Interview Questions.

SAP HCM Interview Questions and Answers


SAP HCM Interview Questions and Answers

Q1: What is SAP HCM?

Ans:SAP HCM is an on-premises framework that administrations HR works, for example, consistence, finance, staff records and advantages organization. In December 2011, SAP reported its securing of Success Factors, flagging SAP's obligation to the cloud while keeping up with its obligation to its HCM items.

Q2: What are the modules in SAP HCM?

Ans:HCM is essential for the Functional modules. SAP HCM deals with all capabilities from recruiting a representative to its last end in association. It comprise different sub parts like Personnel Management, Organizational Management (OM), Time Management and Payroll.

Q3: List The Various Components Of The Enterprise Structure In Systems, Applications, And Products (SAP) In Human Capital Management (HCM)?

Ans: The parts of the undertaking structure in SAP HCM are given as follows:


Organization code

Staff region

Staff subarea

Q4What Is Client In The SAP System?

Ans: In the SAP R/3 (R represents Real-time) framework, a client is an association and a lawful substance. A client is situated at the most significant level among every one of the hierarchical units. It contains the expert information of different business processes, like clients, items, and sellers. A three-digit number is utilized to address clients in the SAP R/3 framework.

Q5: What Is Company Code?

Ans: An organization code is an exceptional four-character alphanumeric code that addresses a lawfully free undertaking.

Q6: What Is Personnel Area?

Ans: A work force region is a subunit of organization code. It is recognized as an authoritative unit addressing a region in an undertaking, which is coordinated by staff organization, using time effectively, and finance bookkeeping models. It is addressed as a four-character alphanumeric code. For instance, the staff region code for a partnership is CORP.

Q7: What Are Personnel Subareas?

Ans: A staff subarea is a piece of work force region, which can be partitioned by the geological area or the essential line of business. It is addressed as a four-character alphanumeric code. For instance, in the event that the branches or areas of an association are characterized as staff region, then its specializations, like HR and ADMIN, are the faculty subareas of the association.

Q8: What Is SAP HCM Workflow?

Ans:The SAP HCM Workflow computerizes business processes and relegates undertakings to suitable individual brilliantly.

Q9: What Do You Mean By Infotypes In SAP HCM?

Ans: Infotypes are alluded to as framework controlled attributes of representatives. Data connected with representative is put away as Infotypes,

which are addressed by a four-digit numeric code given as follows:

0000 for activities

0001 for authoritative task

0002 for individual information

0003 for finance status

Q10: What Are Features In SAP HCM?

Ans: Features are choice trees tweaked in the Implementation Guide (IMG) screen in SAP HCM that are comprised of specialized fields whose values are defaulted in the simple access.

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Q11: How Do You Hire A New Employee?

Ans: another representative is recruited with the PA40 exchange code. From that point onward, all the Infotypes are kept up with for the worker by utilizing the PA30 exchange code.

Q12: What are the three directors?

The three directors are :

Work force Administrator

Finance Administrator

Time Administrator

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Q13: How in all actuality does any organization utilize an authoritative arrangement?

Ans: The organization association construction and detailing structure is addressed through the association plan. The dynamic arrangement rendition is the ongoing arrangement adaptation and the other arrangement variants are considered as different arranging Stages. Utilized for labor supply arranging. Regularly plan version"01″ is constantly made the dynamic arrangement rendition.

Q14: What is an assessment way?

Ans: An assessment way portrays a chain of connections that exists between individual hierarchical items in the hierarchical arrangement.

You can keep up with assessment ways on img - > Personnel Management - >Organization Management-> Basic Settings-> Maintain Evaluation Paths .

Q15: What is the contrast between a task and a position?

Ans: Job isn't concrete, it is generic.(Eg: Manager, Assistant Manager, Consultant). Positions are connected with people .Position is concrete and explicit which are involved by Persons. (Eg: Manager - Finance , Consultant - SAP HR).

Q16: What are Dynamic Actions? Give not many models?

Ans: Dynamic activities when set off by the framework. They are consequence of some faculty activity. In the event that changes are made (work force activity) to the faculty information of a data type, then affects the information of a subsequent information type, the framework naturally shows the data type. One of the principal reasons for the unique activity (of the framework) is to have a reliable and intelligible information. These activities are begun naturally by the framework, not at all like the Personnel activities which you start without anyone else. The best model is the point at which an activity is completed like recruiting; it requirements to populate a bunch of data types. In the underlying passage of subtleties in data type 0000 is staff activity. Then the framework naturally shows next data types-which are aftereffect of dynamic activity.

Q17: What is the distinction among Indian and US Payroll?

Ans: Does every one of them have their own ITs and the tax collection contrasts? Indeed, since the Benefits which are more significant in US. In US joblessness assessment will come. Garnishments will come, Residence tax assessment, Work duty and others.

Q18: How might we at any point assess wage types by implication ?

