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SAP FSCM Interview questions and answers - Jul 12, 2022


SAP FSCM Interview questions and answers

Q1. For what reason would it be advisable for me I use SAP FSCM ?

Ans: If you are utilizing standard FI-AR to deal with your credit assortments process, SAP FSCM gives instruments to upgrade your interaction. The devices in seclusion won't take care of any issues or add any immediate advantage. Be that as it may, the different modules will further develop control and perceivability, and empower the group to handle more clients with a typical cycle.

Q2. What rendition of SAP do I should be on?

Ans: If you are utilizing SAP ERP 6 then the center cycles and usefulness can be gotten to. In any case, it ought not be disregarded that new usefulness has been delivered in the most recent Enhancement Packages. A few clients can see the advantage of executing SAP FSCM right away and will work with their current Enhancement Package rendition. Others will perceive a portion of the new usefulness and hold on until their ERP framework is on the pertinent Enhancement Package.

Q3. Is my business excessively little/large to utilize SAP FSCM?

Ans: As I referenced previously in the event that you as of now deal with your Credit Collections process using the SAP FI-AR module then you can utilize SAP FSCM. The size of your business ought not be viewed as a blocker to move to SAP FSCM. At times, having huge volumes of clients or enormous volumes of solicitations expands the possible advantages. The genuine measure is to check out at the potential interaction enhancements. To perform credit checking and scoring in a more effective way SAP FSCM will work on your current cycle.

SAP has as of late delivered a RDS to give a productive cycle to carry out SAP FSCM, lessening the expense of execution. This is designated at more modest clients needing a sped up execution. If it's not too much trouble, note this is just accessible for clients on Enhancement Package 5 and then some.

Q4. What module(s) would it be advisable for me to begin with?

Ans: Collections Management is the most well known and most straightforward module to carry out. Be that as it may, to completely see the advantages of Collections Management the other 3 modules ought to be executed too.

At the point when posed the inquiry, I ordinarily turn this around and attempt to adjust the client's essential goals from the execution to choose the extent of the execution. Clients who have high volumes of client receipt debates will clearly look towards Dispute Management - but adjusting this to Collections Management joins the holes among questions and credit assortments. Where a client has terrible obligation issues and gives huge consideration to Credit Limits and Credit Exposure, Credit Management will be seriously engaging - but the Credit Risk Class and Credit Exposure can be utilized to impact the Collections Worklist.

Q5. What are the Major advantages of SAP FSCM?

Ans: The interaction improvement that can be accomplished can be separated into various streams.

Process effectiveness and controls should be visible inside the Credit Collection groups and other related groups.

The Collection work list guarantees the right client is called brilliantly inside the Collection interaction. This will empower more clients to be called, as the volume of work to record a client contact is streamlined into a solitary exchange.

Logging questions eliminates manual disconnected cycles, and diminishing the time spent to log and deal with debates will straightforwardly further develop the money assortment process prompting more money being gotten in a faster time period.

The new variant of Credit Management gives more precise credit information utilizing interior and outer information, diminishing the expected gamble for terrible obligations.

Q6. Where could detailing found for SAP FSCM be?

Ans: As with most new SAP usefulness, detailing in center ERP is restricted inside SAP FSCM. Executing simply the center SAP FSCM modules alone will leave a hole as far as business revealing. Inside SAP BW there is some great business content which is easy to execute. Detailing ought to be essential for the underlying form inside the undertaking. A few clients who don't utilize SAP BW will plan their own ABAP reports which is should better compared to utilizing the standard substance. Any undertaking that doesn't consider detailing will track down it extremely difficult to gauge the exhibition of the different groups.

Q7. How would you carry out SAP FSCM?

Ans: It is truly essential to take note of that a SAP FSCM project is 80% interaction re-plan and 20% programming execution. It is thusly basic that any business execution of SAP FSCM adjusts to these rates. An execution group can't work in confinement from the business as the screens, phrasing and cycles are extensive different to center SAP FI-AR.

A business can't include into any arrangement except if they comprehend the full capacity of a framework, in any case they are over dependent on the execution accomplice to settle on choices for them. In view of this, running business studios on a proof of idea inside the client's scene empowers the client to settle on choices with a superior comprehension. Thusly this will lessen the resulting stages including, fabricate, test and preparing.

Q8. Do I have to have PI to utilize SAP FSCM Credit Management?

Ans: The straightforward response here is no assuming that you have Enhancement Package 5. Anyway you want to carry out WS-RM to supplant the work PI does. On the off chance that you have a PI server it doesn't check out to check out at the WS-RM choice. In the event that you don't have PI and need Credit Management it merits thinking about WS-RM (assuming you have Enhancement Pack 5). To be fair this is a greater amount of innovation question for your BASIS group to conclude the scene approach they intend to take on.

