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SAP PP Interview Questions - Jul 12, 2022


SAP PP Interview Questions

Q1. What is SAP Production Planning? Why it's miles used?

Ans: SAP Production Planning is one of key module in ERP and offers with making plans methods like potential planning and cloth making plans and execution of production order, invoice of material and goods movement. SAP PP module handles grasp statistics this is required for BOMs hobby, work center and routing and preserve it in a separate element.

Q2. What is difference among Discrete and Repetitive Production?

Ans: Discrete production is called enterprise in which produce substances changed with each lot and expenses are calculated as according to orders and masses.

In Repetitive manufacturing, product isn't modified for longer time period and manufacturing is executed as total quantity and not within the form of man or woman masses.

Q3. Explain Production Planning existence cycle?


Converting deliberate order to Production Order

First step is to transform a deliberate order to production order. When you create a Production Order, kind is defined in SAP PP system.

Issue the manufacturing order

To begin the production procedure, it's far essential to issue Production order. Till a manufacturing order isn't launched, execution of manufacturing system is not began.

Issuing items for manufacturing order

Issuing items is required for imparting the products to execute the Production order. Once items are problems, record variety can be updated inside the device.

Production order confirmation

All the sub strategies are executed in accordance with required operations to affirm the production as according to Production order.

Good receipts w.R.T Production Order

Once production order execution is finished, items produced w.R.T Production Order are received and placed in storage region.

Q4. What are the one of a kind factors in Org structure beneath SAP Production Planning?

Ans: In SAP PP module, organization structure described the vicinity of manufacturing flora and storage places in the plant. At the pinnacle you have got enterprise and employer code and then each employer code consists of exclusive plant and garage locations.

Q5. Which all modules SAP PP is integrated with? Explain the incorporated sports which might be carried out with every module beneath PP?

Ans: To carry out Production Planning and Control sports, SAP PP is closely integrated with different SAP ERP modules: SAP Sales and Distribution SD, SAP Material Management MM, Quality Management, Finance Accounting and Project System.

You can discover list of below sports from Production Planning which can be related to other SAP modules and integration with different modules.

SAP PP and SAP Material Management MM

This involved motion of products, auto items receipt.

It includes developing reservation for Production Order/Planning.

Raising Purchase orders with MRP Run.

Quotations and Vendor choice.


This is used to test the availability of material for production order.

To carry out MRP Run, Requirement Types.

Bill of Material additives and operation.


Updating fee in material master information

Defining activity Type inside the Cost middle

Assigning pastime kind to Work Center

Cost Estimation

Production fee controlling

Posting accounting activities related to items movement, fabric request, and so on.

SAP PP and Project System

Assigning making plans activities to WBS within the Project.

Running Material requirement planning at Project level (MD51). The procured fabric attached to WBS are reserved as venture inventory towards the precise challenge.

The element connected to network are deliberate at plant degree and are reserved as plant stock.

SAP PP and Quality Management

Inspection Type 03 for discrete and repetitive production.

Inspection Type 04 for both Discrete and Repetitive Manufacturing

Q6. What are the different grasp records exists below Production Planning?


Bills of Material BOM

Material Master

Work Center


Q7. What is BOM?

Ans: Bill of fabric grasp facts is associated with material requirement planning and affords the list of additives to provide the product.

To produce a product with extraordinary editions, you can create extraordinary Bills of Material that has listing of components to fabricate extraordinary variations of a product and choice of aspect relies upon on info referred to in planning order.

Q8. What is the difference between Material and Sales order BOM?

Ans: Material BOM

When a Bill of Material is created for a cloth is referred to as a material BOM inside the SAP. Material BOMs are specially used to represent the structure of products synthetic inside your organisation.

Sales order BOM

Sales Order BOM is used while you specifically tailor the make-to-order production of merchandise as consistent with requirements of the clients. To meet the client requirements, you are making income order precise changes to various assemblies.

Q9. What are the important thing charactertics of BOM?

Ans: You can create Bill of Material as unmarried stage or more than one level.

BOM kind relies upon on the dimensions, validity dates and manufacturing approach.

You can create as much as 99 Bills of Material as per fabric kind.

You can use cloth Bill of cloth for the fabric to be had in PP module and gadget Bill of Material are utilized in Plant Maintenance module.

As referred to you can create great BOM for specific variants of a product.

