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SAP Netweaver Interview Questions and Answers - Jun 28, 2022


SAP Netweaver Interview Questions and Answers

1.What is SAP NetWeaver?

Ans: SAP NetWeaver is SAP's incorporated innovation figuring stage and is the specialized starting point for the vast majority SAP applications since the SAP Business Suite. SAP NetWeaver is promoted as a help situated application and incorporation stage. SAP NetWeaver gives the turn of events and runtime climate for SAP applications and can be utilized for custom turn of events and joining with different applications and frameworks.

2.List the different SAP applications in view of NetWeaver stage?

Ans:In SAP framework, client can see the accompanying UI advancements which are given as a feature of the product part User Interface Technology (SAP_UI):

SAP ABAP Web Dynpro

SAP NetWeaver Business Client (NWBC)

SAP Fiori Launchpad

SAP Visual Business

UI advancement tool stash for HTML5

UI Theme architect

Online Entertainment Integration

Floorplan Manager

3.What do you comprehend by SAP NetWeaver?

Ans: SAP NetWeaver is innovation stage for all SAP applications and is ABAP based starting point for the vast majority SAP items. This permits you to oversee various applications utilizing a solitary stage and thus lessen the expense of item the executives to critical sum. SAP NetWeaver has modules in all the SAP items from SAP BI, SAP Enterprise Portal, and furthermore in SAP framework coordination.

4.What are the different establishment modes for SAP NetWeaver establishment?

Ans:When you run the establishment, you are provoked to enter input boundaries. Establishment should be possible in Typical or Custom mode.

Commonplace mode −

At the point when you select commonplace mode as establishment boundary, establishment process accepts default values as boundaries. This permits that the installer prompts you just for a little determination of establishment boundaries.

The following are the establishment boundaries that you want to choose −

SAP framework ID and information base availability boundaries

Ace secret key

Encryption key for the solid stockpiling (Valid for NW 7.4 or higher)

SAP framework profile index (Optional)

Custom mode −When you select Custom mode, you are provoked to enter all boundaries values. Toward the end, you can in any case change any of these boundaries on the Parameter Summary screen.

5.How many kinds of cycles are there in the SAP Netweaver application server? Make sense of

Ans:The kinds of cycles in SAP AS are :

The dispatcher disperses the solicitation to the work processes.

Discourse work processes satisfy all solicitations for the execution of exchange steps set off by a functioning client. Each dispatcher expects something like two discourse work processes.

Spool work processes give successive information stream to printers. Somewhere around one spool work process is expected for each SAP framework. It is feasible to design more than one spool work process for every dispatcher.

Update work cycles to execute update demands. Also to spool work processes, you really want somewhere around one update work process for every SAP framework.

Foundation work processes execute programs that run without connecting with the client. You really want no less than two foundation work processes for each SAP framework.

The enqueue work process manages the lock table in the common memory. The lock table contains the intelligent data set locks of the ABAP runtime climate of the SAP framework. Just a single enqueue work process is required for every framework.


What are the orders/nen and/nex in Netweaver utilized for?Ans:

/nexin the t-code passage field of the SAP toolbar. This ends generally separate meetings and logs off right away (all of a sudden!)

7.What does the SAP Netweaver Application server offer?

Ans: SAP Netweaver AS is the legitimate aftereffect of the further advancement of the SAP Application server Technology. SAP Netweaver AS offers :

A dependable and broadly tried runtime climate, which has been grown further persistently over decade.

A structure for executing complex business processes that satisfy the most noteworthy security guidelines.

A dependable and easy to use improvement climate.

Support for open principles, including HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, WebDAV, SOAP, SSL, Unicode, HTML,XML and WML

High versatility.

Support for various working frameworks and information base stages.

9.Explain in what number of ways SAP Netweaver AS can be introduced?

Ans.For SAP Netweaver, there are 3 unique establishment choices. These are :

SAP Netweaver AS ABAP: Complete framework in which ABAP-based applications can be created and utilized.

SAP Netweaver AS Java: Complete framework in which J2EE-adjust applications can be created as well as utilized.

SAP Netweaver AS ABAP + Java: Complete foundation in which ABAP-based and J2EE-based applications can be grown other than being utilized. This establishment lays accentuation on the Java ABAP incorporation which is consistent

10.How might the client at any point finish rundown of programming parts on your NetWeaver Application Server Java?


