Interview Questions.

SAP HANA Interview Questions


SAP HANA Interview Questions

Q1. Think about SAP HANA and Oracle?




Similarity to work with different information bases

Examination on costs


Customization, client assistance and usefulness


More expense for inward assets and preparing


Convenience, speedy sending and adaptability


A lot lesser on the two fronts

Q2. What is SAP HANA?

Ans: SAP HANA is an in-memory registering motor (IMCE) utilized for continuous handling of tremendous volumes of information and building and conveying genuine applications. Taking on the line based and section based DB innovation, SAP HANA is a high level social DB item adjusted by SAP SE. With this superior presentation scientific (HANA) framework, the large information exists on the principal memory and not on the hard plate. It replaces the onus of information upkeep independently on the heritage framework and works on the errands of overseers in this computerized world.

Q3. Make sense of the section and Row store in HANA?

Ans: HANA upholds both kind of information store in data set. Column store is utilized when you want to utilize Select explanation and no conglomerations are performed.

Section store is utilized to perform collections and HANA Modeling is upheld just on Column based tables.

Q4. Which organizations are giving SAP HANA equipment machines?

Ans: There are complete 11 merchants for SAP HANA equipment apparatuses. Most normal are −






Q5. What is the utilization of SAP HANA studio?

Ans: HANA studio is an overshadowed based apparatus and offers help for improvement and organization in HANA framework. You can perform HANA Modeling on the highest point of tables in data set, Data provisioning, HANA Administration and different exercises utilizing HANA studio.

SAP HANA Studio client is accessible for Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 for 32 bit and 64 bit working framework.

Q6. What do you comprehend by SAP HANA In-Memory Computing Engine IMCE?

Ans: In-Memory idea of SAP HANA implies that every one of the information is put away in RAM memory. An ordinary data set move information from memory in 5 milliseconds anyway SAP HANA In-memory takes 5 nanoseconds to understand information.

SAP HANA utilizes multicore CPU engineering and stores information in line and segment based capacity in HANA data set.

Q7: What is the advancement language utilized by SAP HANA?

Ans: C++

Q8 Which working framework is upheld by HANA framework?

Ans: Only working framework that is upheld by HANA is Suse Linux Enterprise Server SP1/SP2 (SLES SP1/2).

Q9 What is the useful distinction among Row and Column based capacity? Where do we utilize Row based capacity and segment based capacity?

Ans: Consider underneath table-FCTSales

Country    Product    Units Sold

England    iphone 6    107

India    Samsung Note 6    250

US    Lenovo A110    110

Line Based Storage −





Samsung Note 6



Lenovo A110


Section Based Storage −





Samsung Note6

Lenovo A110




Q10. Where to utilize Row based capacity?

Ans: Select * from FCTSales where Country='US'

Q11. List benefits of utilizing SAP HANA information base?


With the HANA innovation, you can make gen-next applications giving compelling and productive outcomes in the computerized economy.

By involving burn information in memory, SAP HANA upholds smooth exchange cycle and shortcoming lenient examination

Simple and straightforward tasks utilizing an open-source, brought together stage in the cloud

Significant level Data Integration to get to monstrous measures of information

High level devices for inside and out investigation of present, past and what's in store.

Q12. Where to utilize Column based capacity?

Ans: Select SUM(Units_sold) from FCTSales where Product='Lenovo A110'

HubSpot Video

Q13. What are the various parts in SAP HANA Architecture? What is the utilization of Index server?


File Server

Name Server

Factual Server

Preprocessor Server

XS Engine

SAP Host Agent

LM structure

SAP Solution Manager Diagnostic Agent

Record server contains motor to deal with information in HANA data set. These information motors are mindful to deal with all SQL/MDX explanation in HANA framework. List server additionally contains Session and Transaction Manager which is mindful to deal with all running and finished exchanges.

Q14. What is the utilization of Persistence layer in SAP HANA framework?

Ans: Persistence layer gives inbuilt component to calamity recuperation in HANA framework. It guarantees that data set is reestablished to latest state in the event of a framework disappointment.

