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SAP PS Interview Questions - Jul 12, 2022


SAP PS Interview Questions

Q1. What is SAP Project System module?

Ans: Project System is one of the key module of SAP to perform project and portfolio management and helps you to manage the task existence cycle beginning from shape, to plan, execution and until the mission completion.



Q2. Is Project device incorporated with other modules of SAP ECC?

Ans: Project device is intently integrated with different SAP modules like logistics, fabric control, Sales and Distribution, Plant Maintenance, and Production planning module.

Q3. What is an outside and an internal assignment in phrases of mission budget?


External Financed Projects −

This includes the tasks which can be sponsored by way of clients and are carried out to fulfill the client requirements. These initiatives are called patron initiatives and mission intention is aligned to fulfill the client call for.

Internal Financed Projects −

This includes mission associated with capital funding or overhead price tasks.

Q4. How do you categorize challenge primarily based at the list of activities?

Ans: You can categorize projects in keeping with the listing of activities and challenge shape or on the basis of man or woman activities −

Using Work damage down shape WBS

Using individual activities as according to work applications

Q5. What is Work Breakdown Structure?

Ans: In Project System, Work Breakdown shape WBS and network diagram can be used to structure the project either in hierarchical order or using network strategies. You can define key milestones and files that allows you to reveal the progress of task and lets you outline key interest of individuals.

Q6. What are the one of a kind steps worried in Project Process Flow?

Ans: Below are the important thing steps concerned in Project procedure go with the flow

Create Templates/WBS

Create Project

Project Planning

Budgeting and Release

Project Implementation

Project Completion

Q7. What activities of SAP FICO is integrated with SAP Project System module?

Ans: To plan the prices and sales in the task machine as in step with the economic planning necessities.


Q8. What sports of SAP MM is incorporated with SAP Project System module?

Ans: To control procurement and stock features taking place in challenge lifecycle.

Q9. What activities of SAP SD is incorporated with SAP Project System module?

Ans: To manage the sales manner in mission lifecycle- includes quotations for purchaser tasks. This includes billing, selling and delivery of products and offerings required in assignment lifecycle.

Q10. What activities of SAP PP is included with SAP Project System module?

Ans: To perform activities like cloth requirement making plans MRP, Bills of material BOM, fabric requisition as in line with MaRP, ability planning and other production planning tasks in challenge lifecycle.


Q11. Explain Organization shape and factors in SAP Project System?

Ans: When a challenge is initiated, it starts with the definition and class of the assignment shape that's required to align it with the existing company structure in an business enterprise.

Project System has no organizational systems of its personal and we need to comprise the structure to corporation shape through assigning employer factors in exceptional ERP R/three modules. These corporation elements allow Project machine to keep and get the statistics efficaciously.

An Organization shape consists of numerous elements that has to be created as part of structuring of task. Following are the enterprise factors −

Company Code

Business Area

Controlling Area


Q12. What is Company Code?

Ans: Company code is smallest unit in an company for which financial statements (income-loss announcement, and many others.) can be generated.

Q13. What do you understand with the aid of Business Areas? Explain with the example of use?

Ans: Business Arears are used to distinguish transactions that comes from one of a kind line of enterprise in a agency.

Example −

There is a large business enterprise XYZ, which runs a couple of enterprise. Let us say it has 3 one of a kind domain names like manufacturing, marketing and sales.

Now you have got 2 options −

First is to create exceptional business enterprise codes

And other higher alternative is to create each of these commercial enterprise traces into business areas.

Q14. What are the advantages of using Business vicinity in above scenario?

Ans: You can use these enterprise regions if other organisation codes require the equal areas.

It is straightforward to configure in case you use Business Area as you simply want to attach to the employer code and the other information in commercial enterprise region gets connect itself.

By the usage of Business regions in controlling, you can create Profit and loss announcement, Balance sheet, etc. For commercial enterprise areas so that is used for management accounting in few agencies.

Note − Business areas are greater utilized in Controlling as evaluate to Finance Accounting.

Q15. What is Controlling Area in SAP machine?

