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SAP Hybris Interview Questions and Answers


SAP Hybris Interview Questions and Answers

1.What do you comprehend by SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer?

Ans: SAP Hybris is a group of item from a German organization Hybris, which sells web based business, Marketing, Sales and Service and Product Content Management Software. SAP Hybris gives an answer that assists association with reducing expense, save time, diminish intricacy and require less concentration to accomplish magnificent client experience. The accompanying item goes under the SAP Product Family −



Income (Billing)



Hybris as a Service (YaaS)

2.How to run various hybris occurrences in a single machine?

Ans:Basically Hybris runs on a tomcat example. Hybris is delivered with a packaged tomcat. So the inquiry here is really, how to run different tomcats in a single machine.

We can run as numerous hybris we need, till our machine memory grants. To do as such, we want to make each case of tomcat to have its own ports to utilize. Make beneath ports extraordinary for each case. We ought to add underneath properties in the nearby property document of each occasion with extraordinary qualities...






3.Is it Scalable?


Hybris is a spring JEE based stage and it is pretty much as versatile as some other java based stage.

Adding another bunch hub is simply a question of beginning another Hybris case with 3 property changes.

Hybris will naturally add that hub in the group. It has appropriated reserve per server and it's out of the container store refutation over UDP is especially proficient.

4.How adaptable advancement module is?

Ans: A ton numerous advancements are accessible out of the case and you can stretch out their system effectively to present your custom advancement.

5.Does it have business handling capacities moreover?

Ans: Yes, restricted however you can characterize your work processes. In addition, you can alter your work process choices on the fly through hmc.

6.What are the abilities for SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer Sales?

Ans:The following abilities are shrouded in SAP C4C Sales arrangement.

Deals Force Automation

Deals Performance Management

Retail Execution

7.What are the abilities covered under SAP Hybris Cloud for Revenue?

Ans:The following abilities are canvassed in SAP Hybris cloud for Revenue.

Income in cloud

Membership Order Management

Responsive Quality Control

Deft Charging


Flexible Document Management

Client Financial Management

Solidified Billing

8.What is the contrast between SAP C4C versus SAP Hybris Product family?

Ans:SAP Cloud for Customer C4C is a SAP Cloud based CRM based administration arrangement and is unique in relation to customary SAP CRM on premise set up. SAP C4C gives best CRM based Sales, Service and Marketing works on including choices to get to it cell phones. In April last year, SAP has renamed their Cloud for Customer arrangement as SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer.

SAP Hybris is not quite the same as SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer in sense that it offers item for Commerce, Billing or Revenue, Sales, Service and Marketing and SAP Hybris Marketing is totally different from Hybris Commerce.

SAP Hybris Product family contains following unmistakable items named as −

Hybris Commerce

Hybris Revenue or Billing

Hybris Cloud for Customer for Sales

Hybris Cloud for Customer for Service

Hybris Marketing

9.What is the utilization of Hybris Management Console (HMC)?

Ans: HMC or Backoffice gives a solitary UI to deal with any sort of information. Getting to stores, locales, items, clients, organizations and catalogs can be utilized.

10.What do you comprehend by SAP Hybris Accelerator idea?

Ans:SAP Hybris Commerce Accelerator give associations prepared to-utilize Omnichannel trade arrangement with retail facade layouts and business apparatuses that permits association to make an outstanding client experience.

At the point when another undertaking is begun, it incorporates all that turning out prepared for you to rebrand and tweak on a case by case basis. SAP Hybris Accelerator is intended to give the stage and design of SAP Hybris Commerce that assists in decreasing with costing of proprietorship and accelerate the execution cycle.

SAP Hybris Commerce Accelerator is accessible for B2B, B2C, Financial administrations and other showcasing types and locales are accessible with market explicit capacities and expected highlights for each market type.

11.What do you comprehend by Hybris Modeling?

Ans: One of the principal highlight in Hybris is adaptability to add new items to worldwide Hybris Commerce Data model. Hybris information displaying helps association in keeping up with their data set and assist with overseeing data set associations and questions. Hybris Type framework is utilized to plan information demonstrating in Hybris.

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12.What is the SAP Hybris Search include?

Ans: SAP Hybris Commerce Search is a strong choice in Hybris cloud to expand deals and profile for organizations. In the event that an organization gives ineffectively coordinated query items, convenience issues and results in loss of deals. Utilizing Commerce search, organizations can without much of a stretch advance their items and item classes by driving from the Commerce indexed lists. This thus further develops client shopping experience and subsequently further develop edge and deals for organizations.

13.Can we use Hybris for item advancement too?

Ans: Yes, their PIM module is intended for this.

14.How to set up a svn climate for hybris projects?

Ans:Maintaining a forming framework for any undertaking is quite possibly of the most vital perspective. Hybris projects are not unique in such manner. They likewise have a similar life cycle with regards to improvement. We really want to keep up with various conditions like SIT, UAT, and so on. To give a nearby improvement climate is likewise similarly significant.

Since the size of OOB Hybris is immense, it is challenging to place everything in SVN (or GIT). Likewise, it isn't prudent. The hybris is ad libbing consistently. Another delivery shouldn't give us torment with regards to advancement.

The best practice for forming a hybris venture could be:

Put just a custom organizer, containing modified expansions to forming programming.

Pass the most recent, nearby augmentations locally to every engineer.