Tirelessness layer likewise oversees information, exchange and arrangement logs and reinforcement of these records. Reinforcements of information and log records are performed at save focuses and is ordinarily planned each 5-10 minutes.

Q15. What are the different permit keys type in HANA framework? What is their legitimacy?


Transitory License key

Extremely durable License Key

Transitory License keys are consequently introduced when you introduce the HANA information base. These keys are legitimate just for 90 days and you ought to demand long-lasting permit keys from SAP commercial center before expiry of this 90 days time frame after establishment.

Extremely durable License keys are legitimate till the predefine termination date. Permit keys determine measure of memory authorized to target HANA establishment.

Q16. List the benefits and negative marks of utilizing line based tables?



No information approach can be quicker than column based if you have any desire to dissect, process and recover one record at one time.

Column based tables are valuable when there is explicit interest of getting to finish record.

It is favored when the table comprises of less number of columns.

This information stockpiling and handling approach is more straightforward and powerful with no totals and quick looking.

Bad marks:

 The information recovery and handling tasks include the total column, despite the fact that all the data isn't helpful.

Go through this top to bottom SAP HANA preparing and ace the strong columnar data set at this point!

Q17: What are the various kinds of long-lasting permit keys in HANA framework?

Ans: There are two sorts of extremely durable License keys for HANA framework −

Unenforced − If unenforced permit key is introduced and utilization of HANA framework surpasses the permit measure of memory, activity of SAP HANA isn't impacted for this situation.

Upheld − If Enforced permit key is introduced and utilization of HANA framework surpasses the permit measure of memory, HANA framework gets locked. On the off chance that this present circumstance happens, HANA framework must be restarted or another permit key ought to be mentioned and introduced.

While enacting SAP HANA Modeling view, you get a blunder message −Repository: Encountered a mistake in vault runtime expansion; Deploy Attribute View: SQL: exchange moved back by an interior blunder: deficient honor: Not approved

Award SELECT honors on blueprints of the pre-owned information establishment tables to client "_SYS_REPO"


Q18. In SAP HANA Studio, what is utilization of various organizers when you add a HANA framework to Studio?


Backup−It is utilized to perform for reinforcement and recuperation in SAP HANA framework. You can check reinforcement arrangement subtleties, run manual reinforcement, to check last fruitful back performed, and so on for information and log reinforcement.

Inventory −This contains RDBMS objects like patterns, tables, sees, techniques, and so on. You can open SQL manager and plan information base items

Content −This is utilized to keep up with configuration time vault

You can make new bundles and plan Information sees in HANA framework. Different perspectives can be made under happy tab to meet business prerequisite and to perform logical reports on the highest point of the Modeling sees.

Provisioning −This is utilized for Smart information admittance to interface with different data sets like HADOOP, TERADATA and SYBASE

Security −This is utilized to characterize clients and to relegate jobs. You can characterize different honors on various clients utilizing Security tab. You can appoint Database and Package honors to various clients to control the information access.

Q19. What is the contrast between Open Data Preview and Open Definition?


Open Data Preview:

This is utilized to see the information put away in an item table or a displaying view. At the point when you open information review, you get three choices −

Crude Data

Particular Values


Open Definition:

This is utilized to see the design of the table − section name, segment information type, keys, and so on.

Q20. To see every single dynamic caution, portrayal and need, where this can be checked?

Ans: Go to Administration → alarms

In Administration tab, you can really look at framework outline, scene, volumes, arrangement, framework data, and so forth.

Q21. What is SAP HANA cockpit?

Ans: SAP HANA cockpit is a SAP Fiori Launchpad webpage that permits you with a solitary place of-admittance to a scope of Web-based applications for the web-based organization of SAP HANA. You access the SAP HANA cockpit through a Web program.

To open SAP HANA Cockpit → Right snap on HANA situation in Studio → setup and observing → open SAP HANA cockpit

Q22. What is the contrast among Catalog and Content tab?Ans: Catalog −

Ans: This contains RDBMS objects like blueprints, tables, sees, strategies, and so on. You can open SQL manager and plan data set objects.


This is utilized to keep up with configuration time vault. You can make new bundles and plan Information sees in HANA framework. Different perspectives can be made under happy tab to meet business prerequisite and to perform scientific reports on the highest point of the Modeling sees.

