Interview Questions.

SAP ESS/MSS Interview Questions


SAP ESS/MSS Interview Questions

Q1. What is SAP ESS ?

Ans: Collection of offerings designed to provide man or woman personnel get admission to to view and maintain their very own records

ESS today Currently in its 1/3 generation Runs inside the SAP Portal Has grow to be a defacto requirement for business wherein a extensive percentage of employees have computer get entry to.

Q2. What Is Manager Self-Service (MSS)?

Ans: Integrated applications that supply managers records and process initiation capability for their workforce

Currently in its second technology and Runs in the SAP Portal but not as normal due to alternate control challenges

Q3. How does the Business Package for Manager Self-Service suit into the SAP Enterprise Portal product imparting ?

Ans: Apart from portal generation, SAP Enterprise Portal gives a huge range of top rate content material applications.SAP ERP Financials Portal Solutions fall underneath the category of top class content material and is offered in Business Packages, e.G. In the Business Package for SAP Manager Self-Service.

Q4. Does the Business Package for SAP Manager Self-Service cover all MDT capabilities ?

Ans: All the fundamental capabilities of MDT are available inside the Business Package for SAP Manager Self-Service. The Business Package for Manager Self-Service offers new offerings for the man or woman challenge areas, together with Employee Data, Appraisals, Compensation Adjustments, and Cost Center and Budget Information.

Q5. What are stages of Manager Self-Service ?

Ans: Manager Self-Service (MSS) offers an intuitive interface for Line Managers primarily based on the SAP Enterprise Portal (SAP EP) generation. In the vicinity of Compensation Administration, a unmarried situation will assist Line Managers plan earnings adjustments, bonuses and supply LTI awards.

Compensation reviews in Manager Self-Service may be split into two steps:

The planning section, for the duration of which the Line Manager plays the necessary adjustments and submits them for approval to his/her higher supervisor.

The approval segment, at some point of which the better manager either approves or rejects the submitted modifications.

Q6. How do I run reports inside MSS ?


Ans: Instructions for strolling reports in iTrent

Q7. How can I authorize more than one obligations ?

Ans: Login to MSS. In the out of office, you could pick out a couple of obligations by choosing the tick container on each mission. Click on Actions after which choose authorize, then click on Save.

Q8. How to feature carryover to an employee’s depart entitlement ?

Ans: Subject to settlement with their supervisor, employees are capable of deliver up to a maximum of 36.5 hours leave from one depart yr to the subsequent (pro-rated for component time team of workers). Managers can administer the carryover via Manager Self Service. Instructions

Q9. A part-time member of body of workers prefers to work every other day at some stage in the week wherein a financial institution vacation falls ?

Ans: To keep away from deducting all Public Holidays and discretionary days, element-time employees may request to paintings more hours throughout per week that includes this kind of day. They will in effect be working the hours that they could in any other case have been required to deduct from their total go away determine. Employees that desire to discover this feature ought to discuss this with their line manager who will make a choice as to whether this is operationally possible.

Q10. How to get get entry to to MSS ?

Ans: Access to MSS will ought to be requested by way of the man or woman’s manager

Q11. What is the definition of a line supervisor ?

Ans: We have defined a line supervisor because the submit holder who is answerable for the performance and well-being of a member of group of workers within the University. This can also or won't be the submit-holder who carries out the SDPR / overall performance evaluation for the member of body of workers. There are essential obligations and requirements for line managers getting access to facts via MSS. If there may be any doubt on who's the road supervisor, it is counseled that the greater senior role is implemented.

Q12. What are the additives available in Employee Self-Service (ESS) Applications?

Ans: The ESS affords records about the programs (offerings) which can be available in the Employee Self-Service thing.

The person applications are assigned to the subsequent regions:

Address Book

Working Time

Benefits and Payment

Personal Information

Career and Job


Work Environment


Life and Work Events

Corporate Information

Q13. Does the Business Package for SAP Manager Self-Service cowl all MDT features?

Ans: All the essential functions of MDT are to be had inside the Business Package for SAP Manager Self-Service. The Business Package for Manager Self-Service gives new services for the man or woman situation areas, such as Employee Data, Appraisals, Compensation Adjustments, and Cost Center and Budget Information.

Q14. What is the difference among the Manager’s Desktop (MDT) and the Business Package for SAP Manager Self-Service ?

Ans: The important distinction among Manager’s Desktop (MDT) and the Business Package for SAP Manager Self-Service is that in MDT you could get admission to statistics and services inside one R/3-machine. The Business Package for SAP Manager Self-Service, but, is an Internet-based answer that combines statistics and services from exceptional systems on one interface (for instance one of a kind R/three systems, BW system, Outlook, Web Content Manager, and so forth).

Within a portal the statistics may be prepare in a far greater bendy manner. Guidelines or particular Web Content Manager help may be displayed in addition to the actual services. In MDT the manager can use the same old transactions and wellknown reviews, while in the portal the services are tailor-made to managers’ wishes. The Business Package for SAP Manager Self-Service is MDT’s successor and is visible as a brand new, Web-well matched solution for managers. Continued support for MDT will be ensured, but further improvement of this device isn't always deliberate. The Business Package for SAP Manager Self-Service may be visible as an evolution and therefore as the following era of manager self-offerings.

Q15. What is Manager Self-Service Applications ?

Ans: Manager Self-Service: A Self-Service Application is an application that makes use of the Floor Plan Manager. However, a Self-Service Application should be smooth to apply, for the reason that customers must be able to start working with the application right now.

Self-Service does now not imply one’s personal data – that is, applications that manage the private data of the user. You can also get right of entry to data for a crew member – as an instance, when recording an absence of a subordinate or enterprise statistics as an entire, when checking your departmental finances.

Some of the tasks blanketed by means of self-carrier applications are:

Managing personal profiles (worker)

Communicating with a manager (employee)

Tracking and recording private running time and vacation time (worker + supervisor)

Viewing employer expectations and evaluating them to man or woman information (employee + supervisor)

Managing individuals belonging to the crew (supervisor)

Entering precise statistics for different personnel (manager)

Aggregating key values (manager)

Processing employee requests (supervisor)