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SAP GTS Interview Questions and Answers


SAP GTS Interview Questions and Answers

1.What Is Gts In Sap?

Ans: The framework for Global Trade Services (GTS) allows you to robotize your worldwide exchange exchanges, oversee enormous quantities of colleagues and records, and guarantee that your organization generally agrees with continually changing worldwide legitimate guidelines.

2.What are the vital parts of SAP GTS?

Ans:The significant parts of SAP Global Trade Services are as per the following:

Consistence Management

Customs Management

Risk Management

Electronic Compliance Reporting (ECR)

3.Compare Ecc Foreign Trade Vs Sap Global Trade Services (gts)?

Ans: Comparison of ECC Foreign Trade Vs SAP Global Trade Services (GTS):

SD Foreign Trade versus SAP Global Trade Services (GTS)

Since the business endeavor frameworks are getting more intricate and markets turning out to be extra worldwide these days the need of overseeing abroad exchange of a business venture is quickly acquiring importance. SAP Foreign Trade or potentially SAP Global Trade Services (GTS) manages the cost of the apparatuses you want to

contend practically in these days' market. This permits you to:

Oversee import and product draws near, coordinating them effectively into the Supply Chain.

Naturally see authorizing prerequisites for bringing in and trading things dependent absolutely upon state of the art rules.

Improve on detailing with programmed approaches for developing, printing and submitting statements to the traditions government.

Figure out which of your product fit the bill for Preference making due.

Give an energetic point of interaction to sending data by means of the world over to be had EDI frameworks and different electronic media.

Update or exchange measurements generally pertinent unfamiliar substitute records whenever preceding the absolute last products trouble.

Unfamiliar Trade in ECC and SAP Global Trade Services (GTS) parts are firmly included with Materials Management (MM) for overseeing Imports and Sales and Distribution (SD) for taking care of Exports. In the area of narrative installments it's likewise included cautiously with the Financial Accounting application.

4.What Are The Advantages Of Using Sap Gts?

Ans:The essential benefits of the utilization of SAP GTS are

       1.Saving the time by means of computerized approaches

       2.Expenditure markdown

       3.Less human works of art stressed

       4.Automatic really looking at the consistence infringement and restricted sellers

       5.Can keep the association insignia and acknowledge as obvious with through battling off the fines and results

       6.Fast trade handling and shopper enchant

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5.What Is Relation Between R/three And Sap Gts ?

Ans: SAP R/3 is the previous call of the organization valuable asset making arrangements programming program delivered through SAP AG.

It is an undertaking tremendous realities contraption intended to arrange the entirety of the resources, measurements, and exercises needed to complete venture systems alongside request accomplishment or charging.

SAP R/3 became coordinated into awesome useful modules, safeguarding the ordinary elements in district in a business.

The most extensively utilized modules have been Financial s and Controlling (FICO), Human Resources (HR), Materials Management (MM), Sales and Distribution (SD), and Production Planning (PP).

Every module treated exact business undertaking liabilities on its own, but different into associated with the others where important.

For instance, a receipt from the charging exchange of Sales and Distribution could sidestep through to bookkeeping, where it'll show up in charges receivable and worth of items advertised.

SAP regularly fixated on excellent activity philosophies for riding its product program draws near, however more prominent presently expanded into vertical business sectors.

In these circumstances, SAP created particular modules (known with no guarantees or Industry Specific) equipped toward a chose commercial center portion, comprising of utilities or retail.

6.What Are The Functionalities Involved In Sap Gts?

Ans: The functionalities stressed in SAP GTS are

Consistence Management: For test worldwide trade consistence issues

Customs Management: Deals with customs-applicable exchanges

Risk Management: To diminish the dangers implied with financial exchanges.

Electronic Compliance Reporting: For presenting the reports for intra-European change

Framework Administration: Deals with settings and following of the GTS feeder framework.

7. What Are The Major Components Of Sap Gts?

Ans:The GTS comprise 4 head parts:

 SAP Compliance Management : With SAP Compliance Management you can uncover all exchanges of import and commodity of products, thus keep the heritage regulations the total system chain with practically no holes. A significant mystery is the recognition of blacklist records, ban checks, and import and product controls, that may all completely included into a generally existing designs.

 SAP Customs Management : Customs related strategies are dealt with by the SAP Customs Management, what is authorized through the Customs. Key variables are the item type, customs valuation, the print out of unfamiliar substitute reports and as of now not least the IT-based traditions freedom, utilizing an electronic verbal trade with the traditions. The advanced ATLAS machine (programmed tarif and close by customs contraption), also the european travel framework NCTS (new mechanized travel machine) are upheld through SAP GTS. This is for all sending out associations even additional fundamental, since utilizing ATLAS is compulsory thinking about 01.07.2009 in Germany!

