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Sap EWM Questions and Answers - Jul 12, 2022


Sap EWM Questions and Answers

Q1. Explain SAP Extended Warehouse Management EWM?

Ans: SAP EWM is used to efficiently manipulate inventory in Warehouse and for helping processing of goods movement. It lets in organization to manipulate their Warehouse inbound and outbound techniques and motion of products in Warehouse.

The essential process in a Warehouse is incoming and outgoing substances, items receipt and items problem, fulfil customer orders, and distribution of goods. When a organization doesn’t keep any items, then there's no need of Warehouse control to manipulate items.

Inbound system involves garage of goods in warehouse and their region and Outbound system includes selecting up the products. Whenever a material is saved in a warehouse, it's far saved in garage bin and you may locate its modern vicinity.

Q2. How SAP EWM is different from SAP Warehouse Management?

Ans: SAP EWM is part of SAP Supply chain management like Warehouse control device but presents extra sturdy and enhance capabilities to manipulate key sports in Warehouse.

SAP Extended Warehouse Management EWM is similar to Warehouse control however it gives more functions like selecting, put away, RF framework, Warehouse shape and extra flexible alternatives to manipulate warehouse functions.

You can create new elements like activity region, assets, hard work management and work facilities in SAP EWM which were now not to be had in WM.

SAP EWM provides more robust approach to manage warehouse functions in an enterprise. It is also part of SAP Supply Chain Management and also guide all of the strategies with in logistics and deliver chain.

Q3. What are the important thing features in SAP Warehouse Management?

Ans: Below are the key features in SAP Warehouse management −

Using SAP EWM, you can control warehouse sports- picking, posting and managing storage bin and exact receipts.

You can set alert for- changed information before items receipt from EWM to the ERP machine, reversal or correction of the products receipt from EWM to the ERP gadget and an inbound transport cut up from EWM to the ERP device.

You can perform deconsolidation of coping with devices comprise distinct products before put away in extraordinary garage sections.

You can determine storage ideas the use of slotting for products and optimize arrangement of goods warehouse mechanically.

It permits you to perform executable obligations like work applications, such as warehouse duties warehouse employees must carry out as a part of warehouse control sports.

It allows you to manipulate track cars and transportation units from yard check-in to backyard checkout, which includes moves’ responsibilities within the backyard.

SAP EWM also includes storage and coping with of risky materials and their transportation in accordance with guidelines from SAP Environmental Health & Safety EHS.

In SAP EWM, you can also plan hard work instances and assets extra correctly and hence you could make your Warehouse efficient by using coping with key aid management duties effectively.

In SAP EWM, you could use Warehouse cockpit that lets in you to show warehouse key figures graphically and to assess or reveal sports the use of described chart sorts.

You can use go-docking that allows you to carry out transportation of dealing with devices across one of a kind distribution facilities or warehouses until they attain very last location in Warehouse.

Q4. What are the one of a kind deployment options in EWM?

Ans: SAP EWM can be considered as deployed in ERP server or you could additionally do not forget it as an software in Supply chain Management landscape.

SAP EWM is incorporated with ERP to get admission to transaction and master facts and use of features like slotting, availability test also requires integration with CRM.

SAP EWM is considered as separate utility and proportion the same server with SCM applications. You also can run SAP EWM in its own SCM environment that is suitable to get improved overall performance.

EWM Deployment options −

SAP EWM on SCM Server

SAP EWM as Standalone

Q5. How SAP ERP gadget communicates with Extended Warehouse Management or CM with APO machine?

Ans: SAP ERP and EWM are intently incorporated with every other for switch of transaction and master statistics. There are  unique methods of conversation.

Core Interface (CIF) −

Core interface is one of the not unusual approach for communication among SAP SCM machine and SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization APO. Master facts maintained in ERP system like purchaser, material and seller which can be to be had in ERP gadget are transferred to EWM system use Core Interface CIF verbal exchange.

How do you check diverse menu structure of Extended Warehouse management machine?

Login to SCM device and navigate to Extended Warehouse management node in SAP menu. You can use diverse transactions to control primary functions in Warehouse management −

Warehouse Monitor    /SCWM/MON

Maintain Inbound Delivery    /SCWM/PRDI

Maintain Outbound Delivery    /SCWM/PRDO

RF Environment    /SCWM/RFUI

Creating Storage Bin    /SCWM/LS01

Confirm Warehouse Task    /SCWM/TO_CONF

Warehouse product Maintenance    /SCWM/MAT1

Q6. What are the exclusive Organizational units in Warehouse Management?


