Interview Questions.

SAP TM Interview Questions and Answers


SAP TM Interview Questions and Answers

1. What Is Sap Transportation Management?

Ans: SAP TM is a top tier Transportation Management System intended to deal with all parts of transportation processes inside your organization, including transportation arranging and improvement, cargo offering and charge the board. SAP TM covers the full scope of methods of transport (air, sea, rail and street) and is intended for the two Shippers and Logistics Service Providers.

2. What Is A Standard Transport Layer In Sap ?

Ans: This depicts the delivery course that the information from the improvement frameworks follows.

3.Is Sap Transportation Management A Module Within Sap Erp Or A Stand-alone System?

Ans:SAP Transportation Management is an independent framework. Ordinarily, it is introduced on another arrangement of servers for improvement, QA and creation conditions, separate from SAP ERP. SAP TM is firmly coordinated with SAP ERP SD, MM, WM and FICO modules.

During the 2016 Sapphire/ASUG gathering, SAP has declared a guide to bind together various SCM-based applications, including SAP TM, and roll them into S4 HANA. This affirms SAP's drawn out obligation to creating and improving SAP Transportation Management as one of it's key item contributions.

4.What Are The Three Approval Steps You Need To Follow As A Part Of Approval Procedure In Qas?


1.To be approved by framework manager

 2. To be acknowledged with the guide of division

  3.To be approved through demand proprietor

5. What Is The Latest Release Of Sap Transportation Management?

Ans: As of the composition of this set up, SAP Transportation Management 9.Three is the state of the art send off in favored accessibility. SAP TM 9.Four is by and by in increase. SAP TM has a distant memory through 6 chief deliveries - 8.Zero, 8.1, nine.Zero, nine.1, nine.2 and 9.Three.

6.Question 3. What Are The Sap Erp Release, Enhancement Pack And Support Pack Requirements For Integrating With Sap Tm?

Ans: Refer to SAP note 1738013 for a total framework of SAP TM and SAP ERP mix necessities. As an overall rule, SAP ERP 6 with improvement pack 7 or more noteworthy is vital for most recent unlocked joining with SAP TM.

7.Does Sap Transportation Management Require The Installation Of Sap Erp?

Ans: Although the extraordinary greater part of SAP TM establishments are finished with SAP ERP being set up, using SAP TM in a non-SAP ERP environment is in fact conceivable.

8. What Sap Systems Have Integration Capabilities With Sap Transportation Management?

Ans:The following SAP frameworks incorporate with SAP TM out-of-the-crate:


SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM)

SAP Event Management (EM)

SAP Process Integration/Process Orchestration (PI/PO)

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9.Does Sap Transportation Management Require The Use Of Sap Event Management?

Ans: SAP Event Management (EM) can alternatively be used couple with SAP Transportation Management to seize and unveil unmistakable insights round expected and real occasions (for instance, arranged versus Real appearance time at a forestall). A lot of SAP TM executions are achieved with out utilizing SAP EM.

10. Is There A Way To Provide External Carriers With Access To Sap Transportation Management Information And Transactions?

Ans: Certainly. One of the amazing new abilities of SAP Transportation Management nine.1 is Collaboration Portal, which allows in outside mates (like suppliers) to get section to pertinent SAP TM data and exchanges through a remotely confronting online interface. Here is an incredibly decent report with test screen captures portraying the Collaboration Portal capacity.

11.What Kind Of Reporting And Analytics Capabilities Does Sap Transportation Management Have?

Ans: SAP TM depends on SAP BI stage to supply revealing and examination. Likewise with a wide range of SAP stock, SAP clients have get admission to standard SAP Business Warehouse content material for SAP TM that gives out-of-the-holder extractors, data merchants and questions. This popular substance material is habitually more profitable as a piece of the SAP TM execution task that permits you to fulfill each client's exact revealing necessities.

12.Does Sap Transportation Management Support Optimized Routing And Last Mile Planning?

Ans: Absolutely! This situation routinely comes up in truck-fundamentally based private armada executions, particularly those that need to adapt to multi-forestall possibilities. SAP TM comes packaged with a strong way enhancer arrangement that utilizes countless configurable delicate and hard imperatives. The utilization of the streamlining agent grants programmed working of cost-strong cargo orders (otherwise known as shipments/masses), taking into account such boundaries as right travel distance and length, plant/client/seller working hours, stacking and dumping terms, obligation and power time planning limitations, as well as numerous others. Enhancer can be utilized in a completely robotized way, where cargo orders are made occasionally through a verifiable past undertaking, or in an intuitive way in which a transportation organizer is given a proposed improved arrangement and may then make changes to cargo orders past to saving.

13.Does Sap Transportation Management Have Load Planning Capabilities?

Ans: Yes. Complete burden arranging was presented in discharge 9.1 of SAP Transportation Management. Here is an incredible article with test screen captures depicting SAP TM load arranging capacities.

14.What Is A Typical Duration And Cost Of A Sap Transportation Management Implementation?

Ans: A typical SAP TM execution requires 6 a year to finish and will cost somewhere in the range of $800,000 and $1,500,000 in counseling charges. SAP programming permitting is likewise required . These are simply common principles. Real expenses shift extraordinarily founded on the degree and size of each venture.

15. How Is Sap Transportation Management Licensed By Sap?

Ans: SAP Transportation Management requires extra permitting to be bought. It is at present in view of the general transportation spend in dollars to be overseen through the SAP TM arrangement. Contact your SAP account chief or Value Add Reseller (VAR) for additional subtleties.

16. What Are The Common Transport Errors In Sap ?

Ans:Below are the normal mistakes in SAP transport the board

Return code 4 : Imported with alerts

Age of program, sections or line missing .

Return code 8 : Imported with blunders

Linguistic structure blunder

Program age blunder

Word reference initiation blunder or strategy execution mistake

Return code 12 : Indicates Import Cancelled

Program dropped because of work

Import dropped because of item absent

Import dropped because of item not dynamic

Return code 18 : Indicates Import Cancelled

Because of framework down while import

Because of client lapsed during import

Because of inadequate jobs or approval

16.How To Disable The "import All" Button On Stms For The Queues In Sap?

Ans: Login to your Transport Domain Controller. Run STMS->Overview->System.Choose the System you need to disableimport all. Go to Transport Tool tab.Add/Create Parameter "NO_IMPORT_ALL"set its worth to 1.

17.What Is A Sap Transport Group?

Ans: SAP frameworks that share a typical vehicle catalog tree structure a vehicle bunch.

18.What Is Sap Transport Domain Controller?

Ans: R/3 framework with the reference setup is called as the exchange space regulator.

19. What Are The Two Editor Modes In Which We Can Configure The Sap Transport Routes?

Ans: 1. Graphical Editor

        2. Progressive Editor

20.What Are The Various Configuration Methods Available In Stms?

Ans: 1. Single framework arrangement

         2. Advancement and Production frameworks

          3. Three frameworks in a gathering.