Q9. How would I plan a worldwide layout for SAP FSCM?

Ans: Before planning the cycles to help the Credit Collections group, the authoritative units should be characterized. Assortments and Credit Management have separate hierarchical units to address the different levels inside a Company. Where measure are to be normal, authoritative units can be shared, and where contrasts are required exceptional qualities are required. Breaking out the full execution into more modest lumps empowers the answer for be carried out and empowering fast wins.

Q10. Might the idea of Financial Supply at any point Chain Management diminish how much money enterprises need to hold? Is the lined up with ERP valuable?

Ans: There are two aspects of the correlation that are especially appropriate. To start with, there is no question that one of the keys to fruitful money the board is exact data on what the future active money necessities will be and of approaching money. Second, the empowering innovation base is currently set up. Over the most recent three years, the Internet has turned into a genuinely financially savvy answer for interorganization correspondences and a believed foundation for business processes, sufficiently secure to convey forward the specialized advances being made in e-installment frameworks.

The weighty interest in e-obtainment as of late has not taken care of through into mechanization of the installment cycle and there remains presently an absence of progress in the robotization of installment frameworks. Issues include:

Divided point arrangements with extremely restricted incorporation

Restricted interorganizational reconciliation and robotization

Manual cycles of question goal, compromise and installments

However, the greatest obstacle most arrangements neglect to address is that 80% of the cycles today are still paper driven. So mechanization arrangements need to begin by:

Digitizing paper where conceivable so paper serious cycles don't dial back the cycles.

Doing as such without getting hindered in intricacy of business process re-designing.

To address the necessities of the commercial center, the divided point arrangements accessible today should address both these shortcomings and yet again design themselves.

As many notice, despite the fact that e-requesting now requires seconds and merchandise can be conveyed following day, it actually requires a long time for the cash to be moved. Fortunately now cash can be moved quickly, and the cycles of receipt, charge estimation, receipt endorsement, installment and money the executives are ready for robotization.

A few visionary organizations are building frameworks to resolve these issues, robotizing the whole charging and installments process and empowering contact down the production network with resultant advantages in:

Income: capacity to take early limits and further developed cost terms for e-installments

Working efficiencies: self-administration merchant the board and decreased cost of receipt handling and compromise

Inner controls and perceivability: further developed period-end accumulations and disposal of installment duplication.

Executing Financial Supply Chain the executives

Q11. All in all, how are these advantages accomplished, and what are the cycles of executing Financial Supply Chain the executives?

Ans: The execution should be visible in four phases:

Convert paper records to electronic. This can be accomplished with a serious level of mechanization, including OCR, and doesn't include broad keying. Electronic solicitations can be all the more effectively accommodated with buy orders, flowed for endorsement and quickly went through the framework utilizing standard work process processes, giving time just to the exemptions containing mistakes that include goal of questions. For the level of occasions where OCR doesn't work, it should be increased by manual methodologies for exemption the executives situated out of minimal expense topographies like India.

Mechanize monetary exchanges. The move from manual to e-installments gives full command over the installment cycle, paying when you need to pay. E-installment doesn't be guaranteed to abbreviate your installment cycle; if you need to keep 30-day installment terms, then, at that point, e-installment empowers you to pay on precisely that last day. Notwithstanding, with e-installments, organizations can arrange further developed terms for more limited installment periods in light of their freshly discovered capacity to meet installment dates with full unwavering quality. E-installments can be made definitively on time. The greatest fantasy that should be exposed here is the apparent advantage of float incorporated into the deferrals brought about by paper processes. For most organizations, the advantages got from functional efficiencies when matched with the capacity of booking installments freely more than makes up for any genuine misfortune in float income. Additionally, with mechanization it is more useful to carry out techniques like controlled distributions to improve cash positions.

Computerize risk the executives. Sarbanes-Oxley has forced new consistence troubles onto a generally grave area of activity. Necessities for exact, fast and straightforward announcing can't be sensibly accomplished without start to finish mechanization arrangements. Moreover, the a great many deals/use charge locales and rates, and the many changes every year, make charge consistence an inflated expense and an expanded concern. Again the advantages of computerization can give reserve funds and, similarly as significant, corporate trust in consistence.

Carry out working capital administration. When the cycles are mechanized, contact with the store network monetary divisions is improved and the majority of the vulnerabilities are removed from the installment chain, organizations can start to streamline their money the board. This might be a simply inside process, overseeing cash against exact information on everyday payables and receivables, and further developing credit choices. There is additionally the choice to investigate outside finance sources, for example, considering, which can be acquired at invaluable rates once the proof of the viability of the monetary inventory network can be introduced.