releases greater vendors, which leads to similarly increase in temp. It turns into vicious cycle and leads to avalanche breakdown or on different phrases "thermal runaway".

Q22. What are the extraordinary types of transmission impairment ?

Ans: When the received signal isn't as identical because the transmitted signal then it's far referred to as Transmission impairment. Three specific kinds of transmission impairment are:-



Delay Distortion.

Q23. What are GPRS offerings?

Ans: GPRS services are defined to fall in one of the  categories:

PTP (Point to factor)

PTM (Point to Multi point)

Some of the GPRS services aren't likely to be provided by using community operators for the duration of early deployment of GPRS due in element to the phased development of popular. Market demand is another thing affecting the selection of operators concerning which services to offer first.

Q24. What is bypass band?

Ans: Passband is the range of frequencies or wavelengths that could skip through a filter without being attenuated

Q25. What are the exceptional varieties of filters?

Ans: analog filters n virtual filters now not positive what u supposed

Q26. Explain the steps concerned in demodulating a signal.

Ans: Once the signal is coded, modulated after which despatched, the receiver need to demodulate the sign. This is generally executed in  steps: Spectrum spreading (e.G., direct collection or frequency hopping) modulation is eliminated.The ultimate statistics bearing sign is demodulated by means of multiplying with a local reference equal in structure and synchronized with acquired signal.

Q27. What is the principle of microwave?

Ans: Microwave essentially method very short wave. The microwave frequency spectrum is generally taken to increase from 1GHZ to 30GHZ. The essential cause why we need to go in for microwave frequency for conversation is that lower frequency band are congested and demand for factor to point verbal exchange preserve to increase. The propagation of the microwave takes location in spacewave in v

Q28. What is impulse response?

Ans: Response given via a virtual system while impulse sign is carried out to it. Used to find out stability of gadget

Q29. How can a Pseudo Random Noise Code be usable?

Ans: To be usable for direct collection spreading, a PN code should meet the following situations:

Sequence ought to be built from 2 leveled numbers.

The codes must have sharp automobile correlation top to allow code synchronization.

Codes have to have a low go-correlation fee, the lower it is, greater are the number of users which can be allowed within the gadget.

The codes have to be “balanced” i.E. The difference among ones and zeros in code may only be one.

Q30. What is the precept of microwave?

Ans: Microwave basically manner very quick wave. The microwave frequency spectrum is commonly taken to increase from 1GHZ to 30GHZ. The most important cause why we need to pass in for microwave frequency for communication is that decrease frequency band are congested and call for for point to point communique maintain to increase. The propagation of the microwave takes area in spacewave in view of high benefit and directivity inside the form of a bean and is just like that of light.

Q31. What do you mean by using half-duplex and full-duplex communication? Explain briefly.

Ans: Half-duplex: both sender or receiver can use the channel at one time eg walky-talky and full-duplex: sender or receiver or each can use the channel at one time eg smartphone)