Interview Questions.

SAP SD Interview Questions


SAP SD Interview Questions

Q1. What is SAP Sales and Distribution?

Ans: SAP Sales and Distribution is one in all key aspect of SAP ERP system and is used to manipulate delivery, billing, selling and transportation of products and services in an organization.

SAP Sales and Distribution module is a part of SAP Logistics module that manages purchaser courting starting from raising a citation to income order and billing of the product or service. This module is carefully incorporated with different modules like SAP Material Management and PP.

Q2. What do you recognize via Organization structure in SAP Sales and Distribution?

Ans: SAP SD corporation shape majorly includes  steps: Creation of Organization elements in SAP machine and second is to link every element as in keeping with requirement. On the top of enterprise structure in SD module, income agency is at highest level and is chargeable for distribution of goods and services.

SAP recommends to keep quantity of sales organization in organizational structure to be minimum which enables in making reporting system clean and preferably it ought to have a single Sales employer.

Q3. What is Sales place, Distribution channel and division in SAP Sales and Distribution?


channel tells the medium via which products and services are dispensed by way of an company to itsDistribution

stop users. Division in an organizational structure represents a products or services line in a single organisation.

A Sales area is referred to as entity which is required to system an order in a organization. It is comprised of Sales business enterprise, distribution channel and a division.

In SAP SD organizational shape, every sales business enterprise is assigned to a agency code. Distribution channel and divisions are assigned to Sales agency and all comprise to make a income vicinity.

Q4. What is the use of Sales place?

Ans: A Sales vicinity is known as entity that's required to procedure an order in a enterprise. It is constituted of Sales business enterprise, distribution channel and a department.

Q5. Can you do transport with out shipping factor?

Ans: No, transport point is needed to carry out goods transport.

Q6. Is it feasible to create invoices without delivery?

Ans: No, bill isn't always feasible with out delivery.

Q7. Give an instance of Material Management integration with Sales and Distribution?

Ans: Consider an example of creating a sales order in SAP SD, it entails copying info of item from Material Management.

Availability check of the object and fee info are also taken from MM but this will be controlled this statistics in SD module. To create inbound and outbound transport of products for a sales order, delivery information, loading point and so on. Additionally come from Material Master.

Q8. What is the usage of SAP FI in SAP Sales and Distribution?

Ans: In case of general income order, you create an outbound goods transport to the client. Here movement 601 takes area. This movement is configured in MM and movement of goods hit a few G/L account in FI.

Q9. What are the hyperlink factor of SAP Sales and Distribution with different SAP modules?


Link Points    Module Involved

Availability Check    MM

Credit Check    FI

Costing    CO/MM

Tax Determination    FI

Transfer of Requirements    PP/MM

Q10. What is the use of associate feature in SAP Sales and Distribution?

Ans: Partner feature lets in you to become aware of which capabilities associate needs to be perform in enterprise method. Consider a handiest case, wherein all of the patron features are completed by partner purchaser. As these are mandate capabilities they has to be defined as compulsory capabilities in SD machine.

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Q11. What are special partner type functions to be had in SAP SD?

Ans: Below companion sorts are Customer, Vendor, Personnel, Contact Person and commonplace partner functions as per those associate kinds are −

Partner Type    Partner Function    Entry from System    Master Record

Customer (CU)    Sold-to birthday party (SP)

Ship-to party (SH)

Bill-to celebration (BP)

Payer (PY)

Customer quantity    Customer grasp report

Vendor (V)    Forwading agent (fwdg agent)    Vendor wide variety    Vendor grasp record

Human sources (HR)    Employee accountable (ER)

Sales personnel (SP)

Personnel range    Personnel grasp file

Contact Person (CP)    Contact person (CP)    Contact associate range    (created in patron master recors, no master record of its own)

Q12. What are the one-of-a-kind Customer account corporations that you can create in SAP SD?


Domestic customers

Export Customers

One Time Customers

Q13. What is a Sales interest? What are exceptional income activity which you carry out in SD?

Ans: All Sales sports in SAP SD system may be divided into presales and publish sales activities. Presales sports are categorised as activities which happens before product is bought to client and post income activities are those which takes place after product is sold.

Pre Sales Activities − Inquiry, citation

Post Sales Activities − Support, Relationship control

Q14. What is the usage of Sales assist in SAP SD module?

Ans: Sales support is one of the key component in Sales and Distribution SD module. It is likewise referred to as laptop Aided Selling SD-CAS.

This module facilitates companies to create new income, monitoring of existing income, and performance and eventually assist in enhancing advertising and marketing and sales in an corporation.

SAP SD Sales assist module presents an alternative of making electronic mail list for the customer and directly sending mails for brand new leads.

Q15. What do you understand by using Sales Order processing?