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Q10. What is Work Center underneath Production Planning? Why do we use Work Center?

Ans: Work middle includes master statistics associated routing of merchandise. It includes statistics associated with scheduling, potential planning and manufacturing costing.

All the manufacturing sports are done in Work Center. Work middle may be used to monitor these sports −


You can agenda the operations in Production order as according to running instances in Routing and formulas stated in paintings middle.

Production Costing

You can also take a look at manufacturing costing as consistent with formulas mentioned in paintings middle. A Work middle is also related to cost center and it defines the fee of operation in Production Order.

Capacity Planning

You can discover present day ability and future capability requirements stored in paintings center.

Q11. What is Routing process below Production Planning?

Ans: Routine defines the listing of sports to be achieved for manufacturing procedure. Routing defines series of sports completed at paintings center. Routing performs in essential role in calculating manufacturing fee, gadget time and exertions time.

Q12. What is using routing in PP or provide an explanation for ley charactertics of Routing underneath Production Planning?

Ans: To create routing it's far mandate which you first outline work center.

Multiple fabric can comply with single routing group.

Routing is used for scheduling and costing of operation for uncooked and completed merchandise.

Routing is used for calculation operation price for completed product.

Q13. What are distinct Planning strategies?


Make to Stock Planning method

This is making plans approach wherein stock is produced with out sales order. It is used to meet patron needs in destiny.

When you operate Planning approach 10, best PIR quantity is taken into consideration for MRP run and income order are absolutely overlooked. In this PIR requirement type LSF and is reduced whilst you deliver inventory to patron.

When you operate Planning strategy 40, for MRP run most of two PIR and Sales order may be considered and PIR is decreased when enter the Sales order. PIR requirement kind is VSF in this case.

Make to Order planning method

In this planning method, end products are not produced till you receive sales order from a purchaser. For MRP run, you handiest recall Sales order.

In MTO approach, you only produce income order stock and merchandise are brought as per income orders from precise client.

You use Planning method 20 for make to order MTO process and making plans approach 25 is used to supply product versions whilst there's request for variant products from consumer.

Q14. What is Material Requirement Planning beneath Production Planning?

Ans: MRP run or making plans run is an engine which is used to fill call for and deliver hole. Issues & Receipts are known as MRP Elements. Issues encompass PIRs, Dependent Requirements, Order Reservations, Sales Orders, Issuing Stock Transfer Orders, and so on. And receipts encompass Production Orders, Purchase Requisitions, Purchase Orders, Open Production Orders, Receiving Stock Transfer Order, Schedule strains, and so forth.

Q15. What are the one of a kind parameters that are required to run MRP?

Ans: MRP parameters are required to run material requirement planning to fulfill Planned Independent Requirement PIR and to use Routing data. Different MRP parameters may be used −

Processing Key

NetChange −

In this run device recollect those fabric which has undergone a few modifications from the previous MRP run.

NetChange in making plans horizon −

This run considers the requirement in predefined planning horizon and now not like net alternate which take a look at the destiny requirements.

In this run, gadget keep in mind only those cloth which has passed through some modifications from their remaining MRP run.

Regenerative Planning −

In this run, gadget recollect all the cloth no matter modifications and it is time ingesting and no longer common in Production planning.


Basic Scheduling −

It only calculates primary dates for orders in MRP run and in house production time for material master in use.

Lead time Scheduling −

In this MRP, manufacturing dates are defined by lead time scheduling for deliberate orders.

Q16. Is it viable to create Production order without Routing and Work middle? How?

Ans: Yes, by using changing the configuration in OPL8- Order type established parameters as routing non-compulsory. When we attempt to create an order using C001 it may ask for a income order.

Q15. What do you apprehend by Long term Planning? Can we perform Long time period making plans for shorter term?

Ans: Long term planning in SAP PP is used to check destiny needs in any respect Bill of Material stage. You can test the cutting-edge potential and seller capability to provide the cloth in required time period.

This isn't actual run but is used to see if all capacity requirement may be fulfilled and you may also transfer simulative area to operative region if necessities are fulfilled.

Also word that it isn't necessary that you carry out simulative planning in long period, it can be for brief term and there may be no time restriction.

Q16. What is Production Order? How do you decide the listing of components and operational information in the order?

Ans: A Production order is used to outline the cloth to be produced, plant area where manufacturing has to be carried out, date and time of production, amount of products required. A Production Order also defines which components and series of operations are to be used and how the order expenses are to be settled.