Ans: Controlling Area in an employer is defined as an organizational shape and is value accounting, Cost centers, profit centers are used to outline the Controlling vicinity.

Q16. What is Plant?

Ans: Plant is an organizational unit within a business enterprise in which activities take place. A plant will produce goods and makes goods to be had for the company.

Q17. What are the distinctive forex kind in SAP PS system?

Ans: In SAP PS device, you can manipulate all the currency established statistics inside the Project System the use of under exceptional currencies.

Q18. Controlling location forex −

Ans: In this forex type, you outline work breakdown structure WBS, networks, activities, and orders in a single controlling location.

As same controlling location is used, foreign money in a assignment device is likewise uniform.

Object Currency −

In Project device, it's also viable to assign any object forex to specific items in the device.

WBS element

Project definition

Network header

Network interest

Note that after a company code is assigned to a controlling area and corporation code carries multiple currencies in this example you can’t allocate object foreign money in PS as in this case system routinely takes the local foreign money of corporation code.

Transaction Currency −

In this case, you use the charges and sales from specific enterprise transactions are recorded as in keeping with forex of the commercial enterprise transaction.

Q19. How do you define a Project?

Ans: A Project is described as a transient undertaking to create a product or to provide a provider.

Could you name few traits of a Project?

Projects has a defined goal which is agreed among employer and purchaser and is defined in Project Charter.

A Project is complicated, specific, and definitive in scope and entails a high sure hazard to execute and whole on time.

Project has defined best requirements.

Project has definitive price, length and assets to paintings at the venture.

Q18. What is the usage of defining PS types in Project definition?

Ans: A Project type is used to organization or classify the tasks as required- Example: Banking initiatives Capital projects or IT improvement initiatives.

A Project kind is likewise used for reporting, building authorization and for creating hierarchies and community in undertaking planning. It also can be used for developing consumer requirements e.G. Use of BADI for WBS settlement rule dedication based on assignment type as a parameter.

Q19. What is using Status profile?

Ans: A repute profile carries the character consumer statuses and the business transaction regulations described for the ones statuses. You can define more than one restrict number of person repute profiles that may be maintained in SAP machine.


Q20. What is using Selection Profile in SAP PS machine?

Ans: A Selection profile in SAP Project device is used if you have large number of choice objects again and again with identical selection circumstance. Selection circumstance are used using top down approach.


Q21. What are the parameters of Project System?

Ans: There are numerous parameters to define in right here on the systems degree. First is the Project Definition (Proj. Profile), then we have the WBS Level, and then, if used, the Network/Activity/Subactivity Level. You may include components and offerings. The configuration is going into Proj. Definition, WBS and Activity profiles.


Q22. What is the distinction between a WBS and Network structure?

Ans: WBS and Networks are two structures that differ in the manner in which they allow you to structure tasks and within the functions supplied for them within the SAP machine. For instance, if you want a hierarchical budget management function for a undertaking, you would want to apply a WBS shape. If, further, you also want to do ability planning, you will ought to use one or several networks as nicely. Depending at the particular necessities you'll be able to map a assignment best through a WBS structure, or by way of the usage of simplest one or several networks, or a combination of each.

Q23. What do you understand with the aid of Project Profile?

Ans: A Project profile is defined to hold default values and control parameters like making plans methods for prices. The statistics entered in venture profile is copied to project in undertaking definition or additionally within the venture factors. These information may be modified at later degree.

Q24. What statistics is maintained beneath Project Profile?


You ought to maintain beneath information below venture profile section −

Basic records

Time scheduling


Organizational facts

Q25. What is using Settlement profile?

Ans: In a challenge, you acquire cost and sales quickly and they must settle as part of length quit processing. You need a settlement profile stored in mission profile or community kind which determines whether agreement is needed, allowed or blocked.You use the agreement profile to define the subsequent for real expenses −

Full Settlement

Can be settled

Not to be settled

Q26. What is using Network profile?

Ans: You can create community profile in SAP PS to preserve Network and WBS structure and to outline rules for linking networks.