Q23. Which Information view in SAP HANA is utilized to execute star mapping questions?

Ans: Analytic View

Q24. What is distinction among Copy and got from choice while making another SAP HANA Attribute data view?

Ans: Copy choice permits you to duplicate a current Information view and to make changes to it.

Determined choice permits to make a duplicate of a current view and you can't roll out any improvements to it.

Q25. What is the utilization of Data Foundation, Star Join and Semantics?

Ans: Data Foundation − to add section base tables.

Star Join − to add other sort of perspectives.

Semantic − to characterize client boundaries and to characterize measures and aspects

Q26. What are the different client boundaries that can be characterized in Semantic layer?


Measure and Attribute



New Calculated Colum

Q27. What is another determined section in a HANA Modeling view?

Ans: New determined segment is characterized as a section added on the fly in Analysis tab when a view is enacted. There is no such thing as this section at data set level or in Data Foundation or Star Join level.

Q28. To work on the exhibition of Information see by approving joins and Cardinality, which choice taxi be utilized?

Ans: You can choose Switch to Performance Analysis Mode. This permits you to do Performance Analysis by approving right join type and Cardinality.

Q29. What are the advantages of utilizing Calculation view with Star join?

Ans: It improve on the plan interaction as permits you to choose numerous actions from different reality tables.

You can execute 3NF utilizing Star Join.

Q30. What is the utilization of boundaries and factors in Semantic layer

Ans: Variables are utilized as an express SQL channel mandate for view customers to channel the view information, in light of trait section values determined in factor UI brief of a BI Client. At the point when you go to information see, factors permit clients to pass the worth of property characterized in the variable.

You can choose a solitary worth, reach or reach in determination type

Q31. What are the default hubs accessible in a Calculation view?







Q32. What is the default hub, on the off chance that you select a Dimension Calculation view?

Ans: Projection

Q33. How would you check assuming an Information view is saved and enacted

Ans: There is a precious stone blemish on view name on the off chance that it isn't dynamic.

Q34. Might you at any point pass Attribute sees and logical perspectives in a Calculation view with Star join?

Ans: No. In a Calculation view with Star Join, you can utilize Dim Calculation sees.

Q35. What is SAP HANA Analytic Privileges?

Ans: Analytic Privileges are utilized to restrict access on HANA Information sees. You can dole out various sorts of right to various clients on various part of a View in Analytic Privileges.

Q36. In the event that you need that your Area Managers can see information from their locale and you need to relegate this limitation for explicit span, how this can be accomplished?

Ans: Using Analytic Privileges, you can add Region characteristic and values to Attribute Restrictions and Time span is characterized in Privilege legitimacy.

Scientific Privilege can be added to client profile in User and Roles under Security tab.

Q37. What are the various strategies for information replication in HANA?


SAP LT Replication SLT

SAP Data Services

Direct Extract Connection DXC

Q38. What are the various modes in information arrangement in HANA Studio?






Q39. What do you comprehend by confided in RFC association? Which exchange is utilized to make and design confided in RFC?

Ans: On your source SAP framework A1 you need to arrangement a confided in RFC to target framework B1. At the point when it is done it would imply that when you are signed onto A1 and your client has sufficient Authorization in B1, you can utilize the RFC association and logon to B1 without having to reappear client and secret key.

SM59 to make a confided in RFC

Ltr to design the association

Q40. How you can utilize Data provisioning in SAP HANA studio

Ans: Go to SAP HANA Modeler Perspective → Data Provisioning.

Q41. While making information store in Data Services for SAP ECC, what is the datastore type in drop down list?

Ans: You need to choose SAP Applications in information store type and SAP HANA in Database drop down list.

Q42. How you can perform follow, observing, mistake and execution checking of occupations in Data Services

Ans: Replication occupation can be acted in Data Services Management Console. You need to go to status tab and select the storehouse where occupation is made → Batch Job Status.

There you can find various tabs-Trace, Monitor, Error and Performance Monitor.

Q43. How might you empower examining of clump occupations in Data Services?

Ans: To empower examining of clump work, this should be possible in work execution boundaries.

