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SAP Functional Testing Interview Questions and Answers - Jul 12, 2022


SAP Functional Testing Interview Questions and Answers

Q1. What is SAP trying?

Ans: SAP testing assists with distinguishing and correct mistakes at all undertaking stages. So it gives the high certainty that the SAP application upholds business process according to association necessities from the day of go-live stage.

Q2. What are SAP Testing Services

Ans: To moderate business risk and to guarantee expected brings about the perplexing SAP climate during the whole SAP arrangement lifecycle directing adequate quality testing is basic. TSAP testing administrations involves eCATT as the utilitarian test apparatus in SAP applications. A portion of the testing administrations offered are:

Application testing

Execution testing

Relapse testing

Testing procedure and the board

Q3. What are the sorts of tests are utilized to test the SAP R/3?

Ans: The significant sorts of SAP test are

Unit testing

Advancement testing

Combination testing

Execution testing

Client acknowledgment testing

Relapse testing

Q4. What is unit trying in SAP?

Ans: Unit testing is finished at the exchange level that connected with design. For instance client ace information, seller information, buy orders creation, etc. It center around ace record, exchanges, jobs and profiles.

Q5. For what reason advancement testing is utilized?

Ans: It is use to test different Reports, work processes, shapes, etc. Advancement group is answerable for executing the improvement test.

Q6. What is Performance trying?

Ans: It is utilized to test for deciding the time made to play out the moves. It assists with deciding the framework to meet and satisfy the help level arrangement.

Q7. What is Integration trying?

Ans: After all sap modules are carried out, Integration testing is utilized to test whether all the posting are working appropriately that cuts across SAP modules, for e.g request to cash, acquire to pay (p2p, etc.

Q8. Inform me regarding client acknowledgment testing?

Ans: User acknowledgment testing is finished at end client level the individuals who are executing applications. They run and test the situations assuming any imperfections are found, the setup colleagues settle these deformities during this test.

Q9. What is relapse trying and give one model?

Ans: This is utilized to test past working framework isn't impacted by the presentation of new framework changes. For instance association purchased new organization and we need to make at least one organization code, after arrangement we have tried and it working impeccably. So old setup impacts no mistakes because of new design.

Q10. What is manual trying?

Ans: Manual testing is done physically to recognize the bugs and mistakes. It is utilized to test for information issues, for e.g assuming that the expert information has mistakes, with manual testing analyzer can amend the expert information blunders.

Q11. What is Automated trying?

Ans: Automated testing is utilized to perform tests in view of ordinary time frame, with the assistance of contents you can determine what requirements to tried.

Q12. Make sense of contrast b/w endlessly control object?

Ans: Control is an item for which we believe that should do testing, where the control object is motivation behind control and relegated at sub process level.

Q13. What is experiment?

Ans: Test case is a layout that each association keeps up with and used to test carried out information during project execution as per the situations that experiments are made.

Q14. What are the trying apparatuses can be utilized to test web shop execution?

Ans: We can utilize testing devices like burden sprinter and mercury.

Q15. What is SAP?

Ans: SAP is an ERP business programming bundle that intended to coordinate all areas of business and it give answers for all tasks. Peruse something else for about SAP

Q16. Indicate kinds of testing?

Ans: There are various kinds of testing, for example, black box testing, white box testing, security testing, recuperate test, etc.

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Q17. What is Defect counteraction?

Ans: It is method used to find and amend mistakes before they impact the advancement stage.

Q18. What is GUI Testing of SAP Applications

Ans: Test the usefulness of your SAP R/3 applications. In minutes you'll comprehend the power behind Rational Robot's Object Testing as you rapidly record tests that confirm:

Properties of SAP screen controls.

Values in application fields.

Trustworthiness of your business cycle stream.

Robot allows you to record useful tests against your SAP R/3 application, paying little heed to R/3 equipment stage or information base server

Q19. What is Load Testing SAP Applications?

Ans: In executing your deals on the Web interface, through mix with the strong SAP motor, the SAP WAS framework makes a profoundly perplexing discourse between the client machine and the server.

This intricacy isn't noticeable to the client or those accountable for sending, yet it is a significant variable with regards to middleware.

Your heap testing instrument's capacity to consider the particular idea of this rich and complex exchange is a fundamental pre-imperative for execution testing SAP applications. The device should be prepared to do consequently and locally dealing with SAP Web Application Server (WAS) to effectively construct scripts that cover all your experiments.