Keep a duplicate of the most recent, nearby expansions in every one of servers like turn of events and SIT, UAT, and so forth.

Hybris programming is folded over custom organizers on every climate.

Media envelope might actually in SVN or can be passed locally like property documents.

15.How do you make a work process rule in SAP Hybris?

Ans:To make a work process rule in SAP Hybris, we ought to follow the means given underneath.

Explore to Worklist and snap on New from work process rules worklist. You need to enter the accompanying general data −

Notice the Description to distinguish the standard in the worklist.

Next is to choose the Business Object-like an open door or ticket, to which the standard is to be applied.

Next is to choose the Timing for applying the standard you can choose three timing types to apply to your standard.

On Create Only

On Every Save


While the timing is left clear, the default On Every Save will be naturally applied.

16.What are the different BTG rules to accomplish SAP Hybris Advanced Personalization?

Ans:SAP Hybris Advance Personalization is important for Web Content Management System (WCMS). Advance Personalization is accomplished utilizing BTG rules. Following are the four kinds of WCMS −

Request Rules

Truck Rules

Client Rules

Site Rules

17.What is the utilization of SAP Hybris Payment module?

Ans:In the present market, it is expected that organizations give client simple to pay choices when their request is prepared. Assuming installment technique is complicated in nature, client won't return and organizations can lose their possible purchasers.

SAP Hybris Payment module gives a simple to utilize and coordinated installment technique for their decision to client. Following are the critical elements of the Hybris Payment module −

Eliminate installment intricacy and permit interfacing with numerous Psp's.

It gives client numerous installment choices and simple joining to Hybris framework.

Gives a protected installment passage between E-Commerce site, client and installment handling channel.

Unified handling of all installment channels.

18. What do you comprehend by Hybris Promotion the board?

Ans: SAP Hybris Promotion module is utilized to build the business and to coordinate with online stores to win new clients. By utilizing SAP Hybris Promotion module, business clients can make new adaptable, unique advancements with requiring any mastery. Advancement module gives different predefined advancement formats and advancement rule developers to characterize set of conditions.

19.What is the utilization of the SAP Hybris Customer Service module?

Ans: SAP Hybris Customer Service module gives a simple method for settling client issues speedier and convey profoundly customized client support with further developed consumer loyalty and expanded income. At the point when a client logs to an E-Commerce site, a powerless client care can result clients moving to different locales without finishing the request.

20.What do you figure out by the SAP Hybris Assisted Service module?

Ans:SAP Hybris Assisted Services Module ASM helps client at the hour of purchasing process utilizing same customer facing facade across Omni-channel. Hybris ASM module associates client with client service and help them in finishing their request.

The Assisted Service Module goes about as a connection point between SAP Hybris Commerce, SAP CRM and SAP Hybris C4C arrangement and thus permitting Customer Support Agents to pick client's web-based retail facades from CRM or C4C arrangement.

21.What do you grasp by the SAP Hybris Assisted Service module?

 Ans: SAP Hybris Assisted Services Module ASM helps client at the hour of purchasing process utilizing same customer facing facade across Omni-channel. Hybris ASM module associates client with client service and help them in finishing their request.

The Assisted Service Module goes about as a point of interaction between SAP Hybris Commerce, SAP CRM and SAP Hybris C4C arrangement and subsequently permitting Customer Support Agents to pick client's web-based retail facades from CRM or C4C

22.What is the utilization of SAP Hybris Billing module?

Ans: SAP Hybris Billing gives adaptable various choices to client for mechanizing receipt process. SAP Hybris Billing gives a computerized approach to overseeing charging and requesting processes from the cloud.

Following are the key elements covered under SAP Hybris Billing/Revenue capacity −

Request and Contract Lifecycle Management

Statement to cash capacities

Overseeing Revenue/Billing for membership

Simple mix of Revenue with Sales, administration and Marketing arrangement

Request Orchestration

SAP Hybris Leading Edge public cloud stage

23.What is the job of the corona meeting?


The Jalo layer in hybris is expostulated, not the corona meeting.

At the point when a solicitation is made to the hybris server, it might require current client subtleties, money, language, timezone, and so on to proficiently serve that solicitation. Since HttpSession doesn't hold this multitude of subtleties, hybris concocted the idea of JaloSession.

At the point when a solicitation comes to Hybris, the channel HybrisInitFilter makes an object of JaloSession. Each JaloSession object is related with a SessionContext object, which has current client, language, cash, and so forth and the ongoing HTTP meeting object.

Cron occupations likewise run in a JaloSession.

Every JaloSession is bound to an occupant. This can't be changed after the example of JaloSession is made.

JaloSession is never made tenacious in the data set.

24.What are the different Hybris Modeling procedures?

Ans: Following are the different Hybris demonstrating methods.

Items.xml − This record is utilized for information displaying in Hybris Commerce information model

Thing types − This is utilized to make tables.

Connection types − This is utilized to make a connection between tables.

Nuclear sorts − Atomic sorts

Assortment types − Collections

Map Types − To characterize maps

Enum types − To characterize enums

25.Can We Use This As A Fully Fledged Content Management Solution?


No, assuming that your site is a lot of well defined for content administration and you need to oversee explicit rendition of - individual substance than wcms isn't the right answer for you.

In any case it has all elements that are expected for an online business application.

26.How will you contrast this and ATG or WCS?

Ans:Very soon Hybris will be on top of these on account of its effortlessness.