BOM and routing records of the substances are copied into the manufacturing order which determines the list of components and operational records within the order.

Q17. What are the important thing steps below Production Order confirmation?


First step is to transform a deliberate order to manufacturing order. When you create a Production Order, type is described in SAP PP system.

To start the production manner, it's far important to problem Production order. Till a manufacturing order isn't launched, execution of manufacturing system isn't commenced.

Issuing items is required for presenting the goods to execute the Production order. Once goods are issues, report quantity can be up to date within the machine.

All the sub strategies are completed in accordance with required operations to confirm the production as according to Production order.

Q17. What are the important thing steps below Production Order confirmation?


First step is to convert a deliberate order to production order. When you create a Production Order, kind is defined in SAP PP system.

To start the production method, it is vital to difficulty Production order. Till a manufacturing order isn't always released, execution of production manner isn't always started out.

Issuing goods is required for imparting the products to execute the Production order. Once goods are issues, file quantity may be up to date in the device.

All the sub approaches are achieved according with required operations to affirm the manufacturing as in keeping with Production order.

Q18. What are the extraordinary ways to create Production Order in PP?

Ans: A Production Order can be created in following ways −

Directly from Stock Requirement List

Using Planned Order range

Q19. What is ability making plans and capability leveling?

Ans: Capacity Planning is carried out to balance the burden at work middle and you can calculate manufacturing capacity based on requirement of product as in line with to be had capability.

Capacity leveling is achieved for appearing exact production planning reason. This is executed via planning table which is used to hold certain planning of potential necessities over time in future.

20. How do perform capability leveling under PP?

Ans: You can carry out Capacity Leveling the use of Planning table and orders are processed as define in paintings center to meet the Production process.

To perform Capacity leveling, use T-Code: CM21

Q21. When do you perform Goods Receipt underneath PP? What is the motion type?

Ans: Good receipt is accomplished whilst cloth is produced as in keeping with Production order and goods is positioned at storage place. The inventory quantity is multiplied and motion kind one hundred and one is entered.

Q22. How do you create goods Receipt below SAP Production Planning?

Ans: Use T-code: MIGO

Q23. What takes place while a planned order is converted into Production Order?

Ans: Planned order are offset with the aid of production order and you could see the deliberate order info within the Production order.

Q23. When do you perform a Goods problem under PP? What is the movement type?

Ans: In SAP PP, items issue is done whilst uncooked fabric is consumed to supply cloth as consistent with Production order. When items are issued, system decreases the inventory of components at the garage area in Production Planning system.

Movement kind 261 is used for items difficulty.

Q24. How do carry out Goods troubles under PP?

Ans: To carry out goods difficulty, use T-code: MB1A or go to Logistics → Production → Production Control → Goods Movement → Goods Issue.

Enter Movement kind 261 for goods difficulty.

Q25. Can you reverse Goods issue? What is the motion kind for Goods issue reversal?

Ans: Goods trouble reversal is used when you cancel the products issue for an order. Goods issue can be cancelled until order reputation is showed CNF in system.

Movement type is 262 in Goods problem reversal.

Q26. Why can we use Stock Overview?

Ans: You can use Stock assessment to check the to be had stock at any factor of time. Stock review can be checked using T-Code: MMBE

Q27. What is Material Requirement Planning Controller in Production Planning?

Ans: MRP Controller is an person or institution of humans who're accountable to check material availability.

Q28. What do you apprehend through Planning horizon?

Ans: Planning horizon is used to outline the length for the Net trade making plans in the making plans horizon.

Q29. When you create a check Production order, you get an errors message- Control parameters for scheduling no longer described, what can be the reason?

Ans: Before Production Order introduction, you need to define Order Types, dependent parameters, backorder scheduling, and degree.

Q30. What is the difference among MD4 and MD05?



This is used for Stock / Requirement list this is dynamic listing which reflects even any small change is made in Master Data, Planned Order & Production order and many others. For respective material for that you have carried out stock / requirement listing.

MD05 is used to view MRP listing which displays consequences of ultimate MRP run for the cloth for that you have executed MRP list.

Q31. What is SAP Production Planning for Process Industries PP-PI?

Ans: SAP PP-PI affords an incorporated making plans device for batch-orientated process manufacturing and is used in pharmaceutical, meals and chemical enterprise to guide planning of production, waste disposal in the plant.