Go to status tab and select the storehouse where occupation is made → Batch Job design → Add Schedule.

Here you can secure position execution boundaries while adding a timetable for the gig

Q44. While designing a bunch work in SAP Data Services storehouse, what does proprietor name implies?

Ans: Owner addresses construction name where tables will be moved utilizing clump work.

Q45. What are the different validation techniques arranged in SAP HANA framework for client creation?

Ans: Below is the rundown of verification techniques upheld by SAP HANA −

Client name/Password


SAML 2.0

SAP Logon tickets


Verification Configure

Q46. What is a limited client in SAP HANA framework?

Ans: Restricted clients are those clients who access HANA framework for certain applications and they don't have SQL honors on HANA framework. At the point when these clients are made they have no entrance at first.

Assuming we contrast confined clients and Standard clients:

Confined clients can't make objects in HANA data set or their own Schemas.

They don't approach view any information in data set as they don't play conventional Public part added to profile like standard clients.

They can interface with HANA data set just utilizing HTTP/HTTPS.

Q47. What framework honor is expected for a client to empower him to make client and jobs in HANA studio?

Ans: Only data set clients with the framework honor ROLE ADMIN are permitted to make clients and jobs in HANA studio

Q48. What are the different honor types that can be doled out to a client in HANA studio?


Framework Privilege

Object Privilege

Scientific Privilege

Bundle Privilege

Application Privilege

Honor on jobs

Q49. Which of the framework honor is expected to perform reviewing related work?

Ans: Audit Admin

Q50. How you can arrange Auditing and secret phrase strategy in HANA studio?

Ans: Go to Security choice in HANA framework → Auditing

Under Global Settings→set Auditing status as empowered. You can likewise pick different Audit trail targets.

Q51. How you can associate SAP HANA to Microsoft Excel?

Ans: MDX Provider is utilized to interface MS Excel to SAP HANA information base framework. It gives driver to associate HANA framework to Excel and is additionally utilized for information demonstrating. You can utilize Microsoft Office Excel 2010/2013 for availability with HANA for both 32 bit and 64 digit Windows.

Q52. How you can restrict the size of information reinforcement documents in HANA framework?

Ans: This should be possible in File Based information reinforcement settings. In Backup tab, go to Configuration → Limit Maximum document Size really look at box and enter the record size.

Q53. What are different recuperation component can be acted in HANA framework?


Latest State − Used for recuperating the information base to the time as close as conceivable to the ongoing time. For this recuperation the information reinforcement and log reinforcement must be accessible since last information reinforcement and log region are expected to play out the above kind recuperation.

Moment − Used for recuperating the data set to the particular moment. For this recuperation the information reinforcement and log reinforcement must be accessible since last information reinforcement and log region are expected to play out the above sort recuperation.

Explicit Data Backup − Used for recuperating the information base to a predetermined information reinforcement. Explicit information reinforcement is expected for the above kind of recuperation choice.

Explicit Log Position − This recuperation type is a high level choice that can be utilized in remarkable situations where a past recuperation fizzled.

Note: To run recuperation wizard you ought to have overseer honors on HANA framework.

Q54. Which all Business Objects devices can be straightforwardly associated with HANA Information sees?


SAP Lumira

Investigation version for OLAP

SAP Crystal Reports

Plan Studio

Q55. What are the various modes in HANA studio that can be utilized for relocation?


Change and Transport framework

Conveyance Unit

Engineer Mode

SAP support mode

Q56. Which of the product choices permits you to send out different bundles locally or to other HANA framework?


Conveyance Unit: Delivery unit is a solitary Unit which can be planned to various bundles and can be sent out as single element so every one of the bundles doled out to Delivery Unit can be treated as single unit.

Q57. How really does SAP HANA uphold import from a nearby record?

Ans: Go to File → Import, You will see underneath choice

This is utilized to import information from a level record like .xls or.csv document. Click on Next → Choose Target System → Define Import Properties.

Select Source record by perusing neighborhood framework. It likewise gives a choice if you have any desire to keep the header line. It likewise gives a choice to make another table under existing Schema or on the other hand to import information from a record to a current table