Ans: Sales order processing describes a characteristic related to whole sale a part of an organizational business. Common functions beneath sales order processing −

Availability of the articles purchased

Checking for incomplete records

Checking the repute of the income transaction

Calculation of pricing and taxes

Schedule the deliveries of goods

Printing of files or e-transfer of files

Q16. What is the structure of Sales Order in SAP SD? How are you able to create, edit or show an existing sales order?

Ans: Structure of a Sales Order −

An inquiry from a customer consists one or extra gadgets that includes the amount of a material or carrier entered inside the order.

The amount in a Sales order is similarly divided into enterprise lines and incorporate of numerous subsets and delivering dates.

Items in Sales order are combined in a hierarchy and permits to differentiate among batches or to apply combos of substances.

All the legitimate conditions on the gadgets are noted in item conditions. These situations for an object can be derived through a full situation and can be legitimate for complete sales order.

You can divide an object to multiple billing plan deadlines and every tells the time when a set amount of the item is to be billed.

VA02 − Edit a Sales Order

VA03 − Display a Sales Order

T-Code − VA01 Create a Sales Order

Q17. What is an inquiry under presales hobby? How to create a new inquiry?

Ans: An Inquiry isn't always a legal report and is used to file the records approximately delivery or offerings from customers. The data this is captured the use of an inquiry is related to substances and pleasant of products.

Menu Path − Logistics → Sales and Distribution → Sales → Inquiry → Create

T-Code − VA11

Q18. How can you create a citation in SAP Sales and Distribution?

Ans: Quotation is a felony file to client for delivery of products and services. This is commonly issued after an inquiry from client or without an inquiry.

SAP R/3 Menu

Logistics → Sales and Distribution → Sales → Quotation → Create

T-Code − VA21

Q19. What is the distinction among a Sales activity and a income report?

Ans: Sales Activity −

Sales sports are categorised as Presales and put up income −

This encompass when you sell cloth as a substitute you do your guidance for sales with the consumer...

Sales Call, Phone Call, Sales Letter, and submit income like assist and courting, and so on.

Sales files −

These files are considered under sales, wherein you sell the materials to the consumer and are created in SAP system to manipulate income process.

Example − Sales orders, Quotations, and so on.

Q20. How do you assign a income agency to turning in plant?


SPRO-IMG-Enterprise Structure-Assignment-SD-Assign Plant to Sales Organization/Dist.Channel

T-Code − OVX6


Q21. Is it feasible to method outbound delivery without a shipping point?

Ans: No

Q22. What is the usage of Sales help characteristic in SD module?

Ans: Sales assist is one of the key factor in Sales and Distribution SD module. It is likewise known as pc Aided Selling SD-CAS.

This module allows groups to create new sales, tracking of existing income, and performance and subsequently assist in enhancing advertising and marketing and income in an employer.

SAP SD Sales help module presents an choice of creating e-mail list for the client and immediately sending mails for new leads.

Sales aid shops all the statistics associated with income and distribution associated with clients, products, materials, competitor merchandise, etc.

Q23. Give an instance of a income manner from presales pastime to free of fee replacement?

Ans: There is a client cellphone inquiry within the system after which customer requests a citation which may be created via relating to equal inquiry. Next is the patron place an order on the basis of citation and a income order is created by means of copying the statistics from the citation and if any adjustments are required.

Merchandise is sent and invoice is despatched to the client. After the shipping of products, consumer increases a claim broken articles, a shipping can be created free of rate with reference to the income order.

Q24. What are unique sales report in SAP machine? How to create a income record?


Credit Memo

Debit Memo

Standard Order

Delivery Returns, and many others.

To define a Sales Document

Enter T-Code − VOV8 or SPRO → IMG → Sales and Distribution → Sales → Sales Document → Sales Document Header → Define Sales Document Type

Q25. In SAP Sales technique, a wellknown item feature is same as characteristic of loose or rate item or text item?

Ans: No

Q26. What are the various factors to be considered even as defining exclusive sorts of object classes?


General Data Control Elements

Shipping facts Control Elements

Billing Data Control Elements

Q27. What are one-of-a-kind agenda line categories as in step with exclusive income record?


Inquiry −

No Delivery of an object

No Availability take a look at

Information purpose

Quotation −

No Delivery

No Movement

Order −

Schedule line is suitable for shipping

Movement type 601

Return −

Schedule line is appropriate for delivery

Q27. In a sales order how system does picks up plant?

Ans: You can assign unique fabric master to specific Plant and it selections up from there.

Q28. Why do you use pricing date in situation type?

Ans: It suggests date of calculation of pricing manner for that Particular file. So that in future you can see the date on which pricing calculated for that unique record.

Q29. What is the usage of copy manipulate, give an explanation for?

