Interview Questions.

Taleo Recruitment Interview Questions and Answers


Taleo Recruitment Interview Questions and Answers

Q1. When configuring multiple-choice prescreening questions, what's an vital attention?

Ans: Do not blend necessities and property on a a couple of-desire question.

Q2. What are the 3 forms of questions that can be Implemented In the construction of a Job- unique prescreening question?


Single Answer

Multiple Choice


Q3. When building a Career Section, so that you can preview it, which region within the Career Section would you get admission to?

Ans:Career Section Preview

Q4. Your purchaser calls for the capacity to capture multiple payroll allowances as part of a candidate offer. What layout option great helps this requirements?

Ans: Create Candidate UDFs for every Allowance class and complete those prior to creating the Offer.

Q5. Identify two motives your Privacy Statement is displaying to some candidates but now not to all applicants?


The Privacy Statement content material type is assigned to seem on handiest one profession portal.

The Privacy Statement is contextualized to show most effective for requisitions assigned to a given Location.

Q6. Your purchaser desires to use a Candidate Ranking field to set up ranking (I-10) after which be able to sort applicants in the listing view for a given requisition. This discipline ought to best be available for

Ans:Create a Candidate Ranking UDF, make it available for Recruiting Center, and upload it to the Personal Information form on the Candidate file.

Q7: What is used to decide the desired fields that remain to be finished whilst saving, posting, or routing a requisition for approval?

Ans:More Actions Menu

Q8: Your consumer would love to restriction visibility of government applicants in the system for the general public of the requiting staff and all hiring managers. What are the three steps to perform this the usage of the staffing kind capability?


Adjust the consumer type permission whereby the applicants exhibited to a person is decided

with the aid of the candidate's stalling type to exclude Executive Staffing Type.

Activate the Exact Match for Search Using Structured Fields (OLF) placing in Recruiting Settings.

Q9. Your client would really like to permit the potential for applicants to reply immediately to a particular e-mail cope with of a recruiting coordinator who's chargeable for monitoring incoming messages whilst a candidate gets a correspondence message regardless of the beginning of the message. What are the two steps to enable this functionality?


Enable the setting Display "Reply To" Field

Copy a variable from the Variables listing and paste it into the Reply To discipline.

Q10. Your customer would really like to make sure that all candidates which might be being hired into the Information Technology department take a seat 'for a mandatory talents-based assessment. When building the candidate choice workflow, what are the 2 steps that you most take to make sure that this step is enforced for this Job type?


Ensure that the Assessment Test step within the number one CSW is contextualized to the task kind.

When adding the Assessment Step to the CSW you need to mark it as obligatory.

Q11. When setting up the Candidate Communication Agent it's miles important to apprehend if the Client makes use of a couple of Requisitions rent types. What would be a willpower which you could want to make prior to the configuration of the Candidate facing Status?

Ans:Determine what the default filters are for candidate matching.

Q12. When configuring a standing utilized in a step, it's far viable to invite the gadget to routinely alternate the status. Under what two situations can this functionality be enabled?


This capability can be enabled for the interview step as soon as an interview is scheduled.

This functionality may be enabled for a screening service inclusive of an evaluation which can progress the candidate to a new reputation based at the effects.

Q13. Your customer has expressed concern that one of the open positions that they've activated prescreening for is handing over a high volume of ACE candidates. What guidelines must you do not forget making to your customer?


You have to suggest that the recruiter unpost the Job immediately and upload competencies to the prescreening form on the activity.

You should advise that the recruiter alter the ACE Alert Threshold and hire weighting at the most vital belongings.

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Q14. Your client requires the seize meal allowance terms as a part of Offers generated for decided on candidates in Mexico. How can this be accomplished?

Ans:Create a proposal UDF for meal allowances and contextualize for the region of Mexico.

Q15. What is the default extension technique selected via the machine when a user of the gadget statistics the extension of an offer (within Offer Management)?