Warehouse Number

Storage Type

Storage Section

Storage Bin

Activity Areas


Q7. What is Storage bin?

Ans: Storage bins constitute the physical area of storage area wherein the products are saved in Warehouse. They are at lowest stage of company shape and whilst you store an item in a Warehouse you need to mention its precise area.

Q8. What is the use of Activity regions in Storage bin?

Ans: Storage bins are further labeled in interest area. It consists of sports like picking, put away or a physical inventory. As in step with interest, you can assign identical storage bin to a couple of hobby areas.

Q9. What is Quant?

Ans: The amount of goods in storage bin is represented with the aid of Quant. The quant is used for coping with stock in storage bin.

Q10. How you may create Storage packing containers?

Ans: To create a Storage bin, you can use T-Code: /SCWM/LS01

Q11. What are the structure elements in a Warehouse control?

Ans: Warehouse includes following elements in hierarchical shape −

Warehouse Number

Storage Type

Storage Section

Storage bin

Activity Area

Q12. What is the highest unit and smallest unit in a Warehouse shape?

Ans: The highest unit in a Warehouse is Warehouse quantity and smallest unit is a storage bin.

Q13. What is a garage section? Provide examples of garage section?

Ans: This is part of storage kind and represents a group of packing containers with identical characteristics. Commonly used storage sections are fast moving or sluggish transferring gadgets, etc.

Q14. What is Work Center in a Warehouse?

Ans: A work middle in Warehouse is assigned to a garage type and a bodily unit to carry out packing, deconsolidation or weighing sports. Storage kind assigned to work middle has a function of labor middle, pick factor or pick out point and identification. You also can configure greater than paintings middle in a storage kind.

Q15. Where do you operate Work Centers in Warehouse tactics?

Ans: Work middle may be used for the subsequent techniques −




Quality test

HubSpot Video

Q16. How can you create a work middle for packing in SAP EWM system?

Ans: To create a piece middle for packing, you want statistics −


Storage Type

Inbound Section

Outbound Section

To outline a piece middle, navigate to Extended Warehouse control → Master Data → Work Center → Define Work Center.

Q17. What are exclusive Warehouse technique kinds in SAP EWM gadget?

Ans: There are extraordinary Warehouse manner classes which are predefined in EWM gadget −

Stock Removal


Internal Movement

Goods receipt posting

Goods issue posting

Physical stock

Cross Line putaway

Q18. What are Value Added Services in Warehouse control?

Ans: Value Added Services define the product processing to be accomplished in a warehouse and consists of activities like packing, labeling, assembling, and many others.

Q19. How do you tell employees approximately the paintings that they've to do as part of shipping and packing specifications?

Ans: VAS order tell warehouse personnel about the paintings that they've to do as part of transport and packing specs.

Q20. What are the distinctive additives in a Value Added Order?

Ans: A Value introduced services order consists of the following additives −

Order Header

VAS activities to be done


Auxiliary merchandise (Packing fabric, labels, oil, etc.)

Q21. Where do you manipulate Packaging specs?

Ans: Go to SAP Easy get right of entry to → EWM → Master Data → Packaging Specification → Maintain Packaging specification.

Q22. How do you carry out direct Goods Issue in SAP EWM gadget?

Ans: The items problem procedure in extended warehouse control starts with outbound transport request. When an outbound transport document is created, this process starts offevolved in ERP gadget. For gadgets which might be applicable in EWM, transport document is replicated in SAP EWM machine.

Q23. What do you understand by using Stock Removal Strategy?

Ans: Stock removal method is approach of figuring out garage packing containers for one or greater merchandise to be picked. You can personalize stock elimination rule definition table in customizing for SCM prolonged warehouse management.

Q24. What do you apprehend by using Denial Scenario in Outbound Delivery device?

Ans: When an outbound delivery request is created, EWM gadget doesn’t create a warehouse venture or mission is created with a partial amount, this is referred to as Denial state of affairs.

Q25. When do you use Denial state of affairs in outbound delivery in EWM machine?

Ans: When a warehouse challenge can’t meet the quantity requested in outbound delivery request, machine may be configured to elevate a pick denial.

In case of stock discrepancy picked through an employee, smaller quantity as according to outbound transport and no different stock is available in warehouse, you could set the gadget to execute a choose denial.

Q26. What is Storage Control?

Ans: Storage control is used to decide product actions in warehouse. It is used to execute positioned away or inventory removal technique in warehouse.

Q27. What are the distinct forms of Storage Control?