First please opens http://<portal.domain>:<port>/startPage

Presently taps on the tab "Framework Information"

Then click on the "Parts Info" tab

Presently click on "Product to Spreadsheet"/"Commodity to Excel" inside Software Components table (kindly note, the button shows up two times on the screen. It's the one under Software

Parts that client needs to press)

Finally, client can at last save the record on his nearby drive

11.How do you affirm SAP NetWeaver Application Server establishment? What are the default clients?

Ans:Once the establishment is finished, you can play out the underneath moves toward check the total establishment method −

Application Server −

You can check assuming that you can login to application server utilizing SAP framework client.

Client name    Client

SAP    000,001, 066

To logon to application server, you need to open SAP GUI on Windows. Add the section for recently introduced SAP framework.

Utilize the client name and client to login.

After the establishment of another SAP framework in view of SAP NetWeaver 7.4 and higher, you need to design the framework to empower its utilization.

12.How might we at any point change the email id in appropriation list?

Ans:Use exchange code SO23 to keep up with circulation records

13.What is SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio?

Ans: The SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio is really SAP's current circumstance implied for creating Java-based, numerous layered business applications. This depends on Eclipse which is an open source item, and whose open module design not just gives a sound premise of Java improvement center usefulness yet in addition gives a reasonable stage which broadens it with highlights which are is more unambiguous.

14.What are different SAP Fiori Apps Available for SAP NetWeaver?


Keep up with Email Templates

Keep up with Form Templates

Show Email Transmissions

Application Jobs

Application Logs

Custom Fields and Logic

Arrange Software Packages

Register Extensions for Transport

15.What is the utilization of SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Portal?

Ans: Using SAP Enterprise gateway, business clients can without much of a stretch make and oversee entryway pages and distribute their gateway pages for other people. It permits association's worker, providers and accomplices to get to all the necessary data with a solitary mark of access.

16.Explain SAP NetWeaver Process Integration application?

Ans:SAP Process Integration is essential for SAP NetWeaver stage and in NetWeaver 7.0 ehp2 and more seasoned renditions it is called SAP NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure XI. SAP NetWeaver Process Integration is essential for NetWeaver programming part and is utilized for trade of data in organization's inner framework or with outer gatherings.

SAP PI/XI empowers you to set up cross framework correspondence and joining and permits you to interface SAP and non-SAP frameworks in view of various programming language like Java and SAP ABAP. It gives an open source climate that are fundamental in complex framework scene for reconciliation of frameworks and for correspondence.

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17.What do you realize about SAP Net Weaver portable?

Ans: SAP NetWeaver Mobile contains the Java virtual machine JVM and gives an improvement climate that is stage free and uphold cell phones like PDA's and tablets and hand telephones.

18.What goes under SAP Net Weaver Network and Communication Security?


Network geography of SAP framework

Firewall arrangement

Transport layer security

Utilizing various organization zones

19.How you can make Identity and Approval task in Net Weaver framework?

Ans: In SAP Net Weaver Identity and access the executives, you can make endorsement errands to oversee endorsements in SAP framework. Endorsement process in SAP Net Weaver utilizes element type MX_PENDING. The principal set of endorsement undertakings are referred to as straightforward endorsements as they don't include various endorsements.

20:What are the different verification types on SAP Net weaver?

Ans: SAP Net Weaver different verification types are:

Username and secret phrase

SAP Logon Tickets

Affirmation Ticket

X.509 endorsements (i.e., Single Sign-On) by means of Secure Network Communications or Secure Socket Layer

Client Certificate

21.How does the client associate with SAP Net Weaver Back end framework?

Ans: For empowering the empower back-end availability for other application types, for example, the composite perspectives and cycles, client uses Remote Function Calls (RFCs) and Web administrations, which have been arranged in SAP Net Weaver Administrator.

22.What is SAP Net weaver Exchange Infrastructure?

Ans:SAP Exchange Infrastructure (SAP XI) is known as SAP's venture application reconciliation (EAI) programming. This is a part of the Net Weaver item bunch which empowers the client to execute cross-framework processes for example, trade of data among an organization's interior programming and frameworks and those of outer gatherings. The part additionally empowers the clients in associating frameworks from various merchants (non-Endlessly sap) in various forms and executed in various programming dialects (Java, ABAP, etc) to one another.

