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SAP Web Dynpro ABAP Interview Questions and Answers


SAP Web Dynpro ABAP Interview Questions and Answers

Q1. What is Web Dynpro?

Ans: Web Dynpro is general SAP UI era that permits you to develop net applications using graphical equipment and improvement environment included with ABAP workbench. Using graphical equipment lessen the implementation effort and you may better reuse and keep components in ABAP workbench.

Q2. How do you get admission to Web Dynpro environment and graphical equipment in ABAP paintings bench?

Ans: To get admission to Web Dynpro runtime surroundings and graphical equipment in ABAP workbench, you may use Transaction code: SE80

Q3. What are the blessings of the use of Wen Dynpro?

Ans: These are key blessings of using Web Dynpro for developers in ABAP environment −

You can easily hold and reuse components for improvement.

Less implementation time as use of graphical gear.

You can without problems exchange layout and navigation the use of graphical gear.

Easy shape changes.

With use of information binding, you can use automated statistics transport.

Ease of integration in ABAP environment.

Web Dynpro ABAP is same as Web Dynpro Java as help equal set of capabilities for the application improvement.

Q4. What is the use of MVC programming model?

Ans: Web Dynpro programs are based on MVC model, whereas −


This permits the access to returned cease facts in a Web Dynpro application.


This is used to make certain the illustration of information in a web browser.


This is used to govern communication among Model and think about in which it takes enter from customers and get the methods statistics from version and presentations the data in browser.

Q5. What is a View in Web Dynpro application?

Ans: Each Web Dynpro software incorporates at the least one view and it's miles used to outline layout of a user interface. Each view includes a couple of person detail and a controller and context.

The controller is used to technique person request and processing of statistics and context carries records to which elements of view are certain.

Q6. What is the usage of inbound and outbound plug-ins?

Ans: You can navigate among exclusive views using inbound and outbound plugs. The inbound and outbound plugs are part of view controller and inbound plug defines the place to begin of view and outbound plug tells the subsequent view to be called.

Q7. What is view set?

Ans: A view set is described as predefined segment wherein you could embed exclusive perspectives in a Web Dynpro application. View set permits you to show multiple view in a display.

Q8. What are the blessings of the usage of View set?

Ans: Below are few blessings of view set in designing an application −

You can reuse views in a Web Dynpro window.

You can easily make changes to layout at later level.

More based approach to use multiple view.

Q9. What is the use of Web Dynpro window?

Ans: In Web Dynpro, window is used to apply multiple perspectives or view units. A view can most effective be displayed while it is embed in a view and a window constantly include one or more views that are linked by means of navigation links.

Each window contains inbound and outbound plugs and they may be blanketed in navigation chain. Inbound plugs inside a window lead from the outbound plug of a view to the embedding window. Just like any other inbound plugs, they represent an event and for this reason name the occasion handler assigned to them.

Q10. What is the use of Controller in Web Dynpro utility?

Ans: Controllers are used to outline how a Dynpro utility responds to person interactions. Each view has one controller that is accountable to perform moves as in step with consumer interplay.

Q11. What is using mapping in Web Dynpro?

Ans: In Dynpro software, you can outline mapping between two global controller contexts or from view context to international controller context.

Data binding of a UI detail property is set up within the view layout. For this cause, you use the Binding column within the properties table of the embedded UI elements. You click the button to open a dialog box which provides the context shape of the corresponding view for an detail selection.

Q12. How do you manage verbal exchange among distinctive Controllers?

Ans: You can create events to permit communication among controllers. You can allow one controller to cause occasions in specific controller. All activities that you create in element controller they are available in aspect.

Q13. To embed a view into every other view, how you may do that?

Ans: You can embed view in some other view by the usage of view container UI element. ViewContainerUIElement is an UI detail to be used to preserve the perspectives in Web Dynpro utility.

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Q14. What is worldwide and neighborhood controller in Web Dynpro?

Ans: In Global controller, the data declared in this could be accessed with the aid of all perspectives and window in that issue.

View controller is a nearby controller for that view and might’t be accessed through different controllers.

Q15. What is a Faceless aspect?

Ans: Faceless additives in Web Dynpro doesn’t contain any graphical components, no perspectives or no home windows. It only includes a issue controller and you could upload an additional custom controller.

Q16. Why will we use faceless factor?

Ans: Faceless components are in particular used for receiving and structuring the facts. Faceless additives can be embedded to different components the use of element usage and you can supply the specified facts to those additives.

Q17. Why do we use version management in Web Dynpro software?

Ans: You can use version control to control older model of an item, evaluate versions or you may also reset them.

Q18. Is it viable to call a Web Dynpro software from every other Web Dynpro utility?

Ans: Yes, using technique create_external_window

Q19. How many component controllers can a Web Dynpro Component have?

Ans: Component Controller is best one. You can create multiple controllers, however those are referred to as Custom Controllers.

Q20. How do you make a decision that a node is to be declared in the Component Controller or within the View Controller?

Ans: If the node is going to be accessed in multiple perspectives, it ought to be declared at the Component Controller degree. However, If the node is clearly precise to simplest one view, it can be defined in the View Controller.

Q21. What is model class?

Ans: A Model elegance is assistance elegance that consists of business logic.

Q22. How do you debug a web based totally Web Dynpro application?

Ans: Using External breakpoints

Q23. How do you navigate among views in Web Dynpro?

Ans: Using inbound and outbound plugs

Q24. Can you create multiple applications the use of a issue in Web Dynpro?