Q27. What is Network kind in SAP PS gadget?

Ans: In SAP PS system, a network kind is used to comprise the information for controlling and managing networks. Network is described as work order that has a structure in common with manufacturing, upkeep and inspection orders.

Q28. What do time profiles do?

Ans: This profile is part of the "Planning Board Profile" and it determines the beginning and the give up of the evaluation and making plans periods. This method that pre assessment and publish evaluation periods are described robotically. This is how the Planning Board is displayed graphically.

Q29. How do you specify a person answerable for paintings center in PS device?

Ans: In SAP Project System, you can outline the person accountable for Work Center. To outline a person accountable you need to go into individual accountable Id and descriptive name of man or woman chargeable for coping with work center.

To specify someone chargeable for work middle, navigate to underneath direction in SAP Easy get admission to.

SPRO → IMG → Project System → Structures → Operative shape → Network → Work Center → Specify man or woman liable for work middle.

30. Where will we define time profiles? What is assessment period?

Evaluation duration is the period in that you want to govern your venture, and it'll be displayed to your making plans board.

Transactions is OPTY


Q31. What is the usage of Access Control List?

Ans: In SAP Project machine, you use get entry to manage list to assign authorizations for precise Project device objects. Access manage list function must be activated in challenge profile or network profile.

Q32. In SAP PS gadget, authorization may be assigned for which objects?

Ans: Authorization may be assigned for following PS gadgets −


Work Breakdown structure



Activity Element

Q33. Consider a person A is assigned to consumer group 1 that has examine authorization for a PS object and consumer has trade authorization for PS object. What authorization user will get?

Ans: The consumer gets change authorization on this scenario.

Q34. How do you create an get admission to manage listing?

Ans: To create an access manage listing, navigate to PS item for which you want to assign authorizations.

Go to ACL tab page.

Select insert line button to enter the new statistics.

Click on save button to keep the entry.

Q35. What is using price element in SAP PS machine?

Ans: In SAP PS, you operate Cost element to devise, reveal, and manage assignment value for tasks. This issue is incorporated with different additives in SAP ERP machine −

Finance Accounting and Controlling

Production Planning

Material Management

Q36. What are the specific additives below costing variation?

Ans: A Costing variations incorporates the following components −

Costing type −

Costing kind is used to define the object- like a community, or a undertaking for which you need to create the costing.

Valuation variation −

In SAP system, you use valuation version to keep valuation bases for materials and pastime types controlled in the costing.

Q37. What do you understand via venture price range?

Ans: SAP PS: Budget Management for Projects

Budget is described as accepted value for a mission and it's far one-of-a-kind from the cost plan. Budget is accepted fee from control for expected improvement of order value for a given term.

Q38. What are the one-of-a-kind planning techniques that you may use in Project System?

Ans: In SAP Project system, you could use following planning strategies −

Manual Revenue Planning −

You can carry out guide sales making plans based totally on Work breakdown structure or by means of sales detail.

Automatic update Revenue plan −

You can perform computerized replace of sales planning based totally on Work breakdown structure or in sales order.

Q39. How do you manage that the assignment does not run over allocated price range?

Ans: You use Availability Control through defining tolerance limits, in an effort to will let you define by how tons you could overspend.

Q40. How do you manipulate dates inside the task?

Ans: This issue in Project machine is used to plot and test dates in mission. The use of date scheduling is to decide levels in a task and length of the stages, essential paths and activities in undertaking agenda.

In Work breakdown structures WBS and Network, you input the dates and those dates can be changed at some stage in complete task lifecycle.


Q41. How do you define parameters for WBS scheduling?

Ans: In SAP Project machine, you can agenda a challenge or part of the assignment with all of the sports which might be assigned to undertaking. You use WBS element basic dates as primary dates to schedule the activities.

When a community consists of few activities that aren't assigned to identical WBS they may be handled as external networks in device in undertaking scheduling.

To define parameters for WBS scheduling, you could use T-code: OPTQ or you may navigate to SPRO → IMG → Project System → Dates → Data Planning in WBS → Define Parameter for WBS Scheduling

Q42. What are the exclusive form of Scheduling options?