Without completely agreeable SAP WAS support, you can't do the full scope of tests and risked conveying an application whose conduct under load has not been approved as expected - with conceivably harming outcomes. These could incorporate stoppages for clients, or even impeded admittance for certain clients in high burden periods, placing in risk the outcome of the venture, yet in addition the organization's whole monetary establishments, because of the basic significance of its business administrations.

Q20. What is Testing Orienting Applications?

Ans: Software Testing is more Oriented to Detecting the imperfections or frequently likened to tracking down bugs. Testing is a course of executing a product framework to decide if it matches its particular and executes in its expected climate under controlled conditions. The controlled circumstances ought to incorporate both ordinary and strange circumstances. Testing ought to deliberately endeavor to get things turn out badly to decide whether things going when they shouldn't or things don't occur when they should.21.What is SAP QA ?

Sap QA: - SAP Application QA includes the whole programming advancement PROCESS - observing and working on the interaction, ensuring that any settled upon norms and methodology are followed, and guaranteeing that issues are found and managed. It is arranged to 'anticipation'.

Q22. What is SAP execution lifecycle?

Ans: SAP execution lifecycle

In the lifecycle of a SAP arrangement, it is important to test the capabilities and execution of the arrangement created by developers. Workplace with SAP testing, SAP gives a climate to all periods of testing, you can use to test in the accompanying cases:

The execution of SAP arrangements:

Joining of new parts and business situations.

Client Development.

The capability tests for every one of the capabilities.

Reconciliation testing with different parts in the coordinated climate.

Refreshes/changes relapse testing.

Import support programs.

Reconciliation Features and Test Preparation:

Production of manual experiments and computerized.

The executives manual and computerized experiments .

Production of test plans.

Characterize and deal with a progression of tests.

Test execution Phase:

Test correspondence with the test apparatus expanded work area and Computer Aided Test Tool.

Combination experiments and test scripts from non-SAP suppliers.

Allocate work records (tests) for individual analyzers.

Test Evaluation Phase:

persistent improvement vision endlessly test results.

Complete documentation of the testing system into test plans (test cases,descriptions of experiments, test results, notes of experiments, blunder messages).

An itemized assessment of all test plans in tables and diagrams.

Trade test consequences of the Office applications.

message handling.

By and large testing has two different ways, one being, framework joining testing, this will be performed by the SAP improvement group of the item proprietor, and the second being, the client acknowledgment testing (UAT) is performed in client's group in the client's area. UAT typically performed toward the end client to test the arrangement is turned out great.

Q23. What is AWB?. What is its motivation?

Ans: AWB represents Administrator WorkBench. AWB is a device for controlling, observing and keeping up with every one of the cycles associated with information organizing and handling in the business data whearhousing.

Q24. What is the meaning of ODS in BIW?

Ans: An ODS Object effectively stores combined and repaired exchange information on a record level (nuclear level). It depicts a combined dataset from at least one InfoSources. This dataset can be dissected with a BEx Query or InfoSet Query. The information of an ODS Object can be refreshed with a delta update into InfoCubes as well as different ODS Objects in a similar framework or across frameworks. Rather than multi-layered information capacity with InfoCubes, the information in ODS Objects is put away in straightforward, level data set tables.

Q25. What are the various kinds of source framework?

Ans: SAP R/3 Source Systems, SAP BW, Flat Files and External Systems.

Q26. Notice what are the kinds of testing is finished for SAP?

Ans: Types of SAP testing are,

Unit testing

Practical and Regression testing

UAT testing

Combination testing, etc.

Q27. Notice how to make a viable SAP Test case?


Decide SAP job expected to execute the experiment

Recognize the SAP exchange that should be executed for the experiment

Test Data requires executing the experiment. Decide if the information should be made or whether it is utilized by another analyzer or whether the information is locked and can't be altered

Is there any pre-necessities required

Make negative as well as sure situations

Make point by point Test Steps

Test inclusion ought to be strong

Record deserts promptly when they are found

Q28. Notice apparatuses helpful for SAP Testing?

Ans: Tools helpful for SAP Testing incorporate,

QTP ( Quick Test Professional Tool)



Q29.Why picking a right technique is a higher priority than picking an instrument for SAP Testing?