Q32. How do you test the costing information in Production Order?

Ans: You can test this in CO02 pick Cost → Analysis and you may take a look at the fee of Production Order.

Q33. What is Plan cost, Actual fee and Target value?

Ans: Plan Cost = Planned Quantity X Planned Price

Actual Cost = Actual Quantity X Actual Price

Target Cost = Actual Quantity X Planned Price

Q34. What do you apprehend through Sales and Operational making plans?

Ans: SOP is forecasting tool that permits you to set the income, manufacturing, and other deliver chain objectives primarily based on current, future, or ancient records. SOP is most generally used for completed items.

Q35. What are the distinct components beneath SOP?

Ans: SPO includes following  components −

Standard SPO it's miles predefined in the machine.

Flexible SOP You can configure it in a couple of approaches.

Q36. Which Transaction code is used to cancel the Production Order?

Ans: Use T-code: CO13

Enter order quantity and click on tick mark at the pinnacle. You could be prompted to affirm the action.

Q37. How do you take a look at if any work middle is overloaded?

Ans: Capacity Planning is done to balance the load at paintings center and you can calculate production capacity primarily based on requirement of product as in keeping with to be had potential.

You want to check capacity load on work center and if any paintings middle is overloaded, we want to transport orders to special work facilities.

To test Capacity Loads

Use T-Code CM01 or visit Logistics → Production → Capacity Planning → Evaluation → Work Center View → Load.

Q38. Name few of the tables beneath Production Planning that contains detail approximately BOM?


MAST Material BOM


STOP BOM Positions

Q39. Do you have got any concept approximately SAP QM?

Ans: SAP Quality Management is part of SAP R/3 device and is incorporated with other SAP modules like SAP Material Management MM, Production Planning PP and Plant Maintenance. QM is vital part of logistic control and is used to carry out great features at incoming cloth, in method manufacturing technique and uncooked cloth as well in the facility.

Q40. What are exceptional inspection beneath QM for Production Planning?

Ans: Inspection Type 03 for discrete and repetitive manufacturing.

Inspection Type 04 for both Discrete and Repetitive Manufacturing

Q41. How many BOM’s may be created?

Ans: You can create up to ninety nine Bills of Material.

Q42. What do you apprehend through Material staging?

Ans: Material staging is known as while you transfer the material out of your main store to manufacturing region.

Q43. What is backflushing in Repetitive production REM?

Ans: This is used to file paintings procedure inside the machine and to get the requirements of repetitive, mass or glide manufacturing.

Q44. Explain the distinction among stock shipping and stock transfer?

Ans: Stock transfer This is known as the transfer of inventory for the utilization in the equal agency.

Stock shipping This is called change of name of inventory within the name of the purchaser.

Q45. What are the different costing parameters beneath Production Planning?

Ans: Work Center


Q46. What is the Transaction code for converting and showing Production Order?

Ans: You want to exchange the details in Production Order, you may try this by way of using underneath code.

Use T-code: CO02

To show the Production Order, T-code: C003

Q47. What are the not unusual tables below Production Planning for MRP and REM?

Ans: For Material Requirement Planning MRP −

Table    Description

MDKP    Document Header data

MDTB    Table Structure

MDVM    Planning File Details

MDFD    MRP Date information

S094    Stock Analysis

For Repetitive Manufacturing −

Table    Description

S025    Run Schedule Quantities

S026    Material Usage

S028    Reporting Point Statistics

SAFK    RS Header Master Data

Q48. List out the activities executed in Production Planning?

Ans: Activities involved in Production Planning includes

Processing material master

Creation of Bill of Material

Displaying work middle and routing

Maintaining planning calendar

Maintaining manufacturing lot

Maintaining quota document

Defining variety of insurance profile and profile for safety time

Defining MRP perspectives

Q49. Explain what is Routing in SAP PP?

Ans: Routing in SAP PP is cited a list of activities which are required to supply any cloth. For example, when you do fee estimation for the material, the device triggers the applicable routing and hobby quotes for all those described in routing. Which will helpful to calculate the processing price in product costing.

Q50. What is the use of MRP PP opinions?

Ans: This role contains a characteristic for comparing the MRP end result. This feature can be used to locate facts about the provision of material and to become aware of any cloth shortage situation.