Ans: You should characterize the attributes of the pay type to be assessed in a roundabout way. To do this, go to the IMG under Payroll *: Reimbursements, Allowances and Perks ® Maintain Wage Type Characteristics.

In this action, in the event that the compensation type must be Indirectly Evaluated, you should initially appoint INVAL in the Indirect eval.module field.

Then, at that point, you should relegate the Module variant(A,B,C,D) for the compensation type.Now when you populate the Basic Pay infotype (0008), the designed pay types will get defaulted, and those pay types arranged for INVAL will likewise have their sums defaulted.

Q19: What ways are there to perform pay scale reassignment ?

Ans: You can reassign pay scale to any situation through position upkeep (PO13). Go to change arranged remuneration and reassign the compensation scale to the ideal position.

Basic and expanded pay increments

Basic Standard Pay Increase

Go to announcing. In the Program field enter report RPU51000.

The determination screen for the report is shown.

In the Pay Scale Group, Pay Scale Level and Wage Type fields, enter the representatives who ought to get a standard boost in compensation. Enter the date from which the Customizing settings ought to be changed. In the Increase and Rounding segments, enter the fundamental information, for instance, a rising sum or an increment rate.

How much the in a roundabout way valuated wage types is changed by the information in the Customizing settings. No new infotype records have been made in the Basic Pay infotype (0008).

Broadened Standard Pay Increase

In the Program field enter report RPITRF00.In the Selection area, enter the determination rules you need to use to impact a lengthy standard boost in compensation.

Pick Batch Input.

In the event that you don't choose Batch Input, the compensation scale renaming might be reproduced. An outcomes log is shown, that you can assess as required.If vital, enter the compensation scale structure for which you need to influence a standard boost in salary.

Process the group input meeting.

The installments for the chose representatives have been changed as per the information determined in Customizing. New infotype records have been made in the Basic Pay infotype (0008).

Q20: What is the representative subgroup gathering for essential compensation types utilized for?

Ans: You can utilize these groupings to indicate which pay types might be placed for which worker subgroups.

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Q21: Through which T-Code you can make a compensation explanation?

Ans: PC00_Mxx_CEDT (xx - signifies the molga for a country)

Q22: How could you at any point characterize default wage types for the Basic Pay Infotype?

Ans: The framework can propose a default wage type for essential compensation (IT0008), to do this fitting pay type should be remembered for a pay type model. Here you characterize the default wage types and the grouping how they ought to show up in the infotype Basic Pay and regardless of whether you can overwrite the defaulted wage type.

Faculty Management - > Personnel Administration - > Payroll information - > Basic Pay - > Wage Type - >

Overhaul Default Wage Types

Subsequent to setting wage type model, LGMST include should be characterized. Highlight LGMST has two bring values back: first and foremost, the greatest number of pay types that can be placed in the Basic Pay infotype (IT0008), and also, the pay type model the framework is to utilize, which was characterized previously.

To get to highlight LGMST utilize following SPRO way or exchange PE03.

SPRO: Personnel Management - > Personnel Administration - > Payroll information - > Basic Pay - > Wage Type - > Enterprise Structure for Wage Type Model

Q22: In which highlight, default wage type is characterized for Basic Pay Infotype?


Q23:How does the framework has any idea when to set off retroactive representing a specific worker?

Ans: Retroactive bookkeeping acknowledgment comprises of four stages:

Assuming you alter an infotype that is applicable to retroactive bookkeeping, the framework enters the beginning date of the changed infotype record in the accompanying fields of infotype 0003 Payroll Status:

Earliest MD change (earliest expert information change since last finance run)

MD chng.bonus (earliest finance significant expert information change (reward)). This field is just shown for explicit nation groupings, it isn't shown for all faculty numbers.

During the following customary finance run or adjustment run (off-cycle finance type B), the framework decides if the date in the Earliest MD change and (if pertinent) MD chng.bonus fields precedes the date in the Accounted to field.

If so, the framework performs retroactive bookkeeping. It begins with the finance time frame in which the date entered in the Earliest MD change and MD chng.bonus fields happens. The framework recalculates all finance periods that lie between the date in the Earliest MD change and MD chng.bonus fields and the date in the Accounted to field.

The framework erases the date in the Earliest MD change and MD chng.bonus fields

Q24: What exercises are conceivable when the finance control record is set to "Delivered for Payroll"?

Ans: If you pick the capability Release Payroll from the menu, you are kept from changing infotype information records assuming such changes influence the past or present. This lock applies to the faculty numbers remembered for the finance region concerned. Changes that influence the future are as yet allowed. You should execute this capability in the menu prior to beginning the finance. Assuming the situation with the finance control record was already Exit Payroll, the Release Payroll capability additionally builds the period in the finance control record by 1.

Q25: Can a posting run be erased?

Ans: Yes It can be turned around before the Bank transfer.Once the exchange is done the installments should be changed in the following installments.