Ans: Verbal and Written (difficult replica)

Q16. When configuring a CSW, why is it critical to designate a of completion reputation inside a step?

Ans: The Completion Status will allow the candidate to progress to the next step inside the CSW.

Q17. When assigning a consumer the capability to create, edit, manipulate, and delete questions, what's the best path?

Ans:Configuration > [SmartOrg] Administration> [Users] User Types > Recruiting > Prescreening

Q18. Your purchaser would really like to create a simplified way for hiring managers to progress applicants in the workflow with a single click on averting the need to open each candidate report to finish the progression in the More Actions menu. What recommendation might you make on your purchaser?

Ans:Next Action column need to be delivered in the hiring manager's candidate listing format.

Q19. Your client would like to use the Taleo offer Management functionality for his or her corporate recruiting needs. What needs to be configured to enable offer control?

Ans:A step must be created known as Offer with the reference version called Offer and introduced to the CSW for the company positions.

Q20. What are two situations in that you could construct qualifiers into your Candidate Selection Workflow?


Your client would really like to gather information on why the candidates are declining their gives.

Your patron would like to accumulate facts on why candidates are being rejected via their recruiters.

Q21. When you create a new branch inside the gadget, what are you able to partner with it?

Ans: Organization, Location, Job Field, Contacts

Q22. What is the primary gain of the use of the factors inside the competency library when building prescreening on a job requisition template?

Ans:The competency library offers a popular set of measures for years of experience and proficiency that can be leveraged in a based statistics seek, ACE Thresholds, and candidate examine.

Q23.When an advert-hoc prescreening question is created for a requisition and not saved into the prescreening library what are  disadvantages to this technique for an organization?


The query is not to be had for reuse on extra requisitions in a similar Job Family or Location.

The query isn't always to be had within the candidate tracking history.

Q24. When putting in place prescreening on a requisition, which two parameters can only be carried out to Competencies versus Questions?


Minimum Proficiency

Minimum Experience

Q25. Your purchaser is trying to resolve the problem of multiple hiring managers considering the identical candidate and progressing them to the provide stage creating an internal aggressive offer state of affairs. What  tips could you are making for your client to be able to make this situation impossible?


Activate the User Type Setting View candidates in search outcomes even If the submission reputation is past the brink step to cover from search for recruiters.

Activate the Threshold CSW Step - Candidates Hidden from Search Results and specify the threshold in Recruiting -> Settings.

Q26. Your patron would really like make certain that applicants have the capability to look for jobs in a diffusion of ways. They would also like to offer visibility into jobs that candidates are a match for based on data that has been accumulated by using the system. How would you make sure that this capability is available?

Ans:Activate My Jobs Page at the Personal Jobs List on the Career Section Properties.

Q27. Your customer would like to enable radius seek on their Career Section to allow for jobs at precise places to be identified with the aid of applicants. What 3 steps should you take to configure particular locations to be searchable thru the radius seek?


Create another degree In the Location Structure certain as a Work Location.

Create Work Location by way of inputting Name, Address, City, and Zip Code.

Map the Taleo Reference Location to the Work Location.

Q28. Your purchaser has decided that they would really like to gather the candidate's Date of Birth and Social Security wide variety for his or her historical past checking dealer in a secondary Application Flow that the recruiter will execute prior to soliciting for the screening service. Once you've got finished building the new shape with the statistics series fields, what are the 2 steps which you must take with a purpose to trade which shape displays to the candidate?


Deactivate the Application Flow

Edit the Page Properties

Q29. Your patron would really like to ensure that each one candidates are supplied with an appropriate set of questions that qualify that they meet the minimum necessities for employment with the agency that has locations within the United States and the UK. How could you make certain that candidates are offered with the precise set of questions for the process that they may be applying for?

Ans:Associate the Disqualification Questions to the appropriate Locations and Job Fields.

Q30. When growing a brand new consumer type it's miles advocated to first____.

Ans:Duplicate one of the default person types, make changes to the user type, and shop it.