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SAP PM Interview Questions - Jul 12, 2022


SAP PM Interview Questions

Q1. What is SAP Plant Maintenance?

Ans: SAP Plant Maintenance utility aspect offers organization with a tool for all maintenance activities to be achieved. All the sports which can be performed under preservation are interconnected and hence this module is carefully included with different modules- Production Planning, Material Management, and Sales and Distribution.

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Q2. Which all modules you could combine with SAP PM?

Ans: This module is intently integrated with other modules- Production Planning, Material Management, and Sales and Distribution, Controlling, Customer Service.

Q3. What are the important thing responsibilities in SAP Plant Maintenance?

Ans: You carry out the following sports underneath Plant Maintenance −


Inspection is achieved to test the real circumstance of a technical system.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is used to preserve excessive availability of the technical system. It includes preservation making plans and paintings scheduling activities for technical items.


Repair entails all measures that may be accomplished to restore the right circumstance. Repair manner it's miles may be finished at many making plans stages- like paintings scheduling, aid making plans and initial costing, and so forth. And you can response right now w.R.T to a harm events causing manufacturing shutdown. You can create required Purchase requisition, processed paintings orders to reduce the downtime.

4. Explain the existence cycle of SAP Plant Maintenance Notification technique?

Ans: Key Steps which might be consists of as a part of Work Order Notification beneath SAP PM −


Newly Created Work Order

Creation of Purchase request for paintings orders

Purchase Order created and components Received

Parts troubles to Work Order

Approval and Planning of Work Order

Scheduling and Releasing Work Order

Work Order Execution

Closing a Work Order

Q5. What is a Technical item in Plant Maintenance?

Ans: To effectively control SAP Maintenance activities in an organization, you need to divide existing protection shape into technical objects. Technical items are used to define the gadget types that exists in an corporation and the use of the item characteristics, you may in addition define other technical objects.

Q6. What is Maintenance Plant in Plant Maintenance?

Ans: Maintenance plant for a technical object is called plant in which you carry out the maintenance tasks for the items and planning is accomplished. You can carry out the following activities in Maintenance Planning Plant −

Defining Task listing as in step with upkeep plan

As per BOM in venture listing, you perform fabric planning.

Management and scheduling of protection plans

Maintenance Orders advent and execution

Q7. What is Maintenance Planning? What are exclusive kinds of Maintenance Planning?

Ans: As in line with the shape of the enterprise, upkeep making plans may be performed. You define the tasks beneath preservation planning as per the structure and described technical items. Following varieties of maintenance making plans is feasible −

Centralized Maintenance Planning

Decentralize Maintenance Planning

Partially Centralize Maintenance Planning

Q8. What is exclusive between Centralize and decentralize Maintenance Planning?

Ans: Centralize Maintenance Planning

Within an company, centralize planning supports following structures −

There is most effective one plant for all of the technical gadgets which is protection planning plant and upkeep plant.

In other state of affairs, it's miles possible that a organization has a couple of protection vegetation and one plant is there in which protection planning is done. All different plants has this flowers as protection planning plant in which all activities are finished and this plant is indicated as renovation planning plant inside the machine.

As consistent with above example −

Plants 001, 002

Maintenance Plants 001, 002

Maintenance Planning Plant 002

Plants assigned to preservation planning plant 001

Decentralize Maintenance Planning

In this scenario, corporation consists of more than one plants and each plant acts as its own maintenance planning plant and in SAP machine all flora are cited as protection making plans plant.

Plants 001, 002

Maintenance Plants 001,002

Maintenance planning flowers 001, 002

Q9. What do you apprehend with the aid of item associated structuring of Technical Objects?

Ans: In this structuring, you divide your technical machine in to portions called gadget. An device is an character object which may be positioned in a technical system or a part of technical machine.

Q10. What do you apprehend via Functional Structuring of Technical Objects?

Ans: In this kind of structure, you divide your technical gadget as in step with purposeful places. With the division of product line into practical places, person unit can act as purposeful locations within the machine.

Q11. What is Equipment Master Record?

Ans: An device is known as an man or woman object in the system this is maintained independently. Equipment can be installed at different functional places. You can create individual system in an company based totally on Object based totally shape of a technical machine.

Q12. What are the functions of using Equipment master?