23.Explain the idea of the SAP Net Weaver Business Client?

Ans: SAP Net Weaver Business Client (NWBC) is another SAP UI (UI), which gives the end clients a mix of exemplary SAP GUI-based exchanges which is consistent and recently created applications depend on Web Dynpro ABAP. A high-constancy UI is presented for ad libbing the client experience, In the work area variation. NWBC gives the client gets a client experience which is more current and commonplace.

24.What's the connection between the Net weaver Portal and the Universal Work list (UWL)?

Ans: The Universal Work list is for the Net weaver Portal what the SAP Business Workplace is for the ERP framework. So if you have any desire to empower any Workflow exercises utilizing the Portal, ESS and MSS, you should utilize the Universal Work list with the goal that clients accept their undertakings and follow up on them. The UWL is attached to the backend utilizing a Portal System connector which must be designed prior to having the option to utilize it. Numerous clients grumble about information invigorate issues utilizing the UWL. Despite the fact that SAP knows about this and attempt to prompt some workarounds, similar to the improvement of the delta pull system, the UWL is as yet the principal usefulness to convey work things and undertakings to clients in the Portal, coming from SAP Business Workflow or Guided Procedures errands. The UWL is conveyed with a standard setup however ordinarily SAP experts modify it to meet the client's and undertaking necessities. Perceive how to arrange the UWL for Guided Procedures on Composition Environment.

25.What's the contrast between SAP Enterprise Portal and SAP Net weaver Portal?

Ans:Before SAP's technique turn towards the SAP Net weaver Architecture, what we usually allude to as "SAP Portal" was called only that or SAP Enterprise Portal. It was only a method for distinguishing this SAP independent item that was fit (regardless is) to interface with a wide range of outer frameworks. These frameworks could be SAP modules or outside frameworks based on various innovations, like restrictive client frameworks or heritage frameworks. By moving it's technique around Net weaver, SAP put the Portal inside the Net weaver stage, orchestrating its parts to improve and work on it's correspondence with different frameworks, as well as fitting a portion of its center capacities and yet again use those of the Net weaver stage. In an everyday schedule, we simply allude to it as SAP Portal and determine the rendition (for example Gateway 6.0, Portal 7.0 or NW Portal).

26.What are the fundamental parts of the SAP Net weaver Portal?

Ans: SAP Net Weaver Portal binds together key data and applications to give clients a solitary view that traverses IT storehouses and hierarchical limits. It permits you to make the most of all your data assets - and expand the profit from your IT ventures. Furthermore, its predefined business content speeds up execution and lessens the expense of coordinating your current frameworks.

27.What do you comprehend by the term SAP Net Weaver Business Client?

Ans: SAP Net Weaver Business Client (NWBC) is another SAP UI, which gives the end clients a joining of commendable SAP GUI-based trades that is reliable and as of late made applications rely upon Web Dynpro ABAP. A high-unwaveringness UI is presented for promotion libbing the client experience, in the workspace variety. NWBC gives the client an encounter that will be preferable over the traditional yet with all the decency of the most recent advances.

28. Portray what do you comprehend by SAP Net Weaver Proces Integration.

Ans: SAP Process Integration is a piece of SAP Net Weaver stage and in Net Weaver 7.0 ehp2 and more prepared versions, it is called SAP Net Weaver Exchange Infrastructure XI. SAP Net Weaver Process Integration is a piece of the Net Weaver programming portion and is used for the exchanging of information in the association's internal system or with external get-togethers. SAP PI/XI engages you to set up cross-system correspondence and blend and empowers you to connect SAP and non-SAP structures subject to an other programming language like Java and SAP ABAP.

29.Enlist the means engaged with the establishment of a preliminary rendition of SAP NetWeaver.


The underlying step is to get the item from SAP download center.

Next is to execute out the Installation of the same.

By then, you want to play out an Eclipse foundation.

One can get a preliminary rendition, search for "SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP 7.03 64-digit Trial".

30. Which Components Does Sap Enterprise Portal Contain?

Ans: SAP Enterprise Portal contains the NetWeaver parts Portal, Knowledge Management, and Collaboration. Moreover, SAP gives pre-characterized content. Right now the portfolio contains in excess of 100 business bundles, which are delivered in numerous dialects.