Q26: Difference among PCR and CAP?

Ans: Difference among PCR and CAP is referenced underneath:

PCR - The Personnel Calculation rule permits how one compensation type is to be handled in various ways in finance bookkeeping.

CAP - CAP is Collective Agreement Provision in view of which the various gatherings of Employees are qualified for various types of pay scale designs and advantages, etc. CAP depends on the accompanying parts :

1) Pay scale type

2) Pay scale region

3) Employee subgroup gathering for CAP

4) Pay Scale Group and Pay Scale Level

A representative subgroup gathering for aggregate understanding arrangements joins subgroups which are administered by a similar substantial aggregate arrangement arrangements. An arrangement is a particular work regulation guideline inside the aggregate understanding.

Q27:Naming show for wage types?

Ans: The accompanying naming shows are utilized for wage types:

/0** - valuation bases

/1** - cumulation of gross sum

/2** - midpoints

/3** - country-explicit, typically for social protection

/4** - country-explicit, normally for charge

/5** - lawful net

/7** - wage/pay in addition to ER shares

/8** - figuring

/84* - cost bookkeeping

/A** - active compensation types in retroactive bookkeeping period

/Z** - approaching compensation types from the past time frame

Q28: Do you be aware in OM - > duplicate arrangement rendition?

Ans: To duplicate arrangement form utilize the Tcode: RE_RHCOPL00.

This report is just for replicating objects starting with one arrangement adaptation then onto the next plan rendition to keep refreshed structures Always just a single arrangement variant would be dynamic which is current. This report doesn't assist with replicating any expert information.

Q29: Can a posting run be erased?

Ans: Yes, It can be turned around before the Bank move. When the exchange is done the installments should be changed in the following installments.

Q30: What exercises are conceivable when the finance control record is set to "Delivered for Payroll "?

Ans: When you set the status to Released for finance you cant roll out any improvement to dominate information. It's really delivered for finance.

Q31: Is it conceivable to branch straightforwardly from the finance log to dominate information and time information support?

Ans: Yes, you can go in discrete meetings.

Finance Results

Q32: How would you present the finance results on FICO?

Ans: I made one representative record and appointed something very similar to Salaries GL Account and afterward finished the other setup steps expected to finish the method.

Be that as it may, when I attempted to run the reenactment for presenting on FICO, I received the message "Archive isn't produced".

On the off chance that you have chosen "Result Log" toward the start of your setup technique, it will tell you at the base part what turned out badly.

Allowance Wage Type

Q33: We have a derivation wage type showed in the window of our compensation slip that shows a negative value.This creates issues and we have attempted a few measures to address this including transformation rule 16 for our pay type in a similar window however up until this point, with practically no achievement. How might we address or erase the negative sign?

Ans: You can audit OSS Note 406977.

This is an aggregate note of issues with RPCEDTx0 with instances of issues and arrangements.

Finance Simulation

Q34: How would I address the finance reproduction passage and really look at the rightness of our lord information? Imagine a scenario in which 100 workers get dismissed because of mistake 167-process wellbeing plans. What does the accompanying mistake imply: "No access for plan DENT/cost variation. FMDN/key////x00000000000000" ?

Ans: You ought to check for the expense component related and the legitimacy of cost rule for this arrangement. To do this, check your arrangement under Benefits>Plans>Health Plans>Define cost variation and characterize cost rules.

Q35: Is it conceivable to design a solitary finance to pay a person in numerous monetary forms?

Ans: No. The framework can be arranged to pay in various monetary standards however not to pay a person in numerous monetary standards.


Q36: I really want to catch an explanation in the "extra installment" IT0015. The explanation code is "save" in this infotype. I attempted to catch for reason an Example to ADDWT 9999 if Reason ADDWT9998. How might I really take a look at the explanation in IT0015 for precision?

Ans: You can have a go at utilizing this to begin with: 'TABLE P0015 > VARGB PREAS'

Then, utilize the variable key to characterize the various reasons.

Q37: Which qualities does a day with day type 1 have?

Ans: Its OFF and Paid

Q38: How does the framework has at least some idea when to set off retroactive representing a specific representative?

Ans: You need to make reference to the retro dynamic bookkeeping date in IT 0003 in the pertinent field. Any other way it will take the prior employing date.

Q39: Is it conceivable to branch straightforwardly from the finance log to maser information and time information support?

Ans: Yes you can go in discrete meetings.

Q40: What is achievement consider SAP HCM?

Ans: SAP's SuccessFactors HCM suite incorporates center HR modules, for example, finance, worldwide representative advantages, downtime and record keeping; ability the board modules like worker execution the executives, pay the executives, progression the executives, picking up, enrolling, onboarding, labor force arranging, and labor force analytics[teaserbox type="4" img="2896" title="Interested in Learning man-made reasoning" subtitle="Join us!" link_url=" brainpower preparing in-bangalore.html" target="blank"]