Ans: Using equipment you could carry out following capabilities inside the system −

You can control individual information from a upkeep angle in SAP gadget.

You can perform character protection responsibilities for every technical item in the system

You can use this to keep a report of all the protection responsibilities done for a technical object.

In case you want to see data for an object for a longer time, you may use equipment master document for the equal.

Q13. When to symbolize an object as Equipment or as Functional Location?

Ans: In case of breakdown, you have to represent an object as Technical Object if it is repaired. When you define an item as Technical item, you can preserve carrier records of the object in gadget. Note that you can’t change the device range once it's miles created within the machine. If you've got entered an incorrect quantity mistakenly you want to gain this to alternate it.

When you're the usage of multiple piece of equipment you want to classify the equipment to carry out a qick seek.

When you exchange an object in case of breakdown due to its low price and in this situation you don’t need to maintain provider history. For each purposeful region, you have to outline a structure indicator as mentioned in previous topic. When you preserve a practical location in another purposeful vicinity, you may’t save the set up place history.

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Q14. When you mistakenly input wrong master data for an device, how do you manage this?

Ans: To make changes to device grasp document- There is possibility that facts has been changed, otherwise you mistakenly enter wrong statistics, and you have to exchange the grasp document.

T-Code: IE02

Q15. What do you understand by using records transfer among Technical Objects?

Ans: It is possible to switch master records from one functional location to other useful vicinity or among purposeful location and piece of equipment.

Using information transfer feature, you may preserve information at advanced degree in hierarchical shape or you could also maintain information for objects assigned to purposeful places.

Q16. What do you understand by Horizontal and Hierarchical facts transfer?

Ans: Hierarchical statistics switch

In Hierarchical shape, you could keep data at high degree and gadget will automatically switch the modifications to beneath stage.

Horizontal facts switch

Using horizontal information switch, you may switch information from reference location to purposeful place or from useful region to piece of system.

Q17. What is a Milestone Confirmation?

Ans: The milestone affirmation is a special shape of affirmation, in which the affirmation of 1 operation reasons other operations or sub operations to be routinely showed on the equal time.

Milestones are operations that have the corresponding indicator inside the manipulate key.

Operations may be defined as milestone operations of their manage keys. If a milestone operation is showed, then preceding operations are mechanically confirmed.

Q18. Can we change Equipment category as soon as described?

Ans: Yes, T-Code: IE02

Q19. Explain the usage of use of object quantity in renovation order?

Ans: Item wide variety is used to perceive the cloth component that is to be used for an operation within the maintenance order. It is normally given in increments of 0010.It is the first discipline within the Components tab of a maintenance order.

Q20. What is Breakdown Maintenance?

Ans: In SAP PM, while there's a malfunction occurs for any of the equipment which requires a response from Maintenance team. The procedure of correcting this case is called Breakdown maintenance.

Q21. When do you carry out Breakdown Maintenance?

Ans: Breakdown protection, it's miles required in following conditions −

In breakdown protection, gadget isn't operating well.

In breakdown preservation, production is effected whilst a technical equipment went breakdown.

Q22. What is the order kind for Breakdown Maintenance?

Ans: PM02

Q23. What is Corrective Maintenance?

Ans: The corrective protection carries all the manner steps that are worried in preventive renovation and ordinary renovation manner. Using corrective maintenance, following functions may be done underneath Plant Maintenance −

Plant Maintenance user can enter a notification in SAP System to request preservation and to repair faulty system.

Maintenance planner can create, plan, and time table a protection paintings order within the system.

Work order is received with the aid of the technician and input the facts.

An authorized character in PM machine approves and completes the work as in step with the work order.

Q24. What is distinction between Corrective Maintenance and Preventive Maintenance?

Ans: In Preventive protection, routine tests are completed as according to employer’s preservation approach to make sure that machines are running as in keeping with the desired parameters. In SAP PM, the use of routine protection plans you create a preventive work order.

In Corrective Maintenance, you accurate a malfunction or a device failure with the aid of raising a notification inside the gadget. Work order is acquired by way of the technician and input the records. An legal person in PM system approves and completes the paintings as in step with the paintings order.

In sure scenarios, a corrective paintings order is created as a result of preventive work order whilst a recurring checkup is achieved, technician finds a failure or a malfunction in running gadget and a corrective paintings order is created to clean the fault.