Backward in time

Current Date

Forward Date, etc.

Q43. How do you control fabric requirement inside the challenge?

Ans: This thing is used to plot and manipulate cloth requirement in challenge and to control the cloth flow within the project. Material requirement making plans in undertaking comes from Material control and Production Planning and Control.

Q44. What is MRP run?

Ans: MRP run or making plans run is an engine that's used to fill call for and supply gap. Issues & Receipts are called MRP Elements. Issues include PIRs, Dependent Requirements, Order Reservations, Sales Orders, Issuing Stock Transfer Orders, and so forth. And receipts consist of Production Orders, Purchase Requisitions, Purchase Orders, Open Production Orders, Receiving Stock Transfer Order, Schedule strains, etc.

Q45. What are the exceptional MRP parameters?

Ans: MRP parameters are required to run fabric requirement making plans to fulfill Planned Independent Requirement PIR and to apply Routing statistics. Different MRP parameters may be used −

Processing Key −

NetChange −

In this run gadget don't forget the ones fabric which has passed through some modifications from the preceding MRP run.

NetChange in making plans horizon −

This run considers the requirement in predefined planning horizon and now not like net trade which test the future requirements.

In this run, machine remember only those fabric which has gone through a few changes from their closing MRP run.

Regenerative Planning −

In this run, device don't forget all the cloth regardless of adjustments and it is time ingesting and no longer common in Production planning.


Q46. What is the difference between simple scheduling and lead time scheduling?

Ans: Basic Scheduling −

It handiest calculates simple dates for orders in MRP run and in house manufacturing time for fabric master in use.

Lead time Scheduling −

In this MRP, production dates are defined through lead time scheduling for deliberate orders.

Q47. What is the use of Project variations in SAP system?

Ans: In SAP machine, model is described as country of a challenge at positive point in time. Project versions are used in Earned price evaluation and for task assessment.

Functions −

A Project model can be used for the subsequent reason:

To carry out the statistical evaluation

To document the kingdom of venture

To carry out contrast and analysis of task development

To perform milestone fashion evaluation to research the dates in a assignment and comparing them with deliberate statistics in the challenge.

Q48. What are the distinctive Project versions in SAP gadget?

Ans: There are exclusive undertaking versions types available in Project System −

Project Versions −

To compare venture popularity at unique term.

Plan Versions −

This is sued to keep unique price plans for a venture.

Selection Versions −

This is used to perform heritage processing and to keep the venture information matching certain selection criteria.

Simulation Versions −

In underneath desk, you could see the one-of-a-kind capabilities in a mission that above versions helps in SAP machine.

Q49. What are the exceptional kinds of document in PS device?

Ans: Technical Reports −

Project Information System in SAP PS lets in to manipulate and control your task technically.

This permits you to select all of the objects or particular objects inside the gadget- WBS, Networks, PS texts and material and so on. To test their gift repute and their use in project network hierarchy. This lets in you to see the fame of challenge based totally on distinctive items.

Using Project Information System, you can reveal the records elated to contemporary challenge in addition to records in archive to see ancient information and lesson learnt.

You can enter the values in filters to create structure listing which can be used to view pix or to move records to unique venture control gear.

Commercial Reports −

You can view diverse business reports associated with project development in SAP PS machine:

Cost Element Report to view cost and revenues to summarize line items.

To screen full cost waft inside the assignment, you can use Cost/Revenue and Payment hierarchy reports. Payment hierarchy reports consists of records related to drill down.

To show actual, plan, commitment and finances values you could use Line Item Reports.


Q50. What do you understand by Business Areas? Explain with the instance of use?



Ans: Business Arears are used to differentiate transactions that comes from different line of commercial enterprise in a organization.

Example −

There is a big organisation XYZ, which runs more than one enterprise. Let us say it has three extraordinary domains like manufacturing, marketing and sales.

Now you have 2 alternatives −

First is to create exceptional business enterprise codes

And different higher option is to create each of those business strains into commercial enterprise regions.