Ans: Copy Control is described as a process in which crucial transactions in a sales document are copied from one record to different. It include routines which determines the machine how the information is to be copied from source document to goal document.

A SAP machine includes quantity of these routines and you may also create additional exercises to satisfy the commercial enterprise necessities. To create a brand new ordinary you can use an existing income document as a reference.

Q30. How to locate Copy Controls in SAP machine?

Ans: These controls are created and configured beneath IMG and may be discovered at under menu course −

SPRO → IMG → Sales and Distribution → Sales → Maintain reproduction control for sales documents

SPRO → IMG → Sales and Distribution → Shipping → Specify replica manipulate for deliveries

SPRO → IMG → Sales and Distribution → Billing → Billing Documents → Maintain reproduction control for billing


Q31. What is pricing in Sales and Distribution? Explain?

Ans: Pricing in Sales and Distribution is used to outline the calculation of prices for external companies or clients and value. Condition is described as set of conditions whilst a price is calculated.

Example −

Consider a case whilst a customer orders specific amount of a product on a selected day. Various elements like patron, product, order quantity and date tells the very last charge to patron. This records is saved in the device as grasp facts inside the form of condition facts.

Q32. What are the specific pricing factors in SAP device?

Ans: There are various pricing elements like prices, surcharges, discounts, and taxes are defined in SAP gadget as condition sorts. To manage pricing records for a pricing element in a system, you have to create situation information.

Q33. What is situation file and condition table?

Ans: A Condition table is defined as aggregate of keys to pick out an man or woman circumstance file. A condition record is defined as how device stores the specific circumstance.

Q34. Give an example of circumstance report and condition table?

Ans: Example of Condition Record −

Entering the price of a product or to specify the discount for a privilege patron.

Example of Condition Table −

Condition data for a customer unique cloth charges are stored by using a sales department. SAP system contains a conditional table half for this purpose. Key of desk half consists of underneath field −



Sales Organization

Distribution Channel

First  fields − Customer and Material determines the relationship between customers and specific substances. Last  fields are used to identify employer facts in SAP gadget.

Q35. What do you understand by situation method and type?

Ans: Condition type is defined as unique functions of every day pricing activities in SAP machine. Using situation kind you could also positioned unique condition sorts for each pricing, reductions on items, tax and surcharge that occurs in business transactions.

Q36. Any instance of using situation method and sort?

Ans: Condition kind lets in you to define the discount for special fabric. This can be special in the system to calculate discount as an amount or it could calculate cut price in terms of percent.

In case you have to use each discount kinds,  separate condition kinds has to be defined inside the gadget.

Q37. What are the predefined condition types in SAP SD machine?


Condition Type    Desccription

PR00    charge

K004    Material cut price

K005    Customer-particular material discount

K007    Customer bargain

K020    Price group discount

KF00    Freight surcharge (through object)

UTX1    State tax

UTX2    Country tax

UTX3    City tax

Q38. What do you apprehend through surcharge and bargain? What are predefined bargain type in SAP gadget?

Ans: A trendy SAP device includes kind of not unusual cut price kinds. You can also define customize discounts and surcharges as in line with commercial enterprise requirement.

Q39. Standard SAP system includes under discount types −


Discount (Key)    Kind of cut price

Customer (K007)    Percentage

Material (K004)    Absolute

Price group (K020)    Percentage

Material group (K029)    Absolute bargain by way of weight

Customer/cloth (K005)    Absolute

Customer/material group (K030)    Percentage

Price organization/fabric (K032)    Absolute

Price group/material institution(K030)    Percentage

Rebate processing (BO01)    Group rebate (%)

Rebate Processing (BO02)    Material rebate (fixed)

Rebate processing(BO03)    Customer rebate(%)

Inter-business enterprise processing (P101)    Intercompany bargain (fixed)

Inter-agency billing (P102)    Intercompany discount (%)

Invoice lists (RL00)    Factoring bargain

Invoice lists (MW15)    Factoring cut price tax

Q39. How do you manage reductions in Condition document?

Ans: While creating a situation statistics, you can use any of trendy discount types. While doing computerized pricing, machine assessments for the bargain that satisfies a certain situation and it assessments for a legitimate condition facts.

If a discount refers to a collection like a fabric organization or charge corporations, that group should be assigned to applicable customer or fabric grasp document earlier than computerized pricing is done in the gadget.

Q40. What is the use of product proposals in SAP SD module?

Ans: Product Proposal helps an corporation to increase the sales with the aid of recommended other products to the already added merchandise or with the aid of replacing one already introduced. The products advocated may be less expensive, costly or just like the product that is requested by the consumer.

Automatic Product Proposal is certainly one of maximum effective device utilized in online advertising of products.