Ans: Choosing right procedure is significant for SAP Testing on the grounds that,

SAP is a humungous framework with vast varieties. It's neither attainable nor practical to check every single imaginable variety and mixes of test boundary inputs in SAP framework.

A Tester needs to embrace methodologies to lessen the quantity of experiments without forfeiting inclusion.

Instances of such systems incorporate,

Limit esteem investigation,

Identicalness apportioning and symmetrical exhibit.

Q30. Notice what are the advantages for SAP applications?

Ans: Benefits for SAP applications are,

Further developed test inclusion

Better item quality and less creation blackouts

Responsibility diminishes with each delivery cycle

Q31. Notice what are the difficulties looked during SAP Testing?

Ans: During SAP Testing difficulties confronted are,

Substantial mix of test information expected for testing

Every one of the basic points of interaction ought not entirely set in stone, and their network ought to be laid out with relating test frameworks

To perceive the business processes which are reasonable for test mechanization

Recognize negative testing conditions

Notice how does the framework configuration follow back to all caught prerequisites and the quantity of experiments

Recognize Regression situations/experiments and assemble Regression test suite that expects during each delivery

Overseeing result and information to finish the situations OTC, P2P, and so on.

Plan powerful Automation Framework that ought to be viable and adaptable

Q32. Notice what are the focuses to be considered while performing SAP Interface Testing?

Ans: While performing SAP Interface Testing followed focuses,

What is the target of utilizing SAP Interface and what business situations are handled by the point of interaction

Confirm the point of interaction is handling all business situations precisely according to the test technique

Best practice to perform Interface testing is regardless Unit testing

Confirm assuming the outbound connection point is okay, and that implies that it guarantees to perform record meeting details with regards to format, and so forth.

Confirm on the off chance that the inbound connection point is okay. Check assuming that it is perusing the document accurately and assuming it is playing out the right strides in the objective situation.

Q33. Notice what are the kinds of work processes in SAP?

Ans: In SAP, sorts of work processes incorporate are









Q34. Notice what is the contrast between portions, support bundles and SAP Note?

Ans: The contrast between parts, support bundles and SAP Note is,

Snote: By carrying out a SAP Note a mistake in a solitary program or Transaction is eliminated.

Support Package: All realized blunders are adjusted by applying SAP Support Package

SAP Kernel: It is the center of the application. At the point when a Kernel is overhauled, it implies a more established forms of the different EXE records get supplanted.

Q35. Notice what is ECATT?

Ans: ECATT is utilized to execute and make utilitarian tests for SAP. An inbuilt device comes packaged with SAP with an essential goal of computerized testing of SAP business processes.

Q36. Notice what are the valuable elements of ECATT?

Ans: Useful highlights of ECATT are,

Test exchanges, situations, and reports

Test distant frameworks

Call BAPIs and capability modules

Actually take a look at Authorizations (client profiles)

Test refreshes

Test the impact of changes to redo settings

Check framework messages

Q37. Notice what is the distinction between designer follow, System follow, and System log?

Ans: The contrast between engineer follow, System follow, and System log

Framework Trace: It is utilized when you need to record the interior SAP framework exercises

Engineer Trace: It contains specialized data for use in case of issues with your framework. Involving the passages in the designer follows requires sound information on the host frameworks in which your SAP framework is running

Framework Log: You can utilize the log to feature and correct blunders happened in your framework and its current circumstance.

Q38. Notice what is Screen stream rationale in SAP Testing?

Ans: Screen stream rationale in SAP Testing resembles an ABAP code. It is utilized to contain the handling blocks. It comprises of procedural piece of the screen and is made in screen painter. Screen painter resembles an ABAP proofreader.

Q39.Mention what is the utilization of Process Flow Analyzer in SAP TAO?

Ans: In SAP TAO, Process Flow Analyzer is utilized to figure out naturally the UIs utilized in exchange codes executed in a SAP framework.

Q40.Mention what is SAP Cutover Testing?

Ans: SAP Cutover Testing is normally performed once in an undertaking lifecycle. In this stage, a full-scale execution of all errands is involved to recover information from heritage frameworks and afterward to carry out any sort of information transformation, load the outcomes into the SAP framework and completely approve the outcomes, including a client close down.

Q41.Mention what ought to be the methodology for composing a BDC program?

Ans: For composing a BDC program, convert the inheritance framework information into a level document. Then, at that point, convert the level document into an inside table. Move the level document into sap framework called "sap information move." Then call exchange or make meetings.