Layout Oriented

Process Oriented

Q28. In Combined Storage Control, which one is executed first?

Ans: In SAP Extended warehouse management, process orientated garage manage is executed first and layout storage control is done to test if placed away step is feasible in warehouse layout view and also adjust the positioned away or inventory removal as consistent with layout view.

Q29. When no storage area is precise for choosing in Order Item, what happens?

Ans: System determines the garage area whilst it creates outbound shipping and copies it to delivery object.

Q30. In EWM, Where do you locate actual whereabouts of a cloth amount within the warehouse?

Ans: Storage boxes

Q31. What are the transactions available to create a switch order for shifting partial shares inside a Warehouse?




Q32. What is the goods motion status of the outbound shipping after a items problem has been cancelled?

Ans: Not yet started

Q33. What is pick out % and pass of goods in EWM machine?

Ans: This is used to manage picking, packing and transportation of goods in activity areas in warehouse. This may be utilized in RF surroundings usually and manner waft is same as for general RF method. In pick out, percent and bypass items are moved from interest region to activity vicinity till it arrives at destination point within the gadget.

Q34. What is the distinction among System Controlled and User Controlled Pick, % and pass of goods?

Ans: You want a warehouse order introduction rule that helps the top warehouse order creation for the pick out, %, and pass manner. The introduction categories for this are −

System-pushed −

For the machine-pushed alternative, the collection of the warehouse orders inside the pinnacle warehouse order is decided consistent with the type sequence of the assigned inside the configuration settings for becoming a member of the interest areas.

User-pushed −

For the consumer-driven option, the collection is manually determined during the execution, because of this it is able to additionally be carried out by using the material flow gadget (MFS).

Q35. What is Replenishment in SAP EWM?

Ans: Replenishment is defined as movement of products from warehouse to shipment places. In SAP EWM, you can use predefined strategies for replenishment of storage containers. There are specific replenishment manipulate fields described at storage kind stage or garage bin degree. The information for manage fields can be entered manually in gadget or you could use slotting system to outline those fields.

Q36. What are common Control fields in Replenishment?

Ans: Below are the common manipulate fields for Replenishment −

Minimum stocking quantity

Maximum stocking amount

Replenishment quantity

Q37. What is Planned Replenishment and Order Replenishment?


Planned Replenishment −

Planned replenishment can be done both interactively or within the heritage. The device calculates the replenishment in accordance with the described minimal amount and most amount. Replenishment manipulate is brought on when the inventory is much less than the minimum quantity.

Order Related Replenishment −

Order associated replenishment is performed when stock discern is less than required amount. The device rounds up the replenishment quantity to a multiple of minimum replenishment quantity. The maximum amount can be exceeded and order associated replenishment may be completed in lower back floor or interactively.

Q38. What is automatic and direct Replenishment?

Ans: Automatic Replenishment −

The gadget starts offevolved automatic replenishment when a warehouse undertaking is confirmed. Replenishment is calculated as per most and minimum pastime.

Direct Replenishment −

Direct Replenishment is started out all through a select denial and is best feasible for fixed bin scenario. The gadget calculates replenishment as consistent with most and minimum quantity.

Direct replenishment is executed with the aid of wooden and it count on zero storage bin amount.

Q39. Why do you use Physical inventor in SAP EWM?

Ans: To carry out economic accounting and tax rules, you can want to perform accurate stock to get the cost of an inventory in warehouse. Physical stock process offers with counting bodily stock of a warehouse and to get counting consequences.

Physical inventory may be used by control to depend stock so that product can be stocked or corrected.

Q40. What are the special kind of Physical stock?

Ans: There are  sorts of bodily stock that can be carried out −

Storage bin particular

Product Specific

Q41. What are the specific Physical inventory procedures supported in SAP machine?




Cycle Counting

Q42. What is an Ad-hoc Physical stock?


Ad-hoc bodily stock is kind of continuous physical stock and It can be completed whenever during the monetary year, an advert hoc bodily stock may grow to be vital.

Q43. What is Slotting system in EWM? What are distinctive parameters utilized in Slotting?

Ans: Slotting is a technique in EWM to define maximum suitable putaway parameters- storage kind, segment, etc. Slotting locations the coolest in a warehouse within the way that provides most superior garage and choosing of products.

There are special parameters that are used in slotting process −

Storage Requirement Data

Product Data

Packaging Data

Demand Forecast

Q44. What is Direct and Indirect exertions?


Direct Labor −

This consists of time to perform warehouse sports like selecting, packing, placed away, and so forth.