Product Proposals may be mapped to precise requirement of enterprise partners to fit their marketplace requirement.


Q41. Can we extend fabric and patron to different income vicinity in SAP Sales and Distribution?

Ans: Sales area is a combination of income business enterprise and distribution channel and Division. Division is a logical grouping of products, subsequently you may’t make bigger material to other income regions. But you may extend consumer to different sales regions thru common Distribution channel & department.

Q42. What are special income order type that may be utilized in SAP SD gadget?

Ans: There are exclusive kinds of Sales Order that may be located −

Cash Sales

This is described an order kind wherein purchaser vicinity an order, pick out up the order and pay for the goods. In this order type transport of the order is performed without delay while the order has been entered. Cash invoice and billing may be published right away from the order.

No Receivables is entered for purchaser as bill quantity is paid cash and at once entered to a cash account.

Rush Order

In this order type, transport of properly is picked by way of purchaser or you supply the products on the same day while the order is located.

Scheduling Agreement

A scheduling settlement is described as an external agreement with the client and having info of quantity of goods and delivery dates. This data is cited as schedule lines In a fashionable machine, Schedule traces may be created with the scheduling agreement or you could also create these at later level.

Q43. How do you manage deliveries while purchaser is not satisfied with product/carrier?

Ans: Free of charge shipping or subsequent delivery is made whilst patron isn't pleased with product or appropriate or lesser amount of appropriate is delivered and agency has to initiate a return as consistent with consumer request. In this shipping, client isn't always charged for delivery of products.

Steps to be followed in case of Return request −

Credit Memo −

This is carried out when client wants refund for the added goods. System creates credit score memo income document to customer with regards to income order.

Subsequent delivery −

This consists of free of charge delivery of disputed items to the consumer. This is required when wrong quantity of products is added to purchaser.

Creating a go back request in gadget −

T-Code − VA01






Q44. What is an outline settlement?


Ans: Outline settlement is a long time shopping agreement with vendor containing terms and conditions concerning the fabric this is provided with the aid of supplier.

Outline settlement are valid as much as certain period of time and cover a certain predefined quantity or price.

Q45. What are distinctive sort of outline agreements?

Ans: Outline agreement is of following two sorts.


Scheduling Agreement


Contract is a long term outline settlement among dealer and ordering celebration over predefined fabric or offerings over certain framework of time. There are two varieties of settlement

Scheduling Agreement

A scheduling settlement is defined as an external agreement with the purchaser and having info of quantity of goods and delivery dates. This records is mentioned as schedule lines In a popular system, Schedule strains may be created with the scheduling settlement or you could additionally create those at later level.


Q46. What are distinctive agreement types? How to create a settlement in SAP machine?


Quantity Contract − In this kind of settlement standard fee is laid out in phrases of total quantity of cloth to be furnished by means of vendor.

Value Contract − In this type of contract general price is laid out in terms of total amount to be paid for that cloth to the vendor.

Contract can be created through following the beneath steps −

Path to create Contract −Logistics ⇒ Materials Management ⇒ Purchasing ⇒ Outline Agreement ⇒ Contract ⇒ Create

T-code − ME31K

Q47. How you may create a scheduling settlement?

Ans: Path to create Scheduling Agreement −

Logistics ⇒ Materials Management ⇒ Purchasing ⇒ Outline Agreement ⇒ Scheduling Agreement ⇒ Create ⇒ Vendor Known

T-code − ME31L

Q48. What are the special sports below consignment inventory in SAP SD?

Ans: Consignment inventory management includes four key sports inside the gadget −

Creating a Consignment Fill-Up (Stock is top off at warehouse)

Creating Consignment Issue (Stock issued from warehouse)

Creating a Consignment Pick-Up (Stock go back to producer)

Displaying Consignment Returns (Stock return from client)

Q49. What is the use of delivery technique in SAP Sales and Distribution? How do you outline modes of delivery?

Ans: Shipping is defined as an critical interest in income manner. It comes under logistic chain and guarantees customer service and distribution of products.

It is a part of Sales and Distribution module and is used to perform outbound delivery and different shipping activities like picking and packing of the products.

In delivery method, below are the key sub tactics −

Delivery processing of the products

Picking of items

Packing of the goods

Post goods problem

Shipping communique

Planning & monitoring of delivery

To outline Modes of Transport, navigate −

SPRO → IMG → Logistics Execution → Transportation → Basic Transportation Function → Routes → Define Routes → Define modes of delivery → Execute.

Q50. Which organizational element is principal in shipping? Give a definition of it.

Ans: Shipping Point: Organizational unit at a set place that incorporates out delivery sports. A shipping factor should, as an example, be a organisation's mail department or a plant's rail depot. Each transport is processed with the aid of most effective one delivery point.