Ans: Yes for a issue, you may create any variety of packages.

Q25. How do you call a Web Dynpro application?

Ans: In a Web Dynpro utility, element window has an inbound plug. This inbound plug could have parameters, which need to be specific as URL parameters.

Default values which might be overwritten with the aid of the URL parameters can be set inside the application for these parameters. If neither a default cost nor a URL parameter is particular, a runtime mistakes is caused.

Q26. Which technique may be used to access text symbols in help magnificence?

Ans: Using approach _WD_COMPONENT_ASSISTANCE~GET_TEXT( ), this lets in you to get entry to text symbols of the help elegance in controller of your component.

Q27. Which method can be used to set the break point for debugging purpose?

Ans: It is suggested to set the breakpoint in approach WDDOMODIFYVIEW below METHODS tab of Dynpro view.

Q28. How do you control statistics for cease users in Web Dynpro application?

Ans: In ABAP Workbench, you can additionally create and show messages that comprise information for give up customers of Dynpro software. These messages are displayed at the display. These are user interactive messages that presentations important records approximately Web Dynpro utility.

Q29. How do you control portal integration with Web Dynpro?

Ans: You can also combine an ABAP software into enterprise portal. You can also manage portal functions from a Web Dynpro software.

You can name Web Dynpro code wizard to get entry to portal supervisor techniques. This may be used to perform the following functions −

Portal Events

To navigate among Web Dynpro application within portal or portal content material. Following navigation sorts are supported −

Object Based navigation

Absolute navigation

Relative navigation

Work guard mode

Q30. What is the usage of interactive bureaucracy?

Ans: You can create bureaucracy based totally on Adobe software and might use in context for Web Dynpro user interfaces. You can combine Adobe lifecycle development tool with ABAP editor to ease the development of consumer interface. Interactive forms the usage of Adobe software program allows you to create correctly and easy development of UI factors.

Q31. What are the unique situations that may be used in interactive paperwork?


Interactive Scenario

Print Scenario

Offline Scenario

Using virtual signature

Q32. What is using SAP List Viewer in Web Dynpro?

Ans: SAP List viewer is used to add ALV aspect and affords a bendy surroundings to show lists and tabular structure. A fashionable output include header, device bar and an output table and consumer can make the settings to feature column display, aggregations, sorting options the use of extra conversation bins.

Q33. What are the important thing capabilities of ALV in Web Dynpro?

Ans: It help many properties of desk detail as it is primarily based on Web Dynpro table UI element.

ALV output may be filtered, sorted or you can additionally practice calculations.

User can carry out utility particular functions the usage of UI elements in toolbar.

This lets in consumer to shop putting in distinct views.

You can also configure special regions above and below ALV output.

You can define quantity to which ALV output may be edited.

Q34. How are you able to restriction the data in ALV output in Web Dynpro software?

Ans: Using filters you could restriction the facts in ALV output. You can create multiple quantity of clear out conditions for every field. To create or delete a clear out condition, you could use approach of interface elegance IF_SALV_WD_FILTER.

Q35. What exceptional management obligations you have done in Dynpro?

Ans: In Web Dynpro ABAP management, you could carry out various administration duties the use of exclusive gear −

ICM Tracing

Web Dynpro Trace device

Browser Tracing



Q36. How are you able to manipulate errors and troubles in Dynpro utility for unique customers?

Ans: Web Dynpro trace tool can be used for checking the errors and issues in Dynpro utility. You can activate Web Dynpro hint device for a particular consumer.

To activate trace tool in SAP GUI client, use T-code: WD_TRACE_TOOL

Q37. What is using ICM tracing in Dynpro?

Ans: To trace the data flow in SAP Web Application server.

Q38. How do you reveal a Web Dynpro software?

Ans: You can reveal Web Dynpro utility using ABAP reveal. Information is stored about Web Dynpro utility and is saved. You can view this facts the usage of T-code: RZ20

Q39. What additives you may display the usage of Web Dynpro ABAP monitor?


Session Count

Application Count

CPU time


Q40. How do you create a tree in Web Dynpro utility?

Ans: You can use tree UI detail to create a tree in Web Dynpro application.

Q41. To create ALV reports, which ALV component is required?


Q42. How do you sure inbound and outbound plugs in window?

Ans: Using drag and drop option

Q43. Why do you operate interface perspectives in Web Dynpro?

Ans: To use in other Web Dynpro components.

Q44. What are init occasions and in what collection they may be triggered in Web Dynpro?


WDDOINIT of issue Controller

WDDOINIT of window Controller

WDDOINIT of View Controller

Q45. What is the use of exit plugs in Web Dynpro?

Ans: Exit plugs are used to exit from Web Dynpro Window or Web Dynpro page.

Q46. What is the use of OVS in Web Dynpro?

Ans: It is used to generate F4 help for inputs area in Web Dynpro utility.

Q47. What is using internationalization in Web Dynpro application?

Ans: It is used to create textual content is unique language and to offer translation in a couple of languages in Web Dynpro application.

Q48. What is the that means of zero:1 cardinality of context node in Web Dynpro software?

Ans: It manner that at run time, no detail or most one detail may be instantiated.

Q49. What are the distinct controller sorts in Web Dynpro application?


Component Controller

Custom Controller

Configuration Controller

View Controller

Window Controller

Q50. What is the use of Window Controller in Web Dynpro?

Ans: Window controller exists for every window and incorporates approach to put in writing coding good judgment.