Indirect Labor −

This includes greater sports to manage warehouse like Sweeping, cleansing, housekeeping and many others.

Q45. What is Expected Good Receipts?

Ans: Expected right receipts are used to create inbound deliveries. You also can create items receipt in EWM device with out an inbound delivery.

Advantages of the usage of Good receipt −

This procedure occurs in EWM gadget most effective.

If your ERP machine is down, you could still execute predicted goods receipt in EWM.

Expected items receipt is primarily based on data in production order so it can be used as preview of products receipt.

This method calls for  documents for use in EWM gadget −

Notification Expected items receipt

Expected items receipt

Q46. What is Cross docking in SAP EWM gadget? Why do we use Cross docking?

Ans: Cross Docking permits you to reduce the charges of products transportation in warehouse and shorten the time wished for transport. Cross docking handiest creates one movement GR Zone to GI Zone and can simplest be used if inventory for removal isn't determined by means of First in first out.

Q47. What the differing types are of pass docking?

Ans: There are one of a kind sorts of pass docking available in SAP device −

Transportation pass docking

Merchandise Distribution

Push deployment

Pick from items receipt

Opportunistic Cross docking

Q48. What is the use of RF framework in EWM machine? What are the features that may be carried out the usage of RF framework?

Ans: In SAP EWM, RF stands for radio frequency cellular statistics access that permits real time verbal exchange between warehouse personnel and EWM gadget.

RF framework helps each browser based totally and GUI gadgets to connect to SAP gadget. You can create screen templates and merge them to a so known as show profile. This show profile is assigned to the presentation tool.

RF framework in SAP EWM gadget provides all warehouse functionalities −




Put away




Physical stock

Q49. The outbound transport plant for every object is described in the order. The device can automatically determine the outbound shipping plant. Identity the best precedence outbound shipping plant in descending precedence order?


Outbound shipping plant described in Customer material information grasp file, outbound transport plant described in ship-to party master report, Outbound shipping plant defined in material master

Q50. What takes place while no garage area for picking is designated inside the order item?


a) The system determines the garage place when it creates the outbound shipping and copies it into the delivery item.

B) The garage location entered inside the order object is used inside the outbound delivery

Q51. What is the goods motion popularity of the outbound delivery after a goods issue has been cancelled?


Not but began

Q52. You need to continually specify a batch before items are issued. What is the solution if the shipping quantities of an item are to be taken from different batches?


 In Ware house Management

 Manually within the batch split display of the shipping object

 Using computerized batch determination while developing the outbound delivery

Q53. What is the requirement for the Purchase order gadgets which might be covered whilst the inbound delivery is created?


They must have confirmation manipulate key

Q54. Movements concerning the Inventory Management machine use storage areas which are described as storage kinds in the Warehouse Management gadget and as garage locations in the IM machine. The goods receipt for a buy order is posted first in Inventory Management and the goods are then introduced into the warehouse through a garage place, the goods receipt area. What are those garage regions known as?


Interim garage location

The interim storage vicinity performs a unique function and can be generally be identified in the beginning glance inside the general system with the aid of their key ( which starts with a 9). These garage regions shape a sort of bridge to Inventory Management. Good receipt place and items trouble location are ordinary examples of intervening time garage regions.

Q55. Where can we discover genuine whereabouts of a fabric quantity inside the warehouse?


Storage containers

In Warehouse Management, Storage boxes are grasp statistics created either from the utility menu or in Customizing.

Based in this grasp data, the stock evaluate in Warehouse Management indicates the exact whereabouts of a fabric quantity within the warehouse.

Q56. Some types of fabric; for instance, positive fluids aren't ideal to period in-between garage in a items receipt vicinity. They are taken without delay to the vacation spot garage bin whilst they come (for example, in a road tanker). In this case, the goods receipt posting in the Inventory Management ought to now not cause the advent of transfer requirement. How are we able to set this?

Special movement indicator

Q57. Sometimes a client cancels an order on the final minute or wants to put off the transport till a far later time than deliberate. If the products have already been picked and brought to the products problem vicinity, they must be again to storage. What is the transaction to be had and what are its functions?

 Transaction LT0G

 You can return an entire delivery quantity to storage

 You can return the amount from character switch order items

Q58. What are the transactions to be had to create a switch order for shifting partial stocks inside a  warehouse range?




Two transactions are to be had to create a switch order for moving partial stocks within a warehouse range:

Create Transfer Order with out Source Object (transaction code LT01)

Create Transfer Order from Stock List (transaction code LT10)