Q25. What is order kind for Preventive Maintenance?

Ans: PM03 is for acting Preventive renovation.

Q26. How is Corrective upkeep unique from Breakdown maintenance?

Ans: You carry out a Corrective renovation to enhance the operating circumstance of the machine. It is done when a malfunction is detected and machine isn't running nicely as in keeping with targeted feature.

Breakdown maintenance is finished whilst your system has a breakdown and now not operating. In Breakdown preservation, production is affected. In SAP machine PM02 order type is used to perform Breakdown Maintenance.

Q27. What is Preventive Maintenance and key submodules beneath this?

Ans: Preventive Maintenance in an agency is used to keep away from machine breakdown and to avoid production breakdown. Using Preventive maintenance, you can reap various benefits for your agency. Preventive preservation time period is used to carry out inspections, preventive preservation and repairs. Maintenance plans are used to define dates and the quantity of preventive and inspection renovation duties which can be deliberate for technical gadgets.

Q28. What is the assignment list in Preventive Maintenance?

Ans: Task list in Preventive Maintenance is defined because the series of activities which can be performed as part of Preventive Maintenance in an company. They are used to carry out repeated obligations as part of Preventive Maintenance and to perform them effectively.

Using Task lists, you could lessen the effort by using standardizing the paintings series. All the updates are completed at one precise spot inside the corresponding maintenance assignment list and all the upkeep orders and maintenance objects inside the machine get hold of the up to date popularity of labor sequences. With assist of challenge lists, it facilitates in lowering the effort required to create preservation Orders and upkeep Items as you may refer lower back to Task listing to see the work sequences.

Q29. What is Planned Maintenance?

Ans: All the schedule activities encompass inspection, upkeep and repairs come below Planned Maintenance. In Plant Maintenance, you outline the time intervals whilst the paintings steps must be executed and work sequences in which they ought to be accomplished.

Q30. What is an Ongoing Maintenance?

Ans: Task listing for ongoing renovation carries the paintings sequences based totally on modern inspection. All inspection this is executed with out a regular time table comes below ongoing upkeep.

Q31. What are distinctive additives under Maintenance Planning?

Ans: Maintenance planning issue is included with one of a kind additives of different modules and subcomponent in Plant Maintenance −

Maintenance venture lists

Maintenance orders

Maintenance notifications

Work Clearance Management

Q32. What is the Maintenance Plan? Different kind of Maintenance Plans?

Ans: Maintenance plan defines the time table and listing of tasks to be achieved underneath Maintenance Planning. A Maintenance plan can be created as consistent with agency’ paintings like exclusive items may be maintained on distinct dates and scope may be unique as per the object kind.

Following approaches can be used to create Preventive Maintenance Plan −

Single Cycle Plan

Strategy Plan

Multiple Counter plan

Maintenance plan for service procurement

Maintenance plan for an define agreement

Q33. Is Maintenance method mandate for Maintenance Plans?

Ans: No

Q34. Which Maintenance plan type is suitable for acting annul provider of a automobile?

Ans: Single cycle preservation plan is used to outline exactly one time-based totally or overall performance-based totally maintenance cycle, in that you specify the c programming language at which the maintenance plan ought to be accomplished. It is one of the most effective maintenance plan used for Maintenance planning.


A unmarried cycle upkeep plan- annual renovation of a vehicle or service of a Printer after 1 million copies.

Q35. What is a couple of counter renovation plan?

Ans: A more than one counter plan may be created with out a renovation strategy and is used for performance based upkeep. In the more than one counter plan you create preservation cycles and allocate counters of gadget or purposeful locations with one of a kind dimensions to them.

In stay scenarios, you operate more than one counter plan for the man or woman activities or for the man or woman companies of activities.

Q36. Where will we use more than one counter maintenance plans? Explain with an instance?

Ans: A a couple of counter plan can be created without a maintenance strategy and is used for overall performance based maintenance. In the multiple counter plan you create maintenance cycles and allocate counters of gadget or purposeful locations with distinctive dimensions to them.

In live scenarios, you use a couple of counter plan for the individual activities or for the character companies of activities.