However, even additional programmed traditions freedom frameworks in Europe, USA and Australia are upheld by utilizing SAP GTS and has been authorized as of now.

SAP Risk Management : With SAP Risk Management the finacial risks for the association can be limited. The utilization and managing of inclinations (which incorporates decision computation), trade discounts, letter of credit for import and commodity business are upheld through SAP GTS.

SAP Electronic Compliance Reporting : With SAP Electronic Compliance Reporting the GTS assists the measurable reports to the specialists, which with having to be presented for an inward ecu exchange. Depending for the US's authorithy, the realities are given by their specific data designs

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8. What Are The Benefits Of Sap Gts?

Ans:Benefits of SAP GTS:

Guarantee watchful consistence with exchange arrangements

Alleviate dangers of enormous fines and results

Keep away from extravagant freight delays at boundaries and customs

Fast execution

Lower IT assurance costs

Quicker Communication with customs

Part of return of subsidizing

9.Explain Compliance Management?

Ans: Compliance Management contains capabilities connecting with import and product control guidelines. This component permits you to screen methodology that are likely to authorizing prerequisites and to conform to global legitimate guidelines which forestall or potentially limit exchange with people, gatherings and individual nations.

Three principal areas of Compliance Management are:

Authorized party list screening

Lawful control - trade (counting ban checking and permit the board)

Legitimate control - import (counting ban checking and permit the executives)

10. Make sense of About The Risk Management Function In Sap Gts?

Ans: Risk Management is utilized for Letter of Credit handling, inclination assurance and the administration of Long Term Vendor Declarations. Permitting you to limit the monetary gamble related with worldwide exchange exercises.

The accompanying administrations are accessible:

Inclination handling

Letter of credit handling


11. What Are The Things Can Be Achieved By Using Sap Gts?

Ans:These are a portion of the things that can be accomplished with the assistance of a computerized GTS stage:

Diminished dangers of exchange punishments and fines.

Cost control during trade systems.

Support in efficiency and smoothing out of all exchange processes for worked on global activities.

End of the multitude of manual assignments with the assistance of computerized apparatuses. Correspondingly, the time related with these manual errands is likewise killed.

Consistent and dependable coordination through all cross boundary supply chains.

Diminished delays with respect to inbound and outbound custom freedom.

Better consumer loyalty and security of the organization's image name.

Dependable checking of the believability of worldwide clients.

The GTS stage gives satisfactory devices to Compliance Management, Risk Management and Customs Management. Every one of the undertakings and methodology that are a piece of these modules are dealt with productively.

12.What Are The Reports Available To Evaluate And Analyze Data For Any Of The Services In Sap Gtc?

Ans:Using the accompanying reports that are accessible, you can assess and dissect information for any of the administrations you use in SAP GTS:

Imports :

Imports by item

Imports by country

Import examination

Imports by office of section or objective

Correlation of imports among travel and customs handling record things

Sends out :

Sends out result

Sends out by country

Send out examination

Send out by customs office

Correlation of products among travel and customs record things


Reserve funds from fortified distribution center

13.What is the contrast between Tally programming and SAP programming?

Ans: Tally is an essential easy to understand bookkeeping programming application. Though SAP is an undeniable full ERP programming. The benefit of ERP programming in any enormous firm is it gives admittance to whatever number representatives as could be allowed which is restricted to their capability.

For Example, the PO is brought up in the creation module, though the Invoice is brought up in the FICO module. For an Invoice to be handled in SAP, there should be a 3-way watch, when the 3-way watch is finished, Invoice gets booked and keeping in mind that doing an installment run, it gets picked in the installment run and the merchant gets compensated.

14.What Is The Difference Between (a/c Payable/Receivable ) And ( Bills Payable/Receivable )?

Ans: Accounts Payable - Amounts payable to the Suppliers/Vendors/Creditors. The bookkeeping organization additionally can be alluded to as Sundry Creditors. This is Current Liability.

Records of sales - Amounts receivable from the Customers/Debtors. The bookkeeping organization additionally can be referred to as Sundry Debtors. This is Current Asset.

Bills Payable - Bills of Exchange drawn with the guide of Creditors/Suppliers on the organization and is a Current Liability.

Bills Receivable - Bills of Exchange drawn through an organization on its Customers/Debtors and is a Current Asset.

15. Make sense of About The Electronic Compliance Reporting Function Is Sap Gts?

Ans: Electronic Compliance Reporting : ECR permits the normal difficulty of Intrastat announcements to the experts for Intra-European trade between EU part states. The applicable realities is accumulated from the planned operations techniques, after which shipped off your far reaching records government intermittently.