Multiple Counter plan is perfect for the airline industry. You can capture wherein dimensions like inspections of the touchdown tools must depend upon the quantity of kilometers flown and the variety of take-offs, and so forth.

Q37. Which preservation plan is appropriate for managing define provider agreement and what call gadgets are required?

Ans: Using Maintenance plan with define agreement, it allows you to simplify the processing of offerings as in line with the define agreement for distinctive items. When you create a preservation plan with an outline settlement, following preservation call items are created −

Service Notification

Service Order

Q38. What is Equipment category for Laboratory device in PM?

Ans: Eqiup. Category Q

Q39. How do you create Activity type in Plant Maintenance?

Ans: T-Code: KP26

Q40. What is Maintenance Event Builder? What are the key functions of MEB?

Ans: Using MEB in SAP Plant Maintenance, you may effortlessly manage the upkeep making plans includes paintings applications. The ability of labor facilities are shown in graphical manner and you can use new making plans tree for showing capability view of making plans board.

Using Maintenance Event Builder MEB, you could plan smaller upkeep projects within the form of character paintings packages.

MEB is technically a workbench and it supports the subsequent capabilities −

To see backlog- worklist of notifications.

To package the notifications for revisions.

To create orders from notifications.

To assign the orders.

To display open work requirements, orders or due dates.

Q41. What is Refurbishment manner?

Ans: Refurbishment is described as system to repair spare parts and to go back the spare parts to warehouse or to the system. You can define a Refurbishment order as Maintenance order via which you may execute the method of refurbishing damaged device and to carry out this you want a material and Serial # aggregate.

As a part of Refurbishment method, you can uninstall the broken gadget or material from the preservation plant and that is moved to Warehouse the usage of motion kind one hundred and one. A Refurbishment order is created to accumulate the price for the refurbishment system.

Once Refurbishment manner is finished, you exchange the conditional state of cloth from broken to Refurbished nation. The Refurbished system may be reinstalled inside the upkeep plant and order is closed.

Q42. What is the movement type to move the fabric to a Warehouse in Refurbishment?

Ans: Movement type 101


Q43. Explain the key steps achieved in Refurbishment procedure?

Ans: Key Steps in Refurbishment technique −

Uninstall the broken Equipment from the Maintenance Plant.

Movement type a hundred and one, to transport the material to Warehouse.

Creation of Refurbishment order to acquire cost for the refurbishment hobby.

When Refurbishment system is accomplished, nation of cloth is changed from damaged to Refurbished.

Reinstallation of equipment within the Maintenance plant.

Q44. What is using Warranty Claim Processing feature?

Ans: Warranty claim processing function in Plant Maintenance is used to handle big number of claims automatically. This module is evolved to satisfy the desires of vendors, supplier, and producers for all sort of merchandise. Warranty declare processing is complicated system cos of period of service, age of product or to carry out special checks in claim processing.

Warranty claim processing factor is intently integrated with Material Management, Sales and distribution, Customer Service and different techniques of Plant Maintenance.

Q45. Do you've got any concept approximately mobile applications for EAM? What are the blessings?

Ans: Using cell utility enterprise asset management, you can carry out renovation processing on any cellular device. Using Enterprise Asset management on Mobile devices, filed provider technicians can get entry to all of the work associated statistics on their mobile gadgets.

You can perform order processing and notification processing the usage of mobile end gadgets. Various features w.R.T Notifications can be accomplished on cellular devices −

Display a Notification List

Display a Notification

Create a new Notification

Create a Notification with reference from Order, technical object or for a Functional Location.

Change a Notification

Q46. In an Organization, work area safety relies upon on which all elements?


Task Category

Technical specifications of the device

Organization within the maintenance department

Employee skills and schooling

Q47. What is the use of CATS?

Ans: Cross Application Timesheet element is a device used for recording time and tasks in Plant Maintenance. Employees can report their own statistics and hence ease the administration workload.

Q48. What are the extraordinary not unusual roles in Plant Maintenance procedure?


Maintenance Manager

Maintenance Supervisor

Maintenance Planner

Maintenance Engineer


Q49. Which assignment lists are Object based totally?

Ans: Equipment Task List

Functional Location Task List

Q50. What are the distinct reports underneath Plant Maintenance in Information System?


Information Structure

Standard Analysis

Characteristics and Key Figures